Haunted Mummy’s, KOA, Iguana Food, & TV Inventor

Haunted Mummy’s, KOA, Iguana Food, & TV Inventor

good morning everybody today’s mission
is a big one to get into the big city of Salt Lake City anyways I’m I’m all set
up here at my camp spot at this KOA it’s a $54 a night for full hookups with
tax that comes to I think it was like a hundred and twenty six dollars for two
nights here but Jax hanging out hey full hookups you know so 30 amp unlimited
water I’ve got the gray tank wide open and then I’ll just pull the valve on the
black tank before I go I already got the bike ready to go here I’ve got the
awning out because it’s impossible sprinkling rain possibly but I’m gonna
wear my coat on the bike to explore yeah this is my first ever KOA Campground
they are incredibly expensive they are very accommodating I want to show you
around real quick tour of this place before we get on the bike I mean some of
the people that pay into the KOA membership and stuff they live like
kings out here but I mean the cost is the thing I dunno I only want to do this
once a week so I may go all out once a week other than that I don’t want to be
crammed in like that for no reason they give you a little key code for the gate
so you can come down here behind the campground look at the Jordan River
right here in Salt Lake City that’s pretty cool pretty nice nice they got a
really nice game room and a laundry facility like state-of-the-art laundry
facilities I’ve never seen anything like it
don’t eat any of that and I don’t mean to I’m not mocking anybody that gets
into this I mean this is this is what fuels RV life these days are these big
huge resorts and you know as long as they can pack you in as tightly as
possible and get as much money from you and then offer all of this extra stuff I
mean that’s that’s what’s putting people
behind the wheel of an RV I understand that but we all have a different idea of
what is fun and enjoyable in an RV and this is just a legal spot for me to park
basically yes so that’s it I don’t really care about anything else I would
be perfectly happy just parking in a no-parking lot instead but it’s not
legal here in Salt Lake City so hop on the bike lesson fun today hey definitely a lot less snow here in
Salt Lake City than when I was here three months ago a lot less snow so
that’s a good thing but hasn’t warmed up yet quite I’m gonna be hanging out here
in central downtown Salt Lake City for the most part today looking around for
quirky stuff and we found it this is the Gilgal Gardens here downtown oh that my
words were now written oh that they were printed in a book job
19 definitely a strange little garden not everything has a title but I think
this is some kind of a religious park dirty can walk under this little rock
archway here yeah I’m definitely leaning towards a religious park of some sort
all right who’s this guy actually that kind of looks like Christopher Walken
doesn’t it a little bit they printed something in the tile but yes I can’t
read it I don’t know yep more Bible verses
so Utah I think is more well-known for Mormons as far as religion I think I
believe yes Utah big Mormon state not everybody who lives
here is a Mormon but you know and just random feet and arms and heads okay cool
we are gonna go ahead and keep Utah quirky while we’re here yeah I think so
they are doing construction some construction here by the park and today
I got a good set up I got my mobile vlogging going on with the TW 200 no
backpack today everything I have fits in the tank bag this entire vlog is gonna
be filmed on my GoPro so we’ll make it work
get back on the bike and go look at some more downtown starting to a sprinkle and
rain a little bit check out this place it’s a it’s a
house they’ve got some spectacular artwork that’s pretty cool I’ll bet this is a
pretty pretty cool place in October I mean that’s a huge mural I’m trying to
stand back as far as I can that’s amazing Wow one other thing about the
bike is like in the RV you see something cool like this there’s nowhere you can
go in the bike I can just Park it on the sidewalk for 60 seconds real quick and
basically not get in trouble to give you an idea that is Lincoln Highway right
there and we’ve got some interesting artwork across the street I do remember
last time I was here coming off a Lincoln Highway I do remember seeing
this pyramid structure it’s you can’t really miss it if you’re in the right
lane right there what is it let’s find out the gate says some um
some um okay so remember how I said Mormon is
not the only religion in Utah apparently this is home of the religion
mummification that’s right this is one of their headquarters where they have
services I don’t know anything about mummification except from like mummy
movies and stuff like that but apparently it’s big enough to have an
entire religion about mummies and so this twenty six foot tall metal pyramid
structure is the welcoming point for the mummy religion some that’s new to me I
heard of Mormons I’ve never heard of The Mummy religion okay now I was looking
for a good place to eat here in Salt Lake City well on the bike and I really
appreciate the effort of this restaurant because quirky works a lot of the time
if you put a ginormous sculpted iguana outside your restaurant I mean it really
improves the chances that people are gonna want to come in and eat besides
I’ve never tried iguana let me know what it tastes like
so lets me go secure up the bike and then i’ll grab some lunch
so we’ll lock the steering and I will put my caliper lock on the front wheel
there unstrap the tank bag take that in with
me as well as the helmet we’ll have lunch oh my goodness look at those burritos
whoo I may need to find that or be thrown
after all when I get back that was scrumptious and the sunshine is
starting to peak through with some little clouds here and there them should
be a nice day it’s a eating alone doesn’t bother me
being alone doesn’t bother me so when people look at that and they’re like how
can you go to a restaurant by yourself or like the other day I had a walmart
