GameStop Exclusive NECA Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1990 Movie Figure Review

like Cowabunga dude it’s totally time to
unbox the turtles than a pizza time yo you can do neut is Enid Mutant Ninja
Turtles it was in a half drought power hey guys me hoes who was all the Ameri
tune in look I got the doodles yeah heroes in a half-shell du Lieber well
these are the movie Turtles by NECA and I have all four in this review I was
gonna do like two per video and to videos out of this but I thought now
make one big video where we wooden box all four turtles because these are just
awesome I’m loving the the em the look of these tails then just look so a
badass so just to show you guys let you draft well for instance here and yeah
this is the kind of very nice box as you can see so I want to just go to the desk
um first of all and show off the awesome artwork show what’s on the boxes so you
guys don’t like you missing out so let’s go to the desk camp and check out that
first of all look how awesome there are guys it’s their Turtles I am so excited
I have these we’ve got all four here from the 1990s movie we have leonardo
Donatello Raphael and Michelangelo my favorite wasn’t honest hello growing up
Leo is the leader Michelangelo is the party dude I’m Raphael has the root dude
oh yeah I read the comic books in years of buds you know what I loved the movies
when I was a kid and I even like Nick next dimension where they introduced the
first female turtle which was a very controversial and not a lot of people
like that but it was on it was on Fox kids back then and be long before
Nickelodeon had the license but yeah these are awesome figures and I can’t
wait unbox these one by one guys so we have Leonardo here as well there’s the
awesome logo that was kind of on the on the VHS cover of the movie when the
posters and stuff there’s some cool action figure shots there on the side
and the back it does have a really cool right up now you can catch America’s
favorite green teens in the first live-action blockbuster film after
waiting in a puddle of radioactive waste these radical reptiles are transformed
into new york city’s greatest crime-fighting quartet no one works
studies or trains harder than Leonardo he commands respect from his brothers
leading by example not giving orders the highly detailed action figure stands
at 6.5 inches tall and features 30 points of articulation dude
including double elbows double knees to fully showcase Leonardo stealthy moves
now let’s not um let’s not confuse things this is definitely the older
tools these are when tails are in their heyday
not that god-awful thing we’ve got now where they do have beatboxing a lift
god no these are the original awesome Turtles so let’s break them out of the
packaging guys and before we move on guys I want to give these guys an
awesome subscriber shoutout thank you very much for tuning in to each of my
videos and enjoying everything you see here so thank you very much for checking
me out I enjoy it I appreciate each and every one of you and like I said I do
respond to all the comments guys so please make sure you do comment on the
videos right let’s break them out of the packaging
cuz each one seems to have a little bit of sellotape tab I’m not keeping the
boxes I’m not selling these I am keeping these my own personal collection
I love the turtles I’ve been a fan of the tails since I was kid I grew up with
the original 80s Turtles TV show so these for me have been a long time
coming and when they release them in America we didn’t see much sign of them
in the UK you know it got a bit scary people started paying ridiculous amounts
of money online just to get these but I held tight and I’m glad it is because
we’ve got the whole set for around 70 pounds in the end so I’m very happy
about that do you need Mutant Ninja Turtles the face is so detailed too so
if I remember rightly the original 90s Turtles movie the actual turtles the sun-tap is inside it was Jim there
was the Henson company that made the faces right an animated the actual mouth
and the face of the Turtles and then there was a voice actor that did the
voices that’s how the tills came to life in the original movie I believe the
stunt actors and there was a voice actor as well wasn’t it I think some of me
correct me on that that’s more upon her than me but I’m pretty sure that’s how
it went why is he got a separate no you know
that won’t come out hmm what he’s coming this this fair red not
for his head but there’s already one in there is it just a spare I don’t know
why that goodness to one’s it slightly where else on the body no they didn’t
happen anywhere else confusing but the turtles are awesome guys they calm in
some great great articulation so that is on a ball drains he can make him look
left but right as well as up and down the head the neck actually moves as well
a little bit there so that’s got some nice give to it from the back of the
till shell oh there’s not like a hinge on the back until shelter like separated
from the shell a little bit so that’s pretty cool the front of the shell is
actually soft vinyl the back of the turtle shell is kind of a hard resin
plastic exams do lift open do rotate at that top hinge there’s also the double
hinge elbows there so you can get some really cool articulation out of Rafaela
its hand there’s also on ball joints there is a no there’s no way there is a
wasteful up there but it’s hindered by the actual shells he can’t really use it
and the legs lift out as well as forwards a little bit as much as the
shell pieces will allow and then backwards with double hinge neither and
the feet are on rocker and pivot if you are having trouble with your turtles if
they have done loose or whatever I know you want to use a stand there is the
stand on the bottom although these do feel very sturdy I’m actually not
feeling any loose joints of whatsoever on this one it’s a very stiff oh I tell
you what though there is a hole in the plastic on mine so that was up there in
