GoPro: Let the Tiger Go

GoPro: Let the Tiger Go

Randy Schultz

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100 thoughts on “GoPro: Let the Tiger Go

  1. EastWindBreaks says:

    the solution is to let the government educate the uneducated people about the importance of protecting tigers and show them the science behind the myth. If they protect tiger like the way they do it for pandas, tigers would never be endangered.

  2. PotatoPoison 11 says:

    4 million per skin but he cant buy a better gun than a flintlock

  3. Adzkafillah Nz says:

    Sayangnya Harimau Java dan Bali udah punah 😢

  4. Essar says:

    The tiger is the most majestic creature on this planet, in my view. I'm so sad that it's gotten to this point over some stupid alternative medicine that has no proof going for it. These animals are getting killed for no reason at all, except human stupidity, vanity and arrogance. They have evolved alongside us, they are our cousins and deserve a place of their own on this planet, just as much as we do. It's so sad to know their ancestors have had this fight for survival for literally billions of years, only to get wiped out like this in a couple centuries. I wish I had the wealth to do something more, but as it stand, I can only hope there's more and more people who become aware of this and with a few dollars from all of us, maybe we can save this amazing animal. It is the pinnacle of predatory evolution, so finely tuned to their environment, environment which we are destroying at an insanely high rate, much faster than the speed at which evolution can adapt their species….

  5. Leo Smith says:

    At 10:00 terribble

  6. Turangga Karya says:

    Mantap terima kasih Indonesia untuk Pak Tommy Winata dan grup,serta juga Jenderal Gatot Nurmantio.

  7. Tech Lover says:

    Go paro

  8. Alex Metalhead says:

    Stop killing animals why should we have leave them save at safe place where they can leave forever if love the animals they will love us and they will trust I just want say please help the animals life

  9. Lik Yoon Choo says:

    Indonesia populations are intruding into limited tigers habitat. The only way to save them is to relocate to Canada or Australia or the USA.

  10. yun lin says:

    it's sad

  11. ManasH GogoI says:

    I luv u guys …I will like to upload dis video in my channel…luv Nature save life is an human being …hope for a better day

  12. muhammad karim says:

    I don't know what happen, this video made me sad 😔

  13. Leyla Rustamova says:

    I love tigers with all my heart but watching those tiny little pigs get attacked is heartbreaking as well

  14. Gibug Maniac says:

    ada yang bersusah payah merawat dan membudidayakan nya dengan penuh kasih sayang demi menjaga populasinya, ada pula yang berburu dengan mudahnya tanpa belas kasih. hal yang sangat disayangkan. peperangan antara setan & malaikat. kejam!

  15. davidtriune says:

    tigers should evolve detatchable paws

  16. Douglas Sean says:

    Humans….we are kind of animal that is strong and destractive as well…hummans have destroyed and killed and made alot of animals ecxtinct but stupid people still thinks that they are not harming them.,…truely stupidity once they are gone people will start realizing that we are doing something wrong but they will understand that its 2 late for it now….

  17. PRINCE DAS says:

    Its emotional, I love animals.

  18. super man says:

    More than poachers, I hate brainless and heartless people who buy tiger products

  19. Halimtan Tan says:

    Hope will many millionaire like Tony in the word to save magnificent tiger…just people like him capable to do this thing because this project need huge money involve…we pray you successful di dunia dan akhirat..aminnnn…

  20. ICE TEA says:

    made me cry.

  21. Harold McBroom says:

    Hey GoPro, I know in the past you've done videos on Brutus the Bear who belongs to Casey Anderson, but I came across this channel, and was wondering why Casey Anderson doesn't have his own videos on his channel, is this an imposter, or has YouTube created this channel just to make money off Casey Andersons name?  The bottom says Generated by YouTube?
    Here's the link, maybe you can verify?  I was looking for his video about Casey the Black Bear, when I came across this link

  22. AP CO says:

    Next when every endagered animal are extinct, what those Chinese is going to hunt for their medicines composition ?

    Let me know Chinese

  23. Truthfears Guilty says:

    all dramatization! killing human beings in sweat shoppes 24/7. got any movies on saving the small young kids working in the far east at 5cents a day? may God show you the right path or destroy you beyond any possible recognition. amen!

  24. Truthfears Guilty says:


  25. Truthfears Guilty says:


  26. Silver Shark says:

    Indians never going to save their Tigers. They are corrupted.

