– [Brian] Where you going, sweetheart? What’re you doing? Oh my gosh, is he so cool. (upbeat music) – Hey, good morning everybody. Welcome to the vlog. I hope the start of your day
is absolutely incredible. Today, it’s mine and Lori’s anniversary. – [Brian] Happy anniversary, Lori. – [Both] (chuckle) – Why thank you. – [Brian] Do you like them? – I love them. – [Brian] I would give you a kiss, but I’m sick, so I’ll just give you a hug. – (laughs) Okay. Thank you. – [Brian] I don’t want to get you sick. – Yeah, don’t give me that gift, please. Aww, thank you so much. I love them. – So I kinda thinking
today that it might be a good day to just let all my animals loose. Well, not all of them loose, but give them a little bit of freedom. You know we always let Elvis,
the monitor, run around. I figure maybe I’ll take
Daisy out, we’ll take a few other animals out and run around. What do you guys think? Let’s start with Daisy. I used to let Daisy out to
kinda wander in the dungeon quite a bit, and then even
sometimes bring her upstairs where she couldn’t get herself in trouble and wander around there. Now that she has such a huge
cage, I mean, even though she looks really big, look
at how big her cage is. She certainly doesn’t need
that kind of stretching out, so I really haven’t had
her out as far as just wandering around the
reptarium, other than when people are here to actually look at her. So, let’s just go ahead and take her out. We’ll let her roam around, see what she does for a little bit. I have no idea, you know. She’s not a super energetic
animal to begin with, to be honest with you but
hey, let’s pull her out. (soothing, upbeat music) – And you have to be careful
when you’re pulling out a big snake to never let them kinda
fold over on each other. They’re so heavy, that
they can actually injure their self if you’re not careful. So, you have to be a little bit thoughtful when you’re actually pulling her out. She seems to actually be
liking hanging out right now. Where you going, sweetheart? What are you doing? She is such an amazing snake. Look at how gorgeous she is. And again, it’s just
really cool to have a snake that’s literally this big and this long and so docile that you never
have to worry about anything. What’s up, girl? What are you doing? You having a good time? And again, you know, she’s
not a real energetic animal. If I had Lucy out like this,
she’d already be over there by the back door, just cruising cruising. But Daisy doesn’t move around a lot. That’s one of the things that
nice, when you can pull her out when people are out, even kids. Because you can actually pick
her up, kinda move her around, do whatever you want with her, and she doesn’t move very much. You can see, she’s a pretty chill animal, and she’s just absolutely gorgeous. I mean, this is the snake
that I think is really cool to pull out when
the opportunity is right. When there is a ton of people here, we don’t pull Daisy out
just because, listen, she’s still a nineteen foot snake. But when there’s twenty or thirty people, we can actually pull her
out, everyone can hold her, we can get five or six people
and take pictures with her draped across all of them. So, it’s really a great
ambassador animal to kinda show how gentle big
snakes can actually be. Gosh, she’s so gorgeous, look at her. (upbeat, soothing music) – And this is the one
thing that’s really been kinda tripping me out, to
be totally honest with you. I can not tell you how many
of my animals I let out and they literally crawl
right back into their cage. I mean, you saw, Daisy was
all the way down there, she crawled all the way back,
right up back into her cage. I think that’s a great sign
that they must be really happy. I mean, Taz does it all the time. I have him out, he crawls
around a little bit, and then he crawls right back. When I feed him outside of the cage, he crawls right back into his cage. So many of my animals actually do that, and that just makes me so happy. Because in all honesty,
when I kept them in the racking system, they seem
like they never wanted to go back in their cage. Now they literally go back on their own, how freaking awesome is that. Next up, I’m gunna go ahead
and let Elvis go out for a run. Now, we do this all the
time, to be honest with you. We like to, at least once a
day, sometimes twice a day, just let him kinda run around the shop. But now, he looks absolutely
amazing because Andrea kinda gave him a nice clean up today. Look at how beautiful he looks. Elvis, you okay bud? You okay? Good boy. Good boy, you wanna come out? You wanna come out? Come on. There you go. There you go, bud. And for those of you who
haven’t been following, he’s an Asian Water Monitor. These guys are from the Indonesia
area and are really cool. I’ve actually chased these
guys around, believe it or not, on a golf course of all things. But one of the things I’m
going to try to do today, I have no idea if it’ll work. I bought this harness
here, I actually got it for Phoebe so Lori could let
