Green Mamba Under a Car | Snake City

Green Mamba Under a Car | Snake City

Randy Schultz

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15 thoughts on “Green Mamba Under a Car | Snake City

  1. Data Is Intresting says:


  2. Azliana Lyana says:

    Another job well done by the pros. Be safe and bless you all.

  3. Måyuri The Wãnderer says:

    They handled like a pro..great job safe and god bless.

  4. Sudenaz ve Hanzade Dünyası says:

    Ooo nasıl Cesar borabo Like 👍🔔

  5. ابؤ كريم الذماري says:

    أكره شي في حياتي الثعابين

  6. Shaik Regal says:

    It was too hard

  7. Gothead420 says:

    According to the holy scripture, you should first ask the snake to go away three times, before you catch it.

    Just kidding, religion is a fraud…^^

  8. I love Biology says:

    Green mambas are marvelous🐍

  9. Saurav Suman says:

    Green mamba less aggressive than black one

  10. Neilton Farias Filho says:

    Snake mamba green very very danger oh my god !

  11. sonic baseball says:

    Green mambas are from North America right? And where are they from here in North America 🇺🇸?

  12. Navdeep Singh says:

    OMG In green color i never thing its deadly. but it has

  13. Nat Geo WILD says:

    Dealing with a green mamba is dangerous enough, but trying to get it out from under a car makes it much more challenging. What did you think of this capture attempt?

  14. Mohamed Farouk says:

    1:15 What's this guy holding that's being blurred out?

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