Gargoyle Gecko, The Best Pet Reptile?

Gargoyle Gecko, The Best Pet Reptile?

Well hey there! Welcome! Today we’re gonna
talk a little bit about gargoyle geckos. You’ll notice that we snuck them into
this video, which if you haven’t seen it you should check it out. Maybe, maybe not
right now – but now actually check it out right now then come back. You’re back?
Good, ok, nice to have you back. Gargoyle gecko. You’ll notice we did a video on
the top 5 best pet reptiles for beginners and there were 6 different
species on there. There were 6 different species because honestly gargoyle geckos
and crested geckos are really really similar. They’re very very closely
related to one another. Today more than anything we’re gonna try to highlight
the differences between them. We’ve already done a video on crested gecko so you can
check that one out too. But overall we give gargoyle geckos a score… we give
them a score of 4 out of 5, which is the same score that we gave crested geckos.
But we do give them this score for different reasons than we gave crested
geckos a 4 out of 5. As always, those reasons are our five categories which
are handleability, care, hardiness, availability, and upfront costs. First off,
let’s talk about handleability. For handleability we give these guys a
score of four out of five. The main reason they’re not getting a 5
out of 5 is because they’re small and can potentially be injured in a fall or
if they’re squeezed too hard, say by a small child. That’s always a concern for
any small reptile – honestly any reptile but especially for smaller reptiles. And
that’s a concern they share with crested geckos. Something else that they
share with crested geckos is the fact that they can drop their tail, which is
something I always worry about. But I worry about it a little bit less with
gargoyle geckos than I do with crested geckos for one very simple reason: they
can grow the tail back. Look at that adorable little micro tail. This goofball…
here you can see these two – they’ve never dropped their tails. This gecko has
dropped her tail three times. Never when I’ve been handling he. Just every now
and then I’ll come and check on her and her enclosure and [bop]
tails gone and it’s gonna be new tail time. She usually grows it back. I’ve
never seen her get it all the way back before she drops it again. They can
regrow the tail but won’t be quite the same. For one thing, they tend to replace
the bone inside of it with a rod of cartilage and that means it’s generally
not quite as flexible. Though I have found their tails to be pretty flexible
still. And in my experience when they regrow their tail, on this particular
species and some of the other New Caledonian geckos, it looks very very
similar to the original tail. And if it grows long enough it looks pretty
convincingly similar to the original tail. One real difference with the tails
on these guys versus that the crested geckos is the tail is not nearly
as prehensile. Which means they don’t seem to grab stuff with it nearly as
much as a crested gecko does. And a crested gecko has a little toe pad,like they
have on their toes, at the end of the tail. These guys may have that a little
bit but it’s way smaller. Good jump. I was gonna brag about how calm these geckos are
and they are pretty calm but they’re being a little bit hyper for me
right now. Gargoyle geckos, in my experience, are calmer than most crested
geckos. Now, if you watched our crested gecko video, you’ll know that I have one
crested gecko that is super duper calm. all of my gargoyle geckos are about as calm as he
is. And I really like that about them. So in a lot of ways they’re better to
handle than a crested gecko. But they’re not perfect to handle and they’re not
perfect to handle because they’re still small, they’re still delicate, and they
still could drop that little tail of theirs. When it comes to care we give
these geckos a score of four out of five. They’re gonna need daily maintenance and
that is the biggest reason why they don’t get a score of five out of five.
One of the main things is you’re going to have to spray them every day morning
and evening just enough so that there are water droplets for them to drink. Not
so much that it soaks enclosure, certainly not enough that the enclosure
stays wet all the time. You want it to dry out in between mistings. Every other
day or so you’re going to need to feed them and that’s just something that you
have to do in a regular basis. Something you need to keep in mind if you’re gonna
go on vacation or something like that. Unlike snakes, which you can arguably
leave for a week at a time, you can’t do that with a gargoyle gecko or crested
gecko. You’re gonna need someone to come by and feed it and that can be a
little bit of a cost. A little bit of a reason why they might not be ideal for
you, depending on your lifestyle. They’re going to eat the same kind of food that
crested geckos eat. That’s gonna be crested gecko diet and if you don’t know
what crested gecko diet is – it’s the greatest thing in the world to feed to a
reptile! Because it comes in a bag of powder! And it’ll keep for a long time
and you just take a little bit out and you add about the same amount of water
to it. In fact, you can vary it up depending on how paste-like you want it
