Hello everybody My name is Katja and guys welcome back to miss cat squad and welcome back To God of War dad of my and also if you’re wondering if there’s a name the name change on Miss K squad has happened Because I wanted to make it more about us. I wanted to make it more about like this Hi, my mommy’s baby seeing a dog and his name is NASA But yeah so the name change happened basically because gaming which sounds more like it’s a community wealth rather than just miss cat squad and when people Are searching for like gaming they’re gonna like see like miss cat squad is all about gaming So for those who are wondering about the name change and the dog is exceeding himself right now Okay. I just I recently did that because I wanted to make it all about us all about the community and just to let people know that we are all about gaming so whenever there’s going to be a Major change on the channel. Let’s just say usually it will happen either in the YouTube community tab or also on discord So feel free to join discord or just stay tuned for updates on the community tab But every guys we’re gonna continue with doubt of more today and we are literate I am I’m so excited to continue God of War because I Want to know about the Giants I’ve always been like kind of like a fan of Giants No lie here because it’s just the lore behind Giants story. Like they they’re just huge beings But like he said now all Giants are huge So what I’m really intrigued to learn about is why these Giants might not be huge So that’s just so I want to say about that. But yeah, I’ve always really liked learning buttons are Giants and The mythology behind them are really really cool. So to become the slayeth liquid Cutlass why I thought We’ll stupid beats Yeah Boy said it’s over here today is what are we going old? Uh-huh. Can I’m knocking knock the socks out of this mother Let’s see if this actually worse it goes through it the magical rope. Okay. Let’s see What can he not go this way am I bought off her we blocked off? Oh, no, this isn’t good Right dose we have to go that way. Um. Mm-hmm. Okay, okay Ready what? Oh my god a boat Okay, there’s only one right Oh no, back it off back in the truck. Oh boy Chuckles One handsome boy. Look at you the bridge. Oh hell. Yeah Oh Run Like a crazy stuff Yeah boy Back to the wheel He all just got covered in guts, okay, so what we got well guys, oh hell yeah look at all this nice stuff You’re one of the one of the dwarves okay. Anyway students did it? Oh Go, oh no, not this again People get like a magic mirror or something Mira Mira on the wall who’s Doing it. What Sally are we going? I have no idea. What’s oh, oh, oh. Oh, okay Here we go nearly keep doing Whoa, okay Oh, there it goes again Freeze Okay, let’s see come to the axe Let’s see, um You stab me sharp, dude, and I can freeze Look, he just brought up with the costume how they do to the top in no time I gonna work is it hmm? Aha No ego Ellie took how long to figure out. Oh I held this fight goodies Just climb on the cloth What right up with the claw aha There we go might go really fast though Yes Nice Oh daddy’s full you think this goes all the way to the top. We will see soon enough Oh nothing what feels strange up there We’re heading into danger Do not concern yourself with what might be Focus on what is oh don’t be vigilant. Okay. Yes, sir, Michelle How can you sense that we’re heading into danger boy Not the top for sure Yes. Yes we are but nothing good could come from elevators. It’s kind of like an elevator Oh Jojo down Wait what now? It’s not broken There’s a note a Giant spray. Well, they’re asking their ancestors to watch over them all to guide them home Boy wait I Think I know how it works How do you know watch Oh He touched it he actually finally time what did you write I Asked him to watch her mother Oh God You think I’ll watch your ass on the way to the top Come boy it was a long way up. Yeah. Oh Man oh My god that was dark what what is that He actually touched him this time like he never ever the tunnel boy It But yeah, he never oh man artists Oh God have you noticed in the Beginning. He never touched no roll ourselves track a lot For me Whoa, whoa See you on the other side bye wait, where you going Boom gonna be way too freeze it this is Lantern up there a lantern. Yeah ket that’s what that is. There’s a treasure chest. Okay Oh Oh Okay, oh okay now I died I died from the fire. What ah Yeah Another morning may not be as long away up as a boy boy boy the fire boy the fire boy boy But there’s a treasure chest up there. How do we get up there? Ah, My me mighty Smash it Oh That’s how we get up there. Okay, let’s see. Um, let’s go Okay This but elevators doing Maybe but hmm We if you guys watched my Uncharted playthrough and also The Last of Us You know that elevators are never good. So this is This might be leading somewhere just cut a little