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  1. Brian Barczyk says:

    Last day for MERCH!!! www.BarczykBoys.com

  2. Jake t. Snake says:

    "If you smell like chicken "don't mess with lucy ?

  3. Let's Just See With BB says:

    Hey brian do you still have to hold ur hand out when u r walking by him to let him know you are not gunna bother him and he can not worry? I remember when you did that in a vlog it blew my mind that he was so intelligent that really made me re think everything about reptiles. Then these monitors you have absolutely really blew away any concept I had of their mental abilities! I was way under estimating them! I think it is so smart and human like intelligence! Thank you for your videos , hard work, and time it takes to provide the content and opportunities that you do!

  4. maDDog 3F says:

    I hope the black tailed tree boa gets a big cage in The Reptarium. It just looks like it always wants to climb.

  5. fake internet says:

    dew you sell Pythons are do you only breed them .. for someone who wants a snake what would be the coolest looking fancey python

  6. Elsie Steyn says:


  7. tasy mantis says:

    Hello. im a huge fan of this chanal, i dont have snakes yes, only gekko and spiders. I think roaches are good pet too, you better get them for Replarium, it will help people to drop their fears i bet you.

  8. Rebecca King says:

    Now my day is started

  9. Davion Rockeymore says:

    Hey do you think you will start breeding bearded dragons in the great coming year of 2020 I hope so

  10. Enoch Eldridge says:

    The lavender python is my favorite

  11. Ariel Espiritu says:

    Can't wait to start seeing babies again!! And I can't wait til my family gets to come see y'all personally! Me and my kids love y'all so much!!

  12. Erin Lambers says:

    Hi Brian! I have a suggestion for new merch..you should have Jay take pictures of some of the popular animals at The Reptarium and turn them into small posters and sell them at The Reptarium. Love your Vlogs! Keep up the great work!
    Erin Lambers

  13. Brandon Edney says:

    I started watching ur channel about a month ago I’m from uk and love ur videos and always wait for the next one would love to come to ur store and hold Lucy big snake

  14. Emma Jones says:

    How every doing

  15. Emma Jones says:

    Good luck to Mary on breeding season for the snakes.

  16. Nick Martin says:

    I love how ever time you see a dad or parent holding a snake they look way more excited then the kids!! I love it and I love our hobby

  17. Dinomite Wheels Skate Crew says:

    Can you cross breed different types of snakes or have any cross bred snakes say one type of python with another but of the same variety?

  18. Wild Ivy says:

    Hi Brian, your videos are so awesome. Also, update on my crested gecko I told you about his name is Nugget and he is doing awesome! Do you have any information from your experience I need to know?

  19. Nicci says:

    Dammn, lots of details on the breeding. Gonna take a while to learn and master without supervision looks like ? lesson learned if there was any preferential treatment of someone over Kelsey despite her hard work, expertise and continued loyalty.

  20. Breyers Are Life :3 says:

    Watching this wanting to cry, scream, and punch something… Found out my favorite horse ever passed away this morning. You definitely cheer me up.. I'm just not in a good state of mind… Just happy you can cheer me up!

  21. Sydney Davis says:

    17mintues ago and 2.3k likes wow

  22. Jacob Bridges says:

    Brian has your opinion on Spider Ball Pythons changed from your last video about them?

  23. Michael Rego says:

    Brian quick question! Have you ever had a situation where any of your ball pythons with the spider gene in them have randomly started attacking their prey, “constrict it and kill it” and then leave it there and don’t go back to eat it! I have a male banana bumblebee ball python and he was pounding small rats for the last 3 months every 7-10 days but the past 2 feedings he’s exhibited being an aggressive feeder but once he “kills the rat” he lets it go and kinda just wanders away and leaves it there and doesn’t eat it! He’s a 650 gram male so I don’t think the prey is too big! Let me know if you’ve ever experienced this with any of your animals with the spider gene and maybe some tips on how to get this to stop! Thanks best wishes!

  24. brokenredflag says:

    Take it easy on marrie. Thats a lot in litle time.

  25. Stephanie Cooper says:

    Brian I am curious on how you decide what you want to breed.

  26. Robson de Souza says:

    Your awesome Brother, may god fill you-up with blessings…✌????

  27. Wian van der Wal says:

    My dream job brain i need a job at BHB ??

  28. LIL JESS says:

    Hell Yea a BOB ROSS painting on Noahs channel cant wait to see that .

  29. Steve Lender says:

    Spinner was kool

  30. Codys AnimalWorld says:

    Brian I wish you were my dad, funny enough my crap dad is named Brian lol

  31. Jeff Sweeney says:

    Has RJ ever got out of his enclosure…????