the joint and I pulled it back it was actually a puncture mark can’t seem you
guys to see that very well because of the there is like you see that little
punch American that’s interesting so these do scuff a little bit right that little hair not piece does
come out on that we do have a separate one I don’t know why though but they do
think of it as the viewless to two knots to top to top knots if you will
interesting put the original one back in OOP
they just pop in and out wrap doublet I don’t get that someone in the comments
let me know why this – I might be really thick and of course all the tunnels come
with their a weapon so obviously Raphael comes with whom they am the Sai so you
can send you back to school with the dippity-do Zach if anyone knows what
that is wrong please let me know in the comments and you might win brownie
points for the team what do you back school with the Doomsday oh the rotation
at the knee there as well sorry from another bit of rotation there at the
knee so both hands at the moment I are ready to grasp the actual weapons but
they do come with an open palm hand as well as like another open palm on is
that for the pizza yeah totally tubular dude like got a pizza man
see the only thing I’m concerned there is no seams PR I’m I just meant to slot
the weapons into the belt the belt does feel like it could fall down at any
moment no I stuck it he’s actually stuck at the front
oh sorry I’m learning as I’m playing guys so my review sometimes seemed weird
because I do as I’m reviewing I’m basically playing at the same time so
let’s just slot the weapons in there something the original turtles have the
thing where you could put the weapons there which made the slot that on the
actual belts like that almost it’s one way of doing it for Rafael’s I wish
there was a way of impaling the pizza on the actual side because remember in the
prayer in the film in little bit where he’s eating it off the side in April’s
apartment at the very very beginning wasn’t once they get the pizza off the
kid so I say kid in that mr. Casey Jones right so that Raphael guys I won’t go
through the articulation for each and every one because obviously it’s going
to be identical but I will give you a look at each individual turtles let’s
get on with getting Michelangelo out and also we’ll take a look at the individual
weapons that are actually unique to the characters so don’t worry I’m not I’m
going to vine depth and every character we’re just going over the first one so
Mikey comes with a pizza pizza as well it looks like all the turtles gonna have
their own slice of pizza now Mikey spare hands are cool cuz he comes with two
thumbs up family which is pretty cool because these two nunchucks again he’s
cool with a second top knot I’m calling a top knot because that’s where it look
like I got man bun yeah snippety-snip Mikey but why could never put the feet
on plastic things hey don’t do it never eat it you’re like my owner every time all right we have my key there rotate
out the forearm as well guys just to let you know for sure if you knew what the
yeah they have another actor of rotation there at the forum and some my keys
actually his wrist Peters a difference of the others but I like different
things oh no they’re the same listen Mike you just feel more prominent the
little knots on their wrists things feel a bit more prominent on my keys so Mikey
like I said he come with his two nunchucks I wish he came with sausages
because as you know in the very beginning of the first movie whoa just
pull the part that just snap into No thank God for that
oh it’s like a bendy piece of wire that’s cool so we can use that to
articulate them although that doesn’t want to go back in now you’re not just purely just came out on
the first touch it doesn’t want to go back in now he’s completely shattered
into the moment I pledged it want to drop a bit of superglue and I just again
to go back together it’s out on the same know him see this one’s bit more sturdy
I can actually move that one around the other one just literally snapped in my
hands that’s pretty bad and like I was saying I wish there were that there were
sausage links cuz I’m still in the first movie as you know when they’re in the
shopping mall fighting and the very opening scene when you see the tails the
first time he actually use it as links of sausage that’s a really funny scene
from the very beginning of the movie I’m trying to see if there just need to push
that in further or something it’s good to click in or something but no it’s not
going in and that’s well plastic yeah actually got some White’s cottage on it
like is snapped so hmm not sure I feel about that bit of
plastic or not already can’t believe that no because obviously we’ve got
their slice of peas her as well might be comes with two thumbs up hands his
alternate hand is there thumbs up the best part is I’m guessing all these
Turtles hands will be in to swap balls that’s why they’ve included different
hands with every tool well it looks I think because he can use that this is
the same handle with the same thrills and all the same shade that’s pretty
cool right so that was my key shame bump the actual weapon there a bit go I’m
still good by that is anyone else how about you let me know in the comments if
you have that issue with my keys it might be slim chucks I’m really
interested to know necros do have a little few little issues dog so
Donatello’s second hands are very similar to Rafael’s although with them
only having four fingers it does look like that could be his way of flipping
the bird to be honest but yeah he’s like a pointy hound like he’s pointing law
like he’s holding something a bit weird was he one get a picture at the end of
them all holding a slice of pizza yeah the secondary piece of topknot px1
in the comic is let me know why we come with a separate one is it just a spare
in the cage you lose the first one then Donatello’s bo staff I think that’s what
it’s called a bo staff I love the fact that from the 90s everything was like
