(upbeat music) – Hey good morning everybody,
and welcome to the vlog. We actually are gonna
jump right into it today, ’cause this is gonna be an
absolutely exciting day. You know, it’s always a good
day when you’re a snake breeder especially this time of year. And guess what? We have some more sand boas! This little tiny girl right
here had some babies, I think. Because there’s an infertile ova. So this is what basically
an infertile egg looks, from a live bearing snake. It really does almost look like an egg. And maybe later, I don’t know, give this to Jay as a cough drop. – Oh that looks good, it’s a nice grape. (laughing) – No, let’s see what kind of babies. I’m not expecting very many
out of this girl ’cause she’s so small, but I love looking
around for little baby snakes. Whoa mama, relax. Oh, here’s one right here. We got one little baby right here. And we do have a second girl right here, that’s a much bigger
animal, that I’m assuming has a lot more babies. But we’ll see what’s going on. Let’s see right here, so far
we just have one little baby. Mama it’s okay. Oh, I see two little babies right here. So okay, so there’s two,
and look at how they look just like the mom. Isn’t crazy, the fact that
they’re like little carbon copies of mama there? So, two babies, I honestly
don’t expect very many more babies than this. It might only be two babies. I’m not 100% sure, but we’re
gonna keep on looking just to see if we can find anything else. Huh, looks like that is
it, what, no, no, no. Yeah, looks like just two babies in here. That’s okay. Again, that’s a very small female. This girl looked a lot bigger,
and I’m gonna set these aside really quick because we don’t
wanna combine the two litters. We wanna make sure that we know exactly which litter is which. Looks like we have a really
messed up baby right here. Oh, I hate when this happens. This is really deformed. All that spinal kinking
and stuff like that. We’ll still set it up,
we’ll see if it survives. But that one definitely has a long shot. We’ve got another little
infertile grape right here, we’ll set aside. And then, it looks like
we’re gonna find some babies, I hope anyways. Because she’s a pretty big
girl, I would expect there’s some good ones. Yup, there we go. That’s a good baby right there. That’s one good baby. Let’s see what we got. Two good babies, right here. And again, these are
rough scale sand boas. Let see, come on mama, don’t bite me girl. Aw, it looks like a bunch over here. We got three, we got
four babies right here. All right that’s a
little bit more like it. Five babies right here look at
how beautiful those guys are. Six babies! That’s a good litter
of snakes right there. There’s six babies, oh mama
don’t bite me, don’t bite me. Six babies, that might be it. Not sure, I’m gonna just
kinda search around to see if, Ow! She just got me. Six babies, and that looks like it. We’ll go ahead and get
mamas all cleaned up. We’ll get these babies set up. We’ll try to see if we
can salvage this guy, with all the spinal kinking. Not sure what’s gonna happen. So six good babies, from
one with one kinked baby. And only two babies from the other. But hey, what a great
way to start the day, and I hope that you’re
having an amazing day too. Things are really heating
up here when it comes to ball python clutches hatching. And this was definitely, I
don’t know, top two or three most anticipated clutches of the year. This is actually a Lori
leopard bred to a Lori. So we could get the first
ever, super Lori leopard if we’re so lucky. There are two, four, six, seven eggs. Odds could be pretty good,
we’ll see what happens. But before we get started
with cutting this clutch. I wanna tell you the story
behind the Lori ball python, ’cause some of you might be saying, “what the heck is a Lori ball python?” So, we’ll start with that, we’ll come back and we’ll cut this clutch
and hopefully we’ll get a worlds first. But before we get into how
Lori balls became Lori balls, you have to understand the
origin of really the majority of the mutations of ball
pythons back in the 90’s. And the fact is, is that,
over in West Africa, Togo, Ghana, and Benin, they
actually farm ball pythons. Now what that actually means
is that they’re not actually breeding them, they collect
wild females that are gravid, they let them lay their eggs,
and then a percentage of the babies that hatch go back into the wild so that it’s sustainable. And then the other portion
comes into the United States. That’s where the majority of
mutations actually came from. With them hatching sometimes
over 100,000 babies a year, and those animals coming
into the United States, people like myself,
VPI, and Kevin McCurley, amongst others, actually were
in line to buy these animals, when they came out very interesting. So we used to bring in, sometimes thousands of baby ball pythons, and we would kinda scour through the bags, to find anything that
looked kind of unusual. One year we brought in this shipment, of about 1,000 ball pythons, and as we’re going through
and really visually inspecting each and everyone, to see
if there’s anything unusual, ’cause you gotta remember this was before yellow belly ball python. So people found the
yellow belly ball pythons in a normal shipment. And we’re like, “oh we better breed,
it’s kind of an anomaly.” Lori actually found these two
animals, that happened to be in the same bag. And just so you know, they
used to ship eight ball pythons per bag, so usually when you
