Growing Citrus Fruits : How to Harvest & Store Lemons

Growing Citrus Fruits : How to Harvest & Store Lemons

If you were visiting aunt Martha Sue down
there in Florida and you went out in her backyard and there was a lemon tree that was just absolutely
loaded and you thought, How can I get a lot of these lemons, because she’ll give them
to me, and take them home and store them? Well, I’m going to tell you how you can do
that. This is Richard Skinner. I’m the owner of Hawkins Corner Nursery in Plant City Florida
and this is my favorite lemon tree. And on this lemon tree, in fact this is the old original
Florida rough lemon, o.k. And it’s rough because well, if I can get my camera man to get a
close up of it, you’ll see it’s got all kind of little warts on it. Once you take the lemon
from the tree, the maturing of the juice and the fruits ceases immediately. So what you
need to do is to keep this cool for as long as possible. When I say cool, somewhere between
thirty five and forty five degrees. Because lemons have a high citric acid content, that’s
what makes them tart like a lemon, they will give you a little longer shelf life than other
citrus will. But still there comes a point in time when you still got a dozen, two dozen
lemons left and they’re getting a little bit towards that month stage. Well, cut them open,
squeeze all of the juice out, put it in some sort of a container, put it in your freezer.
It’s good from now on basically as long as it’s frozen. Otherwise, put it in your refrigerator
and you’ll get another thirty days out of it. So that’s the way you can store lemons
once you’ve harvested them. I’m Richard Skinner. You’re at Hawkins Corner Nursery in Plant
City Florida and this is our original Florida rough lemon.

Randy Schultz

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