Happy Birthday Sea Turtle! | Sea Animals for Kids | Great White Shark, Orca, Sea Turtle, Octopus

Happy Birthday Sea Turtle! | Sea Animals for Kids | Great White Shark, Orca, Sea Turtle, Octopus

Hello Everyone! I’m Kiwan! Do you guys like Sea Animals? What’s your favorite Sea Animal? Today a special Sea Animals is having a birthday party! Do you want to find out who’s coming to the party? Let’s get started! Here we have the birthday girl! It has some wrinkles around its neck! Two flat fore flippers! What’s that thing on its back? That’s called a shell!
And it’s really hard to protect its body! Beautiful pattern across its body! Light Green body with Green over it! And its shell is Brown! Brown glitter! Green glitter! Light Green glitter! Hello! What’s your name? Hello! I’m Sea Turtle! Happy birthday Sea Turtle! Well Thank you, thank you! How old are you now, Sea Turtle? I’m turning 20 years old today! And I’m having a big party! And I have invited some of my best friends! Wow! If you’re having a party down here, are all of your friends also Sea Animals? Yes Of course! Would you like to meet them? Do I? I can’t wait! Wow! We have just been invited to
Sea Turtle’s birthday party! Let’s go meet all of her friends! This Sea Animals has a sharp pointy snout! A pectoral fin and a dorsal fin! And it has a really large body! Maybe this Sea Animal’s belly is another color! Look at those really big and sharp set of teeth! It has a beautiful greyish blue color with a white belly! Let’s put some glitter over the blue part of its body! Hello! What’s your name? Hello! I’m Great White Shark! Hey guys! I’m going to Sea Turtle’s birthday party! And I brought my baby along!
Come on Baby Shark! Yes Mommy! I’m right here! Hey Baby Shark! It’s so nice to see you again! Happy birthday Sea Turtle!
I guess we’re the first ones here! This is my baby, Baby Shark! Happy birthday Sea Turtle!
Nice to finally meet you! Here! I brought you a birthday present! Wow! Thank you, Baby Shark! Well…I heard you are having babies soon! Yes I am!
I will have to make my way up to the beach, and dig a big hole with my flippers to lay my eggs! Exactly! With this,
you will be able to dig a hole way faster! Let’s open the presents when everybody’s here! What do you guys think it is? Let’s get everybody here
so we can start opening the presents! This Sea Animal’s head is round yet uneven! Wow! It has such long arms! How many arms do you think this Sea Animal has? Eight! It has 8 Arms! They all look so soft! And it has many suction cups
all the way around its arms! Let’s color its body Pink! The suction cups are Purple! Purple glitter on its suction cups! Pink glitter on its soft body! Hello! What’s your name? Hello! I’m Octopus! Hey Octopus! What do you got there? Oh, I got the perfect birthday present for Sea Turtle! You know how my good friend
Sea Turtle loves jellyfish right? Yeah, I heard that it’s one of her favorites! She has to close her eyes
to protect herself from stinging! With my present, she’ll be able to
keep her eyes wide open! Wow! I wonder what it is! There’s the birthday girl! Happy birthday Sea Turtle! Thank you, Octopus! Say hello to my friend
Great White Shark and her Baby Shark! Hello! Nice to meet you Octopus! Hello guys! I got something that will blow your mind Sea Turtle! No, actually it’s more like, clear your vision! Let’s get the last Sea Animal here,
so we can start opening presents! Our last guest seems to have a big body! A triangular dorsal fin! And it has very distinctive pattern! The upper part of its body
except for the white patch around its eyes is Black! And a White belly! Let’s put some Black glitter
over the Black part of its body! Hello! What’s your name? Hello! I’m Killer Whale! Call me Orca! Hey Orca!
Did you also get Sea Turtle a birthday present? Of course I did! You know what Sea Turtle and I have in common? What? For both of us to breathe, we have to get to the surface time to time! We call it surfacing! And it’s a really important part of our respiration! Okay, I guess it has something to do with breathing then! Well hurry up Orca! You’re the last one here! Happy birthday Sea Turtle! Hey Orca! Thanks for coming to my party! Well, Now that everyone’s here,
let’s get this party started! Hey Sea Turtle,
why don’t we start opening the presents! That one is from Great White Shark and Baby Shark! It’s a shovel! That’s right! You can use the shovel, when you’re digging a hole to lay your eggs! Yes! Please lay many many eggs, so there can be as many
baby Sea Turtles I can play with! Well Thank you so much! It will make my nesting experience so much easier! And this is from Octopus! Goggles! What a surprise! Aren’t we all able to open up our eyes underwater? We are Sea Animals! They’re not for swimming! They’re for you to keep your eyes
open when you eat jellyfish! Oh my goodness! With these goggles, I can keep my eyes wide open! Thank you so much! You’re welcome! Last but not least! I didn’t forget about yours Orca! And it is… a snorkel! Yeah, Sea Turtle! I got you! They might not understand, but you know how important it is for us to surface! It will come in really handy! Now I can breathe even without getting to the surface! What a thoughtful present! Thank you so much guys! These are so thoughtful! This is the best birthday ever! Happy birthday Sea Turtle! Wow! Sea Turtle sure got some
amazing birthday presents! Which birthday present
would Sea Turtle enjoy the most? Please let me know in the comments below! Don’t forget to like and subscribe! See you next time! Bye!

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