Giant T-Rex Dinosaur vs Funny Skeleton with Halloween Surprise Toys & Dinosaurs for Kids

Giant T-Rex Dinosaur vs Funny Skeleton with Halloween Surprise Toys & Dinosaurs for Kids

– “Hi my name is Bob!” (grunting) There you go. – Hey Park Ranger LB, what you doing man? – I’m fixing Bob after Ghost
Ship Dread blew it up like, (explosion noise) – Oh wow, man! But why do we need a Bob? – Well I was thinking
maybe he can replace me as a park ranger while I’m at Dino School. – Oh, yeah, that’s a good idea. But, wait a minute. He’s a skeleton. We can’t have a skeleton as a park ranger. – Well, maybe we can
put him in some tests. – Oh, to see if he can be a park ranger, we’ll run him through the
tests to see if he can live up to our high standards, huh? – Yeah! – Okay. Cool, man! – But what are those two things? – Oh, these are my surprise
pinatas for Halloween! – Cool! That’s so awesome. – Cool, it’s like a
surprise game we’re gonna go do out back, okay? – Okay. – Cool. Except, you know what, I
think maybe we should take Bob and run him through his test first, okay? – Yeah, yeah. – Okay. Let’s grab him and go then! – Grab him and go! – Let’s go man. – Grabbing, oh no! His foot’s falling! Oh no, his legs, his legs! Here Bob you can have
my old park ranger hat because you’re a park ranger in training. There we go. – Okay Bob, now that you got your hat, you’re ready for the first test, okay? – Okay. – We’re gonna try you out
here on this play ground to see how well you can hide
from a T-Rex in a playground! Go for it Bob! (bones rattling) Oh, oh, oh! Oh, that looked like a rough
slide down there, okay. Give Bob a good push there on the swings, see how he does, okay? Yeah, get him a going. A little more. Okay. Now give him a good
push on the next one, okay? And go for it! (bones crashing) Oh! Bob, he fell out man! Did that hurt Bob? Oh, his eyeball popped out! That’s not good.
– Oh man! – There’s his eyeball there. Okay. Yeah Bob. I think maybe we should go
over and do another test, okay? – Yeah. (car door slams) – Okay Bob, you ready
for the driving test? This is the big one,
to see if you can drive like a real park ranger does, huh! (laughing) Yeah, okay,
I know you’re ready. Okay. I’m gonna over here and
ride in the passenger seat while you’re doing the driving. So go ahead and start her up! You ready back there Park Ranger LB? – Well, I don’t think
this is very appropriate. – [Park Ranger Aaron]
Oh, dude it’ll be okay. Don’t worry about it. (engine turning over) (upbeat music) Okay Bob, you got it there. You got it. Bob! Dude pay attention, Bob! Keep your hands on the wheel man! Oh! Stop showing off dude. (moaning) Wow Bob, you’re pretty good at this. I didn’t know you could
drive a truck like this. Oh yeah, right turn up here okay? Come on Bob, turn right. Give it some gas Bob, let’s
get up this hill okay? You can do it man! You can do it Bob! Come on let’s go, let’s go. Gun it, yeah, go Bob, go! (laughing) Yeah Bob, you’re doing
good, you’re doing good. – Hey, you know Bob, you’re
actually pretty good at this. (cheerful music) (radio channels flipping) Yeah, music! Yeah, go Bob! – Yeah, you don’t need to
mess with the radio Bob. Just focus on driving, okay. Okay, here we go Bob, left turn. – [Park Ranger LB] No,
it’s a left turn, Bob! – You lost your hat there Bob. Wait, Bob, you’re going
a little fast here dude. Slow down. No, no, Bob, Bob. (engine revs) Slow down Bob! Bob, come on man, slow down! Put the break on! Look you’re about to go into that! Stop it! Stop, stop, stop! (screaming) Okay Bob. I think you failed the
driving test there Bob, okay. I’m taking away your license man. Give me the keys. Let’s go try a different test. Whew. Okay Park Ranger LB, get
his hat back on there, okay? – Okay. – Okay. This is the ultimate test
to see how Bob handles that T-Rex right over there
that’s heading this way! (growling) Look the T-Rex is coming! Stay there Bob! It’s gonna be here any second, let’s go! – T-Rex!
– Get out of here! – Run!
