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  1. Brimpy says:

    What kind of gecko is that?

  2. Jolfer 13 says:

    It's so aggravating that people watch those dumb shit shows about bigfoot or ghosts. There are literally no reasons to believe that crap exists. Also shows like the lame slut Kardashians.

  3. Chris Steele says:

    I just had a friend post about taking her dogs to a class to teach them the smell of venomous snakes and what they look like.
    They are also taught to avoid them.
    I've never heard of such a class but I think it's a great idea for both pets and their owners.

  4. Jolfer 13 says:

    Butterscotch is so cool. The 2nd one she caught back handed….if u understand what I mean. It looked like she was gonna miss it but cocked back and caught it

  5. Jolfer 13 says:

    Did night fury hurt herself? It looked like there was a raw spot on the head.

  6. stlmikie says:

    Love it.

  7. BabyYoda DrinksTea says:

    There’s a type of chameleon that’s the same size a a sliver of a fingernail

  8. guitarking1982ray says:

    Dear God Lori is looking more and more like a man every week. Those arms are bigger than yours Brian

  9. Linda McAndrews says:

    I’ve lived in Oregon my whole life and yes, we do believe they exist. I live in the mountain area of Sweet Home, OR. You all should come visit, it’s beautiful.

  10. I Love Sandy Perkus says:

    Noah looks SOOOO BAKED ??

  11. wow amaze says:

    Lori is jacked! Holy!

  12. FeaR_ Astro Gaming says:

    You could name the podcast "The Renegades"?

  13. Johnny Russell says:

    Hey brian i really need your help

  14. Giuseppe Mercato says:

    Brian would you ever think of getting water snakes?

  15. Hogtown Balls & dog's says:

    Brian get a dremel or a grinder with a dimond Blade. It will make cutting various items quick and easy. ????

  16. Alex Mader says:

    Call it Barczyk Broadcast

  17. Bayley Rossiter says:

    Holy crap Night Fury is gorgeous!! ??????❤️

  18. Bayley Rossiter says:

    Holy crap Night Fury is gorgeous!! ??????❤️

  19. Jess Perry says:

    Omg teeny tinnny bebes! So cute I might just die!

  20. Gangstanoodle says:

    Tarantulas do have brains it is very small and can learn and think

  21. Charisse Caplan says:

    How’s Lucy and Titan? Love Casper ❤️

  22. Robert Conover says:

    Podcast name-"The Clutch"

  23. Pamela noirot says:

    Brian that cage you were doing the black strip in the front had like vents was there screen or something behind it? When feeding the big snakes I see that some of them rolled it around and got the substrate on the rat/pig how do they handle that even in the wild they must get leaf litter, sand, dirt, rocks or small twigs when they are eating. ? Is RJ going to be in the new part of the Repterium or stay where he's at.

  24. Eli Freeman says:

    It is interesting to me that rainbow boas are in the same genus as Dominicans. Of course my opinion is coming from an ignorant perspective, but seems like one could derive many more characteristics the rainbow has in common with the anaconda (Eunectes) than the Dominican red mountain boa.

  25. Backwoods Bullet says:

    Podcast name: Barczyk Banter

  26. Zaidy Rodriguez says:

    Omg so cute you showed these tiny geckos! I'll be getting a couple of them soon. I can't wait!

  27. chris it is fun to hold a spider Salter says:

    Brian I love it when you feed all your snakes especially the green anaconda I need to see more of you feeding the green anacondas that's all I need you to do do for me it's just show me more of those videos PS your friend Chris have an amazing day and awesome day and a radical day keep up the good work man

  28. Azrael Z. says:

    I live in Thailand and those geckos are literally everywhere…

  29. Jonny Den uil says:

    Reptarium pack or rep pack for short or snake pack

  30. Sean Wilson says:

    Hi Brian! I love the vlog. I watch it every day! You and Eric are my favorite and I would love to take a trip out to the reptareum one day. Right now I have a fire corn snake and a Savanah monitor. Today is actually my birthday. Thank you for the awesome vlog today! What an awesome birthday gift.

  31. Horhay Bee says:

    What foam do you use? I'm making a couple terrariums and I wanna be safe for my snakes

  32. Ava John says:

    Barczyk world. It includes everything that you do

  33. Abigail Davis says:

    tarantulas are the only spiders i like

  34. ElprezBeastFanBoy says:

    Feeding video without the world famous Lucy has made me not have a great day

  35. Alec j says:

    do you know anyone that sells corn snakes near bakersfield ca?

  36. Redneck City Boys says:

    Lori has been working out , her arm looks pumped 9:57!! Good job on the videos!!

  37. Redneck City Boys says:

    Lori has been working out , her arm looks pumped 9:57!! Good job on the videos!!

  38. Joshua Artrup says:

    Anybody ever wonder when they are eating their food they swallow some of the bedding does it hurt the snake at all ?

  39. Rich Corbett says:

    Hello Brian you know I love pickles, and how much do those pigs weigh, any new cage is there a 12 x 12 x 12 and for your podcast maybe you should call it Barczyk‘s corner or Barczyk time thanks and we’ll see you tomorrow

  40. A H says:

    Czyk'n In for your podcast

  41. California Critic says:

    The Hot Spot, or the Basking Lounge

  42. Ed Rivera says:

    I'll just leave this here. https://youtu.be/NbJv5ju4RX8

  43. Exotic Pets Commonwealth says:

    Love the video. Though your tarantula, the grammostola pulchra looks stress maybe from being handled. It shows that it also flick urticating hairs so be careful about that. Might get itchy and uncomfortable with that.

