Growing Citrus Fruits : How to Grow a Meyer Lemon Tree Indoors

Growing Citrus Fruits : How to Grow a Meyer Lemon Tree Indoors

Maybe you are up north and you want to grow
a Meyer lemon because you’ve tasted it and you really like it inside. Well it can be
done. I’m standing here with a Meyer lemon tree. My name is Richard Skinner I’m the owner
of Hawkins Corner Nursery in Plant City,Florida. And Meyer lemons are an unusual lemon, a lot
of people call it a Florida lemon because it’s grown quite extensively here. And it
came from China by a Mister Meyer. Over a hundred years ago. He worked for the department
of agriculture, he was in China and he found this particular lemon that was quite different
from the other lemons that were already growing in Florida. He brought it here and it has
taken off, it makes a medium sized piece of fruit , almost the size of an orange. And
it’s round instead of pointed at the bottom. Now why is that? Well because it has about
twenty percent mandarin orange in it and eighty percent regular lemon. Of course it’s still
sour as a lemon. Now put it in a pot and if it’s a rooted cutting, now that’s sort of
the key of it. You don’t want to graft a tree if you are going to grow it inside. If it’s
a rooted cutting, then you can take it inside when it’s real, real cold. But it needs to
have some light, either from through the windows or taking it outside but it does need to get
some light in order to produce the blooms and the fruit. But a Meyer lemon can be grown
in a container on it’s own root stock or it’s own cutting, real, real easily. You probably
would need to put it in a ten, fifteen gallon type size though. And you want loosely soil
that will drain real easy and you don’t want to water it, over water it you want to just
a good steady flow and I like water soluble fertilizer like Miracle Grow. That feeds it
constantly, do it about once every ten days and you’ll get bloom, you’ll get fruit. I’m
Richard Skinner and this is how you grow a Meyer lemon indoors.

Randy Schultz

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11 thoughts on “Growing Citrus Fruits : How to Grow a Meyer Lemon Tree Indoors

  1. Hector's Travels says:

    just got a lemon tree, thanks for the info

  2. Miss Denice D. says:

    I have been worrying over my lemon trees (that I grew from a seeds) and after listening to you tell me how to do it I feel MUCH better! Now I have to figure out how to prune it!

    D. in Oregon

  3. MoslimMaster says:

    Can some one help me. I am trying to grow a lemon tree on my own, but 3 years after i have seeded it, it is still not getting bigger. It is about getting 1 inch in height now, but i think something must be wrong. Can someone explain why my lil tree aint getting bigger ???

  4. krewcible scrippy says:

    i have a 38 year old grapefruit tree and a 28 year old orange tree indoors-never has fruit.-they were started from seed in a glass with a tooth pick holding them in water.

  5. joe a smythe says:

    we have a lemon tree and 3 grapefruit trees, live in a desert, never water them, it hardly ever rains, and they are growing so big they are getting out of hand. I spend about 4 hrs. a week with a saw, trying to reduce the size of the grapefruit trees. How can I stop them from growing so large ?

  6. concordskijr says:

    Heres a tip: Dry the seeds with tissue straight after romoving them from the lemon and peel away the outer shell. This will result in much faster germination (Instead of 3-4 weeks it will take less than a week)

  7. Mona Lisa Abbott says:

    @Krewcible Have you been fertilizing it? It's probably needing food and/or more light

  8. macareuxmoine says:

    Richard, Thank you so much for putting this up – how nice of you to give us some help! I am in the middle of Europe and will try your suggestions! Best of gardening luck to you!

  9. Jakub Tilecky says:

    My mandarin plants have been growing for 2 months or so. Now some leaves are dropping down and I noticed a green moss like thing on the side of the soil, do you know what I can do to help my plant and is the miss thing a factor? Also 4 plants are together in one pot

  10. Bradley M says:

    what a shit video

  11. cokey from Bk to Tx says:

    Was good up to the commercial grade fertilizer remark.. make your own fertilizer people

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