Giant Life Size Dinosaur Showdown at Renaissance Festival Theme Park

Giant Life Size Dinosaur Showdown at Renaissance Festival Theme Park

(upbeat music) – [LB] Wow. – [Aaron] Oh, man! – What are we doing
here, Park Ranger Aaron? – So, we’re here because
somebody called in a tip that they saw a dinosaur on
the loose out here somewhere. And it’s like a Renaissance
Fair all around us. Despicable G, let some of our dinosaurs out of the park again. We better go and check out this place, see if we can find any
dinosaurs anywhere, okay? – Okay.
– Okay. (crowd screaming) – Do you hear that?
– Yeah. – There’s screams, that way! Quick let’s go, dinosaurs! (dinosaur growls) – [Aaron] No dinosaurs anywhere are there? – [LB] No. – I don’t know why we got that phone call. I think they were wrong. (dinosaur growling) Hey Park Ranger LB, man. Have you seen any dinosaurs anywhere yet? – No.
– No I haven’t either. I know we’re supposed to
be here looking for them, but there’s just so many fun things to do, I think we should just have fun instead. – Yeah.
(upbeat music) – You ever done this before?
– Yes. – [Boy] I have! – Here at the Renaissance
or somewhere else? – Somewhere else.
– Hold the bungee. If you’ve ever done this
anywhere else, this one’s taller. Ready to fly, Jurassic Park? Way up there in the top. All the way! Woo! (boy screaming) – Arr, up higher.
(LB screams) – (laughing) Dude, man. That was pretty cool. – Yeah
– There’s your hat. – That was the scariest
thing I ever went on, and no matter what I’m never
going on it ever again. – You’re not? Man that was so cool, you
were so high up there dude. – Yeah, my knees are still shaking. (Aaron laughing) – Okay, let’s go find something else that’s more like on the ground okay? – Yeah.
– Okay, lets go, Hey wait. Let’s go check out the petting zoo. – Yeah.
– Okay cool. Okay Park Ranger LB, it’s the petting zoo. You know what we can
do in the petting zoo? – Yeah. – We can go in and see what
kind of animals we can find to put in our animal park, to
compete against Despicable G. Okay, we gonna shut this park down. – Hey I can already see one, a spider. – Is this like a little baby horse? – Yeah.
– Or a miniature horse? There’s not a sign here. Here, I’ll tell you what, here’s
a carrot that they gave us. Aw, this little horse likes the carrot. Yeah, good carrot, huh? Oh yeah. (chuckles) – Eat it! Don’t you like carrots? Do you like carrots? – Oh! He took the whole– – Oh he took the whole carrot! – We should have done cow last. – Took it out. – Come on give me it.
(Aaron chuckles) – I should have done tug of war with it. – There’s your carrot.
– There it goes. – All down the cow’s mouth there. – There goes that. Down the esophagus. – Oh you got some new food dude. Oh look, oh no he dropped it! – Baa!
– Oh! – Oh, oh no he dropped it. Oh, he almost got my finger there. Oh look at the piggies! Hey little piggy piggy piggy, come here. Look at the pigs.
– Yeah. – Do you think the pigs will like that?
– Let’s feed it to the dinosaurs. – What feed what the
pigs to the dinosaurs? – Yeah.
– Shh, we’re not feeding the pigs to the dinosaurs,
these pigs are too cute. They’re not raptor food okay? Here piggy, piggy, don’t
you want to eat it? Nah, I think he’s had to much that kinda bran-looking stuff. – All right, do you
think these are llamas? – Yeah.
– Looks like it. That will be pretty cool to have in our animal park wouldn’t it? – Yeah.
– Oh, he’s eating it! – Don’t eat all of it.
– Oh look at that. Mm, I haven’t had this
since 10 minutes ago. Oh look it like a vacuum
cleaner, it just sucks it up. (Aaron imitates a vacuum cleaner noise) Okay, LB what do you think this is here? – Zebra. – I don’t know it’s not really a zebra. Maybe are fans watching can tell us. It kinda looks like a zebra.
– Yeah. – It’s like a half zebra,
half zebra, half horse. There he’s going for it now. – Don’t eat all of it! – Oh yeah, they like this stuff – Aah.
– Oh they’re digging in. – Oh, I can’t even get
the bowl away from him. Okay LB look out, this
one’s gonna come out and take the bowl right outta your hands. (LB chuckles) (LB clucks like a chicken) – It’s like Pac-Man. – Man, there’s no dinosaurs anywhere. Look at that. It’s a dinosaur track there dude. – Yeah. – This one looks pretty fresh too. – Yeah – Maybe there are really some
dinosaurs out here somewhere. – Yeah.
– Look, it’s a stegosaurus – What!
(stegosaurus moans) – There’s really dinosaurs out here. Okay where’s the Nerf
blaster tranquilizer? – I thought you bring it? – No I didn’t bring it. Why would I bring it? Okay, we have a problem we
don’t have a tranquilizer. I know, I saw some medieval
weapons back there. Let’s go see if we can find a sword. – Yeah.
– W’lll come back for the dinosaur okay?
– Okay. – Let’s go. All right Park Ranger, I’ll
be at the Black Dragon armory. This is where they have
swords and shields. So lets see if we can
find a sword and shield to take on that dinosaur okay? – Yeah.
