Giant Orbeez Water Balloon Snake? What Happens?!

Giant Orbeez Water Balloon Snake? What Happens?!

– Surgical tubing? What in the world could
Carl and Jinger be doing with surgical tubing? Really quick fun story time,
when I was a little kid, my brother and his friends had an old car and they took all the windows out and they replaced them with chicken wire. And they took surgical tubing
and they made them into giant super soaker-like water balloon squirters, and they were really awesome,
like giant squirt gun snakes. And what they did is they tied off one end and they filled the whole
thing up with water. And then, they would drive
around the neighborhood where their friends were playing outside, and they would spray ’em out
the windows of the chicken wire and it was crazy and hilarious. You shouldn’t do that ’cause
it’s probably illegal. Don’t do that at home. But it’s funny and it popped
into my mind the other day and I was like why haven’t we done this and shown people how
to do this on YouTube? So that’s what we’re gonna do today. Because every day’s a new day. Let’s make it an awesome one. Oh yeah, see that works much better. (kid screaming)
(laughing) Good job, thanks Luke. It’s like a huge water balloon. – Whoa, it’s like a snake. – There goes the… (laughter)
(screaming) – [Carl] Here we go. I don’t know if this is gonna work or not. Are they going in? – [Boy] Yeah they are. – Here we go. I think it’s time to do the big reveal. Look at that. So this surgical tubing basically works like a giant balloon animal, only they’re way thicker and more durable. So, you’ll look at the rubber
that makes these things it’s a lot more springy,
it’s soft, and it’s thicker. It holds up really well and
it actually works really good like a super soaker giant water balloon. What’s cool though is
that this is like a length that’s like 10 feet long. You can get it just at the hardware store or at medical supply stores and stuff. But when you fill this
thing up with water, well, just wait, you’re gonna
see how long these things get, cause they get like 30, 40 feet long. – [Boy] What? – So you get this tubing, these big long balloons like
this and all you have to do is tie a good knot in one end like that so the water can’t get out that end. We actually put together
this really clever nozzle. You don’t have to do this. You could probably just get it to fit over the end of a hose. But this is just like a
really clever way to do it. It’s also like a really clever way that you can spray your kids. – No! (upbeat music)
(laughter) – [Mom] Get him, come
on Carl, get him good. – Hey Luke give me some water, come on. – [Mom] Turn that on Luke, come on. – That was a little anticlimactic. Oh yeah, see that works much better. (screaming)
(laughing) Good job, thanks Luke. But this is gonna help us a lot because it’s got a good nozzle
on there and you literally, you just fill it up like
you would a water balloon. But this is about to get crazy. Are you guys ready for this? We don’t know where it’s
gonna start filling up ’cause it’s like really weird. The physics of this tubing is not like what you would expect. Are you ready? Okay here we go. We’re just gonna do this first one. – Whoa. – Look at, see it’s like we’re making sausage links or something. (laughter) And you can squeeze it and it’ll move to a different part of the balloon. So it’s filling up down there by Gage. – [Boy] I’m afraid it’s gonna pop. – So our first test here
is gonna open this up and we’re just gonna fill it up. – [Mother] Oh man. – I’m gonna actually
keep it from coming back – Whoa! Look at that! – I know. Whoa.
– That’s so cool. – Hey, I’ll go faster. Whoa, there it goes. it’s going like a big sausage. It’s like a huge water balloon. – [Boy] It’s like a snake. – The original tubing is
only like 10 feet long but when you start to stretch it out and fill it up with water, it just turns into this huge thing. All right, we’re gonna
try to keep this thing from popping on the trampoline. See what we can do this time. There we go, look at that. It just fills up a little faster. We’re about ready to stop. Isn’t this cool? – [Boy] This is really cool. – Yeah, Wow. – It’s just like a big
water balloon animal. Here we go, it’s almost done. – [Boy] I’m afraid it’s gonna pop. – Okay stop, stop, stop, stop.
