Giant Snake Confesses Its Destructions!

Giant Snake Confesses Its Destructions!

Deliverance Time Hallelujah! Say, “I am not happy, because the demons submit to us!” Say, “I am not only happy, because Jesus Christ heals sicknesses! I am glad, because my name is written in the Book of Life.” Hallelujah! Amen! In the mighty name of Jesus Christ! In the mighty name of Jesus! In the mighty name of Jesus! Come here! Come here! Stand up on your feet, in the name of Jesus! Who are you, you demon? Who are you inside of her? Who are you? Now, speak in the name of Jesus! What have you done to her? I want to destroy her! In what way do you want to destroy her? How? In everything she does. Everything good she does, I make it bad. She will have no future. I have already destroyed everything. She is mine, mine! Who are you inside of her, you demon? Who are you? I am a giant snake. As a giant snake, what have you done to her? I have destroyed her future. I have destroyed her eyes. I have destroyed her health. Leave me alone! How did you enter her body as a giant snake? Through dreams. Now, you demon your time has expired, in the mighty name of Jesus! It’s time for you to go! Out, in the name of Jesus! All over your body, Holy Ghost fire, in the name of Jesus! From your head to your toe, fire in the name of Jesus Christ! All over your body, from your head to your toe! Fire in the name of Jesus, fire! Out! Out! In Jesus Christ’s name! In Jesus’ name! Out, you demon! Out, you snake! Remove everything that belongs to you. Remove your ring, your crown. Out of this body! Out! Now move, move, move out of this body! Out of this body you demon! Out of this body, in the name of Jesus! Out! In Jesus’ name, you are free! Thank you Jesus! Thank you God for delivering me! Hallelujah! Come here, come here. Do you remember what you said here? There was something speaking inside of me, but I couldn’t control it. There was a spirit speaking, but I can’t remember. So, that evil spirit that has been destroying you and your family, Jesus Christ has casted it out today! You are delivered, in the name of Jesus! Thank you Jesus! Thank you Lord! CONFIRMATION TIME My name is Entela Klosi, I’m from Albania and I’m 23 years old. The problem that brought me to the Synagogue Church of all Nations Thessaloniki Greece, was that lately I had problems with my eyes, I had problems with my health and I couldn’t sleep well at night. I had nightmares. I had dreams of having sex with males. I ate in my dreams, and when I would wake up I was aggressive. Things at the university were not going well despite my studying. Also, I had problems in my family. There was no peace in my family and each day used to be very bad for me. These made me decide to come to The Synagogue Church of all Nations for deliverance. Firstly, I had problems with my eyes, because there were times I could not see, I could not concetrate, and this would make me not to be able to study, not to feel well, to feel pain all the time. Most of all, I couldn’t see the light, I could not see well. The doctors could not explain why this was happening. When Wiseman Harry was coming towards me, I could feel heat, my body was feeling hot and I couldn’t stand his presence and I tried to look into his eye, but after two or three times I lost control of my body and the spirit that was inside of me came out. Praise the Lord! In my dreams before, I saw snakes, giant men, giant snakes that said they were my husband. So, snakes were everywhere for me in my dream and because of this I would have nightmares. and I couldn’t sleep well and I was frightened. Can you tell us how do you feel now that you have been set free from this giant snake? I feel light, I feel very good, I have peace in my heart, I have peace in my mind. I have completely changed, because I don’t have that burden inside of me, that didn’t allow me to move forward, to move closer to God. It also affected my spiritual life, because every time I tried to pray something would happen that distracted me and I would fall asleep and things like that. This did not allow me to move forward, because every time something happened and I was distracted. Now, I feel okay and I there is a connection between me and the Spirit of the Lord. I am closer to Him I can feel that He is with me every moment. Now, that you have been set free what is your promise to God Almighty, for what He has done in your life? My promise is that I will serve Him forever and that I will continue making His Word the standard for my life. Amen! And we thank God for your life and this wonderful deliverance and we would like to encourage you now that you have been set free from this evil spirit to make the Word of God the standard for your life, so that this deliverance will remain permanent in your life, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Amen! Thank you Jesus! Emmanuel!

Randy Schultz

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16 thoughts on “Giant Snake Confesses Its Destructions!

  1. Grace Kangethe says:

    Glorly be to GOD

  2. Peter Jeyaraj says:

    Thank You my Jesus…..I Love you very much…You are my Lord..!…You are the Lord..!

  3. oh no says:

    που γινεται αυτο;

  4. Nicolas De Carvalho says:

    Thank You Jesus! We are a bit, but a humgry generatiothat loves your Spirit! Watching From Brazil, Amazonia! – Nicolas

  5. Nikos Medis says:

    Αυτό είναι ψέμα επειδή οι δαίμονες ξέρουν όλες τι γλώσσες και γενικά μιμούνται τα πάντα ακομα και τον Θεό και ο φίλος μας μιλάει στο και καλα δαιμόνιο φίδι στα αγγλικα και οχι στην μητρική του γλώσσα για να καταλάβει. Άντε ήρθαν οι Αγγλικανοπροτεσταντοευαγγελιστες να κοροϊδέψουν τον κοσμακι

  6. Catuccubus kafroid says:

    κανουνε σαρδαμ οι δαιμονες?

  7. Nicolas De Carvalho says:

    Post more videos of preaching and teaching how to pray and learn about the Word

  8. mi kah el. M.I says:

    JESUS y is LORD

  9. peepshawty 616 says:

    Γιατί εχει τοσο πολυ κοσμο;

  10. rita phillip says:


  11. Gerardos Merkatoras says:

    Εγώ παρατήρησα πάντως ότι επί ΣΥΡΙΖΑ οι δαίμονες κάνουν πανηγύρι…Επί ΠΑΣΟΚ είχαμε τέτοια; Επί ΠΑΣΟΚ, οι δαίμονες ήξεραν ότι δεν έχουν τύχη, για αυτό και δεν έρονταν στην Ελλάδα. Για θυμηθείτε; Επί Σημίτη είχαμε δαιμονισμούς από φίδια; Με ρυθμό ανάπτυξης 5%, κοσμογονία έργων υπήρχε τέτοιος δαιμονισμός; Κύριοι του ΣΥΡΙΖΑ και παλαιότερα της Δεξιάς, για απαντήστε; Στην Βόρεια Ελλάδα το ΠΑΣΟΚ έκανε έργα: ΕΓΝΑΤΙΑ, μέγαρο μουσικής, κλειστό ΠΑΟΚ, νοσοκομεία, δρόμοι…Δαίμονες υπήρχαν; ΟΧΙ. SCOAN και ΠΑΣΟΚ για μια αναγέννηση της χώρας!

  12. ChristLike says:

    Thank you Holy Spirit for still delivering your people!

  13. Billy Banda says:

    Its nice to see real christian return to where it all begin. In Greece.

  14. PHIEXO nicky says:

    Is it the translation is wrong? It says I'm not happy because Jesus christ heals sicknesses???

  15. Sally bright says:

    If u want English translation do the following:-
    Click on the video u will see three dots on the top right hand corner of the screen, click on it, then on untertitles/caption then press English… your videos will be automatically translated as subtitles… U are welcome

  16. oscar farah says:

    Coloquen subtitulos en español.

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