Giant Life Size Dinosaur Eggs Hatch! Dinosaurs & T-Rex Escape from Dino Park in Fun Kids Toy Video

– Take these T-Rexes! (nerf gun pops) (roaring) Oh, I missed. Did you get one? – No, I missed, too. The Dinomaster! – [Dad] You’re right! He’s right there! (zapping) No, no, no, no! – [LB] Man! – He zapped it with his
disappearing ray gun. – Oh, wait, there he is! (roaring) – [Aaron] T-Rex! Run! – [LB] Oh no, (mumbles) hurry up, oh no! – [Aaron] Okay, here we
are, our cabin in the woods. Where’s the light switch? Oh here it is, right here.
– Oh! – Hey, man! This is a pretty nice
place you found, huh? – Yeah. – Awesome, okay. Oh, oh right, good thing we got these eggs at Gulliver’s huh? Just hiding with dinosaur eggs. – Yeah! Man, good thing the
Dinomaster didn’t get these. (growling) – Yeah, that would’ve been terrible if he hadn’t disappeared and
he had gotten these instead. We really need to examine to see what kind of hybrid DNA he put
in these bad boys, huh? – Uh-huh! – Except, you know, it’s kinda late to be examining dino eggs right now. What are we gonna do with them because we can’t let them
hatch when we’re asleep! – Idea! – Idea what? – What if we put the dino
eggs in the refrigerator? – Oh, yeah. The refrigerator, that’s a good idea! Okay, let’s go over and check
out their fridge there, huh? – Okay! – Okay, all right. Hey, you think it’s in here? – Yeah, it’s in here. – Okay, oh, here’s the fridge. Okay, put these bad boys inside. – Yeah. – All right and they’ll stay
nice and chill all night. – Yeah. – Okay, there you go, goodnight! – Nighty night! – Little dinosaurs. – I’m excited about tomorrow. – Yeah, it’s gonna be fun. – Saw some Doritos in there. – Okay, we need a good rest. You head off upstairs. I’m gonna go check out this
room, go to sleep, okay? – Okay.
– See you in the morning! – Good night, park ranger Aaron! – Good night, park ranger LB! (doors shutting) (yawns) – Yeah, wow. (flicking) Hey, park ranger LB, something’s
wrong with the power, man. The lights won’t come on. – Power? – [Aaron] Yeah, don’t know
what that’s all about. – Wait a minute. The fridge door is open. – The fridge?! Oh no! Oh no! – Oh no! – The power went out and the fridge failed and the eggs hatched. – Oh no, what are we gonna do?! – You know what that means? There’s two hybrid T-Rex dinosaurs running around here somewhere! – Oh man! – Okay, we better get out
there and find them, okay? – Okay. – Okay, wait a minute. Wait a minute, look! – Breadcrumbs! – Breadcrumbs? Where does it go? (gasps) It’s a trail outside the door! T-Rexes slipped up, they
left a trail of breadcrumbs. Okay, let’s grab our
sling and our blasters and let’s go follow the trail! Oh, man, you can save breakfast for later. Get your sleepy dart blaster. Let’s go, dude! Oh, here we go. There’s the trail of breadcrumbs, goes off that way, huh? – Mhm! – Okay, get your sleepy
dart blaster ready! Okay, let’s go. Oh man, you’re eating
breakfast still, aren’t ya? You lead the way, okay? – Hey, oh man! – Yeah, you can lead the way today, son. (mumbles) – Yeah, let’s go, all right, here we go. Oh, lookie here! (gasps) The trail of breadcrumbs stops! – Yeah! – Which way do you think we should go? – That way! – Okay, let’s go. (playful action music) – Make sure there’s no booby traps! (suspenseful music) – [Dinomaster] It seems my
hybrid dinosaurs have hatched! I will let the park rangers do
the hard work and catch them! – Any sign of the T-Rexes? – No. – [LB] Whoa! – [Aaron] Close one, man. – So close. – Look out, okay, yeah. Almost got a sleepy dart there. Hey, wait, what’s that up there? (distant growling) – Do you hear that? – Yeah, I heard that all right. – Okay, you see that right up there? – Yeah. – Come on, let’s go check it out. – Okay.