  32. Jeff Sweeney says:

    Brian I have a 90 lb sulcata and a year old hatching ….will their be a time in the future I'll be able to put them together…the big sulcata is a male… dont know the sex on the hatchlings yet

  33. MadeYaLookC says:

    I cry because I wanna come visit so bad lol. Why do I have to be so far ?? My boyfriend wants to be able to bring me one day fingers crossed! ☺️ ??

  34. Littlewings - says:

    Jay: "I'm going to take a photo of Perdita" *takes stunning photograph* "and then I'm going to run down and get it printed up into a poster. We can then sign it and I will post it out to the winner".

    Brian: "Good job Perdita!" ???

  35. simon coad says:

    Jesus I wish you would talk a bit slower! I struggle to keep up ?

  36. Tom Richardson says:

    I wanta see the Blue Py's from a couple years ago, such beautiful Snakes . Keep up the great Mutations.

  37. Serina crafty_slime_time says:


  38. Sam Mayhew says:

    Eric is the man ?

  39. Mercedes Kempter says:

    When will the Merch be shipped?? I want the salt merrrrchhh!!! I ordered it about a week ago!

  40. Jeremy Mahle says:

    Is there any 2 breeds of ball pythons that you never bread together? If so which ones. An can you mix any 2 snakes together like a pie ball an say the super lori?

  41. Swooner Lg says:

    Never ever did a thumbnail like that .

  42. Kelsey says:

    Lol definitely a myth. But I didn't even know about the kfc log ? So funny. I'd rather smell the actual fire myself.

  43. Qua Jam says:

    Am I the only one who is thinking that brian should do a Super Lori Leopard ghost ?

  44. linda ciardello says:

    Hi I love your show

  45. Chad Hunt says:

    You should add a roach display to the repterium.

  46. Sapphire Hardy says:

    Love these vlogs, keep up the good work x

  47. Sandy Hagstrom says:


  48. Heidi Pfeifer says:

    I need to come visit again and stay a month! I want to come breed some ball pythons and pick up tips from the pro.

    Have a good one. Want to show you my new baby sometime, send me a message when you have a chance to chat.

  49. Wild Flower says:

    Who died?

  50. Paige Volcek says:

    Hey BHB crew! I have watched your videos every single morning since the beginning of all this. You are the reason I have really gotten interested into reptiles. I have learned an insane amount of information from your channel! I live in Nebraska and for the past year, all I have wanted to do is take a trip out to the reptarium. I really hope I will be able to come out and see the new expansion this summer at some point. Keep up the awesome work!

  51. Procaffination Station Plays says:


  52. reptiles and more 2022297 says:

    I post videos of reptiles and other animals

  53. Allie Wik says:

    Can we see the Super Lori Leopard now that it’s been a few months since it was born?! Love the Leopard gene!

  54. Braydon Hembree says:

    Love the videos. I wood like to see more videos about the algators

  55. Sami Jones says:

    Going to wait till the reptarium is finished to make my pilgrimage! I’m coming from the Wilkes Barre/Scranton area so it’s a haul

  56. Adog Savage says:

    Hey man

  57. Lauren Senske says:

    I’m excited to see what babies this year brings!

  58. the Busymum says:

    Just wanted to say thank you for this channel I'm in the UK I have a adult son who is autistic epileptic etc etc terrified of all things however he's been watching me watching you and now loves to watch this channel by himself !! Amazing progress he especially loves speedy the turtoise x thks.

  59. Craig Stamper says:

    I seen my dream snake on your website but it was gone by the time I came up with the cash I have my cage all set up waiting for that animal so hopefully you produce another one this year. It was a super pastel albino het pie female and it went quick apparently. Really bummed me out.

  60. Mary Mathews says:

    That was a beautiful picture of Perdida! Don't get near Ricky or Lucy if you have been to a chicken log campfire, they may grab you!

  61. Bug lover Spider lover says:

    Isn't it always breeding season at your place.breeding these animals nonstop for money instead of breeding them once or twice a year like in nature. Damn snake mill!

  62. V-Line Exotics says:

    I love your shirt! ??