saw a couple animals that were similar, they were probably
from the same clutch. I’m gonna be honest with
you, the majority of my crew didn’t think too much of these
two particular ball pythons that Lori pulled out, ’cause they were a little bit different but not very different. So she went ahead and
set ’em up in a rack, she marked, “Keep Lori.” And that was basically the
origin of the Lori ball python. Now they turned out to be a
pair, and as we raised them up we bred the male to a normal ball python, and to our surprise, about
half the babies came out looking just like the dad. Now the female wasn’t ready
to breed yet, but we realized that hey, this might actually
be a co-dominant mutation. As this was going on, the
kind of ball python world started to explore, cinnamon
pastels, and pastels, and other mutations like that, were starting to get proved out, so we thought, “hey maybe we
have something going on here.” Now the following year, we
were actually able to breed the two Lori ball pythons together. Now keeping in mind, we had
never really planned on naming them Lori ball pythons,
they were just, “keep Lori,” on the cage, so it was
kinda crude calling ’em Lori ball pythons, just to
identify what they actually were. And by this time, tons and
tons of people had visited our collection and actually
saw the Lori ball pythons. Well when we finally
got four eggs from the Lori ball to Lori ball, sure
enough we hatched the first super Lori ball python. This blue and white
unbelievably spectacular animal, and it kinda really made a
buzz in the reptile community. And by that time everyone
knew ’em as Lori ball, so everyone was saying,
“did you see Brian and Lori hatched out super Lori balls?” And that kinda just became what it was. We planned on originally
naming them something else, but when everyone just
started calling them Lori ball pythons we just decided, hey, we might as well go ahead
and keep ’em that way. And I think it’s pretty
darn cool, that my wife Lori has a ball python mutation
that’s named after her. Now that we know what
the Lori ball python is, and I think it’s a really
incredibly beautiful story. It’s just cool that Lori,
my wife, has a ball python named after her. Let’s just jump into this. Oh my God my heart rate
is up right now guys, because I wanna hit some
super Lori’s and I definitely wanna hit a super Lori leopard, I have no idea what it’s gonna look like. Okay, here we go. Deep breath, deep breath,
deep breath, come on, come on, come on, give me something amazing! Okay, so the first egg is, okay, the first egg is pretty cool. It is definitely a Lori
leopard ball python. So that’s pretty cool. I mean you know we’ve already
got a Lori leopard ball python but this is another one. So that’s pretty cool, no super yet. Let’s go, number two, come
on man, I tell you what, I’m so nervous. I wanna get a super Lori leopard so badly. Oh, we got a super! We got a super Lori! The problem is, I don’t know
what a super Lori leopard’s gonna look like. So the super lori’s are
almost blue and white. And they’re absolutely incredible. I tell you what guys, oh
yeah, I am like 99.9% sure that this is a super Lori leopard. ‘Cause they don’t normally have the stripe down their back like this. Woo! I tell you what, I think we hit it. Okay, I’m gonna cut
the rest of the clutch, and if we get something
else radically different then I’ll know. But I am almost positive,
we just hit a worlds first super Lori leopard ball python. Oh my God, how awesome is that? That takes the pressure off. But we still have a bunch of eggs to cut. So let’s just keep on going,
and see if we get lucky, and maybe even get more of ’em right. Okay, what do we have here? Looks like this is probably
just a Lori ball python. It could be a Lori leopard ball python, but it’s definitely not a super. This is the biggest egg
in the clutch right here. So maybe we’ll get lucky
and get something crazy, I don’t know. All right what do we got? Oh no, not a super unfortunately. Oh and this guy, is
ready to hatch out too. It’s bucking me and
everything in this thing. People ask me all the time,
are you ever worried about cutting a snake? And the truth is is that, as
soon as they feel the pressure they actually go down,
and they’ll move around. I’ve never cut a snake,
ever when I’m cutting eggs. This one again, looks like
a Lori leopard ball python. So, so far we’ve been getting
some pretty cool stuff. We’ve only got three little eggs left. So let’s see what’s in
this one right here. Okay, gosh that’s really weird. We’ve been getting a lot of
Lori leopard ball pythons. Which is pretty cool, because
again, it’s a combination that isn’t very often seen. So it’s awesome. Two eggs left to go,
only one super so far. So that’s a little bit disappointing. Hopefully, we’ll get at
least one more super. No this looks like a
normal Lori ball python. And then we have the smallest
egg in the clutch right now. And the last egg. Listen, I’m still over the moon about this super Lori leopard, and
the more I look at it, the more I realize it is
absolutely a super Lori leopard. So let’s go ahead and cut this last egg. And see if we’ve got something else. Come on guys, come on, aw! Just another Lori ball python. So that’s weird, out of seven
eggs, we only got one super, but I’m sure that super
is the worlds first super Lori leopard. I wanna show Kelsey this,
’cause this is like Kelsey’s pet project, oh my God
