Growing Citrus Trees From Seed – 26 Months

Growing Citrus Trees From Seed – 26 Months

hey everybody its Rob the backyard
gardenerr and I figure it’s time to get you caught up on my citrus trees grown
from seed… that’s right everyone it has been three
months since my last update we’re about a week away from the three month mark
since my last update and these guys are 26 months old now I’m pretty excited
because in the last update I had to do some transplanting I was concerned about
some frost damage well you guys have heard the video you haven’t seen it you
can check it out before you watch this one to any extent let me flip the camera
around and show you what these orange and lemon trees look like now grown from
seed you recall in the last episode I had taken these from these small 1
gallon pots and now I’ve placed them into two and a half three gallon pots
it’s been three months since they were transplanted into these larger pots and
my concern in the last video was that I wasn’t getting any growth on the end
buds on any of these trees since the frost had hit and my question when the
last video was should I top them or should I usually pop them for now and
come off just the dead stuff which I ended up doing it and I’m glad I did
because I’ll show you we’ll start with the lemon tree first
this guy is finally in the last few weeks started to get on some new growth
on this but here and on the rest of these there’s not a lot going on just
yet but it is good to see I guess we do have them get a little bit of growth
there but it is good to see that he is putting on some new growth on the top
leader I was really concerned that with the frost damage that we had on the ends
that maybe these guys would start sprouting elsewhere and not that I
wouldn’t mind it being a little more bushy but I was afraid that we had
killed off the end buds and it doesn’t appear that that’s the case I’m actually
pretty happy all I’ve been doing is keeping them watered every other day and
these pots I just did a watering on these I let the soil almost completely
dry out you can tell the leaves start to sag a little bit when the water pressure
is low because the soils too dry and then I just give a full soaking all the
way through and then I wait another two days and do the same thing over and over
again now I do have to water these a little more frequently because they’re
sitting on this table and we get a lot of sunlight coming in here so they get
plenty of full Sun throughout the day the problem is the pots do get a little
hot but because I just transplanted in the roots aren’t filling up those pots
all the way so I’m not too concerned about that
they haven’t struggled because of it so that’s the lemon tree he’s definitely
getting some height on them and that here are the four orange trees that
we’ve got as well and as you can see many many of the ends are getting
sprouts on them now so that makes me feel really good about the state of
these plants I know that they’ve adjusted to the transplant shock I know
they’ve gotten past the winter freeze that they had on there and the buds are
starting to break once again now in this guy this is the one that I’ve been a
little more concerned about he hasn’t really broken any buds and his leaves
are the most yellow of all them when I transplanted him he had roots that were
growing through the bottom pot and I had to cut some of the roots as I was
pulling him out of the pot I think he’s just a little bit more of a shock state
than the other ones as far as this guy he was a slow grower as well but once
again we’ve got some new growth coming on these and then finally the oddball
one this guy looks different than the other ones
his Leafs are more rounded if you look at those Leafs compared to these these
come to kind of a point and his fan out a little different shape so I’m kind of
curious to see what kind of citrus this is gonna be you’ll recall I started all
of these from naval hybrid oranges that I got from the grocery store and because
I got them from the grocery store and because you can’t grow navel oranges
from seeds you can only get them grafted none of these will be a navel orange
even though the seeds came from a navel hybrid ironically I’ve bought in several
of those bags of oranges since then and 90% of the oranges do not have a seed in
it so kind of cool that I was able to start some seeds from navel hybrid
oranges when typically it is not even an orange seed in those types of oranges
again just going back to this guy kind of cool-looking I like how he has
different leaves than the other ones I don’t know if that’s something different
because he’s a different hybrid or a different species maybe he’s gonna be a
grapefruit who knows or if that’s just how the leaves look on this particular
plant and he’ll produce the same types of fruit as they do now for those
wondering we’re only at 26 months it’s gonna be several
more months before these even start to fruit I figure they probably won’t fruit
next year because that will only be the year three and then maybe the following
year they’ll fruit now it’s not unheard of to get a lucky tree that’s a citrus
school from seed to get a fruit or flower in their third year but I’m not
expecting that judging by what’s been going on with all of my other grown from
seed series I highly doubt any one of these will put on a flower or even grow
fruit next year but in the meantime we’re just gonna keep keeping these guys
nursed and happy and healthy and when the winter freeze hits we’re gonna put
them into the patio where they can be protected from the elements anyway I
wanted to give you just a good bird’s-eye look at them not much
progress since the last video other than the buds breaking the transplant shock
is gone and they’re looking fantastic in my opinion at 26 months old so there you
have it everyone that’s my update on my citrus trees oranges and lemons grown
from seed at 26 months now many of you asking about my apple tree update I’ll
be doing that here really shortly I’ll get you caught up on the apple trees for
sure I’ve got to catch up on my pear trees and then finally I’ve got a couple
of other grown from seed series I’d like to get started that many of you
requested that I do so give me a few weeks and I’ll get all my trees from
seeds series updated it’s so tough to say anyway everyone this is Rob the
backyard garden air saying thanks for watching give me a thumbs up if you’d
like and happy gardening

Randy Schultz

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5 thoughts on “Growing Citrus Trees From Seed – 26 Months

  1. Rob Backyard Gardenerr says:

    My Citrus Trees grown from seed are now almost 26 months old and it's time to get you updated on the Lemon and Orange Trees!

    The outdoor greenhouse did well to provide some frost protection to my young citrus trees over the winter. In the last update I had repotted them into bigger pots, pruned the damaged or dying branches and fed them some balanced fertilizer.

    Now that it is well into summer and the temperatures are almost in the 100's every day, it's time to keep up a strict watering regimen and allow them to gain some growth as they head into the fall.

    I hope you'll enjoy both of my Citrus series'. Here's the Orange and Lemon series links:

    Some Citrus Care Info:

    Citrus Trees like slightly acidic soil (5.5-6.5 PH) and it needs to be well draining soil full of sand, moss and perlite. They should be kept in warmer conditions while they are seedlings (75-85 degrees) and water them infrequently, but heavily – allowing all the water to drain from the pot, keeping it moist only.

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  2. Silver.Sleuth Tiger.nTasha says:

    WOW We grew avocado trees before but never citrus that's really neat. 🙂

  3. reddy Pun says:

    I tried with seeds,but I got 2 plants from one seed, do I need to cut one of those? which one do I need to cut? please advise me I am new to this

  4. MP Rieck says:

    I grew lemontrees as well and i just took the seeds from one lemon and i got one plant with round leaves and the others are normal one so i think it is just because they are hybrids

  5. Jay NTR says:

    Air pruning

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