– Let’s go. (humming) – Wait, wait, wait, wait, right here. – Right here? – You see that? – Yeah. – Some large creature came through here. Broke that off. – Like boosh. – Yeah. (sheep bleating) – That sounded like a small farm animal. – It did. You know what that means. T-Rex lunch time. Let’s go, come on. – Wait. That’s a bad thing.
– Yeah. (upbeat banjo music) Hey!
– Hey! – [Aaron] Look over there huh? – [LB] Yeah, it’s Billy the Ram. – Billy the Ram? – Like (grunting). – Oh yeah, yeah, like a sheep. – Yeah! – You know what, I call
that T-Rex lunch huh? – Yeah. – Okay, so I’ll bet we
wait here long enough, those two T-Rexes, they’ll
come right up for lunch. We waiting with our sleepy dart blasters and we’ll get them okay? – Yeah. – Okay, hey, let’s hide back here, okay, so they don’t see us. – Okay. – Oh here we go, there we go. All right you see the sheep over there? – Yeah. – Right. Think we can watch and
see the T-Rexes come for lunch and they’re
gonna get a big surprise! – Yeah! – Oh! Look! (T-Rex roaring)
– [LB] There they are! – [Aaron] You ready?
– [LB] Yeah. – [Aaron] Let’s go, get ’em. Take this T-Rexes! (dart blasters popping) (T-Rex roaring) Oh I missed! Did you get one? – No, I missed too. (dart blasters popping) – [Aaron] Oh, I missed. (roaring) Oh, oh give me another sleepy dart, hurry! Hurry! Oh man! T-Rexes got away. – Oh man. And now they’re going over there. – Hey, hey, but you know what? – What? – They’re going right down that trail. I think if we go this
way we can cut them off. Come on, let’s go! Come off the pass. – Whoa!
– [Aaron] Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
– Whoa! – Park Ranger LB! (groans) Oh man, he wiped out. Okay. I don’t see ’em. Where they’d go? – Ow, that hurt. – [Aaron] The T-Rexes are gone dude. – Park ranger, I’m coming. – Okay. Be on the look out. Hey look. Hey, it’s like a little pond, isn’t it? – Wait a minute. T-Rex. – [Aaron] It is, right there. – [LB] Yeah. – He just hid in the bushes
there. Okay, wait a minute. That’s an island. How do ya get on an island? – I have no clue. Maybe
it walked in the water. – And how did it get so big so quick? – I don’t know. – It’s like that one back at
Gulliver’s. It just gets huge. – Yeah. – Okay, we gotta figure
out some way to get out to that island and blast it okay? Let’s look around for something. – Oo la la, boo ba boat. – [Aaron] What? – Boat! – A boat? – Flippy flippy time.
– Hey. (groans) – Whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! There we go, okay. – I’m strong. – Something’s telling me
this is not a good idea. – Something tells me this is a good idea. – Okay, you stay here on the shore, and then I’ll float out there, and I’ll blast it when I
get close enough, okay? – [LB] Okay.