– Okay, I’m done. – Okay, we got it, we got it. If you wanna stop there and
just have fun with this, you totally have a homemade
water snake water balloon. Look at this, you ready? – Whoa. – And it gets crazy when you let go. – It’s like a water blaster. It’s a water blaster. – And then, you can hang on like this and when you let go, it goes all crazy. (screaming) (laughing) – [Mother] That is so cool – That is so cool. – But I gotta really
good idea a second ago. What if, like a giant water balloon, we filled this thing up with water and orbies and then we let
the orbies swell up inside, and see if it blasts out
like an orbies blaster. – That would be awesome. – Look at that. K, I’m gonna let go, you ready? – [Boy] Yeah, oh man. – Let’s see how long this takes to shrink. There it goes. (screaming) (laughing) Oh look, it’s shrinking from the back end. – [Mother] That’s crazy. – See how it’s getting smaller like that. – So, it’s like drawing a big circle. – It totally is. You can grab a spot and pinch it, and it just decides that it’s
gonna shrink right there. – [Mother] That is so cool. – So, you can make it,
like balloon animals. See, if you wanted, you could twist that. – [Mother] It looks like sausage links. – It totally does. But, you just go boop, boop, boop. I don’t know why there isn’t a company that hasn’t taken this
kind of tubing and made it into some kind of a fun water balloon. – [Mother] Well, maybe we should, Carl. – Well, maybe we should on our website. – [Mother} Well, maybe we should. – I got a really fun idea. What is this gonna look
like if we fill this up with water in the swimming pool? – [Mother] Ooohh. – Let’s do that first and
then we’ll get to the Orbies. This is gonna be really fun. – That looks really cool. – This nozzle is just like… – [Mother] Whoa, whoa, whoa. – Really tempting. Oh, I got the camera wet, huh? Sorry. Okay. This swimming pool in the deep end is actually eight feet deep. So, it’s really cool. – And this extends out to 20. – Right, here we go. – It’d be really cool if
it could go all the way to the bottom, but part
of it is coming up. That would be cool. – Let’s find out, here we go. – [Mother] Here we go. – Whoa, it’s gonna sink, I think. – [Mother] Whoa. – [Boy] Awesome. – [Mother] That looks so cool. – [Carl] It looks really weird. (boy screaming) – It’s like a big water
balloon snake in the pool. – [Mother] That is so cool. – You can see it under the water. Whoa, I don’t think I’ve
ever seen anybody do this with surgical tubing before. How come nobody has done
this on YouTube yet? This needs to be a thing. – [Mother] ‘Cause Carl, you’re brilliant. – Here’s what’s cool about this. This surgical tubing, you can get online, and you can order it probably
like in a 100-foot roll. – Dad, stop. – It would be like a 500-foot
long water snake in the pool. We’re gonna do it. Comment down below if you
think that’s something that we should do in a future video. I cannot believe how awesome this looks. Okay, oh my, watch, watch
this, hang on, hang on. Oh my gosh, I went too far. – [Mother] Oh my goodness. – That’s it, it’s all the way in the pool. – [Mother] Oh that is so cool. – Down in the deep end and look at that. That is so crazy. – Touch it, we need to touch. – Yeah, let’s see what it looks like. Can you pick it up out of
the water a little bit? Look at that, it’s like
a big ameba or something really weird down in the pool. You can see there’s an air bubble trapped in the bottom that’s
kind of making it float down in there. That is really cool. – [Boy] It’s really heavy. – Here we go, I’m gonna throw this in and we’re gonna see
what happens, you ready? – Yeah. – [Everyone] Three, two, one, go, whoa. – Where did it go? – [Mother] Oh, whoa.