bit of pirate ship Course I Swear somebody was standing there For them How far do you think we’ll be able to see the light the world serpent our house We will see when we get there until then eyes open who haven’t really cool to see the world serpent all the way up there What’s happening whoa, watch what I’m fine You know, there’s something so strong you should Watch me well and how a key was alive. Mm-hmm. I guess not a terribly fun way to live them What Yes, oh god I can hear my eye again, okay, I’m getting the hang of this good Good because I think you’re doing better than me Bad thing about growing out your hair in here and your eye all the time Hey What Oh big boy Structured What Yes Thirty was the best skills Why are they white white? That was that for fun, yeah, I get it I should write more does this really get off? No, we are stuck Or stuck it’s like we have a problem Oh Lord, okay. So in part of the lips are stuck in that whoa, can you get it free? baby baby We have a problem Let’s see, are we stuck here Oh Daddy could do anything Oh Leg straight showoff. Yes. Hey nice view. Oh Boy There we go How much farther do we have to go I do not know Definitely definitely. Oh boy. Yeah. Yes now be ready Yeah Music this is music you you listen to when you wake up in the morning Oh Boy Oh big big loader on the Wow Oh Yes Let’s rock it’s just that chocolate just wants me I can’t fault the sides That’s right cowboy sliced and diced girly talk again I know it’s okay Push it with the legs Where are they coming from Nice I Think we’re saving our we would see we’re going up going up the mountain Father yes after we scattered mother’s ashes Nothing comes next we go home, that’s it the adventure is over all for now But we will have much to do You were right earlier on the boat after cutting down the last tree You said it felt when something had changed? And it has and our home is no longer safe But it will be again and we must continue your training. Oh Okay, good suppose. I didn’t think that it’s definitely gonna be you to play this game after it’s over Oh, I want you I wrote it Oh, this game has a dragon You guys have no idea how much other dragons With the head David Villar would be amazing You asked me I want you Oh Oh It’s still in there that was intense I don’t know. He’s probably still here That looks like a row to the eager surgery Okay, scatter crystals, you can destroy the world tree by combining shadow crystals with electric energy How do I do that – Shadow crystals. Oh, okay Um Where’s the shadow crystals we do we have to find I’m gonna guess we have to find them. Yeah Crystallized SAP I Can’t believe we fought a dragon. There’s not why I love it. It’s ice, but I kept losing my footing Do you think this is there huh? Did they move in after the Giants left or are they why the Giants boy? Boy grows thin here no more questions Questions all will the answers and says will mine me Syd you’re such a citrate Sisindri Stephanie what’s happening? What’s happening? What’s happening? Oh Here we provide It we’re gonna help him, can you kill something that big I can distract him Oh hell no we have to help him. Yeah Find a name wait for my mark What this is perfection Oh my god What am I doing? Okay. Oh my god. Oh No way Go go investing free. Oh, yes You show her who’s boss I get I get it I get it. Oh my gosh, it’s up in the air Okay, how do I get my way boy this Aha Yes Those words back Oh big boy big boy big boy, oh Yeah, oh shoot He’s just standing there come here big boy What happened Oh Come on open your mouth Boy that Wait now heat week Oh my god, you guys know my love of dragons so this is boom that’s gonna work. Okay No way Okay, okay Right, it’s working it’s actually working. I’m actually doing something okay? Yes What am I doing Look at me so her Oh My god, okay. Okay. I love the point We’re good to smile picture day So, give me Here we go, there we go, I am out. Yes Ah, yeah, that’s right, you know, you don’t know oh, no, he didn’t leave just on here Got a plan matches for the crate on my mark, I do not care be ready Dang it, I Was oh he’s just he just moved him. He just he just shoved him aside. Okay, we got this we got this Big boy, Matt, okay. Keep it going. It’s okay. Come here make playoffs labels a big place Yes No Oh my god Okay, that was my favorite by far This was my favorite by far than Oh Mug and scissor shop was just right there what he actually did it Wow and you ah But but but nobody’s killed a dragon for hundreds of years, huh? Not since the grand culling of it worms. And unless I’m mistaken. You did all that for me. Oh Yeah, I’m mistaken. Ah, the dragon was simply in our path. Nothing more You deny it all you want but you saved me Oh deserves compensation indeed What is that where these raided mistletoe arrows straighter than Heimdall and perfectly weighted whoa, oh Thanks, oh Okay, hold