Phoebe run around with it, but I think if we could put this on Elvis, it might be really cool
to see his perspective of running around the shop. Again, I have no idea if
it’s gunna work or not. But you can see how curious he is. I mean, what an awesome animal. He’s not afraid, he’s not timid, anything. He’s just kinda walking around,
you can see, he’ll come up, he’ll smell me, he’s just
such an awesome animal. And the more that he’s around people, the better he’s even getting. Look at how amazing that is. Oh my gosh is he so cool. And again, Andrea cleaned him up, he looks absolutely gorgeous now. Kinda got all that, just you know, sometimes monitors get stuck shed on them and stuff like that. Oh my gosh, Elvis, you’re beautiful. Okay, what do you say we try to put this harness on and see what we can do. Again, no clue if this is gunna work. (upbeat, soothing music.) Decided to abandon the harness because, honestly, I don’t want
Elvis to get stressed out. He definitely didn’t seem
like he liked it that much, so rather than try to force it on him, I just decided you know
what, let’s just go ahead and follow him around with the camera, see where he wants to go. What are you looking at, buddy? Is that Daisy up there? Is that Daisy? And that’s the thing that’s so amazing, is that he’s so curious. And actually this is kinda interesting. Daisy is looking this way,
and Elvis is looking that way. What are you looking at, Elvis? What are you smelling? Oh, Elvis, you’re so funny. (laughs softly) That’s so funny. Look at those two, looking at each other. Again, I think that’s what’s
so interesting about Elvis, and monitors in particular,
just how intelligent they are. They’re just kinda looking around, trying to figure everything out. I’m not exactly sure what
he’s thinking he’s gunna do if he gets inside Daisy’s
cage, cause I have a feeling Daisy would come out on top
of that fight, but I think he just wants to come in there and climb around and stuff like
that, to be honest with you. Regardless, as you can see, Elvis is a pretty amazing animal. I’m so happy that Kevin over
at Nerd allowed me to get him, because he is so cool,
I mean, so much fun. What an amazing, amazing animal. And you’re so silly, buddy. What are you doing? Let’s take a quick break
from releasing everything at the reptarium, and go ahead and feed the new mota mota turtles. (upbeat, soothing music) Well, since it didn’t work
to put the harness on Elvis, I thought maybe we would try it on Taz. He’s certainly a lot more mellow, doesn’t seem to be as upset,
but if it doesn’t work for Taz, that’s completely fine. Again, I’ll never stress out my animals just for entertainment purposes,
but it’s something that’s cool, we’ll do our best we can do. So let’s give it a shot with Tazzy. Again, I’ll put it on him,
if he seems stressed out, I’ll take it right off and then we’ll just follow him around. Regardless, I love the fact
that we can let our animals kinda explore the place a little bit. A lot of these guys do it all
the time anyways because they come out while we’re open
and even on the off days, we let them out to kinda roam around. So let’s see if we can get Tazzy. (upbeat, soothing music) You know what, guys. There is just no way
that this is gunna work. I mean, as much as I think
it would be really cool to get that perspective shot, I just can’t stress the animals out. I’m just kinda letting him crawl through, but as soon as he crawls through, he kinda starts to get a little bit antsy. So, I’m just gunna let
him crawl right on through and we’re just gunna leave
him out for a little bit. Again, it was a really
cool idea, and all in all, the real purpose for this harness is actually for the dogs, anyways. So Zeusy and Phoebe
can actually use it and they’ll be completely fine. Looks like no point of
view shots for you, Tazzy. Are you okay, buddy? You’re not mad at me, are you? Are you okay? You aren’t mad at me, are you Tazzy? And again, you know, Taz is another one of those animals that’s just so chill. As you can see, he just
kinda hangs out here. It’s just great when kids
come to the reptarium to get a chance to pet and kinda interact
with a lizard that’s pretty big and, you know, he’s
going to get even larger. But it’s kinda cool just
to hang out with him. Again, he doesn’t do a whole lot, he’s not nearly as energetic as Elvis is, but at the same time he’s super cool and he’s got a great personality. Right, Taz? Right, buddy? Well, it isn’t quite high excitement when you’re hanging out with Taz. This is pretty much all he does. But that’s what makes him
so incredible, right buddy. Alright, what do you think
about trying to let Nova out? I have no idea, I’ve
never let Nova out before. Might be kinda interesting. Let’s give that a shot. Like I mentioned, when it comes to Nova, I have no idea how he’s going to react. He might just sit here, he might run, he might do anything. He loves his cage, and