to be. But you just add a little water and you kind of stir it together you put
it in a little cup and they come and they drink out of it. And in my
experience gargoyle geckos eat this even better than crested geckos do even
though it’s called crested gecko diet. In my experience gargoyle geckos do not
like insect feeders as well as crested geckos do. And I’ve got some crested
geckos that will not touch insect feeders but none of my gargoyle geckos
will. I know there are gargoyle geckos out there that do eat insect feeders.
Mine, even as babies, won’t touch them. When it comes to hardiness again basically
exactly the same as crested geckos. And we give them a score of three out of
five. When it comes to handling that’s one of the things that can really hurt
them. So if you want to kill a gargoyle gecko, which you don’t, rough handling would
be a really fast way to do it. Don’t do that to them, be very careful with them
when you handle them. They’re very soft and delicate. Humidity is another thing
that can kill them if you’re not giving them enough. If you’re not spraying them
daily then they could die of dehydration, after a little while. Not immediately but
after a fairly short amount of time. Also, if you’re keeping their enclosure just
soaked all the time they could end up getting a respiratory infection which
could actually cost them their life as well.
Temperature though just like with crested geckos that is the thing that
you’re gonna wanna be the most careful with. Because if these geckos get
out of say the high 70s into the 80s and 90s – they could die in a very short
amount of time. I love that they do so well at room temperature but high
temperatures are something that you need to avoid. They do tolerate human mistakes
better than a lot of creatures do and I really appreciate that about them. That’s
why I would recommend them for a new reptile keeper. You of course need to
give them the basic necessities of life, but they can handle a little bit of you
figuring things out. When it comes to availability we give
these a three out of five. These are not as available as a crested gecko. You can
get them at expos. You can get them from breeders. You can get them online. It’s
very rare that you would find them say in a pet shop. Even if you go to a
reptile expo you’re gonna see probably 25 crested geckos for every gargoyle
gecko they’ve got there. So gargoyle geckos are much less common which can
be a really cool thing, right? Because everybody and their dog has a crested
gecko but who do you know with gargoyle geckos. They’re just a little bit
different. I really like the look of them. They look a little bit different than
crested geckos but they’re harder to find. There are lots of great breeders
though because they’re just about as easy to breed as crested geckos. Most
of them tend to be some sort of brown gray and black. They come in kind of
banded colors or striped colors. You can see oranges and reds and yellows on them.
There’s a lot of colors out there, and if you’re willing to pay enough you can get
some really cool looking gargoyle geckos. In my opinion, even the blandest gargoyle
gecko is really neat cuz they’ve got kind of a mossy camouflaged
appearance and I really like it. A little bit less variation, a little less variety
available in gargoyle geckos, but still a lot. And frankly, they’re so much
different looking than crested geckos that even the blandest gargoyle gecko is
pretty new different and exciting. When it comes to upfront costs we give these
a five out of five. If you go to a breeder or an expo, which are the main
places that you’re gonna be able to find one, you’re gonna find that they’re a
little bit more expensive than the cheapest crested geckos you can get. But
they’re still not very expensive. The cost of the animal is very very
reasonable and I love that about gargoyle geckos. Because even the coolest
looking ones out there are gonna be within the reasonable budget for an
animal like this. And their enclosure, also, is not going to cost you an arm and
a leg. For one thing it doesn’t need any sort of special lighting or heating. They
do best at room temperature and so any lights you have in there might only be
for if you have live plants in there or if you just want to be able to see them well.
But you’ve got to be careful that those lights don’t put off too much heat. So in
general, you might be not be using any lights at all and that’s
great because that doesn’t cost very much. The enclosure isn’t gonna cost very
much. Because, though a bigger enclosure is better, they don’t need a huge
enclosure to thrive. Once again, our overall score for these geckos is a four
out of five.They’re fantastic and there’s a good chance it can be the
perfect pet for you. As always, we’re grateful that you’ve been here with us.
Like and subscribe and we hope to see a real soon. When it comes to upfront costs…
Woop… Good catch, you! These guys may have that
a little bit but it’s way smaller. Good jump. Cuz she’s a nut. You all right there?
You don’t need to do that. But overall we give gargoyle geckos a score. Here’s
gonna be a jump. Good jump. You can always tell, when they put those legs forward [bop].
It’s hoppin’ time!

Randy Schultz

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