– Let’s go. Check out these shields over here. – [LB] Wow. – Do you see one that you like? – Hmm
– There’s a whole bunch man. Any of these could work
– This. – Oh you like this one with the, is that like a dragon?
– Yeah. – Okay, you gonna do like, put it, oh, are you gonna do it, you gonna take on the dinosaurs
– Yeah. – The dinosaur’s gonna come
after you it’s gonna go (roars). (board snaps) Ow, oh that really hurt man. – Here, give you that shield. Okay.
– Okay you try. (board snaps) – It didn’t hurt you?
– No. – Try it like that. (board snaps)
Ah! (laughs) Okay, do you want this shield then? – Yeah. – This is the one, okay cool Now let’s go find a–
– Sword! – Sword! The swords are over here okay? – See if you can pick out
a sword that works here. – Ah.
– Oh, that one! Want the, oh it’s blue so it matches okay. So you’ll have your shield, and you’ll have your sword and you gonna take on
the stegosaurus, right? (sword clanks)
Oh. Park ranger LB, there’s the stegosaurus. – Right there go get it, oh. Oh yeah, oh look out, use your shield! (LB grunts) Oh yeah, watch out for that tail dude. Oh yeah look out. Oh
– Aah – Oh watch oh man, that tail.
(LB grunts) Oh yeah, oh yeah there you go. Cool get it, oh. Yeah look out, oh yeah look out. Shield, shield man yeah,
give him a good swat (LB grunts) Yeah, give it a good swat (chuckles). Oh I think you got it look! It’s leaving.
– Yeah. – Bye bye stegosaurus,
see you at the park. – Yeah I think you’re right, he’s going back to the park man. – Yeah
– Good job man. Oh you missed here, oh don’t
do that, that’s not good. (hands slap)
– Ow. – Hey, let’s check and see
if there’s any more dinosaurs anywhere here at this
Renaissance Festival okay? – Okay. – That will give us a good excuse to go check and see what
there else is to do man. – Yeah.
– Come on man lets go. Hey look LB. You can go panning for gem stones here. – Yeah
– Do you wanna try it? Like you did at the dinosaur park, see it you can find any good gems stones? – Heavy.
– Oh yeah, it’s heavy, let’s go
over here to the water. (LB grunts)
Okay you’re gonna put it in this little sifter thing here, okay? Oh, look at all that, okay and lift it up. – Oh.
– Wow. – Wow, look out this.
– Those are huge. – [Aaron] Like a big
piece of quartz, isn’t it? – [LB] Yeah, shark tooth – Shark tooth, awesome, that
a good first batch isn’t it? – [LB] Yeah. – [Aaron] All right, now what did you get? Hey is that an arrowhead? – [LB] Yeah, fossil! – [Aaron] A Fossil,
ammonite, look at that. – Wow.
– It looks like a little snail almost doesn’t it? Or a seashell, wow that is really cool. – Making a sandcastle with it. – [Aaron] Oh look at that, it’s like a bubble gum set right there.
– Yeah. Shark tooth.
– Oh, is that another shark tooth?
– Those are anywhere from 35 to 65 million years old. – [Aaron] Wow, 60 million years old. We’ll go back, we’ll add
this to our collection okay? – Yeah.
– Cool, lets go. This boat’s gonna go back and forth like that when we get on. But there’s no motors! This guy over here is gonna push it. Hands in the air. (LB grunts)
(Aaron grunts) – Throw up, throw up!
– Throw up? We’re not throwing up man. – [LB] Feels like I’m about to fall. – Oh we’re slowing down,
we’re coming into port now. That’s a good thing ’cause I’m
getting pretty seasick there. Oh I think I nearly lost
that pretzel I ate earlier, on that ride.
– Yeah. – So we gotta take it
easier on these others. – I’m going backwards. Hi.
(LB moans) This is fast. It really cools me off too. – It’s jousting man, dp you wanna try it? – Yeah.
– Go for it. That’s your coach.
– Are you ready? – Yes.
– Three, two, one, for the dinosaurs! – Hazar! What is your name, my lord? – LB. – LB?
– Park Ranger – Well, I’ll be, LB the park ranger! Realize that you have
proven your skill and valor on this field and shall be
granted honorary knighthood in his Majesty’s kingdom. Let us hear it for the
newest knight, hip hip! – [Crowd] Hazar! – Okay, this is the crossbow game. Do you think you could shoot one of these ping pong balls
through one of those holes? – Yeah.
– There you go. Right that one, right there.
(gun snaps) Oh, you almost had that one. Aim a little high ’cause
it’s gotta go phew! Oh you’re getting close. (guns snaps)
Oh you didn’t win. This is the dart game I think we’re gonna do better than we did at the crossbow right? – I think you’re right.
– You’re gonna hit theses red dots aren’t you? – Yeah.
– Go for it. (Aaron groans)
– Too much force. (ball whooshes)
(Aaron groans) – Oh, little world, just, pshwt. – Okay.
– Oh, you were close. Wow, thought it was supposed
to be face painting. Looks like arm painting,
looks like muscle painting. We had a pretty good day didn’t we? – Yeah.
– We had fun at the Renaissance Festival and we scared off that dinosaur right? – Yeah.
– Okay, let’s go back to the park then. (upbeat music) (dinosaur growls)

Randy Schultz

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