Growing Citrus Trees From Seed, Month 23 – Time For Repotting!

Growing Citrus Trees From Seed, Month 23 – Time For Repotting!

hey everybody its Rob the backyard
gardenerr here and it’s time to update you on my citrus trees grown from seed so in my last update I believe it was
six months ago I know I was actually preparing the citrus trees to be over
wintered in my outdoor greenhouse and surprisingly they did just fine we had
four orange trees and two lemon trees I’ll be updating both of the series in
this video and attaching both the lemon and the orange tree updates to those
respective series I’m also going to be repotting my orange trees today because
I think they’re out girl in their pots and it’s just time to get them into some
bigger pots especially since the Texas Sun is gonna be baking down on them for
the next several months that being said let me flip the camera around and give
you a look at my orange and lemon trees that I’ve grown from seed so if you
recall in the last video we had 1 2 3 4 orange trees that I started from seed
and we actually had two lemon trees now one was unhealthy most of last year and
the freeze actually killed him but all of these have survived the freeze this
year and I’m pretty excited about that sorry my neighbor’s doing some weed
whacking so if you can hear that in the background hopefully it’s not too
annoying I think what I’m gonna do today is kind of catch you up on what’s
happened and then we’ll get them repotted I wasn’t surprised with all the
freezing temperatures we had we just had a little bit of leaf damage on a lot of
these some of the higher ends got a little yellow and a little bit dried out
from the frost but they’ve recovered just fine and I guess my question is for
some of those citrus growers out there is some of these ends have not grown or
Reeb roped their buds since we had the phrase damage to them and I’ve noticed
that other shoots have actually started to sprout in place of continued growth
on the affected ends so my question is should I be pot them and trim a little
bit of the ends off to spur on some new growth a little bit unfamiliar with
exactly the pruning I know you should always turn off any dead or diseased
branches and I know that on young citrus trees it’s absolutely ok to prune them
or often as long as you’re not burning more
than a third of the plan away so I’m gonna be thinking about what I want to
do on some of these like I said some of these ends have not grown since the
freezer broke and so I’m thinking if I trim them down a little bit kind of
scope them might do a lot better you guys let me know in the comments down
below I think we’ll save any trimming for next episode I think today what
we’ll do is now these guys are 23 months old 23 months old on the orange and
lemon trees then they’re gonna hit two years next month and when I do my next
update based on your comments down below and the pool that you answer above I’ll
decide whether or not we should do any topping or trimming whatsoever that
being said I’ve already prepared some soil for them as you know citrus trees
are pretty finicky they like a well draining but moisture retaining soil so
this right here is about 50% maybe 60% peat moss there’s some perlite and sand
as well so my homemade compost so this should allow for them to retain some
moisture but also it allow for the the excess moisture to drain out because
citrus does like to have access to moisture at all times but not be
saturated or it’s route saturated in the sole there are tropical plants there
used to be into the rainforest they’re used to having heavy rains and dry out a
little bit before they get their next watering so pretty excited to get that
in there obviously if you have access to getting some citrus tree soil that’s
probably the best but generally it’s made up of sand or perlite and then peat
moss and some compost which I’ve added in here as well all right these pots are
kind of small they’ve already got some sand and rocks in them already I’m just
gonna be adding the existing mix to this new mix and I’ve chosen to put my
remaining lemon tree in a different container so that I don’t forget which
one is the lemon tree they look very similar and then I have these black
almost two gallon pots for the remaining orange trees let me go ahead right now
get these guys in these pots and then we’ll spend a few more seconds looking
at these trees up close all right so I’ve got the lemon tree and it’s new
color-coded pot if you will and then the four orange trees are now in there
almost two gallon I think it’s 1.9 four gallon pots so basically two gallon pots
this will be their home for the rest of this year and overwinter and I’ll tell
you I took a couple of snapshots but some of the roots we’re starting to
spiral at the bottom of the other pots so this is much overdue for me to get
them repotted those are the pots that they’ve been in for the last full year
and they were barely even what is it a couple of quarts so good to have them in
these bigger pots now the next step is gonna go ahead and get them all watered
in so I can see if the soil level drops and if I need to top it off a little bit
more garden sole I’ll just top it off let me get these soaked down topped off
and we’ll bring it back in alright so we’ve got all the pots completely
saturated I’m just letting them sit up here so
they can continue to drain out you can see that they’re draining out from the
bottom and I’ll tell you they drain out quickly and what’s good about it is you
can see how spongy this material is so I also host off the leaves just afraid of
any bugs or debris spider webs things like that so lemon tree here it is again
the question is should I do a little pruning maybe top some of this overhang
off you can see though the newer ends look a little better but they just
haven’t grown any sense day since we had that hard freeze in late February early
March they just stopped growing a few of them on the on the ends but we are
getting some new growth on some of the other ones so I’m kind of at a loss here
you guys will have to let me know we’ve even got nature helping us out
drinking some water well there you have it everyone 23 month
update on my citrus series both my lemon tree that I only have one left of and
then my orange trees that I have four left of they’re almost at two years old
again they’ve been stunted this is not the
best zone for him I didn’t bring him indoors I brought it in my into a
greenhouse but you know what they survived the cold winter in my
greenhouse so that’s a good sign maybe because they were grown from seeds and
they were grown from hybrid seeds possibly we might have a hybrid species
here that might be able to withstand some of the outside temperatures and
that reminds me before I sign off let me show you something else in my garden
really quick so I thought I should show you this I planted a couple of orange
and lemon seeds out here last year and they sprouted in late fall and the
freeze hurt them but it didn’t kill him so we have two here and then we also
have one here one there and one there these three are lemon seeds and the
other two are orange seeds and again the fries really hurt a couple of them this
guy actually died from the freeze but he
already Reese prodded a new set of growth so again maybe grown from seeds
maybe I have a species that Mykel to withstand my freezing temperatures out
here sometimes and if that’s the case that’ll be a good sign oh yeah and if
you watched my garden videos last year this was that volunteer either raspberry
or blackberry bush that is going bonkers and we’re just now starting to get some
flowers on it well see what it is when it gets all grown up I’ve all grown up
we’ll see what it is when it gets some flowers it did get one flower and I’m
thinking it’s a blackberry but we’ll have to see so there you have it
everyone that’s my citrus trees grown from seed update both the remaining
lemon and the other four orange trees that I’ve grown and that are now 23
months old a couple of questions for you one
should I go ahead and top them and remove any of the bud ends that don’t
seem to be doing much or should I give it more time and wait until the next
update to do so you let me know in the comments down below and hopefully you’re
still okay with being patient with me as I get you caught up on all my grown from
seed series and if you are I’d appreciate a thumbs up and as always
everyone happy gardening and thanks for watching

