Giganotosaurus, a Huge Southern Lizard Dinosaur with English Sub ★Genikids Dinosaur

Giganotosaurus, a Huge Southern Lizard Dinosaur with English Sub ★Genikids Dinosaur

Giganotosaurus Kentro! Stop right there! The King of the Cretaceous and the biggest meat-eating dinosaur, Tyranno I’ll get you Hey, Wait a second! Tyrannosaurus, don’t be a liar Think about it Me? Why am I a liar? Are you sure Tyranno is the biggest dinosaur? Then, is there a bigger dinosaur than me? Of course! Tada~! Oh my~! OK Giganotosaurus
Introduce yourself, please Hi Hi Hi The biggest meat-eating
dinosaur of the Late Cretaceous My name is Giganotosaurus Hey,pal!
The word of giga means huge So my name means
a huge southern lizard I used to live in the south Wonder how huge I am? I’ll show you One, two, three Four, five Oh my God… 125 people! Well, it’s no big deal Man, I’m starving I should go hunting for food If you wanna know more about me
you should read this book Tail Oh my~ Help me! This big waving tail might’ve been
used to scare the preys Instead of using his weak front legs He might have used the tail
to attack the prey Ahhhhh
Help me! HEAD Thick and hard head Comb made of bone! That’s cool By the way, Giganotosaurus!
Open your mouth He had thin and long teeth They weren’t good for
attacking other dinosaurs But the saw-like teeth were good for chewing up food In addition, because the two eyes were
on the sides of the head it was hard to hunt
with his head facing forward FRONT LEGS Each front leg had three sharp toes The toes with hook-like claws Short front legs Giganotosaurus could grab meat
with its hook-like claws and enjoyed the meal HIND LEGS Giganotosaurus also had three toes
in each hind leg Each of the three claws helped him
stand up by supporting the weight equally Although he weighed a lot
his legs were less painful His thigh was strong
with its very massive thighbone But he couldn’t have snatched preys
as swifly as the Tyrannosaurus So to tell you the truth
Giganotosaurus was less scary compared to his size I can run away from him
Hehe He would’ve pressed hard with his hind legs on preys
so they couldn’t escape from him So he could have enjoyed the meal WAIST Hey pal, click on the Giganotosaurus They’re the bones of Giganotosaurus These strong and think waist bones helped him keep balance to bear his huge body Without the waist bone He would’ve fallen over every time
because of his weight Hahaha!

Randy Schultz

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    Make an Argentinosaurus episode

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    1. Kentrosaurus and Tyrannosaurus Rex didn’t live in the same time or period
    2. Kentrosaurus has shoulder spikes
    3. Spinosaurus is the real king
    4. Giganotosaurus didn’t use its tail to attack
    Bonus: What’s that music when T-Rex Chased Kentrosaurus?

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