  27. 16averro says:

    Sumatera, indonesia

  28. healthyhabits says:

    Thank you for saving these hunted animals. So sad. Man is like cancer on earth

  29. Mass Breu says:

    Thanks for this campaign and I hope there will be more campaign to preserve the tigers and others endangered animals so more people will not forget this and be more aware… oh human… an ancient animals like rhinoceros can stay against change of nature but lose against human, us..

  30. Cyril belixou says:

    Wonderfull vidéo !!!! with a lot of emotions

  31. Patrician Merchant says:


  32. Erick Carvalho says:

    Esses que caçam só por prazer e dinheiro merece morrer

  33. lalan says:


  34. Ahmad Fajar Samudra says:

    Lestari Alamku dan Populasinya #Salam Nusantara

  35. toogaytofunction 95 says:

    Thank you GoPro, this is my favourite video of yours!

  36. liora says:

    what is the song that starts at 4:15?

  37. Darrell says:

    Go check out my first GoPro footage would appreciate the feedback thanks !!!

  38. TheOnMaTaper78 says:

    my favorite moment is at 16:37

  39. Chris03121957 says:

    The narrator and one of the leaders of Panthera Dr. Rabinowitz passed away this week. Please, let's all honor his memory and support

  40. romagosa8 says:

    Thank you Alan for giving them a voice. May your work keep on inspiring us to preserve these magnificent creatures. May your soul find peace knowing your legacy makes this world a better place.
    R.I.P Dr. Rabinowitz

  41. Kimber Lee says:

    Killing tigers should be punishable by death. Saving tigers should be a job that pays well there!

  42. Ahmet Yavuz says:

    Very impressive story.

  43. Лисичка Сестричка says:

    I have been using GoPro since beginning 2008… and I can say they are truly making history with each model. And as a filmmaker>>>    I choose GoPro quality over the competition because of the image quality. Hero6 is the best camera of GoPro by far. Congratulations Gopro. Now I can't wait to out my hand on Fusion 🙂 It should be Epic.

  44. t2300 w001200 says:

    Disgraceful. These magnificent predators belong in the wild, not in a concrete zoo or backyard. Tigers are not pets or commodities. Get rid of scumbag poachers.

  45. truthspeaker12 says:

    used to see tiger's skin as a trophy in people's houses in bangladesh. now it has changed, people are aware. but too many tigers have already been killed and its facing extinction, poaching still going on.

  46. Xd Kemec says:

    I don’t mind catching them do research and helping then releasing them but killing them is just to much. And all animals going extinct just for money it’s like killing humans for money it’s just wrong and also people want to see them animals again but they can’t because all people want in the world is money

  47. Tristan Espinosa Heyne says:

    Ass ur going to hell

  48. giła says:

    #dont_kill_TIGER 🙁 #TIGER_biuty

  49. DDD65432 says:


  50. D P says:

    친절한 한국어 자막 굳

  51. Kim sung Un says:

    learn from India how to conserve tigers

  52. Vaxilinty {503} says:

    Hes eyes like tiger?

  53. estudando com Luiz Fernando egea says:

    Kkkkk eu tenho Gopro

  54. * says:

    Poachers and trophy hunters should be hunted and fed to wild animals.

  55. Omer Y. says:

    God damn Chinese culture destroys the Habitat

  56. failedemotions uwu says:

    my head hurts from all the crying i did while watching this. this was truly beautiful and left me feeling so happy yet so sad. we humans are the worst thing to happen to this planet and it breaks my heart so much because i can’t do anything about it. we don’t deserve animals. we’re greedy and selfish and we’re all sick bastards. only a few of us love animals selflessly and i am one of them. i would die for them and im willing to do anything to save them. this was so touching :’)

  57. Fahad Binshihoun says:

    I feel sad for the pigs more than the tigers at 7:23 😂😂😂

  58. Amelia Paolini says:


  59. Zidane Rafique says:

    save the tigers!

  60. Zidane Rafique says:

    get lost poachers

  61. Garfield Martin says:

    Hi there I'm betting you everything about a tiger is spiritual magnetic fields is lethally to human tigers are made by the earth electrical electromagnetic magical fire too much for the human body spirit worst when it's dead the Chinese spirit is the hardest thing evil couldn't pass them so find a way to kill them tigers killing is a curse to the nation Chinese people and government please immediately put a death sentence on anyone who kill sell or trade or buy

  62. Garfield Martin says:

    Tigers are ever man life you hear it have no fear they're from the earth they only know the earth so much you stop killing life only evil people killing big cat's to spread or wake up evil from the past to end life on earth

  63. Fajar Ra says:

    All respect for you Mr Tommy Winata.

