(GoT) Daenerys Targaryen || The Last Dragon

(GoT) Daenerys Targaryen || The Last Dragon

When I was a young man, I heard a story about a baby born during the worst storm in living memory. She had no wealth, no lands, no army… only a name. It’s done, Your Grace. The Targaryens are gone. Not all of them. She was eventually sold off to some warlord on the edge of the world and that appeared to be that. And then a few years later, the most well-informed person I knew, told me that this girl without wealth, lands, or armies had somehow acquired all three in a very short span of time. Khaleesi! It’s too hot, My Lady. Along with three dragons. He thought she was our best, last chance to build a better world. The Seven Kingdoms need someone stronger than Tommen, but gentler than Stannis. Soon you will cross the Narrow Sea and take back your father’s throne. My brother will never take back the Seven Kingdoms. A ruler loved by millions, with a powerful army and the right family name. He couldn’t lead an army even if my husband gave him one. Good luck finding him. Who said anything about “him”? Welcome home, Daenerys Stormborn. This is not my home. This is not my home. Have patience, Khaleesi. We have to go home. We will go home, I promise you. I want us both, to go home, but they took it from us. So tell me, sweet sister, how do we go home? We go home with an army. I am a Khaleesi of the Dothraki Not a Queen… A Khaleesi. I am Daenerys Stormborn, of House Targaryen, of the Blood of Old Valyria. I am the Dragon’s daughter. You’ll have a true khalasar when you’ll prove yourself strong and not before. And I swear to you, that those who would harm you will die screaming. I beg you, please! Dany, please! Dracarys. You’ve made thousands of enemies all across the world. As soon as they see weakness, they’ll attack. The Lords of Westeros are sheep. Are you a sheep? No. Show your strength… here… now. You’re a dragon. Be a dragon. Dracarys. You have your armies, you have your ships, you have your dragons. You’re in the Great Game now… And the Great Game is terrifying. Should we begin? I offer you a choice. They can live in my new world, or they can die in their old one. Reject this gift, and I shall show you no mercy. I will answer injustice with justice. I only want– What do you want? Tell me. To see you on the Iron Throne. Why? You have a good claim. A title. A birthright. But you have something more than that. Here, drink. She refuses to leave until the freedom of the former slaves is secure. You may cover it up and deny it, but you have a gentle heart. She sounds like quite a woman. Thank you. Thank you, Your Grace. You would not only be respected and feared, you would be loved. You want to please the Mother of Dragons. I love you. You love her. Someone who can rule and should rule centuries come and go without a person like that coming into the world. Will you betray her again, Jorah the Andal? Do not walk away from your Queen, Jorah the Andal. Never. There are times when I look at you and I still can’t believe you’re real. How did a slave girl come to advise Daenerys Targaryen? She bought me from my Master and set me free. I see the faces of slaves. I free you. Take off your collars. Go if you wish, no one will stop you. I serve my Queen because I want to serve my Queen. My sword is yours, my life is yours. Khaleesi. My heart is yours. Because I believe in her. You believe in her ? I believe in you. With all my heart. All of us who came with her from Essos, we believe in her. Mhysa. She is not our Queen because she’s the daughter of some King we never knew. She is the Queen we choose. What does it mean? It is Old Ghiscari Khaleesi. It means mother. Valar Morghulis. Yes, all men must die. But we are not men. Do I have your support? You have mine. How about my Queen? My Queen. Dorne is with you, Your Grace. You stand in the presence of Daenerys Stormborn of House Targaryen. What do you want? What is it you want? My birthright. The Seven Kingdoms of Westeros. Rightful heir to the Iron Throne. I take what is mine. Rightful Queen of the Andals and the First Men, Protector of the Seven Kingdoms, The Iron Throne is mine and I will take it. The Mother of Dragons. You’re a Targaryen, you’re the Mother of dragons. I was born to rule the Seven Kingdoms, and I will. The Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, All my life I’ve known one goal, the Iron Throne. Throne. The Unburnt, the Breaker of Chains. You’ll get that throne you want so badly I’m sure of it. I hope it brings you happiness. If you want to sit on the throne your ancestors built, you must win it. That will mean blood on your hands before the thing is done. The blood of my enemies, not the blood of innocents. I am a Queen, not a butcher. They won’t obey you, unless they fear you. All rulers are either butchers or meat. I have seen you listen to your councilors. I have seen you lean on their experience when your own was lacking. And I have seen you ignore your councilors. You told me to do nothing before and I listened to you. Because there was a better choice. I’m not doing nothing again. We are going to destroy the Night King and his army. And we’ll do it together. You have my word. We will bring peace back to Westeros. Dracarys. Together we will leave the world a better place than we found it. Everywhere she goes, evil men die The city is yours, my Queen. and we cheer her for it. Enough with the clever plans. I have three large dragons, I’m going to fly them to the Red Keep. The longer I leave my enemies alone, the stronger they become. Your reign is over. I will set their fleets afire, kill every last one of their soldiers and return their cities to the dirt. My reign has just begun. That, is my plan. She grows more powerful and more sure that she is right. The Mad King gave his enemies the justice he thought they deserved Dracarys. And each time, it made him feel powerful, and right, until the very end. She believes her destiny is to build a better world for everyone. In all Seven Kingdoms… To the Dragon Queen! Long may she reign! Men will live without fear and cruelty. Under their rightful Queen. If it weren’t for you… It would make you the last male heir of House Targaryen. You’d have a claim to the Iron Throne. Swear your brother and Samwell Tarly to secrecy, and tell no one else. Tyrion. Or it will take on a life of its own and you won’t be able to control it, or what it does to people. I beg you, Your Grace… I’ve never begged for anything… Do not destroy the city you came to save. But I am begging you. Do not become what you have always struggled to defeat. Don’t do this… Please… No one can survive in this world without help. No one. I’ll stand guard outside your door tonight, Your Grace. We all guard tonight. She shouldn’t be alone. She’s alone. No family to guide her, or protect her. You know I would die for you. I will never abandon you. I am sworn to protect you, to serve. Viserion? They are my children… Rhaegal? And they are the only children I will ever have. Dracarys! She died alone, she died for me and I couldn’t protect her. You don’t want to wake the dragon, do you? I saw them gathered around you. I saw the way they looked at you. I know that look. They love her. Several people have looked at me that way, but never here. Never on this side of the sea. She trusted you to spread secrets that could destroy your own Queen, and you did not let her down I don’t have love here. Next time you fail me, will be the last time you fail me. I only have fear. A Targaryen… Alright then. Alone in the world. Let it be fear. It’s a terrible thing. Do you know what kept me standing through all those years in exile? Faith. In myself. In Daenerys Targaryen. Have you been down there? What have you done? Have you seen… children? Little children, burnt! I’m here to free the world from tyrants. That is my destiny. And I will serve it, no matter the cost. It’s not easy to see something that’s never been before. The good in the world. How d’you know it’ll be good? Because I know what is good. Be with me. Build the new world with me.
We do it together. We break the wheel, together. You are my Queen. Now, and always. He loved her. Love is the death of duty. And she loved him. Sometimes… Duty is the death of love. Lannister, Targaryen, Baratheon, Stark, Tyrell… They’re all just spokes on a wheel. This one’s on top, then that one’s on top, and on and on it spins, crushing those on the ground. It’s a beautiful dream, stopping the wheel. You’re not the first person who’s ever dreamt of it. I’m no ordinary woman! My dreams come true! I’m not going to stop the wheel. Mhysa! Mhysa! Blood of my blood. I’m going to break the wheel. She’s a girl who walked into a fire with three stones and walked out with three dragons. How could she not believe in destiny?