martial arts but the tales for martial arts and then lighting you come for
karate or whatever and then you act like the Power Rangers that again were like
martial artists was a big thing in the night I like most of their programs
honey alright that’s Donny out the box Donny
was my favorite he still is my favorite to this day he’s the tech guy I’m happy
to have done in he’s come to like I said he’s big bo staff
slut light into his hand there yeah he’s got two little straps on the
back of it on the back of there as well oh is that for the that for the pole
just like the pole down if only if I loosen those a little bit can I slide
the pole in is that what that spot potential there
yes coz Rafael does actually have two places to put the site after all that
I’ve just realized Jesus it’s two little spots they’re quite prominent on these
I’m so stupid this smell like that I am so excuse me Mike he’s got one
somewhere on a mic he’s literally just going through so I think my keys dude
you’re going to the plastic into the actual bum
yeah I’m guessing with Donnie if I loosen these two knots we could slide
the pole yeah they’re just they’re just pulling apart them and if I just slide
the pole down but I’ll hold it in place yeah that’s exactly what you meant to do there you go they just slap his baton
awesome ah and again he came with the weird 25th 2015 bird hands kind of
finally guys world ally another I know guys nearly there I’m sorry again slice
of pizza one slice remember say can you be the
top top well his bare hands are just open palm regular big chunky hands so
they’re just literal open bombs it’s a nice the simples
and then of course he gets the probably the best weapons the two samurai swords
the two katanas if for some reason he’s the only one that comes with a proper
rope tied in this came with like crap the awful rope tie and he’s come with a
proper one all right finally we have Leonardo the
leader of the Turtles sick of cause he comes with his two katanas so we can
swap them in the hunt quite easily again they just slide in he’s got that blade
there Oh get the blade and there is the sheaves on the back just like in the
cartoon it’s it’s there just slide in I don’t the wood that’s the hole then I
was the will slide out actually yeah the new slide out look so don’t stay steady
in there they’re not flush that one’s a lot more sturdy yet there we go did have
the wrong one in the wrong hole maybe does actually No so this one’s actually a lot more
gripping it’s dirtier or is this one there’s nothing to really hold it in
place interesting I’ve always written that way
no so one of them will fall out but the other ones quite steadying as you can
see interesting but these the reasons I do these review guys so I can show you
these things because it is you know it’s all fun and games but these were a lot
of money so to see defects in them is a shame but every Toyland does have some
defects in some of the models it might just be mine just a dodgy mold of
plastic but again I like to review them to show these issues but a lot of people
online have been speaking very highly of this collection and I can see why the
are really cool you know what we haven’t even gone to the desk come yet and I’m
already giving you a like a final review thing saying these are awesome as much
as I’ve had a couple of issues these look badass and I can’t wait to show you
them on the desk um so let’s go down that guy’s see you could take a look at
these awesome Turtles so guys there is Raphael eating is pizza by the New York
skyline and if we come down here guys onto the street we’ll see the rest of
the Turtles so here is Michelangelo looking pretty
sick he’s got a really cute little smile and his eyes are just full of life I
look fat though each of the tails about different mouth expressions as well so
like my keys he’s kind of like head off killer smile again the figures the feel
the feel almost Reptil you know the skin feel they did create these kind of
figures when I was a kid with this feel to them they were based on the movie as
well on there pretty cool I don’t see them to make the TV series with the same
song at all so this is pretty cool to have the tells next I mentioned he’s one
referring to if any wants to go check it out it is diabolically bad but as a kid
it was alright and they did have a crossover with the Power Rangers very
interesting with so yeah very awesome loving these figures which move Mikey
over there for now when we get closer to the other two brothers Donnie and might
Donnie and Leonardo Leonardo is kind of getting forward here constantly on alert
constantly on patrol is Leonardo he’s always aware the ever ready leader of
the tell group and again these figures are just so cool so lifelike
can’t wait to take them outside there’s an awesome phone at some point if you
don’t follow me on instagram already now is a good time make sure you’ve smashed
that follow button over on Instagram at supersorrell then you’ll see some more
turtle stuff over there then finally Donnie is this come on not
just falling out I do yeah there’s Donnie as well again you give it tells a
slightly different which I like they’re not just the same total you know redone
it’s a different mold for each one which is nice it seems it’s not just the same
mold those different look like anyway they’ve definitely brought each of the
tails to life Raphael up here as well with the New York skyline vine him I
couldn’t resist doing that it just look so awesome what do you others will be speaking a
line guys are you a fun let us know in the comments down below and if you
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subscribing is really awesome to me help us out but let’s go back to the main
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it would really suppose really help us I don’t know help us keep making awesome
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cowabunga may the force be with you totally radical you

Randy Schultz

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