– T-Rex! Run, run, run, run! (dramatic music) You show him who’s boss now, huh? – Yeah, take care of business! – Yeah. (T-Rex growling) T-Rex looks mad! – [Park Ranger LB] Think
he’s gonna eat Bob! – Oh don’t worry, he’s not gonna eat Bob. Bob’s got no meat on him. – [Park Ranger LB] Yeah,
he’s just a bunch of bones. – Yeah, yeah. (T-Rex roaring) (crunching) (gasps) He just stomped Bob! – [Park Ranger LB] Bob! No!
– Quick! T-Rex is gone, quick, let’s go get Bob! – Bob! Bob! No! – Oh dude,
– We’re gonna have to put him back together again. – T-Rex kind of took care
of Bob there, didn’t he? – Uh huh. – Okay, you have to put
him back together again. (chuckles) You know what? I think he failed the test. – Yep. – I don’t think Bob can be a fill in Park Ranger for you dude. – Yep. – Okay. Hey, I’ll tell you what, let’s
just grab all the bits here, and take him back to Dino HQ. – Yep. – And you can put him back together okay? – Okay. – Oh! And then we can open up
our surprise pinatas! – Yeah! – Cool, let’s go! Come on. Come on Bob! All right, check it out Park Ranger LB. Look at this eyeball pinata! – Cool! – And over here, we got an
awesome jack-o-lantern pinata. – Cool! – Okay, so here’s the game. We’re each gonna take
a stick and a blindfold and try to open up the pinatas. And whoever gets to open it first, gets to see what surprises
are in the boo bag! – Yeah! – Which pinata do you want? – I want the eyeball. – One. Two. Three! (thudding) (quirky music) Oh, I heard something. What was that? – Let’s see! – Where’d mine go? – Let’s see! Oh no! – No, mine fell down but it didn’t open! Put your mask back on, I still
gotta beat mine open here. (grunting) Okay, here we go. Keep going. (grunting) (thudding) Oh, I think I got mine. I got mine! (thudding) You know what, I think that was a tie. – Oh man. – I’ll tell you what, I’ll let
you open the boo bag, okay? – Yay! (screaming) (laughing) Candy! – It’s a candy rain! Oh wow. Ooh!
– I think we picked out too much. – Look at that. – Cool!
– What is it, dude? – It’s eye masks! – I think your greens glow a lot better than my oranges do, though. – Yeah. – Hey you wanna go try ’em out? Hey, let me see your green ones there. Oh yeah, that’s pretty cool. You see these orange ones? – Uh huh. – Can you see ’em? – Yeah.
– Wow, it’s pretty cool. Lights your eyes up really
neat doesn’t it? Awesome. This would be great for
trick-or-treating wouldn’t it? – Uh huh. – Speaking of Halloween,
let’s go see what kind of sour candy we can find, okay? – Okay. – Okay, you go that way. – Wait, the door is that way.
– I think it’s that way. – Yeah.
– No, it’s this way. – Yeah, yeah, it, oh. – Oh, no that’s not it. Or is it over here? (grunting) Oh, what’s that? – Oh, oh!,
– Oh, man. Ready to go outside and
have a silly string battle? Okay, let’s go for it! – I want the green!
– Wait, you want the green? – Yeah.
– Here you take it. Let’s go! – Woo hoo! – I’ve got the yellow crazy string! – And I have the green and
it matches my shirt too! – Cool, okay, you ready to go for it? – Yeah! (string spraying) – Oh yeah, it’s yellow! Ha ha, let’s go! (giggling) This is good stuff, man! (screaming) (laughing) – Ah!
– Oh! (laughing and panting) – Wow, this is like the best can of this stuff we’ve ever had. Uh oh. Uh oh. I’m out. Ah! (sputtering) Not in my mouth! Not in my mouth! Ah, I gotta get away! It’s not stopping! (giggling) (screaming and sputtering) When’s it gonna run out?! You have too much! (panting) Let’s go back inside. And see what other kind of
candies and goodies we got, okay? – Okay. (string spraying) – Oh, oh no, no! (screaming) You wanna try the boogers now? – Yeah. – Okay, won’t you go ahead and open it up. Ew.
– Oh, yellow ones! – [Park Ranger Aaron] And green ones too. – Uh huh. – [Park Ranger Aaron] Oh,
what do they taste like? Okay, try it out there. – Ugh, it tastes a lot like boogers. – [Park Ranger Aaron] Does it?
