Hatching New Dangerous Dinosaurs Spinosaurus Vs Spinosaurus Jurassic World Dinosaur Toys WD Toys

Hatching New Dangerous Dinosaurs Spinosaurus Vs Spinosaurus Jurassic World Dinosaur Toys WD Toys

Wow guys let’s go ahead and have some
new jurassic world dinosaur eggs yeah the Battle Damage spinosaurus first
the classic Spinosaurus from Jurassic Park who will be our big turd okay so
the first thing I want to do is show you Hatching New Dangerous Dinosaurs Spinosaurus Vs Spinosaurus Jurassic World Dinosaur Toys WD Toys one of the giant eggs wow this is a big
one check it out this is an Apatosaurus that actually lays dinosaur eggs so it’s
battery powered and it lays dinosaur eggs and here’s some of the other ones
they sell okay let’s see what we had in this one oh this is a new Spinosaurus
toy that I bought on Amazon awesome then our next one is Imaginext
this is dr. settlers Triceratops cool Imaginex twins are awesome and then next
is Wow more Imaginext toys this is sticky malach and Owen oh wow and then
on top of all those I have these for Jurassic world fallen Kingdom eggs they
actually hatch I did open these earlier but let’s go ahead and see them hatch so
this one you simply go ahead push them down and
oh oh this one just hatched it is baby Velociraptor blue cute okay then our
next one is going to hatch who will it be it’s a cute little baby Triceratops oh
this guy is so cute look at him and he’s got like springing action awesome okay
looking at our next egg can you guess who this is by the eye should be able to
yeah yes you’re correct it is the baby t-rex but this is an evil baby t-rex
guys look at it oh it’s so cute and then uh teeth grow big big teeth big t big t
so its teeth actually come down when you turn that dial that is so cool with that
as one evil looking baby t-rex and then can you guess who our final one is look
at the eye now let’s see if you’re correct ah yes it’s a baby sticky so this is a
baby stinky malach and his action feature is
his spikes grow on his head so with sticky Moloch’s as they grow
older their spikes grow longer so that is really cool okay so next is gonna be
this dinosaur laying Apatosaurus I do apologize the box got a little bit
crunched when they sent it and I will have to put this together okay it’s not
working quite like it should it does walk which is cool its eyes will
light up give it that stuff so in late the eggs
once now is just walking without lights or anything okay so it does walk it I
splash it is a pretty realistic walk though so I believe I paid about 15 for
this on eBay so you know if you want a dinosaur that lights up and walks and
makes noise it’s kind of cool the egg-laying
feature seems to have stopped working it worked one time but basically what you
were supposed to do is let me turn this off for one minute it’s kind of loud
basically it came with three clear see-through eggs and you were supposed
to open up this hatch load the eggs into the hatch maybe one at a time and then
as the dinosaur is walking the battery power activates this door on the bottom
here that opens up and where’s Meg okay what up hey it looks like the mechanism is not
stopping it okay so what is supposed to do as it’s walking the door opens here
and it lays an egg and then you can load in another egg here
and as it’s walking and loads up another and then the eggs just pop out as it’s
walking so it lays eggs but like I said the mechanism only worked one time so
unless you just walked a walking brunch pedis horas that makes noise you might
want to stay away but you know I like the fact that the eyes light up and it
walks very realistic in my opinion I would buy it just for that okay well we
still have plenty of cool toys to check out so these two are jurassic world eggs
that were actually just sold at the Deiters this is from Jurassic world one
and this is from Jurassic world fallen Kingdom and then I do have four
stackable I mean six stackable Lego cups these are the Jurassic world cups I
showed you guys these earlier you have one for pretty much all the dinosaurs
you have the Trenton you have the t-rex and over here you have the interrupter
the stigma lock and over here you have Velociraptor blue and triceratop so
these are cups that actually come with straws so you could drink out of it you
could take off the top refill it or if you want you could just stack all of
them on top of each other so you could stick all six of them on top of each
other or you could go like – okay I guess that’s pretty much the only way
you’re going to stack them so you could go to two
two four and two or six all together but they are really cool
stackable cups and the next one I found lose this awesome Spinosaurus which I
found on Amazon so the mouth does open and close it’s got a bunch of like
spindly looking teeth a really cool paint color this is something similar to
like wash like would make except it’s got like a comical look to it I mean
look at this guy’s face I mean this looks almost like he’s got double goatee
on his face but you know for the price and the size it is a really cool looking
Spinosaurus speaking of Spinosaurus this is the awesome new Spinosaurus from
Mattel this is the chomping Spinosaurus so he does open and close his mouth but
I actually have a Lego piece jammed in there to keep this guy’s mouth open so I
did a full review of that one already if you want to check that out but it is a
cool Spinosaurus and the other one I had back there was a custom modified
chomping this is the chomping t-rex from the Jurassic world Legacy Collection
sold at Target but this is one that was custom painted to look like Diablo like Diablo zombie t-rex because if you
look at his eyes just now dead eyes so that is a really stinky Moloch and Owen
so let’s go ahead and open this one so there we have this Diggy but locked
locked in the cage or sticky like they like to call it here you have goin come
riding up on his motorcycle so oh it looks just like he does except for the
pencil-thin mustache but his motorcycle looks just like it does the one he
drives movie zooms off bunny jumps off his
motorcycle he climbs up here and what’s he gonna do he is going to release the
sticky so you turn him the cage pops open in the sticky charges out and
attacks the bad guys and this is a really cool-looking stick him a lot wow
he’s like super heavy or less expensive toys his arms move his legs move his
tail moves up and down he’s got what looks almost like a glass eye I mean
check that out I mean that is one of the coolest look this is probably the
coolest looking sticky malach that’s available right now I mean I am really
impressed with the job the Mattel did with this Stiggy and then it comes with
the awesome cage here so you could go ahead and put sticky right back into the
cage here go ahead push it and it locks up turn it and sticky is free biggie is free sticky is free okay so
that’s a cool Imaginext set and then this next Imaginex set is paying tribute
to jurassic world one you have dr. Ellie Sattler here if you watch the first
Jurassic world that’s the one where she finds this Triceratops sick and she has
to dig through its poop to see what it was eating and what made it
sick so it’s kind of gross but cool at the same time let’s check out the back
it says radio for backup to help the dino use the Med scanner to check out
the Dino what’s wrong with the Triceratops leave it to the tenacious
dr. Sattler to find out kids will love teaming up with her to recreate their
favorite scenes from Jurassic Park or to imagine all new adventures sorry I I
meant I hope I said the first Jurassic Park not in Jurassic world so the
Triceratops is really cool it’s something similar if you played with any
of the Playmobil dinosaurs very similar to that it’s a nice heavy dinosaur very
good quality pork pull the head back and the mouth does open and close the legs
move back and forth and also leave these go up and down hmm okay just looks like
maybe I don’t want to break it they do move a
little bit so I don’t know you could stand it up if you hold it so you could
stand it up to like attack t-rex it’s like a dark blue orange color big spikes
on its head and it’s really cool-looking so this one would be an East something
that’s not good for me and dr. Sattler would come running in oh so she’s got
her radio for communicating she’s got her scanner she’s got a removable
backpack here with like a bedroll rope and a bunch of other stuff so she is
cool her hands do move so she would run up tracer tops down triceratops down and
then she would use this scanner to find out what’s wrong with the triceratops
oh no he ate wild mushrooms he’s sick quick get the doctor in here then when
she healed it she could ride the triceratops out of the park yeah okay
that was a lot of fun if you did enjoy that video I do got over a thousand
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Randy Schultz

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