even when I take him out, he usually jumps right back in his cage. So, I don’t think he needs
to run around or anything, but it might be kinda interesting
just to see what he does. What do you say, Nova,
do you want to come out? Oh, come on, don’t be a silly monkey. Okay, so here we go. Nova, you want to go? What do you want to do? Nova, what do you want to do, bud? Oh, jeeze. Nova, where you going, buddy? Do you not like it outside? Oh, my gosh. Nova, it’s okay. It’s okay, it’s okay, it’s okay. It’s okay. It’s okay. Like I mentioned, it doesn’t
seem like Nova likes it outside I think he likes his cage. I’ll just go ahead and put him back. You wanna go back in, bud? There you go. There you go, sweetheart. Again, I never want to
stress the animals out. I’m just kinda messing around a little bit and seeing if they want to run around. If they want to run around,
I thought, you know, if Nova wanted to run
around and climb a tree or something like that, I
think it would be awesome. I would totally let him, but it seemed like he was just kinda stressed out. He was just trying to get away. I don’t want that to
happen with these animals. So cute, oh my gosh. I love when he runs like that, but we have a really amazing bond. One of the things about the
reptarium that’s really cool is that, you know, we’re
starting to get this kind of relationship between the animals. They know where their safe area is, where I won’t touch them. If they get to an area like, if Nova goes way up there
at the top, I’m done. I will not take him out. He knows that, so that’s
kinda his safe area. Same thing with Bella. She goes into a specific
area where if she goes there, she knows that I’m not
going to take her out, I’m not going to pet her,
I’m going to leave her alone. We’re trying to kinda create
that kind of relationship with these animals so that they know when they’re willing to come out, and willing to experience
that, we let them do it, but if not, we just leave them alone. Right, Nova? You’re okay, buddy. It’s alright, buddy. With the fail of Elvis and
then Taz with the harness, I know one animal that doesn’t
mind having a camera on it. You guys know this, it’s gunna
be Speedy-cam, that’s right. We’ll go ahead and tape
a go-pro on Speedy, and while we’re at it, we may as well tape a camera on Sabby next door. We’ll let them run around
for a little while, and get their point of view. That’s always a lot of fun. And there are times where
I’ll let Speedy just out in the crowd when it’s
open at the reptarium. It’s really funny because people are like ‘is that a tortoise?’. So let’s go ahead and
get Speedy-cam going. (upbeat, soothing music) And that concludes the ‘let my animals out in the
reptarium’ part of this vlog. We actually have a pretty
special event tonight. We want the reptarium to
be kind of a really cool place for all kinds of people. We realize a bunch of
people with Autism have an issue with sensory and
overload, and when we’re open to the public, there’s
just too much going on. So, tonight we have a special needs night or a sensory safe type night. We only sold eight spots,
so that’s all that’s coming in tonight so that
they don’t have to be overwhelmed with too many people. We’re going to do some individual things, let them get close to the animals and let them kind of enjoy themselves. We want to continue to do all
kinds of things like this. If you have any ideas like this
for us, please comment down below, because we want
to accommodate everyone. We want everyone to enjoy these
animals as much as possible. (upbeat, soothing music) Just wrapping up the special event. I think it went really well,
I think I was really happy. It was cool to have
kind of a smaller group. The kids were really cool, really into it, so this was absolutely awesome. But, of course, like I
mentioned, it is our anniversary, so we’re about to go out
for an anniversary dinner and we’re not taking you guys along. – Nope. (both laugh) – I’m gunna go ahead
and end the vlog here. Thank you guys as always,
for all your support. Have a wonderful day, evening, whenever you happen to be watching. Do me a couple of favors
before we get outta here? Can you smash that like button, turn those post notifications on, leave a comment, let me know something awesome about you guys, be
kind to someone, and I promise, I will see you guys tomorrow. (upbeat, soothing music)

Randy Schultz

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    I just started following you not to long ago been binge watching your blog I love snakes have ever since I was little owed many of them have two now i just want to say I love your videos Iโ€™ve learned a lot and laughed a lot and thought it was super cool that you had that event for the children I also love the relationship you have with you reptiles and other Pets I want to come visit your shop just not financially able to right now but definitely on my top 5 bucket list keep the blogs coming look forward to them

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