– Uh huh. – Okay, I’ll try a yellow one. – I told you it tastes like a booger! (giggling) – [Park Ranger Aaron]
Ew, that one was bad. Okay, let’s find some nice candy, okay? – Okay. – Okay, let’s go for it. Dinosaur in my slimy. Is it like… Oh I think it’s some sort of Dino egg. Oh, man, look at that green slime! Ew! Is there a dinosaur in there? – Oh yeah, right here! (cheerful music)
– [Park Ranger Aaron] Oh, wow! – I think it’s a pachycephalosaurus! (groaning) – [Park Ranger Aaron] Ew, oh! That’s what you call real
Dino snot right there. (laughing) (squishing) – Oh, help, help, aah! – Ready for some more candy? – [Park Ranger LB] Yeah! – Okay, how about farts?!
– Farts! – [Park Ranger Aaron] Wow,
there’s little beads in there. – [Park Ranger LB] Whoa, there’s blue. – [Park Ranger Aaron] They
don’t look like farts. – [Park Ranger LB] Oh cool. – [Park Ranger Aaron] I wonder
if they taste like farts. (crunching) What’s it taste like? – Taste like fart mixed with candy. It’s sour. – I’m gonna go for the
classic green cloud. Why didn’t you warn me?! No maybe not that much. That could be explosive. Oh! (giggling) – [Park Ranger LB] Where’d it go? – All right, you know what
we still have in here? – [Park Ranger LB] What? – All right, some dinosaur figures! – [Park Ranger LB] Cool! – Okay, why don’t you grab one over there and hold it up. And let’s see if our fans watching at home know what dinosaur that is. They can tell us in the comments! And we’ll try this one next. – Okay. (cheerful music) – I don’t think anyone’s
gonna guess this one. What else can you find in there? – This. – That’s an easy one there. – Yeah.
– Let’s get him out of here. We got one more. Hey! It’s an egg! – Cool! – It’s a dinosaur egg, actually. – Oh wow. – Okay this is one of those
kind that you put it in water and it’s gonna hatch, but
it takes a few days, okay? – Oh, okay. (bubbling) (cheerful music) Hey look, it’s hatching! – All right, man, you wanna help it along? ‘Cause it’s been there a few days now. – Yeah.
– Let’s give it a little help. Oh, now you got it! Now it’s hatching! – [Park Ranger LB] It’s
like a Kinder Surprise Egg. – [Park Ranger Aaron] Yeah,
except with dinosaur– Oh wow!
– Oh wow, that’s so big! Bigger than I thought. – [Park Ranger Aaron] I
think that’s a stegosaurus. – Yeah. – [Park Ranger Aaron] Wow. Pretty cool huh? – Uh huh.
– Let’s go for the boo bag! – Okay, let’s go! – [Park Ranger Aaron] Ooh, what is it? – Cool! It’s a big flying plane
that you go outside with! Another one!
– There’s two of them! – Yeah! You get that one.
– Let’s try, you you want me to take this one, okay. – Yeah. – [Park Ranger Aaron]
E-charger, easy to fly air hog! Okay, so it’s like a flying
glider but runs on batteries. – Okay. – [Park Ranger Aaron]
And since we have two, that means we can race! – Yeah! – [Park Ranger Aaron]
Cool, let’s take it outside and race ’em! – Let’s go! – So I think you’re gonna use this. It’s like a power pack right? – Yeah. – Flip up your charger. And you plug it in the bottom. – Okay. – Like that. And you push the button. – And you count–
– I wonder what it does. – And you count to what? How long did it say in the instructions? Like 30?
– 30! – Okay.
– Yeah, 30. One.
– One Mississippi. – Two.
– Two Mississippi. 28, 29, 30! Okay, so now we’re fully charged,
you let go of the button. And then we’re gonna lift
it off and launch right? We’re gonna race. – Yeah.
– Okay, on the count of three. – [Both] One, two, three! (whizzing)
– Oh, I got my finger! Oh, oh, come back! Where’s mine going? Oh, oh, ooh! (screaming) Oh, yours is going off in the forest! – Come back! (whizzing) – Wow, that is cool man! – Yeah! – You won that one! Best out of three, here we go, number two! And go! (whizzing) Ooh! Ooh, ooh, ooh! Wait, is that one mine? – That one’s mine! – Where’d mine go? (screaming) Wow, was that one yours or mine? – Mine! – On your mark, get set, go! (whizzing) Ooh! Ooh! Mine’s going, don’t go
that way, go the, oh! Don’t go down there! Oh, into the woods! – I win! – You still won! You definitely know how to
fly these bad boys don’t you? – Yeah. – All right, let’s go see what
else we can find to do here, while we’re out at the new Dino HQ, huh? – Okay. (whizzing) (yells) – [Announcer] Hey fans, tap
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