Randy Schultz

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100 thoughts on “(GoT) Daenerys Targaryen || The Last Dragon

  1. Zurik 23M says:

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  2. mimi o says:

    Honestly, she wasn’t as good as people wanted to believe. She acquired everything thru lack of mercy, fire and death. Her ending wasn’t shocking. She was always self serving

  3. Madison Jobe says:

    I still watch this and cry….

  4. tanvi shinde says:

    This made me cry.

  5. Ronalyn Catibag says:

    "Valar Morghulis. YES, all men must die. But we are not men." 2019 yall.

  6. Eric Blade says:


  7. Shot in the Heart says:

    Thanks D&D for ruining one of the most iconic female characters of all times

  8. TV Fanatic says:

    the greatest tv character of all time.

  9. Hajleah Saligpon says:

    Game of thrones became popular because of her

  10. monster Hunter says:

    This is really fat kill the girl I like that dragon really accept because they killed in next time😰😰😢😢😢😢😤😤😲😭😭😭😭😭

  11. Diana:Gacha: Gacha life says:

    Джон Сноу убил п@дла Дейнерис ножом что она ему зделала???🤯🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤯🤬🥵🤬😡🤯🤬😡🤬😡🥺

  12. 1994Jaybird says:

    Viserion and Rhaegal took me out 😭

  13. Десислава Паунова says:

    how no one expected it? Even Bran had a vision back in season 3, a dragon flying over king's landing and the city burning. 😆 She became mad and blood thirsty the moment Drogo killed Viserys. She realized that power is power!

