Ghungroo Song | War | Hrithik Roshan, Vaani Kapoor | Vishal and Shekhar ft, Arijit Singh, Shilpa Rao

Ghungroo Song | War | Hrithik Roshan, Vaani Kapoor | Vishal and Shekhar ft, Arijit Singh, Shilpa Rao

In the sun and sand the sea
in the night And I am feeling alright
and I am feeling alright Why waste time? Let’s not hold ourselves back Sleep may not be ours tonight But our dreams will be fulfilled We have no need of lifelong vows Let them stay unfulfilled This night may never return So hold me close Listen to me just for tonight You danced your heart away Till the dancing bells on your ankles
come undone I shall throw inhibitions to the wind I danced my heart away Till the dancing bells on my ankles
come undone We have no need of lifelong vows Let them stay unfulfilled This night may never return So hold me close Hold me close tonight I danced my heart away Till the dancing bells on my ankles
come undone

Randy Schultz

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100 thoughts on “Ghungroo Song | War | Hrithik Roshan, Vaani Kapoor | Vishal and Shekhar ft, Arijit Singh, Shilpa Rao

  1. Gopal Renwa says:

    Since morning it may be 400plus times I've watched this n spcly HRX step and still watching he's Greek God

  2. ppoojasingh9 says:

    Why hv u blocked only desi???
    Why being so intolerant?

  3. Manish Jha says:

    Didn't like song music similar to bang bang????

    Vanni??? plz leave Bollywood with you big ass…

    Just praying ..the movie should be good with action… As both the heroes can do much better movie than there past movies..??

  4. Akash Amin says:

    Why blocked only desi's video. If you have pride in your creativity then have openess for creative humour or cricism. By the way it is the audience who watches your movies are following parody of your movie. Have some open heart.

  5. harkirat08 says:

    Why block only desi?? It's better and entertaining than your crap.

  6. Sumeet Behera says:

    Fuck onlydesi channel. Not a single vid was funny, completely boring. Onlydesi fans are high on drugs.

  7. Mahfuza Mizan says:

    Why block only Desi?

  8. Mahdin Bin Kholil says:

    If T-series released this song it would already have hit 100M views. This song has got so much potential buy sadly it only got 40M views in 1 week
    I am truly sad

  9. Prathamesh Patil says:

    Why block only desi??

  10. Rv sg says:

    Hrithik sir always best in this world. True legend one and only true Kohinoor in this world the greatest legend of whole world film industry the greatest legend Hrithik sir. Huge huge blessings and lots of love to you sir???????????????☺?

  11. VERSION says:

    Why block only desi ??.??.?? love HRX

  12. Takio Tayung says:

    Why block Only Desi Videos? Too much fun for your retarded movies ?

  13. Priyanka Gharami says:

    Why block ONLY DESI?

  14. Martha Sinha says:

    "Subah tak thamke mera haath…"
    Have heard the full song so many times… but where does this line come in the audio? ??

  15. Muhammad usama Mumtaz says:

    This guy has to be the best dancer bollywood has ever produced❤️❤️?… Even batter than MJ

  16. Shubham Ganguly says:

    Hrithik & Vaani : Ghungroo toot gaye
    Modi & Shah : Economy pe moot gaye

  17. Intellectual Gengar says:

    Why Block that masterpiece of a video by Only Desi ?!
    Instead of producing the same dead-beat songs, learn to take a joke or two sometimes.

  18. Sajid Chowdhury says:

    KIDS are here for : HRITHIK ROSHAN
    GIRL'S are here for : HRITHIK ROSHAN
    BOY'S are here for :HRITHIK ROSHAN
    LEGENDS are here for : HRITHIK ROSHAN

  19. Syed Salman Nizami says:

    He makes dancing luk so easy ♥️♥️

  20. Dhiraj says:

    Can't stop listening to this song ….nd the feeling now is "sunte sunte earphones tut gye ?!!"

  21. Mohd Junaid says:

    Why block only desi ????

