Giant T-Rex Dinosaur & Raptor at the Grand Canyon! Park Ranger Aaron in Jurassic Adventure

Giant T-Rex Dinosaur & Raptor at the Grand Canyon! Park Ranger Aaron in Jurassic Adventure

(cheerful music) – Cool, this is so awesome to be at the Grand Canyon finally. I bet I find some really
awesome dinosaur bones here. So cool that Park Ranger LB sent me to the Grand Canyon, man! Whoa! Look at the size of this canyon. I had no idea it was this big. This is incredible. Wow, this is gonna be so
cool looking for fossils. First I gotta radio back to HQ, Let Park Ranger LB know I’m here. (walkie-talkie bleeps) Come in Park Ranger LB. (walkie-talkie bleeps) – Go ahead. – Yeah, I wanna let you know, I made it to the Grand Canyon in Arizona, I’m here ready to look
for dinosaur fossils. (walkie talkie bleeps) – Arizona? I told you to go to Utah not Arizona! (walkie talkie bleeps) (slap) – Aw. Dude, I didn’t know you said Utah, I thought you said Arizona. (walkie talkie bleeps) – I said go and find the fossils in Utah. (walkie talkie bleeps) – Okay, well I’m here anyway. I’m gonna go look for some fossils, I’ll bet I’ll find something cool, don’t worry about it, I’ll check-in in a bit. (walkie talkie bleeps) Woo! It is windy out here today, man. My hat nearly blew in the Grand Canyon. Let’s see, I know there’s
gotta be some dinosaur fossils around here somewhere. Ooh, what’s that? I’ve found something here. Ooh, dropped my water. Okay, let’s get it out. Shovel and the brush here. It’s gonna be a good one. (stones clank) (laughs) Wow, that is a big one there. Ooh it’s under that rock. Whoa! Oh wow, I think this
could be a T-Rex tooth. Wow, a fossilized T-Rex
tooth, that is so awesome. Park Ranger LB thought
I wouldn’t find anything in the Grand Canyon huh. (laughs) Hey wait a minute. What’s that down there? That looks like an Apatosaurus down there. (dinosaur bellows) That can’t be a dinosaur
in the Grand Canyon, there’s no dinosaurs here. Except for this T-Rex
tooth fossil that I found but hey that’s like millions of years ago. Better call Park Ranger LB, he must be letting dinosaurs
out of the park again. Come in Park Ranger LB. (walkie talkie bleeps) – Hey, Park Ranger Aaron. It looks like some of the dinosaurs broke out of the paddock. (walkie talkie bleeps) – Yeah I know they’re out, Dude, they’re here in the Grand Canyon, at least there’s an Apatosaurus. (walkie talkie bleeps) – Can you get it back in it’s paddock? (walkie talkie bleeps) – Well, I’m gonna climb down there and see if I can find a way to get it back into a paddock somewhere. May take me a month or two
to climb down to this canyon but you let me know if
there’s any other dinosaurs I need to be on the lookout for okay? (walkie talkie bleeps) – [Park Ranger LB] Sure thing.
(walkie talkie bleeps) – Okay, 10, 4 over and out. Dinosaurs on the loose man, Park Ranger LB not
keeping an eye on things when I leave town. Backpack. Get out of here. – Come in Park Ranger Aaron! (walkie talkie bleeps) – Okay yeah, go ahead Park Ranger LB. (walkie talkie bleeps) There’s a Raptor behind you! (walkie talkie bleeps) Yes, I see it on my monitor! (walkie talkie bleeps) – What a Raptor, here? – [Park Ranger LB] It’s right behind you! (walkie talkie bleeps) – Right behind me? Oh man, get me out of here! (walkie talkie bleeps) (dinosaur growls) T-Rex! (dinosaur roars) Woo! Ooh that was a close one. (dinosaur roars) Come in Park Ranger LB. (walkie talkie bleeps) – Hey Dude, are you okay? (walkie talkie bleeps) – Not so loud, not so loud. There’s dinosaurs right here. (walkie talkie bleeps) – More dinosaurs? What’s going on out there? (walkie talkie bleeps) – This place is crawling
with dinosaurs, Dude. I don’t know what’s going on, there’s a Raptor on my tail and now a T-Rex! (walkie talkie bleeps) – You really need to hide and stay safe! (walkie talkie bleeps) – I’m hiding from them behind a, sort of desert plant or something. You know what? I don’t think this was a
fossilized T-Rex tooth. I think this must have been a baby tooth that thing just lost recently. (walkie talkie bleeps) Okay, well I gotta find
some way out of here and I see two options. Option A. Don’t look so good. And option B, well that’s even worse. So let me see what I can come up with. I’ll check back with you in just a second. (walkie talkie bleeps) – [Park Ranger LB] Be
careful Park Ranger Aaron! – What I got in here? (rustling) Hey, I got this from the gift shop. Oh, it’s my adventure tool. It’s got a whistle. Bet this will scare them off. Okay, Park Ranger LB. I’ve got my little hiking
adventure tool whistle. I’m gonna give it a blow and
when I blow that whistle, I’m gonna take off running ’cause I think it’s gonna
make the dinosaurs irritated and they’re gonna leave, here we go. (walkie talkie bleeps) (high-pitched whistle) (dinosaur roars) Cool, it’s working, I’m
getting out of here. (walkie talkie bleeps) (dramatic music) (dinosaur growls) (dinosaur roars) (dinosaur roars) – [Narrator] Hey fans, did
you see something behind Park Ranger Aaron while he was
digging up that T-Rex tooth? Tell us in the comments. You can also tap the two pictures to watch more exciting
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