  14. carmen is mr. struggle says:

    I feel like part of why Daenerys was so adamant for the throne was that it was the only home she knew- she grew up being told constantly by Viserys and others where their home truly was and that’d they’d get there. It drove her to go there and I feel if she wasn’t told that so much she could’ve been happy ruling Mareen and make her own dynasty for herself there. Though she wasn’t because she was convinced King’s Landing was her home from years of it being drilled into her head.

  15. Mia says:

    Still mad about the ending that she got … 7 seasons build to something that was destroyed for nothing !

  16. Kaiserine Elizabeth Dungao says:

    She lost all her people that guided her. The one she loved. Friends, children and Family. She was left alone. I'm really devastated this happened when she finally got home just because of the cruel writers. She didn't deserve death. After everything she went through.

  17. LETICIA MATIAS says:

    Ojalá Daenerys regrese con vida, con un ejército y acompañada por su drogon…

  18. Ana Paula💜 lutando contra mamutes flagelados says:


  19. Miss Ametist says:

    Не знаю сколько раз я пересмотрела этот шедевр?! Спасибо огромное за эту красоту.


    6:28 is when I started to cry untill the end

  21. lover uyfd says:

    Thrones would not be considered our species biggest ever show without this one Targaryen girl. ICONIC.

  22. An Rodriguez says:

    Buen video

  23. Maryah Fripp says:

    This gave me chills

  24. Sage Riceyyz says:

    And this…..

    Was The Fall Of Daenerys Targaryen

  25. tika rohayati says:

    A Targaryen alone in the world, it's terrible thing.

    I couldn't agree more. I'm so sorry for her.

  26. Antonio Valdespino says:

    Imagine what would happen if King Ecbert from VIKINGS knew Khaleesi.

  27. Lucy Brown says:

    Makes season 8 look 1% better… amazing edit – her story is so incredible

  28. Евгения Сурова says:

    Безгранична параллель между злом породившим этого демана и великой целью ведущей её. Ад в
    голове и слезы в душе.

  29. Victor Beauregarde says:

    She was lonely for so long. A Targaryen alone in the world truly is a terrible thing.

  30. Putri says:

    My very hard crying in this series is first when ned stark beheaded and second when jorah died 😭 will never forget

  31. Youssief says:

    She broke the wheel to protect the world , but the world abandoned her😢😢.
    She is my queen ♥️♥️

  32. AnimalSpritzz says:

    Poor Drogon, 🙁 He's now officially the last Targaryen…We will always remember Daenerys Targaryen Stormborn Mother Of Dragons! I wonder what Drogon is gonna do with Daenerys? He just flew away with her on his paw…WE NEED A SEASON 9!!!!!! I know no one might be asking this but…WHERE IS NYMERIA??? ;-; We haven't seen her in a long time since Arya met Nymeria in the woods. Arya begged Nymeria to be in the battle with her, but Nymeria just walked off? I hope she is safe…But no one is talking about if she is alive or not. HOPEFULLY, she is..Or maybe Drogon flies somewhere with Daenerys in his paw, then he might see Nymeria with her other wolves in the woods..? OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I hope they make a season 9, but probably not. ;-;

  33. Maria Fernanda Santana says:

    Perfeita, nunca errou❤️🔥

  34. Melissa Reiman says:

    Wow, amazing as usual. This was a better presentation of her character arc then we got on the show. You are so talented. Thank you for your breathtaking videos. I always click on Zurik videos.

  35. Parama Roy says:

    Waiting for a spin-off with Daenerys coming back with cooler head, and probably with her and Jon's child.

  36. Dr. Starbuck Capt. Galactic Federation says:

    #destiny out

  37. ALI ASAAD JSIM says:


  38. Alishia Powell says:

    They wanted her to be a Dragon, so she became one. Then everyone said she was crazy and killed her off…..oO

  39. snoproian says:

    Daenerys Targaryen: DRACARYS!!

    Aelin Galathynius: Mmm.. hold my chocolate

    This is Brilliant though Zurik, Beautiful work. 😉

  40. Abyssopelagic Acatalepsy says:

    This video is a testament to the strength in the actor, the source material, and the team that brought Daenerys Targaryen to life – it is a video that did what Season 8 could not do on it’s own, it sold me on the path that Dany took and made me believe it. This video was beautiful, but can you imagine how much more beautiful it would have been had D&D respected this character enough to giver her an actual arc? To give this another two seasons of actual character development. Such a wasted opportunity. But this video is proof that this character can be done justice.

