Haul tiger Novembre 2019

Haul tiger Novembre 2019

Hello everyone back on my channel.
Today we see my purchases together November 2019
first of all this flyer I could not not take it to show it to you e
browse through it with you these are labels to stick to
gifts if you make advent calendars It’s very Christmas, there are ribbons
very nice I won’t advance my purchases advent calendars
hanging with pockets, lots of games there were actually so many toys.
child, child, cute rings and obviously there were so many of them
soft balls this is the flyer. I can not
pull up the bag because it’s huge but let’s start immediately to see what I have
tested then i saw this and i got it in love with these two bows. One
I will disassemble it to be able to use it as a model for those I will do, me
I really liked them so much, if I can to open it maybe … my mom
they are so cute! then there is a ribbon and two micro balls. Look, they are beautiful and this
packet if I remember correctly I have it paid a euro
then i took this here which is a ribbon with fabric hearts
two euros I liked the movie box
lot I don’t know what to do with it but it was on offer a
one euro and I took it immediately, could not to miss
sorry I had a small accident with some glitter that I realized only before the saleswoman made me pay twice I took these glitter
red a four-pack with four different colors
paid 2 euros and even these one of them had opened
pack and I made them close with scotch
otherwise I found myself glittering everywhere this too was on offer I already had
caught but I loved it I want it use the card rather than color it the paper is all in relief in the parts
transparent we say so and gold but he has beautiful cards if they really do lots it’s a nice card and I really like the decorations, I will use them
definitely to make some tickets very beautifull these stickers are transparent with i
big cats, one for me and one for my mom. I paid them 1 Euro these, on the other hand, I liked so much also to use them as models to create new ones I paid four boxes, two glittered and two opaque, € 1.50 I also took them in burgundy color a 1 euro red velvet ribbon, a 2 euro pink ribbon a ribbon with pompoms 1 euro I took the scissors I needed 2 euros and this 3 euro scotch dispenser a tweezer that I need at work I also bought mobile phone support I was looking for it just like that beautiful yes, and this one I paid 3 euros for then I took these postcards in Christmas version, ce
there were two different types but I liked this more contains 15 envelopes and 15 postcards the magnetic box is fantastic!
then I tried
to take this which is a ribbon adhesive but has the peculiarity that each
piece is a petal and then yes they can make flowers
I liked the idea I want to try to see how it comes out
then I took these lines Christmas cards to combine with a few cards this ribbon with merry christmas script 1 euro of the batteries another fabric ribbon
There would be other little things but as they are surprises they prefer not to show them on video so the
surprise is not ruined and this is basically what it is
all my booty tiger purchases November 2019
I hope I have kept company and if you liked the video, don’t forget
resign a like and see you at next video
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Randy Schultz

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