  22. Hemanth Kumar Agarwal says:

    Vaani Ki Bikni Bhi Ghagra Choli Lag Rahi H.R Ke High Class Dance Steps Ke Agey… I Skip All Vaani Performance… And Hell With Your Desi….

  23. Mohd Junaid says:

    His 5 minutes videos are more entertaining than your whole bullshit film #ONLYDESI

  24. Sveta Sveta says:


  25. Rituraj Sharma says:

    Ghungroo hritik ke tootne chahiye kya dance kiya hai boss❤

  26. Aakriti Gupta says:

    Madarchod vivo

  27. عالم الجمال says:

    I love you hrx

  28. darshat manjhi says:

    I respect hrithik dance

  29. darshat manjhi says:

    Bollywood only hritik roshan can dance

  30. LMR says:

    Why did you block only desi? Is it because you’re ashamed as to how shit your movies are?

  31. Supriya Gope says:

    Why block only desi ? ?

  32. Souvik Santra says:

    Why block only desi? Do you have any sense of humour or you just care about copyright and money?

  33. Jaya M says:

    The groove of this song adds the glamour, fun and excitement that the movie promises to deliver! The lead casts bring it to the next level.

  34. Swati Gambhir says:

    YRF, why block only desi? You guys gotta learn to chill and loosen up that uptight arse a bit.
    Afterall, its just "Entertainment" – naam toh suna hoga.

  35. Milind Avirash says:

    Kids come here for Vaani.
    Men come here for Arijit.
    Legends come here to watch and get amazed by Hrithik's Signature move.

  36. _.xoxo.daydreamm._ says:

    Why block only this??

  37. Shehzad Alani says:

    Finally vanni got some excess baggage where it was needed

  38. muskan ali says:

    Why blocked only desi!!!!!????

  39. Aman Khurana says:

    40M views ?⏯ 4⃣0⃣

  40. nitin hazari says:

    still listening n watching lush steps!!! ✌???✌⭐❤

  41. Ann says:

    why block only desi?

  42. Kartikeya Kumar says:

    Guys give some credit to Vaani!

  43. Aryan Apurbo says:

    waiting for the movie…

  44. Aman Khurana says:


  45. Aman Khurana says:

  46. Deeba Azmi says:

    This song's music is a bit similar to hritik's bang bang movie title song !!

  47. Aman Khurana says:


  48. Aman Khurana says:


  49. Aman Khurana says:


  50. Aman Khurana says:


  51. Aman Khurana says:

    Treat to watch

  52. Aman Khurana says:

    Mind blowing

  53. Aman Khurana says:


  54. Aman Khurana says:


  55. Aman Khurana says:


  56. Aman Khurana says:


  57. Aman Khurana says:


  58. Aman Khurana says:


  59. Ritesh Khurana says:


  60. argha biswas says:

    Why block desi?

  61. Aman Khurana says:


  62. Aman Khurana says:


  63. Aman Khurana says:


  64. Aman Khurana says:


  65. Aman Khurana says:


  66. Aman Khurana says:


  67. Gurpreet Kaur Khalsa says:


  68. Aman Khurana says:


  69. Aman Khurana says:



    Why blocked only desi YT??

  71. kousani banerjee says:

    why block only desi?


    "Why block only desi"
    Don't you people have common sense, it was just a parody video u dumb ass

  73. Jitendra Mehra says:

    no one like hirthik ?

  74. MD Alomgir says:

    Nice Song

  75. Palak V says:

    Why do you block Only Desi revisits? Man, he doesn't mean to offend; just makes people happy like hell!!!!!?

  76. Aman Khurana says:


  77. Babita Sharma says:

    Awesome??song yarr❤❤jitana suno?? kam hai

  78. Aman Khurana says:


  79. Aman Khurana says:


    Watch it before these morons ban it again…

  81. Aman Khurana says:


  82. Aman Khurana says:


  83. Aman Khurana says:


  84. Aman Khurana says:




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