  41. Stephanie says:

    I love your video ❤️

  42. Blake Morris says:

    Just when I started to like Dany they go and kill her… They botched everyones arcs in the last season… Dany should have been forced to burn the city, not hear that they are surrendering and then burning the city to the ground…. Cersei should have been smarter, the "Red Keep has never fallen" bullshit irked me, Cersei from a season 6 or before would have been like "Oh fuck me, well we better get the fuck out of here and regroup at Casterly Rock"… Jon would have NEVER killed Dany like that, he would have tried to reason with her and gotton thrown in jail. Its just bullshit all the way through.

  43. Nicole Ona says:

    😥❤🔥 my queen

  44. CreditR01 says:

    Wonderful video. Great choice of ending line. Still very sad to see where she ended up due to lackluster, sexist writing.

  45. Nicolas Ignacio Garcia says:


  46. Andre Höhne says:

    Daenerys was and is my queen forever ❤❤❤❤

  47. Oliviero Pagani says:

    Eternal allegiance to my queen, the true queen of the seven crowns. I love you Daenerys ❤️

  48. David De Freitas says:

    The Mad King Aerys had two sons: Rhaegar and Viserys. Rhaegar had two children and a wife, all of whom were killed by The Mountain. Rhaegar also secretly annulled his marriage in order to marry Lyanna Stark. Lyanna became pregnant and Rhaegar is killed, making Viserys the only heir of Aerys. Aerys is killed by Jaime, so then Viserys, technically, is king.(in the books Queen Rhaella crowned Viserys at the age of 5 King of the seven kingdoms, at Dragonstone, the night Jaimie Killed King Aerys, After he gave orders the crown would pass to Viserys after Raeghars Fall at the Trident)

    This is all, importantly, before Lyanna gives birth to Rhaegar's baby, Jon Snow. Before he dies at the hands of Khal Drogo, Viserys — still technically king! — names his sister, Daenerys, his successor. The thinking goes that the king's named successor would be more legitimate a claimant than the king's nephew, who wasn't even born until after Viserys had taken the throne.

    Daenerys was the Rightful Heir to the Iron Throne.

  49. doctor maximoff says:

    edit da porra pqp vai tomar no cu
    feito pelos deuses

  50. Gerardo Ruiz says:

    Im want to clarify that I am not a Dany`s fan but Damn is one of the best characters on the show, but as lord Royce said: " A Targaryen cannot be trusted, NOR CAN A LANNISTER" Everybody betrayed her, even her hand, even her love one and nephew… I`ll give you that

  51. snowbazShipperTM says:

    I'm crying…

  52. StereoSunflower says:

    Daenerys would have never burned down King’s Landing like she did. They literally turned her mad for no reason and ruined her entire character development and more. It’s literally so dumb.

  53. Passion4Lyfe says:

    I remember I would pray to live to see the ending of this series. Even though it hurt me to my soul.. I'm glad I was able to see it through

  54. Michael Christ says:

    The Queen we deserved

  55. Amber says:

    I’m going to rewatch the entire show but of course the 7 season is in the trash right now so the entire show without the end that okay too

  56. Kardelen says:

    ayy ağlarım ama

  57. Dibian 234 says:

    Tyrian is the worst he is the reason everything got fucked up i wish he dies years ago

  58. Tony Plyler says:

    Fantastic editing. A wonderful job of following such a tragic character.

  59. Fran Reyes says:

    She got what she deserved. What a totalitarian mad queen.

  60. TV Fanatic says:




  61. Em Campos says:

    "The blood of my enemies, NOT the blood of innocents"

  62. peng uing says:

    Fire will reign again in 2021!

  63. Eric Burton says:

    Damn I miss this show!

  64. Eleanor of Aquitaine says:

    رحمة الله عليچ الله يغفرلچ و يرحمچ بحياتي ما شفت مثلچ شيخة بنت شيوخ أميره ينت امرى رحمت الله عليج كل الي بقوله حسبي الله و نعمل وكيل عَلى عيال الزق الي اغتالوج أولهم ولد الحرام ذاك والقزم والمخصي ابن الكلب تف عليهم ثلاثتهم

  65. ChivyD says:

    We needed more time how I am to believe there was injustice in wouch she did.,worse than Cersai. No never.

  66. Unknown says:

    One of the best characters in TV history.


    The best character in TV history

  67. Sophie Mary says:

    The „Viserion?“ and „Rhegal?“ always make me cry ❤️

  68. Ксения Черкесова says:

    Почему каждый раз , когда я пересматриваю данное видео, я просто рыдаю😭

  69. Akshita Mahavar says:

    all hail to the dragon queen…as long as she may regin..