  44. Christine Elmore says:

    You could call the pod cast "mysteries and myths"

  45. Summr Rayne says:

    Call it
    The Reptilians

  46. Chief_thunder_lung vtg says:

    Why does laurie look so swole in this vlog ? good work in the gym!

  47. Tina Nova says:

    Brian Barczyk's… I thought Barczyk's World for your pod cast ?

  48. Corinn Fuller says:

    Laurie is looking jacked! I think she'd be able to whoop Brian no problem ?

  49. Anthony Packer says:

    What about (Sweety) the blood python

  50. kathyjp17 says:

    LORI your arms…. WOW

  51. Griffin Eversoll says:

    Lil reps

  52. PixelJunk 89 says:

    “PotCast” ?

  53. SCRAPE N BASS says:

    Hey tin snips/sheet metal cutters would make light work of that polyurea…..
    Podcast name: ?
    "ON PAR WITH BAR" podcast
    "THINK ON THE BRINK" podcast

  54. steven says:

    What foam did you use?

  55. Rebecca Henkins says:

    Reminds me of watching the tiny chameleons when they hatch – tiny tiny!! Love it 😉

  56. Julius Villa says:

    Big and bad??

  57. Chris Bradford says:

    Pod cast show name ( make today great with the barchezy ) i know i spelled your last name wrong. u said not all about snakes and animals. And u alway try to spread positive

  58. MissJane777 says:

    Come to Oregon!!!! I live here, it's beautiful!

  59. Prakash Gohil says:

    Nice information from Prakash Gohil India snake rescuer

  60. tina bowers says:

    Barczyk broadcast all things Bad ass podcast

  61. Mattie Bird says:

    Name idea for your podcast: The Rant-tarium

  62. 410 BENCH says:

    Great video !!!!

  63. tina bowers says:

    The Barczyk Experience, Barczyk Academy, True Stories with Barczyk, The Daily Barczyk, Barczyk Saves The World, Planet Barczyk, The Brain Of Barczyk, The Brain of Brian, Generation Barczyk, 100% Barczyk, Behind The Barczyk, Happy Hour with Barczyk, Barczyk makes today awesome, Behind the Barczyk

  64. Kelly Leuschel says:

    Lori has some impressive biceps ?!!!

  65. Jeff Craig says:

    Your videos are very entertaining and educational. Thanks for sharing your work and passions with us!

  66. Sonya marsh says:

    What part of Texas are you going to be at?

  67. Teresa Simpson says:

    OMG I cant get over how tiny it was. So cute. Congrats.

  68. Makayla's Toy Room says:

    You should do some super slow motion of feeding time.

  69. Meaningful Songs says:

    Pets will now come under Coppa act

  70. John Lopez says:

    Here in philipines had smallest lizard that's to big

  71. Skylar Jones says:

    How is Lucy doing

  72. WideAwakeism says:

    Awesome video!
    I'm still stuck on "Checking In"?

  73. Josh Domaika says:

    My girlfriend and I love your show. I actually use to live in a house with around 30 snakes. A lot of jungle carpets mostly, but I only had a gray banded kingsnake. I really miss it, and wish I could get another one. Anyways your podcast name should be barczyk banter. Keep up the good education/work

  74. Josh Domaika says:

    Barczyk banter

  75. Lauren Hall says:


  76. Lauren Hall says:


  77. MyaDenniseGentry says:

    Butterscotch looks so my like Lucy in this vlog?

  78. stacey chambers says:

    hi i didn't like snakes until i watched your Chanel, you changed my mind

  79. Rick H says:

    The BriPod Filez
    Barczyk's RepFilez
    The BriPod Tails
    Life of Brian (perhaps not!)

  80. Squidward Tentacles says:

    Seen smaller in texas

  81. Squidward Tentacles says:


  82. Hannah Hillman says:

    That baby lizard is absolutely adorable!!! ? so wholesome

  83. Isaac Nielsen says:

    Hi Brian can you please give us a update on the renovation

  84. Cameron O'Mara says:

    The metal rod at the bottom of the caulking gun at the tip is to poke the nozzle clean

  85. Kasey Johnson says:

    Are you worried about your snakes eating so much substrate when eating the rat or pig or whatever you give them and they drag back into the cage?

  86. James Struhar says:


  87. James Struhar says:


  88. James Struhar says:


  89. Brooklyn Firmin says:

    Great video mate your the best

  90. Sharon Kissinger says:

    I can't wait till next month i get a baby normal ball python

  91. Bainz the dane says:

    Omg lori Got som huge guns. Se is a strong lady 😉 marry chrimas from Denmark to you all

  92. Usmevens Kaye says:

    Visit Philippines and you'll see both smallest and biggest geckos crawling on your ceiling…

  93. desirae murillo says:

    Hi Brian, I'm new at feeding my ball python frozen rats, could you talk about how you thaw and prepare the food for the snakes? I just am scared that I'm going to do something wrong
    . Love your videos!

  94. Jessica Stephens says:

    Barczyk bites or Barczyk bites back

  95. Donna Bailey says:

    “Banter with Barczyk” or “Babbling Barczyk”

  96. Jimmy .L says:

    How are you gonna feed all your snakes with that tiny lizard?

  97. Dan Angelucci says:

    Love watching feeding and learning, thanks!

  98. miss-oli says:

    I have some of these at my work 🙂

  99. Qutauris Parker says:

    I fucking love when u feed and teach ???

  100. DVL Exotics says:

    I learned something today spiders dont have brains very interesting. I'm thinking about getting into Tarantula's soon so I'm doing my due diligence as Kevin mccurley would say.

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