Randy Schultz

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31 thoughts on “Growing Citrus Trees From Seed, Month 23 – Time For Repotting!

  1. Naqualix _ says:

    They look amazing Rob! Your doing a great job!!

  2. Rob Backyard Gardenerr says:

    My Citrus Trees grown from seed are now almost 23 months old and it's time to get you updated on the Lemon and Orange Trees!

    The outdoor greenhouse did well to provide some frost protection to my young citrus trees over the winter. Now that it is well into spring and the temperatures are almost in the nineties, it's time to repot these tress into 2 gallon pots so the roots have room to grow, the pots don't get over heated and don't dry out.

    Since Citrus loves the sun, I need them to get ample amount of sunlight while I keep up with their watering schedule.

    I hope you'll enjoy both of my Citrus series'. Here's the Orange and Lemon series links:

    Some Citrus Care Info:

    Citrus Trees like slightly acidic soil (5.5-6.5 PH) and it needs to be well draining soil full of sand, moss and perlite. They should be kept in warmer conditions while they are seedlings (75-85 degrees) and water them infrequently, but heavily – allowing all the water to drain from the pot, keeping it moist only.

    PLEASE SUPPORT MY CHANNEL (if you wish) – when you shop through the following links, it helps me continue to put out more gardening content and allows me to pursue my passion!

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  3. Jennifer Lopez says:

    I just want to tell ya happy birthday Rob! And i enjoy watching these videos as well!

  4. Rogojina Tare says:

    Hey, Rob, I know it's totally unrelated but… From what it seems to me from your other videos, you also have an ornamental space of your garden where there are flowers and so on and I've been thinking… What if you do the following experiment? (if you have at least 2 type of roses in your garden). You should cross-polinate two different roses to create your own hybrid, then take the seeds from the cross-bread roses and put them into the fridge (to simulate the winter) and then plant them in some pots and after they get bigger put them into your garden.

  5. William findspennies says:

    I grow Clementine oranges inside my summer porch all year around. They grow if kept warm. I run a small space heater during the winter in that room on a timer. The worst problem I have with orange trees is spiders. In fact some spiders in Pennsylvania actually kill indoor house plants.

  6. Gary H says:

    Great trees you have there! This spring I have had like 40 peach tree sprouts coming up all around my peach tree. I have potted several and have given away quite a few. If you want some Rob, We can meet somewhere I live in Corinth near Denton.

