Giant Life Size Dinosaur & Raptor Chase at Discover the Dinosaurs Jurassic Event for Kids

Giant Life Size Dinosaur & Raptor Chase at Discover the Dinosaurs Jurassic Event for Kids

– The three minute fidget spinner. It spins for 3 minutes. (loud buzzing) What? (loud buzzing) A dinosaur is out of his paddock! I better call Park Ranger Aaron! – [LB] Come in, Park Ranger Aaron! (radio bleeping) – Yeah, go ahead, Park Ranger LB. (radio bleeping) – There’s an alarm on Paddock Twelve! – [LB] It’s looks like
a dinosaur’s escaped! (radio bleeping) – What, what, which dinosaur is it? (radio bleeping) – I don’t know which dinosaur is in there. Lemme check! – Ah, lemme count all my new cows here. There’s one, uh… Uh. There’s another one. – [LB] Paddock Twelve isn’t on my list. (radio bleeping) – [Aaron] What, yeah I don’t know which one that is either. (radio bleeping) (laughing) – I know what dinosaur that is. (radio bleeping) – Hey Despicable G, Man. You stop messin’ with our dinosaur park. (radio bleeping) – Yeah, I let it out of the paddock and took it down to that (mumbles) shows down the road there. (radio bleeping) – What, you let it out at a dino show? Dude, that’s not cool man. (radio bleeping) – Oh, man, there’s a lot of people there. We better go get it! – Okay, Park Ranger LB I’m on my way to pick you up and we’ll go to the dino show. Be there in just a minute! (radio bleeping) – [LB] Okay, I’ll be ready! (radio bleeping) – Get there quick man. (door opening) Okay, Park Ranger LB,
this is the dino show where Despicable G said he turned one of our dinosaurs loose, okay. – Okay. – So we gotta go find
somethin’ in the gift shop and find the dinosaur and lure it out of here
before he gets anybody. – Let’s go! – Let’s go! (upbeat music) Hey, this is it! “Discover the Dinosaurs Unleashed”. – Cool! – Let’s go check it out! (air whooshing) (upbeat music) Hey, Park Ranger LB. – [LB] It’s a Coelophysis! – [Aaron] Dude, man, you know it! Okay, awesome. All, right, do you think that’s uh, an animatronic or a real one? – [LB] It’s, it has to be an animatronic ’cause its feets not moving. – [Aaron] Ah, that’s good! Okay, we don’t have to
worry about this one being the one we’re lookin for! – Yeah! – Let’s keep lookin’! – Cool! Cool, it’s a Saltasaurus! – [Aaron] Dude, you didn’t
give me a chance to ask. Hey, you know who I bet
would like a Saltasaurus? – [LB] What? – Nana. – Oh, yeah! – Yeah, she loves salt, dude, okay. This is like 40 feet long in real life. It’s huge, man! – [LB] Whoa! – [Aaron] That’s like
a Brontosaurus, right? – [LB] Yeah. – [Aaron] Yeah, but it’s a herbivore so it only eats plants fortunately. – And salts! – And salt, yeah, maybe, okay. All right, let’s go see
what else we can find! – [LB] Let’s go! (sweeping) – Hey Park Ranger LB. – Yeah. – Hey, man, have you
seen that dinosaur yet? – No. – I think we need to keep lookin’, okay? – Okay. – Let’s go! All right, you know what this bad boy is. – [LB] It’s a Herrarasaurus, cool! – [Aaron] Man, you know
these names so well. Dude, this is awesome. Okay, yeah, I don’t
really think that’s not like the real deal. – [LB] Yeah. – [Aaron] It’s a great animatronic though. Isn’t it? We gotta be on the look out
for Despicable G’s dinosaur he turned loose! – Let’s go! – Look at that one! – [LB] Whoa! – [Aaron] Look at this one over here! – [LB] Whoa, it’s a Dilophosaurus. – [Aaron] Dude, yeah
it is a Dilophosaurus! – [LB] Cool, it’s so big! – [Aaron] It’s an awesome looking Dilopho ooh, yeah, you don’t
wanna touch that, okay. – No. – [Aaron] Okay, I think
we’re still safe though. ‘Cause this isn’t one of the ones that Despicable G let out. We gotta keep searching! That way, go! – Yay. – Whoa!
