Giant Dinosaur Encounter & Jurassic Adventure with Kids Ride on ATV

Giant Dinosaur Encounter & Jurassic Adventure with Kids Ride on ATV

– [LB] Park ranger Aaron, I got my stuff. – What, what, what? – I got my stuff. – Okay, that’s good, let’s get out of here before the storm gets here! – Okay!
– Let’s go! (thunder booming) Park Ranger LB, go in here. – [LB] Yeah. – Go in here, we can go
in here and hide, okay? I think there’s a hiding place. Get your stuff, though. – My stuff! – Yeah, get your stuff! Come on, let’s go, hurry
the storm’s coming. (thunder booming) Hurry! (thunder booming) Ooh, that’s big thunder, man. Oh, oh, wait, wait,
wait, wait, wait, wait! down there!
– Yeah. – I bet there’s a hiding
place down there, hurry! – Yeah, ow, ow, oh, ow, oh.
– Oh, be careful though, oh. – Ooh, ow, ow!
– It’s kinda deep. – Be careful Park Ranger LB – Ow, ow, ow, ow.
– if you don’t wanna fall. Whoa, you lost your hat. Oh hey, look, it’s a cave! – Yeah! – We can go hide in there. Come on. – I like it. Ooh. – Just climb over. (thunder booms) Ooh man, there’s lightning and thunder. It’s getting close. All right. Here we go. (laughs) Woo-hoo. All right, oh man. Woo-hoo. All right, oh man. Ha, we’re safe from the storm in here, huh? We can wait it
out here until it passes, okay? – You have something to do, like checkers? – No, I don’t have nothing to do, we just have to wait here. – I’ve got something to do in my backpack. – You do? Oh, that’s right!
You’ve got the dinosaur toys. Maybe we’ll get some ideas
of what kind of dinosaurs we can go look for. – Yeah. – Ooh, yeah a Raptor! Oh, I don’t really think we
want a Raptor though, okay? – Okay. (thunder) – What else do you got in here? Ooh… Oh! Stinky socks! Eww! (dry heaves) Oh! Stinky socks! Eww! (dry heaves) I don’t know how you can do that dude. – Oh wait, oh! Is this the time machine!? – Yeah! – Oh okay. So we can go back in time and look for dinosaurs,
but we can’t go yet ’cause I’ve got that blaster to
shrink dinosaurs down, but I left it in my backpack back at HQ. So we can’t go back in
time just yet. Okay? – Go back in time! (electric buzzing) (Aaron screaming) – Don’t press that button! Argh! (loud electronic noise) (birds chirping) (loud electric noise) (laughing and groaning) Man that time travel is intense, isn’t it park ranger LB? Woo-hoo! – Okay. When do you think we are? – Okay. When do you think we are? – Uh, I think we’re in
the dinosaur period. – Oh no, no. This looks like modern time. I don’t think we’re in
the Jurassic period. Uh, I don’t know. We’re probably just on
the other side of town or something like that. (loud roar) [Both] Ooh! Did you hear that? – Jinx on jinx blackout! – Man, you always get me on those jinxes. Oh, it’s kinda scary sounding. What do you think it is? – I think it’s a dinosaur! – No, it can’t be a dinosaur, man! I think it’s just a lion. (upbeat mystery music) – Hey, how about let’s split up? – Split up? Why would
we wanna split up, man? We gotta stay together! – Because let’s see if
it’s the dinosaur period or modern times. – Okay, I guess we can do that. I don’t really like the
idea of splitting up, but tell you what, stay in
touch on the walkie talkie and we’ll meet back here in 10 minutes, okay just to be safe. – Okay! (bleeps) – Because we can’t go get any Dino DNA and we can’t shrink them cause
we forget the ray gun, so – Okay! – let’s just see if we
are in the dinosaur period see if this thing works! – Okay, bye-bye!