  7. The Plugg says:

    That plant looks like a raspberry. Blackberry flower are all white

  8. Mick's backyard Aquaponics says:

    Those trees look good and health there rob ?????

  9. jules kadul says:

    I would trim the tree. You've given the plants a bigger pot, trimming them may encourage more new growth?! Not sure if this benefits your root system…

  10. Haul A Rita says:

    I’m thinking of trying this. Great information ?

  11. Mike B says:

    They look great Rob! Love the sprouts in the ground, that's fantastic! I wish I could grow citrus in my ground, but it's kinda cold. I'd have to build a serious citrus shelter for them.. Makes more sense for me to just bring them inside.

    I'd trim the trees, personally, get rid of the dead growth. They'll recover fine from the pruning, but I'm no Pro Citrus Grower.. haha!

  12. okorie uzochukwu says:

    Will it bear fruit, and how long it take's to bear fruit from seed

  13. Monique Gebeline says:

    Dude you are the master seed grower lol. I have satsuma and lemon seedlings that popped and grew to like 2 inches (with massive root systems) and they haven’t moved from that in a year. They won’t die, but they won’t grow. Second time this happened to me.

  14. Amanda Grace says:

    Did you add any acidic fertilizer? I hear citrus likes their soil slightly acidic?

  15. CerulianSins says:

    I like to keep my Lemon Trees symmetrical is that okay since they are under 2 years of age.

  16. Nybble says:

    just discovered your vids… started binge watching… can't stop… send help, I'm addicted.

  17. Morning Glory Glorya says:

    Those citrus trees are looking nice and healthy. Great job and great video.

  18. De Nederlandse tuinier says:

    Hey rob im growing mango seeds and they are growing fast can you give me some tips for improvement i posted a few vids about it

  19. Jonas Albert says:

    When are you updating on the apple trees again?

  20. caesar says:

    Woo! so excited for this update

  21. brady burdick says:

    Rob do you know if they will bear fruit since they are grown from seed? I've heard different opinions so I thought I would ask you.

  22. Checka Minute says:

    my lemon from seeds is about 8 mos old but its two times bigger than your plants. im from philippines

  23. Mohmd Fhd says:

    I think you have to trim them a little bit, in my garden after every winter we trim all the citrus trees to recover from the cold whether and to energized it after harvesting the fruits

  24. Mohmd Fhd says:

    by the way the tree doesn't have to be the same type of fruit you took the seed from, grafting is so common in the citrus family

  25. quinton washington says:

    I have 4 lemon tress currently just under a year and i planted them really late (fall) but luckily i live further down in texas where it's hotter and more humid… but they did stop growing leaves a bit when spring came back around… because they were doing a lot of root growth… and right under my nose they grew huge leaves and they just started branches… pretty much they grow just like apple trees, well the apple trees i have

  26. Winston Peldon says:

    Would I be able to use regular potting mix for my lemon tree?

  27. FillUmUpp says:

    i got a lemon tree about 15 years ago when i was a kid. i loved this thing and it has gotten massive at my parents house in PA. 2 years ago i moved down to miami and missed my tree so much that i kept a few seeds from a lemon i ate off if it over thanksgiving.. my 2 little trees are 7 months old now and growing slowly but surely.. i am so excited about them lol i think i will repot and fertilize them this week..get the correct soil, and do it right. nice vid man!

  28. Chandramouli S says:

    You could try aspirin spray on them – just a theory as I am assuming the salicylic acid in aspirin would trigger growth? People with better knowledge in science might be able to explain this or correct me if i am wrong

  29. Nathan Walker says:

    I would recommend using vermiculite over perlite ?

  30. Ethan Cook says:

    Rob thx for your help when it come to citrus plants. Thanks to your videos and experience and a very outdated gardening book, I have a healthy Meyer lemon tree of roughly 4 months of age. Thank you and keep growing
    -zone 6b

  31. jules kadul says:

    Trim or top?

    Maybe do both?! Take a small part of the top of and reduce some other branches? That could encourage some new branches to develop.

    When repotting you could lightly trim the roots to encourage new feeder roots to develop?
    I've tried that myself this year. Basically I tried bonsai techniques on a lemon tree. I'm not sure if this would benefit the tree in the long run but growing more feeder roots didn't seem like a bad goal ;-). Btw: the tree is doing fine for now and has set out lots of new growth.

    However, I realize that this could start making your tree "bushy" so in case of limited space (like myself) I try to select specific branches to grow out and hope to get some ramification in those ones in the future.

    Best of luck Rob! Your trees look great and love your channel!

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