– Whoa, it’s an Allosaurus! – [Aaron] I know, man! It’s such a great looking Allosaurus! – [LB] It’s a big one! – [Aaron] It’s big! Cool, ooh, hey, what’s that over there? – Ooh! – Let’s go find out! – Yeah, but first
Allosaurus is gonna getcha! – Ooh! – Whoa, they even have a Deinonychus! – [Aaron] Ah, yeah, a Deinonychus, man. It’s a meat-eater, about 10 feet long. It looks like, a lot like
a raptor, doesn’t it? – [LB] Hey! It’s eyes just zoomed in and out like got bigger then smaller! – [Aaron] And they’re blinking too! Wow, the eyes are getting bigger. Wow, that’s amazing. – [LB] Whoa. – [Aaron] Okay, that is
such a cool animatronic. I almost think it’s real. – Yeah! – Yeah, it’s not though. Good thing though, okay. – But, it’s gonna getcha! – Ahh!
– Ahh! – [Aaron] Hey Park Ranger LB, man! Come on, you can get in first! Put the pedal to the metal, dude! – [LB] I am! – [Aaron] Oh, he’s touchin’
bumpers there, man! All right, man he’s coming in last. Look at that, he’s intense. He knows how to race around
a track in a slow moving ATV. – [Attendant] All right. – Oh, yay, I came in first place. I came in first place! – [Aaron] First place, dude! – Yeah! – [Aaron] Cool! Okay, lets go find some more dinosaurs! Ooh, ooh, I think he wants to bite you. – [LB] No, you. – [Aaron] No, you. Okay, what’s this one? – [LB] It’s a Stegosaurus. – Yeah, man! Hey, these animatronics are awesome. – [Aaron] Look how great the movement is on ’em, huh? Looks really real. But it’s not, right? – [LB] No. – [Aaron] Awesome though. Cool, what a great dino show! – Yeah! – Let’s go see if we can
find a T-Rex somewhere. – Let’s go! (dinosaur roaring) – Look! – [LB] Whoa, it’s a T-Rex! – [Aaron] Dude, man! It’s a big scary T-Rex, too! – [LB] Yeah – [Aaron] Ooh, ooh! Man, looks like he wants to bite you! Okay, the one good thing about this T-Rex, pretty sure that’s not real ’cause it would be a lot
bigger than that, wouldn’t it? – [LB] Yeah. – [Aaron] It’s a really cool looking T-Rex, isn’t it? – [LB] Uh-huh. – [Aaron] Okay. Hey we better go see. Oh, let’s go check that
one out over there. – Yeah, and it’s gonna eatcha! – (mumbles) get me all the time, ah! – [Aaron] Dude, check it out! It’s a– – [LB] Spinosaurus! Whoa, it’s so big! – [Aaron] Dude, did you know it’s bigger than a T-Rex? – [LB] What? I never knew that! – [Aaron] Hey, it’s one of your favorites, isn’t it? – [LB] Yeah, you’re right! – [ Park Ranger Aaron] Awesome! And it’s from Africa. – [LB] Yeah! – [Aaron] Hey, look over here at this one! – Whoa, it’s an Amargasauru! – [Aaron] Dude, man, you know so many. (dinosaur roaring) – [Aaron] Oh, that was quite a roar right there. – [LB] Yeah. – [Aaron] Good thing he’s a herbivore and only eats plants, huh? – [LB] Uh-huh. – [Aaron] Yeah, this thing
grows to be 30 feet long. – Whoa! – Whoa, Amargasaurus,
that’s a cool one, huh? – Yeah. – Okay, all right. Ooh, I think I see some
raptors over there, come on! – [LB] Whoa, it’s an Iguanodon! – [Aaron] Oh, and look
what else is here man! – [LB] Raptors! – [Aaron] Velociraptors taking
on this Iguanodon, dude. – Yeah! – [Aaron] Man, ooh, that one kinda looks a little mean, doesn’t it? – [LB] Yeah. – [Aaron] And the poor Iguanodon’s like, “Oh, get this raptor off of me, dude”. – Oh, no! – [Aaron] Oh, that could be bad. Okay, I haven’t seen
this dinosaur anywhere. I think Despicable G might’ve
tricked us, dude, okay? – Okay. – Let’s go see what else we can find to do while we’re here though, at least, okay. – [LB] Yeah. – Okay, let’s go. All right Park Ranger LB, you wanna get your picture
made while we’re here? – Yeah. – Yeah, I think they put us in front of the jungle or something. (upbeat music) Here you be on this side. – Okay. – Okay. – [Attendant] Okay on three
you’re gonna look (mumbles). One, two, three. – T-Rex, ahh!
– Ahh! – Oh, one more. – Ahh!
