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  1. Sara Wagner says:

    Omg laughing so hard..
    Noah: The laces are reflective
    Lori: Yeah for when you are running at night
    LMAO so funny Lori you made my day with that one, so much love for you lady…lol love ya all but that was great. Thank you for making me laugh today lori. Keep up the great content. I can always count on a good video every day from you Brian so thanks again. Xoxoxo to you all.

  2. Tj Kilmer says:

    I hope your evening is good thank you for showing us your snakes I would not mind seeing an houre video showing off snakes

  3. Guffaw says:

    Aye snakes and yezzys 350 v2 okay okay Brian

  4. Laurel’s Tarantula Nook says:

    I love everything you do in you vlogs!
    I put my name on the wishlist for a Coral Snow Motley Corn snake omg want! I don’t want to buy my first snake from anyone but BHB Reptiles. My late brother had Corn and Garter snakes and they were so pretty!

  5. Kayleigh Sanderson says:

    Would love to see a whole breakdown vlog of balls, retics, geckos, etc. The more ya know

  6. Guffaw says:

    15:58 how much were those? Like 200 lol she didn’t ask retail or resale so he technically didn’t lie

  7. Asher Endozo says:


  8. Christian Alonso says:

    Love the energy you give off keep up the good work on your videos

  9. Yesenia Gomez says:

    Hey Brian I subscribed and hit the bell

  10. Yesenia Gomez says:

    I found you on YouTube from vat19

  11. Marilyn's Treats says:

    Heya Brian. First I want to say you did a visit to my Granddaughters elementary school and she held Sunshine. And you also went to my daughters YMCA in Milford Mi. They both watch your videos with me. Question from my granddaughter. We saw a snake coiled under my bay window in the small weeds today. It was about a half dollar size in girth and coiled about 3-4 times. Do gardner snakes get that big? (We live on a golf course if that matters.) thx!

  12. Luz Gonzalez-Harwell says:

    Can u make more videos about leopard gecko generics

  13. Jaheem Morris says:

    I love snake

  14. Abbie Broussard says:

    I want a pair of shoes! I also want a snake! Lol

  15. MDB_Twentypuff says:

    It would be such a great experience to have Brian come to fans with all kinds of animals

  16. Barbara Lucero says:

    Do you not have big male snakes on display?

  17. LIL BOOG's BUG CORNER says:

    Yoooooooo…. That easter egg corn snake is crazy!

  18. Erin Passaretti says:

    Gray banded king snake! Beautiful!

  19. David Kelly says:

    The problem with the virmiculite….could you just put a dry layer on top and set the egg on it?

  20. Kenneth Reidlinger says:

    Very good video photography and the music perfectly matched each scene

  21. David Lorton says:

    I would love to see more of the Kingsnakes you guys have, love you videos!

  22. Mike Feliciano says:

    Did Lucy lay her eggs what’s the update on that ?????

  23. Bethany Jordan says:

    Not a huge fan of scaleless but that reverse oak we’re is gorgeous

  24. Kaitlin Richardson says:

    I love your yeezys Brian! I’m kinda new to the channel but I could definitely tell y’all were about the shoes 👟

  25. Bradley Perry says:

    #easteregg corn snake

  26. 777ninny says:

    What happened to the ones u stop breeding?

  27. Marco Velez says:

    Brian! All this talk about breeding has me considering to breed my male bumblebee ball python but I have two issues 1) I don't have a female 2) I don't know what I should breed it too. Question: what would you breed a male bumblebee ball to & why?

  28. YT-vBoltz z says:

    Brian got that shoe game

  29. Melissa Steiner says:

    Amazing video

  30. SpecialRedGamer says:

    Brian, what is your favorite Michigan native snake?

  31. Dylan Mathias says:

    Hey Brian I’ve been wanting to get it all python for a while now do you have any recommendations.