receipt lady you know that checks the receipt with the highlighter to make
sure you paid for everything she said she said well he I don’t know how we got
onto this but she asked me where my girlfriend was and then we started
talking and then she said so where’s your wife I’m like you we already
covered this okay and then she goes in and she was like why would you travel
alone why would you get married why would you buy a house in a car and do
all this maybe I’m not the abnormal maybe you’re the unnormal one I don’t
know I’m here at the convention center it says paid parking I can’t find any
signs anywhere that tell me anything about how to pay the speaking of signs
what literally more signs here than I’ve ever seen nothing about parking what the
heck okay these are really random tomato or tomahto
oil and water step or stop yeah I’m gonna go try to find some free parking
and go over to the Capitol building no signs about parking just randomness very
pretty cool Utah thank you for keeping it quirky
all right everybody mark off another United States State Capitol
here in Utah in Salt Lake City there’s the capital building and this I
assure you is definitely a first look how close I am parking to the capital
free parking at the state capital yeah no limitations there’s no hours I think
you could even park an RV right here in front of the Capitol and they wouldn’t
care no there is actually a city ordinance banning overnight RVs and in
the city take my tank bag in with me but I’m not gonna take the helmet in I
usually do take it with me but if I don’t know how much walking there is
involved so I’m utilizing the lock on my bike to lock the helmet to the bike it’s
not gonna go anywhere yeah let’s go check out the Capitol I know I know
you’ve seen one Capitol building you’ve seen them all but I’m happy the sun’s
making a short little appearance here that’s cool
feel like I’m rocky going up these steps no that’s in Pennsylvania that’s
possibly still Tacoma on Lincoln Highway oh I got a lot of marble in this State
Capitol Wow there’s something cool up on the fourth floor we’re gonna go check
out ain’t got no time to walk so take this fancy elevator oh yeah and she’s
coming down Wow
okay not as fancy as I was hoping for but looks cool from the outside some of
these capitals I don’t know how much it costs to to build these capital
buildings but the amount of marble that’s inside and everything
it’s remarkable it’s insane all right here we are on the top floor they’re
doing a wedding down there today actually all right if you’re into that
sort of thing how about this mr. Philo Farnsworth the inventor television
that’s right now I know YouTube is kind of taken over over-the-air free
television but this is historic and Han right here the inventor of television in
1927 in San Francisco California after having invented and developed numerous
varieties of vacuum tubes such as the image 2 sector which the statue is
holding he was able to transmit and receive a recognizable image in 1934
after demonstrating that his ideas of electronic image transmission were the
first to be written down he was issued patents regarding television methods
that are still used in every television receiving set all right that’ll do it
for my Utah exploring for the day look at these mountains off in the distance
though that’s cool I do want to get back to the RV while I had the chance to full
hookups to take care of a few things clean up a few things and spend some
time outside with Jax and relax do so it’s not like city’s been nice the home
of dr. Eric Smith who fixed my smile for YouTube thank you so much Eric I really
appreciate your help here in Salt Lake City
give me my smile back but yep all right I can see the bike still
there it’s good hey buddy you know you got some on your nose yeah yeah that
food leftovers oh okay thanks for not chewing that cord that
have been bad yeah geez it’s 72 degrees that’s pretty warm like a week ago it
was five degrees at night this is what a crazy change I tell you my time I get to
the east coast it’ll hit triple digits and then we’ll get back there averaging
out 70 for a high for the year but right now we’re just all over the board
it’s crazy my back is soaking wet it was sweat that jacket was killing me at the
red lights and I got the air conditioner on inside yeah yeah I love it
this is awesome I’m catching up on the Mariners right now don’t know if I’ve
mentioned that in previous years but I subscribe to follow one team on MLB and
so I get to watch all of the games live when I’m out of market which is
basically not right now for some reason Salt Lake City I’m still in the Seattle
Mariners market even though I’ve already passed the Giants and and Oakland and
everything I know but the same thing happened what two years ago when I was
going across and I kinda remember I was in Bismarck North Dakota but I was still
in the Seattle Mariners market three four states away I mean I was like how
far do I got to go it’s no biggie currently right now I’m just watching on
a one-day delay all of the games and I don’t even sit there and watch it guys I
just I have it going and I multitask sometimes I’ll just mute it and edit
video or something but it’s fun to follow the Mariners they look they look
good this year they finally look good by the way the quality is just fine for me
on this TV this is a 720p TV it’s not even 1080p I think it works
really well for this I’m actually running it through my ps4 so that’s how
I control and watch the game I can also stream from my smartphone but I have
noticed that the quality is is much worse on the smartphone so this works
anyways this will be my last night in Salt Lake City as a matter of fact this
is my last time in a big city until like Laramie or Cheyenne Wyoming and it is
pretty much a dead zone from here on out so it’s gonna be an interesting journey
through a lot of dead zones and a lot of Lincoln Highway history from here so
anyways guys have a great night Jax now see you on the road from the Lincoln
Highway in two days I guess

Randy Schultz

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