(electronic music) – Hey, good morning everybody (chuckles) and welcome to the vlog. Hey, I tell you what, we’re back here at BHB in the Reptarium, so let’s just go ahead and jump right back into egg cutting. And weirdly enough, I’m gonna show you a clutch here that is actually a spider female bred to a pastel vanilla bamboo woma. So there’s gonna be some cool stuff. But guess what? Babies are already pipping out. Again, I was gone for five
days so as I come back a lot of the eggs that
I would have normally cut a day or two early
are already pipping out. And this was such an amazing clutch, I had to still show you
what’s inside of them. One baby is actually out of the egg. This is actually a pastel
vanilla bamboo woma. So this is exactly what I was
expecting from this animal, but there’s no spider in this one. Let’s go ahead and just
see what’s going on. Again, we see all these
slits in these eggs and that’s what these snakes do. They actually have an egg tooth, they’ll cut the egg up. So
we’re just gonna go ahead and see if we can see what is inside here and oh my gosh there is some
beautiful snakes in here. Oh! I tell you what, I don’t
know what the heck. I gotta figure out what
this one is right here. Okay. This one probably is
a bumblebee vanilla. Oh! That one is gorgeous. Oh my gosh. No bamboo in that one but
still some amazing things. This combination is a
great combination for sure. Let’s see what we have
in this egg right here. Oh! We got a bamboo for sure. (chuckles) There’s just something about
bamboos that are incredible. So this again is the same thing. This is a pastel vanilla
bamboo woma ball python. So again we’ve already
got two of those and wow are they absolutely incredible. On to egg number 3. Cutting around all of these
little things right here. Let’s see what we have. Oooh this is really pretty. Okay, oooh I don’t know actually. I guess this is the same thing, just a bumblebee vanilla but it looks so different from the first one, it looks like there’s another gene. And often times, when you’re
mixing these things up sometimes there can be hidden genes because, you know, we
breed all kinds of stuff and sometimes you’re like
oh, I think it’s a 4 gene and it turns out to be a 5 gene. To me, it just looks like
there’s something else going on with this one, not
just a normal bumblebee vanilla but I don’t know, until it hatches out you never know what’s going on. Okay, moving onto the next egg over here. See if we get something else. Really beautiful! Okay, this is kind of interesting. Looks like what we have here is just a normal woma ball python. I don’t really see vanilla,
I don’t see pastel. Looks like, oh, and it just came out, look, it just popped out right there, just popped it’s head out. So that looks like just a
normal woma ball python, I think, until it hatches
out we’re not 100% sure of anything at this point. There’s another one right here, let’s go ahead, I got
these eggs all sliced up and we do have one other
clutch that I’m gonna go ahead and cut right
after this that hasn’t started to pip. It’s actually a clown clutch,
so I’m excited about that. Okay here’s another, this looks like probably just a spider vanilla really reduced animal, though so that’s beautiful. So again, we’ve been
getting some really amazing, I knew this was going to be a good clutch as soon as it was laid, I was like oh, I cannot wait to see what’s
going to be in this clutch. Okay, another bumblebee vanilla. Kind of weird, that’s our
third bumblebee vanilla in this clutch. Kind of unusual, but
this next egg looks like it’s going to be a ripper. Let’s see, ooh, whoa! What in the heck is going on here? Oh my, oh I got a little
escapee over here. Come on, little buddy. Oh my gosh, hoh! Wow, I’m not even sure
what’s going on here, guys. I’ll be honest with you. That is incredible! That is legitimately
an unbelievable snake. Definitely a pastel, this is
an all gene animal right here. This is a pastel, it’s
a spider, it’s a woma, it’s a vanilla, it’s a bamboo. It looks like every single gene here. What is amazing is how faded it is, almost looks like it’s a super pastel but there wasn’t pastel in the female side so it can’t be a super pastel. Wow! That’s a keeper right there, guys. That is beautiful. And then this one’s little
head is sticking out right now, looks like it’s almost the same animal but I can’t see a body yet
so I have to really gently kind of get around it and see if I can get this animal to just
put its head back in. I don’t want to cut it with
the razor blade, obviously. So it’s a little bit
tricky and here we go. It’s kind of popping it’s head back in. It’s so weird, I can literally feel its egg tooth right on top of its head. Again, I’m just going to take this razor blade and just slowly, just kind of rip this egg because I don’t want to hurt the animal at all. Oh, there it goes. Now, it popped it’s head back in. Now, we can cut it And guess what guys? The exact same animal as the other one, the all gene animal! Everything in there. Oh my god! So we got two all gene animals, we ended up with like
five bamboo combinations. Which is really what I love,
I love the bamboo stuff. A bunch of really cool bumblebee vanillas. This was exactly the clutch
I was hoping we’d hatch. I am blown away, that is incredible. What we have here is actually a female that is a pastel
that’s het for clown and then actually a clown
that’s het for ghost bred together. The thing
is, this is the first time this female laid eggs and it’s always a little concerning when you’re like oh please, let it be a