  32. maryannes creative mix says:

    I would love it if you could just focus on the a babies instead of the quick change of view from you to the babies. I like seeing
    Or rather watching them. They are so interesting

  33. Patricia Hughes says:

    I realize this is off topic. It is something to consider. As frogs disappear into history how many snakes follow? How long until snakes slip into history?

  34. Jessica Romo says:

    Lmfao "omg the baby is coming out right now" as you see his finger pressing on the egg haha.

  35. inspiration book says:

    I rilly whant my birthday there

  36. Q Ls says:

    Is there anyway I can purchase a normal ball python from you? ……… Thinking about getting a snack during summer

  37. x NWO x PacMan says:

    Aren’t all the snakes that laid eggs supposed to have a light ? It’s no way all them snakes are warm

  38. FluffySkarlet says:

    I hear my name off guard and I'm just like, "wait what? There's someone else with the same name as me?"

  39. Luke Cairns says:

    Do you know if het clowns have any identifying markers? I have a 100% het clown female I was wondering how to tell witch one of her baby's would be het clown so I can make a clown clown lol.

  40. Shyann Adams says:

    I just love watching all of your videos

  41. Vannely Grajeda says:

    I love watching your videos! I like learning about the genes snakes get and how you come up with the patterns. Very educational! Curious about the videos leading up to the eggs that hatched with the mom incubating them. I think I missed those. Thanks! Keep the positive vibes going 👍🏻

  42. Charlie Miles says:

    What sound tracks do you use??

  43. Julius Cortez says:

    Do you sometimes keep the baby don't shell sonkes egg

  44. EarWacksGamingYT says:

    snek want sum luvs

  45. Alicia Davis says:

    Brian so what is going on with tje game app? Love reptiles💜💜💜

  46. nala mansueto says:

    nice snakes sir.. please send me one here un the philippines.. its really expensive here.. a big fan of yours… im alan mansueto by the way.. a shoutout would be nice in the next vlog..

  47. Kevin Glover says:

    I have to say I really do love you videos but sometimes it's hard to follow along cuz you talk so fast but it's not a bad thing cuz you're always excited but sometimes I have to rewind a little bit just to hear something but it's okay it makes me watch your videos even longer

  48. Kevin Glover says:

    Feeding is my favorite part of the videos

  49. Kalli Prinz says:

    Brian, how many shoes do you have? And, more interesting, how many have you worn more than once? I totally go with Lory, buy new shoes when the old ones are… old…

  50. B Q says:

    Those line breed corn snakes are maaaadddd!

  51. Danny Starliper says:

    They hard 💯💯💯‼️

  52. Drew ford says:

    I’m just curious how does Brian handle or process the snakes when they pass away?

  53. Linda Burcher says:

    I like the last one the best. But they all good.

  54. Roger says:

    That was awsome seeing Butterscotch catch that rabbit. Id love to be there for a feeding that was really cool!!!!

  55. Jaden nm says:

    I'm an aquarium hobbyist, I just posted my 8th video ever about giant bettas. It would be cool of yall could stop by and watch it!

  56. Clint Carter says:

    "Never buy front row tickets to a big snake feeding!"

  57. Mollie Whinery says:


  58. Dave Spencer says:

    We visited The Reptarium last Friday night(from Connecticut), and it is amazing. Got to hold several of the animals including Verde and Salt. I have to tell you, what you see on this vlog is how these fine folks are in real life, Eric, Bruce, Jessica, Lori, and Brian were just nice as could be, and went out of their way to bend over backwards to accommodate us! Truly an amazing experience!

  59. Vanessia Osborne says:

    Why don't you cut your colubrid eggs?

  60. Melissa Jane says:

    I honestly think that the scaleless snakes are amazing but so was the orange n grey one that I forgot the name of but all snakes are awesome.

  61. Nathan Gates says:

    The blairs phase grey-banded kingsnake is my favorite!! Please continue

  62. Char Tidd says:

    Here a question for brian. Do you sell toddler t-shirts i need to get 1 for my son 2nd Birthday. He such a big fan of your you tube

  63. sarah_snorlax says:

    You have so many king snakes, I love them! I have a ruby eyed lavender king snake!