  64. Lentera Dikegelapan says:

    one of the men who helped release muli from the cage was a former commander. he is General Gatot Nurmantyo

  65. Georgia Andrea says:

    If the law allows us to kill poachers, animal abusers and those exotic animal consumers, well, greedy people in general, we wouldn't be having this problem in the first place.

  66. Music lover says:

    Dear Mr Tomy Winata, thank you so much for all you do for saving these beautiful Sumatra tigers. I am crying watching this truly beautifully made movie about the story of the tiger Muli. I am grateful to you, dear Mr Tomy Winata. God bless you. Much Love from San Francisco.

  67. Agung wicaksono says:

    Indonesia Haven 3 spesies Tiger , but now just one spesies 😫 , the people killing Tiger is not have brain

  68. Kwan y Elbert Gameplays says:

    Quem é português da link

  69. Sutama Arta says:

    Death penalty for the poachers

  70. Roger T says:

    My heart broked for the tiger at 9:39 trapped, his forearm was caught in a cable. Might be he was shot after days been trapped, I can't imagine the tiger must have gone throught all that pain, stress n hunger…….. Feels ashamed of us humans

  71. HeRo says:

    Humans are so disgusting so ungrateful i don’t have any words how can you kill these beautiful powerful absolutely stunning animals i have never seen a tiger im very sad that this is the reality we live in i don’t want tigers to disappear what kind of world are we going to live in 20-30 years from now Jesus Christ i can’t believe people do this for piece of paper i am devastated i hate it 😢😭

  72. РУССКИЙ says:

    …какие пидорасы ставят дизлайки????

  73. Marina Udoekpo says:

    F…g chinese

  74. sitiandriyani aha says:

    my like tiger

  75. 95TGIF says:

    thanks for sharing. this is incredible film that has speechless contents. and thanks gopro.

  76. agung wibowo says:

    Only Jawa people kill Tiger in Indonesia..

  77. HyperHeart YT says:

    Tiger Sumatran Indonesia

  78. HyperHeart YT says:

    Kasihan Harimau Nya

  79. Zain Zidan12 says:

    Welcome to Indonesia🇮🇩

  80. ArthurRoelofs says:

    1:46 : me when im deep in a rave and my friend asks me what I did?

  81. Abi Mani says:

    That’s why I like go pro its does work for a cause. If I ever make some in life I will do it for wild life tiger rhinos jaquar panter they should in wild not in to be in history book im now 23 will my kids see these species we all must think about it and support these activities where ever it takes around world 🌍

  82. y j k says:

    Thank you ㅠㅠ God bless you…

  83. raffi venraff99 says:

    Save all the tigres 😭🙏🏻
    Im cry watching this video😭😭😭

  84. Курбан Исмаилов says:

    Ненавижу браканеров

  85. wong kito says:

    amazingly cool 👍

  86. Pangeran Yorkshire says:

    the problem is not local people, but the government is not indifferent to their education, and the stupid tradition of china that uses it as medicine from strange materials such as rats, geckos to tigers. not to mention the government that gave permits for the opening of large-scale plantations so that tigers entered the residents' settlements and became pests. Sadly

  87. Anan Wahyu says:

    20:10 muli says thanks and goodbye for us… goodluck muli 👌

  88. Amat 46 says:

    Thank you
    Me from indonesia

  89. Tadas Blindavicius says:

    Plant more trees in Sumatra so this way will be increased tiger living areas.

  90. Sevas Ramos says:

    Los humanos deberían sufrir no los animales sufren mucho casi lloro 😢😪😭

  91. Lucky Luke says:

    This is wonderful what these men are doing.

    However, The only solution is to eradicate the Chinese illegal tiger parts market among others in Southeast Asia. That’s our only hope. And it’s all up to the Chinese government.

  92. The Review says:

    Orang Indonesia 🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩

  93. khoirul hadi prayitno says:

    Anjay ngagetin

  94. Retno Brandt says:

    So sad made me cry 😭
    Save Sumatran tiger !!!!

  95. Gamerslife4me says:

    I am really proud and glad to say that the tiger population in india has almost tripled. Bloody good job.

  96. Gamerslife4me says:

    rip pig doh

  97. Lorena Nunes says:

    Eu não aguento ver tanta tristeza meu Deus😭🇧🇷

  98. Arief Budi says:

    I wonder if the tiger has script on her own

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