guys, that’s awesome. So that’s it for egg cutting. Just one clutch really quick. I had to share that with you guys. A lot of times I don’t like to do back to back egg cutting days. But this was such a special clutch, I had share it with you guys. – Hey what’s up guys? Eric here. Just glad you’re checking
in, we’re very busy today. So, you know, this year’s
been amazing for spotted, and the stimpsons, and
the children’s pythons, we’ve just had so many. We’ve got ’em upstairs
in the clubrit room. They’re starting out very
well, but they’re not eating as good as I want ’em to be. So we’re actually gonna
move ’em downstairs, it’s about four degrees warmer. And all the other pythons
are kinda down there anyways. So I think that four degree
difference will definitely help them wanting to eat and keep eating. So let’s get it started, I
gotta disinfect some racks. We’re gonna box these guys
up, and move ’em downstairs. (upbeat music) All right guys, so you can
see we kinda got these guys moved down here. I think they’re gonna do so much better. You could just physically
tell it’s warmer down here. We’re gonna wait a few
days, let ’em settle in. I gotta go back and put waters,
and I didn’t wanna move ’em with waters of course, sloshing around. So after they get settled in,
in a couple days, we’ll offer ’em food and I think they’re
gonna do pretty good. – [Brian] Kelsey, I’m excited to show you! We just got one baby,
but I think it’s gonna be a pretty good one. Looks like a super Lori leopard. – Wow, oh my God! We did it? – [Brian] I think we hit it. – [Kelsey] Holy crap! – [Brian] Look at the
dorsal striping on it. – [Kelsey] Wow that’s crazy! – [Brian] I know isn’t it awesome? – That’s so cool, oh my
God, I can’t believe it. – [Brian] I knew you would be
excited, I needed to show you. Isn’t that awesome?
– [Kelsey] That’s so awesome. – [Brian] I can’t wait till it curls up. I’m pretty sure, the rest
are some Lori leopards stuff. – [Kelsey] Oh my goodness! – [Brian] But just only one super, but it looks like that
one super is a leopard. Because I don’t think that
the normal Lori’s have that dorsal stripe like a leopard, right? – Yeah I haven’t seen any like that. – [Brian] So I’m pretty
sure, so, there you go. All your hard work. – Thank you. – Feels like it’s been a
minute since I’ve said, “down in the dungeon with Kelsey.” But yes, we still have
ball python eggs coming, so we got a couple clutches
to pull real quick. What’s our first clutch? – First clutch is a het albino female, bred to an albino male. – All right good, we love crusin’ albinos. So let’s go ahead and see
what this girl has going on. Looks like they’re good, looks
like a nice clutch of eggs. Oh yeah that’s fantastic,
that’s really nice, that’s good. And again, I told you,
sometimes fertilities fall off just a little bit as you
get later in the year, but so far so good,
we’re doing pretty good. We had that one clutch
that was like 50% fertile, but everything else has been
good, so that is amazing. How many eggs we got here? – [Kelsey] One, two, three,
four, five, six, seven. – Seven good eggs, not bad,
I tell you, I didn’t think there was that many eggs in
there, so that’s awesome. And again, it’s about 50% on
average because you’ve got an albino which is the
double homozygous animal, and you’re breeding it to
a normal looking animal that’s heterozygous, so on
average, half of these babies should be albino. Let’s hope we hit the
odds, one more clutch. What’s our next clutch? – Next clutch is a normal female bred to a pastel scaleless head. – [Brian] All right,
let’s see what she’s got. Oh, she’s wrapped around
a nice clutch of eggs, looks like this egg might
have rolled on the very top. You can see how it looks like
there’s a little bit of paper where it got stuck and
now it’s on the very top. So she might have just rolled
that egg around a little bit. Oh they look nice small
eggs, nice, wow that’s crazy. Actually a lot of eggs for that girl. These are kinda nice eggs,
’cause they’re definitely small and perfect size for,
oh my gosh these eggs are all over the place. – [Kelsey] Two hand kind of clutch. – [Brian] Yeah this is a
two hander clutch for sure. All right there we go. All right good job, and again, they’re a little bit
desiccated, which is kind of unusual, but they’ll pop
back out once they’re in this incubator box right here. How many eggs do we have? – [Kelsey] One, two, three,
four, five, six, seven, eight, nine. – Nine eggs, that’s a good
clutch for this little mama right here, she did really good. And again, this is a
pastel scaleless head, which means that these
are both co-dominant, pastel of course for super
pastel, and scaleless head for the completely scaleless animal. So I should have some pastels,
some pastel scaleless heads, and some scaleless heads
out of this clutch. Good job mama, and good job Kelsey, way to go.
– Thank you. – And so there it is guys,
I was excited to produce a worlds first again. The fact that this super Lori
leopard is gonna be hatching in the next couple days. I cannot wait, I probably
won’t sleep until it actually comes out of the egg, so
that I can show you guys how amazing it is. It’s absolutely great when
you’re going for something and it actually works out. And I hope that you have
an absolutely amazing day. Thank you guys for watching, truly. You guys are wonderful, and
I love your beautiful faces. Be kind to someone today, and I promise, I’m gonna see you guys tomorrow. (upbeat music)

Randy Schultz

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