GIGANTIC Toad Found in Japan!

GIGANTIC Toad Found in Japan!

– Right there, right there, look, look, look.
– Oh. – Wow do you know what that is? That’s the Japanese common toad. A native species, we’re
usually used to seeing toads. – [Cameraman] It’s getting away. – Oh no, it’s getting
in that hole, come here. (intense music) The Brave Wilderness
Channel features plenty of dangerous animals,
from snapping turtles and grizzly bears to water
moccasins and tiger sharks. So trust me when I say that featuring a
non-dangerous species is a welcomed
breath of fresh air. Today we are back on
location in Japan. And while I know
you were all waiting in heated anticipation for this. Here we go. Before we even found
the giant hornet, we stumbled upon another
one of Japan’s giants that is far less painful
to interact with. Toad, toad, Toad. – [Cameraman] Where? – Right there, right there, look, look, look.
– Oh. – [Coyote] Wow, do
you know what that is? – [Cameraman] That’s a big toad. – [Coyote] It is a big toad, that’s the Japanese common toad. A native species, we’re
usually used to seeing toads. – [Cameraman] It’s getting away. – Oh no, it’s
getting in that hole, come here, come,
come, come here. Oh, buddy, okay, oh here
that little chirping. – [Cameraman] Awe. – Wow, holy mackerel that
is a cool looking toad. Okay, I think we definitely
need to film a segment with this one. Here let’s step back just
a little bit onto the trail and get it into a
controlled situation. Wow! How about that, that
is the Japanese toad, one of the coolest
looking amphibians that you will find
here in this country and it’s a pretty good size too. Now when we’re talking toads,
the females often times grow larger than the males. To be honest with you guys I
can’t tell if this is a male or a female because they
can get bigger than this. And look at the
coloration, so distinct. Look at that bright gold
that runs all over the body, the black speckles and
I love this dark line that runs just behind the
ear and down to the belly. And speaking of the
belly, check this out. Come here little toad, look at
this speckling on the belly. – [Cameraman] Oh, wow,
look at that pattern. – Pretty cool looking, right? Oh, look at that
pudgy little belly. Now these toads are
opportunistic feeders and they will eat pretty much any little small
arthropod or crustacean that they come
across in the forest. And these toads are
always out on the move and you can see this toad
is just gonna climb here, I’m gonna let it climb
from hand to hand, that’s gonna be easier,
it wants to move. You see how they climb often
times as compared to hopping. Hopping is usually
used by toads to escape from a predator quickly and
in this instance the toad is just feeling, alright, I’m
gonna climb from spot to spot, up the mountain
of Coyote’s hands. Now they have
incredible eyesight, both during the day and at night and in a very heavily
canopied forest like this, this toad is gonna be hunting in any opportunity that it gets. Now when it comes to predators, most things avoid toads
because as we know they are poisonous
and that poison comes from the parotoid glands. And this one’s got some
pretty prominent glands just above the ears there. You can actually see
the little pores. Now if this toad was
feeling extremely stressed or let’s say I was
an actual predator that was trying to eat it
and I bit down on the toad, it would secrete that poison, which of course, is toxic and
has a very, very nasty taste. This toad is feeling
very calm right now and I just love the
bumpiness to the toad’s skin and what’s really unique about
this species, specifically is that during the
breeding season, the male’s skin will
actually get smooth so it’d look more like a frog. Look at those forelimbs, oh buddy I see it.
– It looks like a Popeye toad. – It is and it’s
starting to puff up now, it’s saying alright, just
let me back up in the forest but before we do
look at these legs, strong, muscular legs and you
can see those rear feet there have a little bit of webbing. And unlike frogs, toads
are primarily terrestrial which means they’re
moving through the forest, over logs, over rocks and
they’re excellent climbers. A toad like this
when it needs to hide or if it wants to sleep,
it will burrow down, probably up under a rock,
like where we saw it, that could be this
toad’s territory. Had perfect opportunity
with some water flowing through there, lots
of plants, lots of soft mud. A perfect place
to search for food and of course, to hide or sleep. – [Cameraman] So, are
these toads common, Coyote? – Yes, in fact,
they’re often times called the common Japanese toad. Of course, us being
able to find one was just right place, right time but from what I know, yes, this
is a fairly common species. And despite the fact that
it’s golden coloration. Let me turn it like that. Take a good look at
the color of that toad, it still manages to
hide incredibly well amongst all the
fallen pine needles and the light and the shadows. Now one thing that I
often notice with toads is they have a
tendency to pee on you. And of course, that
is a defense mechanism to get something to let go of it but so far this toad
has not peed at all. – [Cameraman] It’s been
talking to you, though. – Yeah, it’s a little talkative. Oh and as soon as I say that, (laughs) the toad just opens up and that’s a lot of toad pee. Now, I’m not worried about
this animal becoming dehydrated because if you can hear, there’s
a river in the background and this environment is
incredibly saturated. But at this juncture the
toad is pretty much saying, okay, I’ve had enough time
in front of the cameras, please place me back
into the forest, which is exactly
what we’re gonna do. But how cool is this, coming
across Bufo japonicus, one of the coolest
amphibians in all of Japan. I’m Coyote Peterson,
be brave, stay wild, we’ll see you on
the next adventure. Definitely gonna need
to wash my hands. (dramatic music) All across the planet, toads
seem to hop across our paths. And they seem to never
lose my excitement for these fascinating
terrestrial amphibians. The Japanese giant toad
is without question the most brilliantly
decorated species we have ever encountered. These adorable yet
potentially toxic animals are for the most part
completely safe to interact with and despite their
warty appearance, they cannot give you warts. However, if you do
catch and admire a toad, no matter what the species,
always wash your hands after you have released
it back into the wild. – [Narrator] Hey Coyote
Pack, have you enjoyed watching Coyote’s climb up
the insect’s sting pain index? Learn more about these
thrilling and painful adventures in Coyote’s new book,
The King of Sting. It swarms into book
stores November 27th but you can pre-order
your copy today. Just look for the link
in the description below. – [Coyote] If you hop
with excitement for toads, make sure to go back
and watch the episode where I show you what happens when you squeeze the parotoid
gland off a cane toad, gross. And don’t forget, subscribe
then click the notification bell so you can join me and the crew
on our next wild adventure. (dramatic music) (howling)

Randy Schultz

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