– Ahh! – Okay, so there’s the
first version we did. Do you like that one? – No. – Or you wanna see the second version? He’s gettin’ it ready. Ah (laughing). – [LB] I’m (mumbles) Tae-Kwon-Do
moves against a T-Rex! – Oh, yeah, there we go. There we go. Okay, which one do you like better? – That one! – That one, you wanna go for that one? – [LB] Yeah! – Okay, let’s go for it! Yeah, let’s go for that one. Wow, what do you think
of this picture, huh, Park Ranger LB? – Cool! – [Aaron] Dude, you make a
great shield against a T-Rex. – [LB] Yeah. (laughing) – [Aaron] I dunno if that’s
what you really want to be. Okay, we gotta go find
some more dinosaurs, dude. – [LB] Let’s go! – [Aaron] Let’s go! – [LB] It’s a Carnotaurus! – [Aaron] Dude, did you know these things are meat-eaters from South America? – [LB] Whoa! – [Aaron] And they’re really fast, too. – [LB] Yeah. – [Aaron] And they even have
smaller hands than a T-Rex. – [LB] Oh, that’s small!
– [Aaron] Awesome. Ready to try digging for, uh,
what, dino-fossils in here? – Yeah. – Okay, cool, see what you can find. Ooh, this water’s cold today. (singing) Okay, oh, wow! – [Aaron] Look at all the
stuff you got in that bag, man. – [LB] Cool. – [Aaron] Cool, let’s take it out and see what you
collected in the bag here. Whoa! Look at that man! – It’s a T-Rex tooth! – I don’t think it’s a T-Rex tooth but I think that could be a pretty good shark tooth maybe. – Yeah. – Awesome, dude, hold
that up and check it out. – [Aaron] Dude, that is awesome. Okay, let’s put it in the bag. And let’s go see what
else we can find to do! – Yeah! – [Aaron] Okay, Park Ranger LB, it’s time for the face painting. So do you know which
of these you wanna do? – Skull! – You wanna do the dino skull? – Yeah! – Okay, let’s go for it! – Yay! (upbeat music) – [Face Painter] Okie dokie, you are done. – [Aaron] Oh, wow, dude. – You can go look in the
mirror right over there. – Okay. – Dude, man. – Cool. – That is awesome. Do you like it? – Yeah. – Okay, Park Ranger LB, go for it, man! – Yeah! (upbeat music) (dinosaur roaring) – Yeah. – All right, dude, did you have fun? – Yeah! – That was awesome, wasn’t it? Okay, let’s go back to
the gift shop then, okay? – Okay. – [Aaron] Let’s go. Dude, you got an awesome face
painting job right there. – Yeah. – You could scare away any dinosaur. But I think we need to go
in here to the gift shop and find a dinosaur toy
you could use to lure away the dinosaur, okay? – Let’s go! – Let’s go! – [Aaron] All right,
this is the gift shop. Let’s go see what we can find! – Yeah! – Hey, you want, wait a minute. What are you gonna do with this, dude? – I’m gonna lure the dinosaur. – With an umbrella? – Yeah. – How you gonna do that? – I’m gonna go like, “Oh”. (umbrella opening) – Oh, okay, if you think
that’ll scare the dinosaur. – Yeah. – Away from here. Let’s do it! We’ll get the umbrella, okay? – Let’s go! – Let’s go! (air whooshing) That was fun, wasn’t it? – Yeah. – Hey, you know what though– – What? – I think Despicable G was
just pullin’ our chain there. “The Dinosaur at the dino show”, man, there’s no dinosaurs, hey! (radio bleeping) Oh, wait a minute. Who’s that calling on
the walkie-talkie, man? Yeah, this is Park Ranger Aaron. Go ahead. (radio bleeping) – You there, park rangers? (radio bleeping) – Despicable G, man, what do you keep doin on our walkie-talkies, dude? (radio bleeping) – I never said I put it
inside the dino show. (laughing) (snorting) (laughing) (radio bleeping) – Oh, there’s no dinosaur in the show. It’s out. (radio bleeping) Raptor! (dinosaur roaring) – So long Park Rangers. (laughing) – You distract it with the umbrella. I’ll go get the tranquilizer blaster. – Yeah. (umbrella opening) (dinosaur roaring) (umbrella opening) – It’s not working! Oh, no, I’m gonna hide. (dinosaur roaring) Oh, no, run! (dinosaur roaring) (child squealing) (dinosaur roaring) (keys jiggling) – Open it! – No tranquilizer darts. – What? – Quick, get in! We’ll
get outta here, man! Hurry, close the door. – Whoa, I’m not in my seat. (dinosaur hissing) – Ah, so long raptor! (laughing) (action music)

Randy Schultz

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