  64. Raven T says:

    I would love to have a Blair's Phase gray banded because orange is my favorite color, but the snow corn is beautiful, no doubt.

  65. Lore Hulk says:

    Ok I’ll need one of the “Easter egg” snake when y’all produce some.

  66. Jeff Nordengren says:

    Brian Rocks!

  67. Aliboomia says:

    Wow i definitely wouldn't have pegged u as a sneaker head !

  68. EXIS -men says:

    I’m loving the close ups for the snakes the colours are just amazing wow

  69. Stuart White says:

    Love your videos Brian. Keep them coming

  70. Samantha Swift says:

    I was wondering how the snake is doing? That you could see the heart beating through the skin. I love pink green and white snake

  71. Christina Jones says:

    Could you change ur upload time to an hour later so I can be early cos I have school. I wish I could come see u but I'm in the uk. It would also be so cool if u have a name ur subers!!!

  72. Luis 889 says:

    19:10 is what you came for

  73. The lion Games says:

    I am from Holland and i love your vids ❤️❤️

  74. Snakelady77 Nonabaumgardner says:

    Can't wait to see the Blairs phase grey banded kings 🥰

  75. Kim Wright says:

    That was so funny Bruce saving people

  76. Ooshy Bermi says:

    Ben'n'Jerry RocK
    Actually seeing a baby snake hatch was fantastic!
    Albino scaleless corn was my favourite.
    Butterscotch feeding was WilD
    Love you guys x

  77. Daniel Bygate says:


  78. xfairyberryx2 says:

    there was a vlog were he said he never flaunts his wealth or something like that. Yet these sneakers are a good show of his wealth.

  79. xfairyberryx2 says:

    They got over hyped because of who made them and how ridiculously expensive they are.

  80. Pippa_Tube says:

    Did u do a video on the maternal incubation?

  81. Sydney Sharp says:

    We fed my ball python like 3 days ago and yesterday she was laying in her cage dead. We dont know how but when we fed her she felt like she was about to shed but she never did and now she is not alive. 🙁 Do you know what couldve happened?

  82. Savannah Carter says:

    I love your channel and animals❤🐍

  83. DewDropsFall26 says:

    Love the vlog usually but having major issues with the sound where the music is too loud and Brian your almost not audible 😩

  84. smith subs says:

    Never expected brain to rock the Yeezys

  85. Nia S says:

    13:10 that orange and grey snake is beautiful.

  86. Riccardo Proserpi says:

    please show some more baby snakes in your videos

  87. Kimberly Jacob says:

    I like those, the shoes look awesome

  88. Tiffany Crowder says:

    You sound so funny when called the shoes sexy lol

  89. Sarah M says:

    I absolutely love how you talk to the mama snakes. Especially when you call them monkeys. It’s adorable.

  90. Anthony Becerra says:

    I love baby snakes but I never have one because my mom doesn't love animals or baby snakes

  91. Mike White says:

    On drugs much?

  92. Maddie moo Xox says:

    Do yous kill the rabbits?

  93. Aliah Guinn says:

    I LOVE the update!!!

  94. Hansha Grey says:

    This man really rockin yeezys 😂

  95. Michael Walsh says:

    Awesome vlog. I like when u do a lot on the colubrids i will be getting 1 soon i learn so much from u

  96. zaida delgado says:

    Yes l like your new snickers l think they are cool

  97. CaitlynTheKootGamer YT says:

    How do I convince my dad to let me have a snake?

  98. CaitlynTheKootGamer YT says:

    I wish I could get snakes off u bc I want the albino corn snake xD

  99. Jovan Tindell says:

    I love sneakers to you are just cooler everyday lol

  100. Nikki Ellis says:

    My boyfriend and I were at the repatarium when he recorded this vlog. It was so cool watching the big pythons be fed. We plan on going back again in the future. Hi to Brian and the amazing staff there from Wisconsin!

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