– All right get a side there. Okay. Oh, there we go, okay, okay. – Oh this is heavy. – Yeah, you’re right. Okay, here we go. – Don’t drop it. Oh. – Okay. – [LB] The moment we’ve
all been waiting for. – All right. Oh does sit float? Yeah, it floats. – Ha ha. – (chuckles) All right,
I’m gonna go in there now, and I’m gonna get this T-Rex. – Careful park ranger. – [Aaron] There we go. Okay, all right, okay hey. – Okay, I got the ropes. – All right where’s the oar? – Oh right here! – [Aaron] Oh wait, is that an oar? – [LB] Yeah. – [Aaron] That’s not oar to me. Oh it’s just a big stick. – Here you go. – I guess this will just have to work. Here we go. (clattering) – [LB] And you’re off. – Here we go, I’m gonna get the T-Rex. – [LB] Okay, hurry up park ranger, Aaron. It’s taking all day man. – I know. – [LB] It’s been like three hours. – It’s not exactly an oar. Okay, do you see it park ranger LB? – [LB] No! – [Aaron] Wait, wait a minute! (roars) Is that it? – Uh yeah, I see it, it’s right there. – [Dinomaster] It looks
like they have found one of my dinosaurs. It is time to collect him. – The Dinomaster! – [Aaron] You’re right, he’s right there! (zapping) – [Aaron] No, no, no, no! Oww! – [LB] Man! – He’s left it with his
disappearing ray gun. (sighs in disgust) – [Aaron] He got the dinosaur! – [LB] Man. – Come we gotta get out of
here and catch the Dinomaster. Okay, I’m coming back. – Hurry, come on park ranger Aaron! – I’m trying. Here, pull me back in shore. (mumbles) Pull! Pull! (groans in pain) – Where is despicable
Gene when you need him? Here we go. Okay. Hold it! Oh, no, no, no (mumbles). (straining) – Uh, nah, nah, it’s good,
it’s good, it’s good. Hold it right there. Hold it right there. – [LB] No, no, no, no. Why are you so heavy? – There, okay, I got it. – [LB] Awh, you can let go now. – I got it. Okay. Okay. Come on, we got to get the Dinomaster. – Did we get its blood? – Come on, let’s go get the Dinomaster. – Okay.
– C’mon. – [LB] This way (mumbles). – [Aaron] C’mon, let’s go. – Wait, stop, stop, stop. – Whoa, whoa, whoa.
– Park ranger! – What, what? – I think I see something over there. Let me see the binoculars.
– Over there? Binoculars, okay. – Yeah. – Here’s the binoculars. – Wait, we get new ones? – Oh, these are the ones that we have when we’re in England, okay? – Oh.
– There you go, give those bad boys a try. Okay, what do you see? – I see something red
with a mouth and a nose! – [Aaron] You think it’s the T-Rex?! – Yeah, the T-Rex! – Okay, I’ll tell you what. – Here you go. – You keep an eye on
me with the binoculars. – Okay. – And keep me covered,
I’m gonna go up that hill and I’m gonna find out what it is, okay? – Okay. Here, I’ll keep you covered. – There you go, okay, stay here. (playful mysterious music) Okay, you keep an eye on
me, Park Ranger LB, okay? – Yeah. Oh, oops, wait where did he go? I don’t see him anywhere. Oh wait, there he is! (T-Rex growling) – [Aaron] T-Rex, run! – [LB] Oh no, Park Ranger, hurry up! Aw, no! (heavy breathing) – T-Rex, Park Ranger LB,
T-Rex, get out of here! – [LB] Okay Park Ranger Aaron! – [Dinomaster] Ah, yes, they have found my second hybrid dinosaur. – Park Ranger LB, hide. Hide, hide, hide. Wait a minute. The dinomaster! – [LB] Yeah. – [Aaron] He’s back! – [LB] Yeah! (zapping) – And, he just disappeared the T-Rex! – Yeah, just like at Gulliver’s! – Quick, let’s go get him, c’mon! – [Dinomaster] Time for me to leave. – Get the dinomaster. (zapping) He just disappeared again! – Man! – Man, the dinomaster’s
always getting away from us and he took his hybrid dinosaurs with him! – Yeah! – Okay, we gotta find some
plan to capture this guy. – Yeah. – Okay, well, let’s go back to Dino HQ and we’ll figure something out. – Yeah, we also need one
of those flashlight things, ya know, that he has. – Blaster things, yeah. (intense action music)

Randy Schultz

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