on. Ah not that um Have you seen my brother again, sir? Yeah, he said you lost your talent Hey. Oh and then I’m selfish. No. Yeah Sure that I value a weapons. Look no over its purpose that I’m pretentious. No, I Love you not have time for this. No. No, no, no, wait. Wait. Wait, wait. Wait, I have a better idea what what I just need a tooth from that dragon a Tooth okay Just get a tooth we gotta get a tooth All right, we’re getting a tooth Here we go cut it out. Oh There you go I love you. I love him. He’s one of my favorite. He’s one of my all-time favorite videogame characters. I’m calling it Come on, my boy. Here you go. Yeah Okay, I’m not touching that just hold it out Okay Now run that along the string of your son’s bow just humor me What what’s Reyes gobo Two passes should do it. Ah Gently hell oh Oh, this is gonna be cool Oh My god, whoa. Oh sure. Now you’re impressed. I See it I’ve added a new Vibrating powder to the bowstrings fiber aiming it at that hardened world tree sap love vibrate its patterns to fracture. What does that mean? It makes certain crystals. Go boom. Hey, trust me Love it do it Yes Okay, guys have you made it out of Fafnir storeroom yet not yet it stopped Naked me but anyway guys sit. Oh, he said he’s actually running away. I Love you Sindri, why are you perfect okay this entire episode that must this must be my favorite section so far that dragon fight you guys know I am obsessed with dragons because my childhood hero is Spyro the Dragon, but also I’ve been obsessed with dragons for years now and How it was it wasn’t just like boom. Boom. Wow, it was like boom boom boom and then like pushing things around and like, oh, it was just like everything about it was perfect and like Wow, even the design it wasn’t like okay when you think a dragon do you think of head like this? Neck body scaly tail it was like head that was kind of flat so kind of look like um a bearded dragon lizard type guy more than a dragon because it the body the design of it was So freakin unique, I okay guys. I Am in love with this game this just proved it. It has a dragon on it well, I didn’t think that thing was gonna actually have dragons cause like I want to start playing more games with dragons because of how obsessed I am about them but it was the feel of the battle – it wasn’t just like um what I said like It was more like he goes down – and then you see the theme when he’s infected in his eye you see when he gets her and then you hit it’s like Was it like the typical? Okay Boom-boom-boom same repetitive thing it was like something different each time and then by getting her or by learning the movements of that dragon you were able to Destroy him and defeat him faster, but we were stopping here and you know what? We did it at a love for syndra kiss injury is best Worf. Well, I love Brock too And like you said, he would probably make it in New Jersey, but the thing is is sindri I love him so much because of his the comedy he has like just I was like, oh Well, if he has a random fish in his bag like for someone as clean as you Sindri How do you know that you had a fish in your bag? He’s not going to answer maybe but anyway guys, yes, tell me what you think down below There’s gonna be more god of war every single week don’t worry and even after the game or probably if you guys want me to we can continue the series whether that’s doing the mini quests on a live stream or just to hang out with each other or we can even have like Separate Let’s Plays of the series before moving on to like any other games and everything We could continue god of war just to see what else it has in store for it because I’m loving this game I don’t want to stop playing it and I’m pretty sure there’s a lot more to go and there’s a lot more where this came from with the dragons, but if there’s any more dragons bless you guys for creating God of War that That just brought back so many good memories on my childhood of my obsession with dragons Like I’ve read books about dragons. I watched movies about dragons any type a book movie show about dragon I probably already saw it and read it and also play the game But yeah guys be sure to leave a like become that day. Yeah, be sure to leave a like that that day I can’t think that that be sure to leave a like down below if you liked this episode know So don’t forget to subscribe if you want more god of war every single week And the last thing I also want to say is don’t Forget to hit the notification bell because if you don’t the new law on youtube If you don’t get the notification about then you won’t get notified when new episodes are up on Kris Ketz going So hey guys. I hope you have an amazing day Stay safe out there as always miss kes until the next video embrace your inner fangirl and here at a fanboy every single day. Yeah

Randy Schultz

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