(laughing) – [Boy] Look at it. (screaming)
(laughing) (mumbling) – [Boy] Awesome. – Look, it’s like it’s swimming around. Like a jelly… – [Boy] It looks like it’s swimming. – [Carl] It looks like a
jellyfish or something. Look at it going. – [Mother] That is so funny. – [Carl] Look at that, wow. – [Boy] It’s swimming. – [Carl] It looks like
a jellyfish or something swimming around in the water down there. – [Boy] Like a little water snake. – It’s almost done. We did it guys, that was really cool. But for the grand finale here, we definitely need to
fill this up with orbies on the trampoline and see what happens. You guys, if you wanna see us do 100-foot-long water
balloon snakes in the pool, comment down below and
say, water balloon snake down in the comments. And if we get enough of
those comments down there, I’ll go ahead and order
a huge roll of this off of the internet and we’ll do it in the swimming pool and swim through it with the GoPro, it’ll be really awesome. For this next part, this is
gonna be really interesting, I don’t know how well
this is going to work, but we have this really long narrow funnel and then we have the
surgical tubing lined up. To make today awesome,
we are going to fill up one of these big water balloon
snakes with some orbies, and then we’re gonna fill it up with water and let it swell up, and see what happens, and how cool this looks. I hope it’s awesome. Give us a big thumbs up
to give it good luck. Hopefully, this thing doesn’t pop on us. Here we go. I don’t know if this is gonna work or not. Are they going in? – [Boy] Yeah they are, look at that. – [Mother] You can hear
them, it sounds like sand. – Oh yeah, it does, huh? We gotta do this nice and slow. Fill this up so we don’t
get any kind of jams, orbies jams inside. – [Mother] Can you see
them in the tube, guys? – You can see them, they’re
all right inside there. And when I lift it up. – [Boy] That is so cool. – We gotta get them all the
way to the very end there. So, this is a new piece of
the balloon, of the tubing. It’s dry, it hasn’t been wet yet, it’s not in the water, so the orbies are just rolling right in. That was a good idea, huh? All right, we’re full, almost
all the way up to here. So, I think just a little bit more orbies and we might be good to go. I think we’ve got it, this
whole thing is full of orbies and they’re gonna swell up pretty good. And so now, we just gotta
fill this thing up with water, and tie it off, and give it time to grow. It’s gonna be awesome. Here we go, we’re ready to add the water. – [Everyone] In three, two, one, go. – Whoa, you can see the orbies in there. – [Boy] That looks so cool. – [Mother] You can totally see them. – [Carl] So far so good, it’s working. – [Mother] That is so awesome. – Now the water just pushed all the orbies down into the end there. I’m gonna try to get it to go that way. It’s kind of plugged up with the orbies, but I think it’s gonna work okay. – [Boy] Whoa, that’s
gonna look really cool. – You should hop up here
and get a view up close. This is really awesome. – [Mother] You can totally
see the orbies in there. That looks so cool. – As it expands. – [Mother] That looks so awesome. – I wonder if they’re gonna spray out when we let go of the end of this, when they’re all full? – [Mother] It’s gonna be crazy. – We’re gonna have to cut it open and see what happens. – [Mother] Look you guys, the
orbies are starting to swell. Oh my gosh, it looks so cool. – You can see them
going around and around. The water’s like pushing them through. – [Mother] I think Carl’s the
balloon and orbies master. (laughing) – We probably have the
most views on YouTube for orbies inside giant
balloons and stuff. But we’ve never done one like this. – [Mother] That is so crazy. – [Boy] It’s like a giant coil. – It is totally like a
big water balloon snake. – That looks awesome. – [Mother] How many feet
do you think that is, Carl? – I have no idea. – [Mother] That is so crazy. – About 30 feet. – [Mother] You think so? 30 feet. Tell us down in the comments
how long do you think that is if we were to stretch it out. – We’ve got our giant
orbies water balloon snake on the trampoline. Now, I just gotta tie this off somehow. I might need to let a little bit out. Here we go, whew. I don’t want any orbies to get out. I just wanna make enough room
that I can tie a knot here. I think we’re good. Now we gotta wait and
let the orbies swell up and we’ll see what this
looks like when we come back. We’ve noticed down here
when we do giant balloons full of orbies on the trampoline, that a lot of times the