het because, you know, it was bred to a clown. But there’s always a chance for like sperm retention and stuff like that. So I always get nervous when I cut my first test clutches, like please let there be clowns in here. So let’s just go ahead
and jump right into it and hope for the best. Again, theoretically we should probably get about half clowns but we never know. Oh, right off rip, there’s a clown! So we know that this female is actually a het for clown. And again, it was a pastel het for clown bred to a clown that’s het for ghost. So this guy is actually a pastel that is possibly het for ghost. Absolutely incredible! Way to prove it out on the first egg. Oh doggy, that is absolutely amazing. So let’s go ahead and keep on cutting. Another beautiful clown ball python. Two for two, baby! Oh I love that, that is fantastic. Clowns are so amazing. Jumping into egg number
three, let’s see what we got. What if we had all clowns, right? Oh my gosh, wait wait, no,
it does look like it’s… Is it a pastel or is it a clown? Oh yeah, this is just a pastel. So this would be a pastel het for clown possible het for ghost. Still not bad, I’m not complaining. We are crushing it today. This is definitely my favorite day of any cutting that we’ve
done so far this year. It’s been absolutely incredible. This is just a normal het for clown that is possible het for ghost. So not exactly excited about that one but that’s okay, hey, we started out good. Let’s keep this going here. Finally, we got a pastel
clown right here that is possible het for ghost. Wow, that’s amazing and
we actually produced the first pastel clown
way back, I don’t know, fifteen years ago. So I remember when the first pastel clowns hatched out, being blown away by it. So it was cool that we
saw the very first ones every hatched and now here we are still hatching them all these years later. Absolutely incredible. Another pastel that’s het for clown possible het for ghost,
a really clean one. I tell you what, this is, I wish every day of egg
cutting was like this. This is exciting, you
guys, I tell you what. What have we got here? Just another normal clown that is possible het for ghost. We’ve got two eggs left. Come on, give me at least one clown. Let me get greedy and
maybe we’ll get two clowns to be honest with you, but hey, I’ll take whatever I can get. Let’s see what we have in this egg. Let’s see, oh yep, it
looks like another clown. Oh, is it? Another pastel clown? Nope, just a normal clown. So this is a normal
clown, again (chuckles) possible het for ghost. Oh my gosh, guys, why can’t
every day be like this. This is amazing. Let’s go ahead, I’m going
to get greedy right now and say we’re going to finish
this off with a pastel clown. Oh hoo doggy, a pastel clown, and a beautiful pastel clown at that! I tell you what, guys, I might just retire this razor blade, hang it up on the wall. The best razor blade I’ve
ever used to cut clutches. So that concludes the
egg cutting for the day. This time of year is a
snake breeder’s dream because things are hatching, obviously cutting snake eggs. Colubrids, we’ve got six clutches that hatched out overnight
and the first one, I just peeked in and I
could just barely see that there’s something really cool. These are actually hognose snakes. Oh my gosh, let’s just open them up. What?! Oh ho ho doggy, I
actually didn’t even know that this one was het
for pastel pink hognose. Unbelievable! This was just a possible
het for orange albinos. But the thing is that over the years, we’ve bred so many
different hognose snakes, that a lot of times they’re
het for different things. What’s interesting about
this is that we literally didn’t produce any orange but we produced the pastel pink hognose snakes. Unbelievable, there’s one
little egg left to hatch here. But look at how cute
these little hognoses, I tell you what, guys, oh ho doggy, I am so excited about this. Look at that little baby right there. Oh my god I tell you what
guys, I have a feeling we’re going to keep this entire clutch of snakes right here. Pastel pink hognose are
kind of a near and dear thing to me. We actually produced the second ones ever that were produced and
we worked on this project for a long time because
the original babies were extremely weak. They would hatch out really small, they would hardly ever eat. And over the years of
outbreeding, we were able to get these guys super
strong and super vibrant. Look at how big and
feisty these babies are. And look at this pastel
pink albino hognose. It actually still has it’s umbilical and a little yolk attached to it. What we’ll do is we’ll just
kind of set this guy up, no big deal, it will absorb
the rest of that yolk. That little umbilical cord will actually dry up and fall off. It does happen from time to time, shouldn’t be any problem at all. We’ll go ahead and get this guy set up, probably on some damp paper towel. Just so it really dries up nicely. Perfect, oh my gosh, today has been an insanely awesome day. Unbelievable! Let’s see what else we have here. Oh, yeah, look there’s
even some baby heads sticking out right here. Of course, these are some more nigritas, or Mexican Black Kingsnakes. I tell you what, oh my gosh,
I know I keep saying this but it is a great time
to be a snake breeder this time of year. Absolutely incredible. What do we have here? Oh, we have a few eggs
that are trying to hatch. This is actually a tessera corn that is het for scaleless. We don’t have any scaleless stuff out or tesseras out yet. We’ll have to check back on this clutch. It’s pretty much a day or
two away from being done. Let’s go ahead and check this clutch. Oh, yes yes yes. This is actually an Abbott’s okeetee that was possible het for scaleless bred to a scaleless Abbott’s okeetee and, sure enough, we’ve