  70. Zubia Jawaid says:

    "and who has a better story than Bran, the broken"
    Literally everyone else .

  71. Aldo Martínez says:

    This is magic 💕 Fantastic work. The clips where Daenerys is with little Drogon and then Drogon taking Daenerys' lifeless body were beautiful 😢

  72. Lucy says:

    Dany was the heroine of the show with a kind heart and the best story lines imo. Emilia's portrayal of Daenerys was absolutely mesmerizing and she is the reason I started watching the show and why I continued to watch. I loved how strong and courageous she became. I am so bitterly disappointed with the ending and her demise. D&D ruined Game of Thrones for me 🙁

  73. Alberto E Luna L says:

    My queen

  74. Daenerys Targaryen says:

    Daenerys was a good hearted woman, a nurturer to all who needed help most such as slaves, merciful until betrayed, beautiful, badass hair, but most of all, she was the mother of dragons. She lost so much. Her husband, her brother, two dragons, friends, parents, and even the iron throne. With those losses, she lost herself as well:( The final straw though was realizing no one in the world minus her followers would love and accept her. Jon destroyed her hopes and dreams by being the true heir to the iron throne, Tyrion betrayed her as her hand, and even Varys plotted to betray her. The fact that HBO killed her off is insane. She was hurt, depressed, and alone in the world and no one seemed to realize that. RIP Dany

  75. Deborah Okere says:

    I cried and I haven’t watched this show a day in my life

  76. Jörhan Şahtos says:


  77. Kelby Lefsrud says:

    People only expected the worse from her since day one. She’s not mad. She’s not evil. She’s lonely and heartbroken and only wanted to be loved. What’s worse is that she deserved to be loved.

  78. Ime Gane says:

    I think this is the best video about Dany's life. She was so pure and innocent and become powerful. But she has been always so alone. Even before her end she was alone, because man she loved took her down. It's so sad.

  79. D. S. says:

    It is Jan 12…I just got up the nerve to watch the last 3 episodes…. khaleesi died😔…

  80. A. Ray says:

    I feel like the best possible outcome would have been if Dany had married Jon before he knew about his lineage, then convinced him to stay with her as she ruled. It would be easier to do that after they were married, as we all know about Jon's commitment to honour, and it doesn't hurt that they were genuinely in love. She could have allowed him to be made King in the North, and then the North would also have been hers in everything but name – Sansa and the other Northeners would have been satisfied by this arrangement too. She already had the fealty of the other kingdoms. Her role as Queen of the Seven Kingdoms, including the North, could have been solidified to almost an unbeatable claim if she'd selected Tyrion and Bran as advisors. I love her, she's the closest Westeros ever had to a perfect ruler.

  81. Sf LT says:

    The Queen we choose 💔

  82. SerbAtheist says:

    For all of you Dany worshippers: if it was 1930s Germany, you'd be following Hitler, in Russia Stalin, in 1990s Serbia you'd be the most ardent Milosevic supporters.

    As someone who actually lived through this sh*t, THIS IS WHAT BEING IN A DICTATORSHIP FEELS LIKE! Everything you feel about Dany is exactly what someone in the past or present felt or feels for their beloved dictator.

  83. Jack FelixnAtlas says:

    NoBoDy HaS a BeTtEr StOrY tHaN bRaN tHe BrOkEn

  84. jaredpadalecki 4life says:

    Ima be a smartass real quick
    Technically drogon is the last dragon alive because dany deid before him as with his siblings

  85. mdj2742 says:

    One of the best characters to ever grace television. When they killed her, they killed the show.

  86. Tử Y Diệp Lục says:

    She is always my Queen

  87. Monica García Monterrubio says:

    Psra que luego la volvieran loca porque los GUIONISTAS NO SABIAN TERMINAR LA HISTORIA

  88. Milton2k says:

    Lord Varys was right…….

  89. Milton2k says:

    She became the thing she hated at first……I can relate to that. Most ppl don't.

  90. Milton2k says:

    It sounds weird if I say I am also afraid of my rage???

  91. Nina Peterson says:


  92. Sandro Giovanny says:

    Mi Reina

  93. Willie Pugh,III says:

    Women can never be head of house hold its the law.

  94. Hollywood Studio says:

    She is my queen forever ❤️

  95. mandy cruft says:

    Look how long this tribute is, compared to all the rest, this character is amongst the most iconic of all time.

  96. hannah louis says:

    Dany is Just like aegon targaryen shes a conqueror!!

  97. Crazy harley quinn says:


  98. Ellen Lindemann says:

    My Queen 😰😰😰❤️

  99. Artemus Clyde Frog says:

    "You don't want to wake the dragon, do you?"

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