– Let’s go, oh wait! Come back! Come back! (upbeat mystery music) – Man, I know this is the Jurassic Period, I gotta find a dinosaur
before Park Ranger Aaron. – (exhales) Oh, there’s a Christmas tree. Not a dinosaur. (chuckles)
I wonder if Park Ranger LB has found any dinosaurs yet in the Jurassic Period. Hey, come in Park Ranger LB. (bleeps) – Go ahead Park Ranger Aaron. (bleeps) – Yeah, uh you seen any
dinosaurs yet since you seem to think this is the
Jurassic Period? (bleeps) – Not any yet. (bleeps) – Okay, I guess we’ll have to keep looking ’cause I’m sure it’s the Jurassic Period, probably actually more like
1999 or something like that. (bleeps) (birds chirping) – Okay! (bleeps) – Well, I still don’t see
any dinosaurs here in the Jurassic time period, Park
Ranger LB (buzzing sound) – Ah! Bugs! (buzzing continues) – Go! There may not be dinosaurs,
but there are big bugs here. (buzzing sounds) – Spiders too! (birds chirping) – Oh, wow! Oh, cool! Oh, cool! (dinosaur roars) – (whispers) Park Ranger Aaron,
I found a dinosaur! (bleeps) – What? You saw a dinosaur? (bleeps) – Shh! Be quiet! (bleeps) – What kind was it? (bleeps) (dinosaur roars) – Oh, no! It’s spotting me. I’ve gotta get out of here! (bleeps) – But what was it? (bleeps) – It’s a Dilophosaurus! (bleeps) (intense music) – Dilophosaurus? Yeah, right. – Dilophosaurus? Yeah, right. We don’t even have those back in the park. – I bet he didn’t see a Dilophosaurus. – I better go find him anyway in case he really did see something. That’s our meeting area
over there, go get him! Where’s Park Ranger LB? I thought this was the meeting place. Maybe I remembered it wrong. Meanwhile he says a Dilophosaurus dinosaur is running around. Ooh, wait a minute! Ooh, wait a minute! Hey, this kind of looks
like a Raptor tooth. Wow, that’s a Raptor tooth
maybe Park Ranger LB’s right. We really are in the Jurassic time period. (intense music) It’s a dinosaur! It’s a dinosaur! And that’s not one of ours from the park, I think LB’s right we
really made it back to the Jurassic time period! The
time machine worked! So cool! (laughs) That is- oh, there is another one! Wow! Wow those are cute
little guys right there. That’d be perfect for our dinosaur park, if only I had my ray gun with me. I could shrink it down,
we could take it back. And we could just make that one big- oh, there’s another
one! Wow, three of them. We could just make that one big and take it back to the dinosaur- (loud stomping sounds) Oh, no! Those aren’t little dinosaurs, those are babies and there’s the mommy! (loud stomping sounds) Still! I don’t want to get stomped! Okay, I am going to get out of here before the daddy gets here. Oh, I dropped my Raptor tooth! I’m getting out of here! I’ll come get it later! (intense drum music) (Aaron panting) The Tyrannosaurus is back there! (intense music) Come in Park Ranger LB. I saw a dinosaur! – I saw one too! (intense drum music) – What’d you see? What’d you see? – I saw a Dilophosaurus! – A Dilophosaurus? Aw,
man. That’s not scary! – We don’t have to get
out of here right now. I think we should-
– We gotta go now! – No, we should explore this is what we were looking
for is dinosaurs, right? – I’m going to go over
here and explore. Okay? (electric buzzes) – Park Ranger LB! Where’d you go, man? You got the time machine! He left me here! (loud distant roaring) I think that was a T-rex. Oh, man! I’m stuck back here in Jurassic times, by myself without a time
machine. This could be bad! How am I ever going to
survive in Jurassic times and no time machine to go back? I can’t believe that Park
Ranger LB left me man! (dinosaur roaring) Okay, I know that’s a T-rex
roar. I know my T-rex roars. Okay, he said he saw a Dilophosaurus. That’s just what I need
is to come across that Dilophosaurus. I’m not doing that tonight. What am I going to eat? Oh, I see Pterodactyls over there. There are dinosaurs
everywhere out here man. (screams) It’s a dinosaur! – Oh, dude. It’s just me! – Park Ranger LB! Oh you
came back for me dude! – Yeah! – Okay, man. This place is scary. – Let’s get out of here! (electric buzzing) (zap and buzzing noises) – Hey! We’re back! – Yeah! – There’s your ATV. Its
even stopped raining now! – Yeah! – Awesome! Man you got us
back to our new Dino Park. Man this is cool. Okay that
was a bad idea going back there without the shrink ray gun, or the DNA, uh syringes to get Dino DNA.
So we got to come up with a uh syringes to get Dino DNA.
So we got to come up with a plan for how we are going
to go back there and we need to know what
dinosaurs we want to go get. – Ow. And I know exactly where we need to go to figure what kind of dinosaurs we are going to get. Okay, dude? And the best thing about this
place that I know is such a great place to go I know
its like a dinosaur park, but the dinosaurs are like life size and they’re huge statutes. That we can use- (engine starts) Hey! Hey! Park Ranger LB! What are you doing man? Come back here Park Ranger
LB. Come back! Come back here Park Ranger LB. Wait, oh wait! (engine roaring) Come back here Park- Park Ranger LB! Park Ranger
LB man I don’t want to have to run back to other
Dino Park man, come on. (engine sounds) Come here. Come on. You’re
just not fair. Come on. Come here. Come on. You’re
just not fair. Come on. Park Ranger LB! Oh, there
goes my hat! (screams) – [Speaker] Hey fans! Tap
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