got some really beautiful, looks like actually a hypo
Abbott’s okeetee scaleless corn snake here. We’ve got another little
Abbott’s okeetee scaleless corn there and then a bunch of okeetees that are going to be het for scaleless. Unbelievable. That one is another gorgeous one. What do we have here? Oh, yes, look at these monkeys right here. These are actually Arizona
Mountain kingsnakes and oh my gosh, they
are absolutely gorgeous. So these are all Arizona
Mountain kings, or pyromelana, are het for albino. Oh my gosh, that is so awesome. Look at how incredible that is. And these are the first
pyromelana Arizona Mountain kingsnakes that we’ve hatched this year. So that’s incredible. And let’s see what’s
up in this clutch here. Oh, yeah, oh my gosh, this is amazing. This is such a cool
clutch right here because this is that pink-eyed
leucistic Texas ratsnake bred to an albino scaleless Texas ratsnake and I was wondering what
was going to happen. Oh we’re in trouble,
hang on a second, guys. Hang on a second. Oh yeah, we got snakes
going out all over the place right here. That’s okay, we’re all
right, we’re all right. Hang on one second, give me one second. Let’s get everything back together. Okay, I think that we’re okay. All right, so anyways, I
was really curious to see what happened with this breeding and I’ll be honest with
you, something happened that I was not expecting
and we hatched out all snow Texas ratsnakes. So this was a pink-eyed
leucistic Texas ratsnake that was bred to our snow
male and the fact that all snows came out was really interesting. I’m going to go ahead and put
these guys down really quick. Let me tell you, these guys are crazy. (closes lid) So that result was kind of mind blowing because to be honest with
you, I thought we’d produce albinos that were het for leucistic and instead, we produced
snows which tells me that the leucistic is lacking
again, all pigment, which makes sense. So it was an albino leucistic, which is a white snake with pink
eyes, bred to a snow, which is actually
lacking the black pigment and lacking the yellow and red pigment. So the fact is that we did produce snows, which is crazy, that
are het for leucistic. I didn’t expect that, I’m
pretty excited about it. But wow, what an amazing
day, cutting snake eggs, great odds, and then hatching some absolutely incredible babies. And there it is, guys, everything is done and ready to get going. Are you ready, Maria? – Ready to go.
– (Brian) Ready to go, Skye? – (Brian) Andrea? You ready?
All right, let’s do it. Hey guys, how are you? Come on in, come on in. Hi, how are you? It’s
good to see you guys. Hi, guys. How are you? – What’s going on, man? – Hey, how’s it going? How are you? Things are popping off here
at the Reptarium, as always. How you guys doing? – Good, hi. – Hi! But I guess Bruce wants to feed Ubusuku. This is the first time
we’ll do an Ubusuku feeding during the hours that we’re open. So that’s going to be pretty exciting. He’s been working with Ubusuku
like you cannot believe, really really putting a lot
of time and effort into it. Bruce! – (Bruce) Uh huh?
– (Brian) You ready to do it? – Let’s do this. – (Brian) What are you
thinking about doing? – I guess I’m feeding her.
– (Brian) Okay, oh my gosh. – I’m ready to do this. You want to be my ball guy? – (Brian) I’ll be the ball guy. – All right, all right.
– (Brian) I’m the ball man. (people talking inaudibly) – (Brian) You realize this
is the first time anyone has fed Ubusuku here? – That’s what he said. This is awesome. – These are our guinea pigs. (chuckles) – You can see Bruce has
a stick just in case. We’re going to keep everyone safe, we definitely don’t
want anything to happen. But with as much energy
as Bruce has been putting into Ubusuku, I think he knows her better than anyone so I think we’re going to
be in good shape. You ready? – This is my girl, I got her. – (Brian) I’m taking your lead. – All right. All right, ladies and gentlemen, I really need a lot of room right here. So if you guys don’t mind just going a little bit that way
and a little bit that way. (people talking excitedly) – (Brian) This is the first time we’ve ever fed her or taken her out during hours. Bruce has been working with her for the last few months. She used to kill you by now, she would have already bitten him by now. So he’s been working
with her unbelievably. And as you can see, she’s
really getting better but you got to still watch her, though. Okay, now you go. Go ahead. – (Bruce) Right in her face. (people talking inaudibly) – (Brian) Okay, go ahead. I’m going to get her to
come back here a little bit so that she’s away from people. You guys ready? (monitor hisses) (people exclaim) – (Brian) Get her to maybe come up here. (people talking inaudibly) – (Brian) And there you
guys go. What did you think? – That was awesome. – (Brian) Now, we got
to make sure she doesn’t see this ball and Bruce can make sure just keep it close, keep it close. Okay, girl, you’re all right, girl. There she is, there she goes. Look, you’re all right, baby. – Good girl. – (Brian) Good job, guys. – Hey, thank you guys so much. – (Brian) Bruce! Way to go, Bruce. – Let’s do this – (Brian) That was awesome. (applause) – That’s come a long way in
a very short period of time. And I think I’m going to go ahead and end the day here, wish you guys an amazing day, tell you how much I love your beautiful faces. Ask you to be kind to someone. And I promise, I will
see you guys tomorrow. (electronic music)

Randy Schultz

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