sunshine shining down somehow stresses it out,
and they’ll just burst and pop while we’re waiting. So, we’re gonna try and
protect this whole thing by covering it up with some towels. Then, we’re gonna get them wet, and we’ll come back in a couple of hours and we’ll see how this
works, if the orbies have all swollen up. It’s gonna be awesome. It’s been about an hour since
we filled this thing up. Let’s take a peek here and
see what it looks like. Ahhh, so far so good. You can see the orbies are starting to get a little bit bigger in there. Hopefully, they swell up all the way full and then it becomes
like an orbies blaster. Sometimes orbies can take up
to like four or five hours to completely swell all the way up. You can get them even bigger
if you wait overnight, and go like 10 hours. We’re gonna give it like two
more hours and check back and see if it works. I just came outside to check
on the giant water balloon full of orbies, the big water worm. I don’t know what we call this. It’s really cool though. And I wanna show you guys
something really interesting that I just figured out. Look at this, you can see
the orbies already starting to swell up, but watch when
I move on the trampoline how the orbies slosh around inside. They follow you around the coils. I wonder if I picked it up,
I don’t wanna pop it though. I’m not gonna risk it. Let’s just keep waiting. Just check this, when I
wobble the trampoline, watch. How they all wiggle like
that, isn’t that crazy? Here we go, I think it’s
time to do the big reveal. Let’s pull these wet blankets off. – [Everyone] Whoa. – Look at that, if we get it, this is where to bulk of them are. If I pick this up, are
the orbies gonna sink? Look, whew, look at that. – THey’re like slowly going down. – It totally is. – It’s like a rainbow water balloon. – It totally is. – Wow – But the water’s kind of balanced inside, so it’s not like they’re really sinking when I pick it up like that, you can see them go up
and down and slosh around. – [Boy] That’s amazing. – You know what I think we need to do? – [Boys] What? – I think we need to
take the end of it here and we need to cut the end off and see if it’s like a water
balloon orbies blaster. I wanna see if I can pick this up. Here, hold this end. – Okay. – This is the very back end of it here. – I feel like it’s going to pop. – It might. What you can do is hold
it over your shoulders if you do it just right,
and we’ll wrap it around. It’s like a giant python, right? – Yeah. – [Mother] It totally looks like one. – A giant water balloon snake. It’s kind of freaky,
it’s a little bit weird. And then you can see the
orbies slosh around in there. Look at that. – [Boy] That’s crazy. – [Carl] This thing could pop any second. – Yeah, I’m afraid it’s just
going to pop everywhere. – All right, so here is this end of our giant water balloon snake. I’m gonna get the tip cut off here. There we go, it’s open now. All right, you guys, let’s get a countdown with our orbies water balloon blaster. – [Everyone] Three, two, one, go, whoa. – Weird, it’s like pinched off. Oh, there we go. (screaming) – It’s going everywhere. (laughing) – You can see the orbies. Here they come. (screaming) There it goes, look. – They’re everywhere, that’s awesome. – It is spraying them out. (screaming) – Orbies water blaster.
(screaming) – This is crazy, it’s working
like an orbies water gun. Now I gotta go mobile. (laughing)
(screaming) – [Mother] There’s orbies everywhere. – This is so weird, look at this. I can’t believe it’s working actually. Guys, I think this needs to
be a new thing on YouTube where everybody gets the surgical tubing and does some crazy shenanigans. This was way fun. We totally gotta do this again. – Yeah. – [Mother] Carl, your feet
are covered in orbies. – I know, I think it’s almost done and obviously, we didn’t
even wait long enough for them to get their full potential. We’re gonna have to do this again, so we can swell it up really huge. – Yeah. – Look at this, it’s
like an orbies sausage. – Yeah, ready? – And then look, when I go
like this and squeeze it, they go down the tunnel to the next one. – [Everyone] Whoa. – [Boy] Look, that is awesome. – But most of all, it’s really
fun when you spray people. (screaming) Guys, that’s it for this video. Thanks for joining us on the
Carl and Jinger Family channel. Click anywhere on the
screen in order to subscribe or to watch more videos. And we’ll see you guys next time. – [Everyone] Bye, whoa. (laughing)

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