  63. Romance with the Past says:

    I was afraid Eric would go this way hehe

  64. Aaron Heron says:

    Hi there I'm from UK and I love your shows am wanting a bit of advice I have a Wahlberg velvet gecko it's quite aggressive am getting bitten every time I go to pick him and he squeals too is this normal behaviour last owner said he always been the same never likes being picked up any advice be great thanks

  65. trey beasley says:

    Your click bait is the worst, the words vs ur pic is deceptive makes folks think a animal died, lol

  66. SoSa Twistz says:

    U have inspired me to get into reptiles

  67. justin tracy says:

    You know my birthday is December 15 and I watch your new an old videos even ones I already watched every day an I would really love a shirt or hoodie lol much love to you an the family during this holiday season all the way from georgia lol

  68. 22244crash says:

    I have that same tacocat shirt

  69. Jolfer 13 says:

    Grrr….this title makes me angry…..I know its probably gonna be something stupid trying to click bait. I watch all his videos so it's not baiting me but I am sure it will others

  70. Tyler L says:

    How much weed does Noah smoke?

  71. Aleshanation says:

    Why would you suggest that people under feed their pythons in summer, and then over feed them in the winter? This is incredibly irresponsible of you to even mention.

  72. Tracy Bagwell says:

    Good evening Brian slept until 2 pm. My leg is killing me. Been at the ER very late. There's an abscess on my leg. They totally drugged me.

  73. Marshall Hambrick Baseball says:

    Get a hypo gator and name it everglade or smth

  74. kara gendron says:

    My kids and i love to watch your videos! My 2 year old gets so excited as soon as she hears your voice she runs over and makes me show her the video lol?. We are hoping to bring home our very own snake this spring?. Thank you for all that you do and the educational videos you put out there for everyone to enjoy it is very much appreciated!!

  75. Tracy Bagwell says:

    Ok, my head is filled… Kev McClurely and You. Mention the Spinner Is banned. Now, what's about the snakes that have the gene of the spinner?

    What is the outcome of the Reptile Industry trying to ban the Spinner? All I know is they are "TRYING "

  76. Crochet Chick says:

    How did RJ lose his leg.

  77. Tracy Bagwell says:

    I thinks he is mad that you took his buddy away. Now he is stuck alone talking to the snakes. ? LoL

  78. Charlotte Davies says:

    I want whatever Brian had for breakfast this morning ? I think I got out of breath just listening to the first 3 minutes of this video haha!
    Keep being you, Brian! ??

  79. Tracy Bagwell says:

    Why would anyone eat wood? That's ridiculous. Unless I comment too fast it's candy.

  80. Barbara Weekley says:

    They have no room to exercise in those bins or is that just for breeding

  81. Bear In A Dan Suit says:

    Goddamn Noah looks high as a kite at 13 minutes….

  82. Barbara Weekley says:

    White one with the black specks is pretty neat looking

  83. Tracy Bagwell says:

    I thought someone in your crew really ate wood, like Eric. On a dare. I looked on the internet. No one else has. It just shows your YouTube page.

  84. Scott Golsby says:

    Click bait

  85. James Struhar says:


  86. James Struhar says:

    My New Female D'Alberts gets a reptifogger. Had her about a week and a half. Scales n Tales in cleveland says she is wild caught and "probably" 6 months old. By here size i do not know. First D'Alberts and she is an absolute sweetheart. Anybody know how old she may be by her size? I am 6'2" and have big hands if that helps.

  87. Polar Bear says:

    GOOOOOOO CHIEFS!!!!!!!!!! love your work Sir…

  88. Brenden Cook says:

    Next Merch Drop…. BHB and Reptarium

  89. California Critic says:

    11:39 Where is Japanine? Brian is that near Japan. Lmao

  90. agron palaj says:

    Where is the shop located? I live in Michigan I would love to work there I loveeee snakes

  91. Cathleen Baldwin Maggi says:

    Anybody else that can only see that TACOCAT is spelled the same forward and backward and totally had to replay the video?

  92. Weevil Entertainment says:

    TACOCAT ? ?

  93. The vaping Kanzan says:

    Ya kc chiefs and more people from Kansas love all you from Brian to Brian hope to have my breeding going next year building my snake collection right now and hope to do more stuff with local schools on reptile education soon should be going back to my kids school soon and talking to 2 more schools now

  94. Mcflip says:

    Pls do another tour

  95. Mcflip says:

    I love brians tsirts

  96. Javier Fernandez says:

    Another monthor two i bet he jumps diwnand open those drawrs…

  97. Oreocremerocks says:

    Say a prayer if you order merch. because if it doesn't arrive, you will get no response when you try to report it.

  98. Peter Durn says:

    Breed Super russo stuff

  99. Todd Phillips says:

    Is Eric a steelheader? I've seen him wearing several shirts that suggest he fishes for steelhead.

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