Going green beyond the gridiron.

Going green beyond the gridiron.

There is no greater green scene like game day in Green Bay…unless of course they make it to Miami… Eleven days later… You know, it could be worse. OK, so you don’t have to be a Green Bay fan to go Green. Bear down, friends. We’ve got some super sustainable stories even rivals like us can cheer for, as Verizon shows off its true colors during Green Week in Miami. The V-team partnered with community leaders for an amazing lineup of “green” events – all part of an initiative to reduce the environmental impact of the upcoming Big Game. We teamed up with Zoo Miami for an E-Waste Recycling Rally where residents dropped off old electronics like computers, printers, cell phones, and TV’s to be recycled responsibly and kept out of landfills. As part of the recycle rally, Miami-Dade Park’s Million Trees Miami initiative gave away trees to 500 participants who got to take home and plant their very own tree. This year’s Super Kids Super Sharing event inspired students from over 100 schools to donate over 25,000 items, including books, school supplies, and sporting equipment. Verizon is also providing a $100K grant to The Education Fund to support the students and teachers of Miami-Dade County. Well, Jess I guess #12 couldn’t get you to Miami next week, sorry. Hey Jess, you’re going to Miami next week. Really? Yea, here’s your ticket, you’re covering the big game for Up To Speed. What?? What about me?? Like we’d send a Bears fan down there?

Randy Schultz

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