Frozen 2 EXTENDED FINAL Trailer

Frozen 2 EXTENDED FINAL Trailer

Randy Schultz

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100 thoughts on “Frozen 2 EXTENDED FINAL Trailer

  1. Flicks And The City Clips says:

    Hey Movie Lovers, how do you like the new Frozen 2 trailer?! ?

  2. animegryphon says:

    Taming a water horse? That's pretty cool Elsa. No pun intended.

  3. Sarah Avery Rozell says:

    3:23 Epic!

  4. яοѕєlιиє ʕ-ᴥ-ʔ says:

    Chicken nuggets.

  5. Elvira Corpin says:

    I love u Elsa

  6. naliya nali says:

    I Am a big fan of frozen, ???

  7. Rahman Taufik says:

    Meuni alus pidiona ( basa sunda iyeu mah lain basa inggris )
    Kumaha cara ngeditna?nyutingna?
    Like pokonamah abi mah

  8. EntirelyBonkers says:

    I’m so excited



  10. Dolly Star says:

    Ok so this might be crazy… But the Blonde boy in the forest might be their dad, and the girl in the forest with the leaves might be their mom in a flashback scene.

  11. 김은하 says:

    기다렸어요 빨리 보고싶어요 ㅜㅠ

  12. Ezza Farooqi says:

    Omg I cant wait bc on winter day I’m going to watch this movie and be cozy yay like this if you are ready for the movie to come bye!

  13. Pais :D says:

    I love how much people are loving Anna more then Elsa. (Finally some recognition)
    Anna wasn't bad In Frozen but she for SURE has improved in Frozen 2 Honestly we're bored with Elsa
    Send her back!
    Btw I don't hate Elsa she's pretty too and yeah her powers are nice but Anna looks better and can shut a girl up.

  14. Angelina Way says:


  15. Mei Elen says:

    I like frozen

  16. Digna Sea says:

    I ? frozen???

  17. Joselin aleyda Morales mendoza says:

    Me encanta frozen

  18. Winner Seafight says:

    I like so much

  19. Abu Sema says:

    Upload Hindi

  20. Ebtesam Ahmed says:

    It seems wonderful ????..

  21. Fluffy Wolves says:

    I saw melificant 2 yesterday, am I the only one who thinks that this is …boring,..? I’d much rather watch a much more action filled movie

  22. David C says:

    Can't wait to watch this!

  23. Zadut Official says:


  24. agung putra says:

    Ceritanya sangat menarik.

  25. andy david says:

    Om Pawan ji I love Elsa

  26. Buddha Lama says:

    Plz make in hindi

  27. Seems Overseas says:

    My parent : you can't just hide and skip school.
    Me : Then don't send me to school.
    My parent : Ok… No money for you.
    Me : ?…….?…..? Ok You win.

  28. Pita Soli says:

    November the 22th is my birthday I'm so exitied to watch frozen and I live the traliers

  29. allaa ahmed says:

    "you cant just follow me into fire" "THEN DONT RUN INTO FIRE" wow smart logic anna

  30. Ismail Shabi says:

    She doesn't want to lose her sister even if she has no power . Just showing care after being separated for so long.

  31. Pudji Fellina says:

    Oh idk that anna has an ex bofriend i actualy know her bf is between hans and kristof

  32. Ali Koya says:


  33. Shaw fucking says:

    this is a fukeing look

  34. Hajiar Zacaria says:

    This movie is not even for kids it's also for adults. ?

  35. Ellie Kitagawa says:

    I came for the lizard

  36. Junior West says:

    Waiting for this since forever

  37. Hafizh Idris says:

    Where jack frost??

  38. Chika Dooma says:

    Si elsa jomblo lagi artinya hmmm

  39. Yvana TARDIEU-PETERANO says:

    Greg.,vu,. &;%%%___$^*,,*&

  40. Raizen Reyes says:

    Seeing her not braided or what

  41. Swabahah Hassan. says:

    Am so excited for this part

  42. Aziza Aziza says:


  43. Juguetes super divertidos says:

    Yo ya la quiero ver

  44. Angela Freitas says:


  45. Zoe Tudor says:

    papa that was E ?️ I C

  46. prince ekka says:

    Goosebumps ?

  47. نمروق يوسف says:


  48. Sarcastic_Little Scarlett says:

    0:23 this STRAAAAAAANGELY sounds like the background music of cinderella's trailer

  49. niaa official says:

    Siapa yg suka Frozen like ya

  50. Alejandra Mora says:


  51. Maria. Mejia says:

    Like porque soy la única en español

  52. Deysi Barrantes Machaca says:

    Frozen 2 es mas interesante que frozen

  53. rulenumber1 says:

    3:46 Me trying to get through my assignments

  54. Genevieve Hernandez says:


  55. Teona Tetruashvili says:

    I’m interested why all the deers follow Sven…

  56. Armando Sanchez says:

    Elsa jean

  57. kiki 23 says:

    I love ana elza

  58. Novitriyani Sekarjati says:

    i'm so watching it on theatre, screw the kids!

  59. Ayity Nangkar says:

    The theatres are going to be on ?

  60. ruoweii says:

    wow a sequel that actually looks good

  61. Saber Craft says:

    Ended with

  62. Yolandir Arriaga says:


  63. Justin Carter says:


  64. killersushi99 says:

    Make an ice bridge? Just make an Ice ship.

  65. Jesuslover52 says:

    This looks so bad. Dark, gloomy, war type of movie. Terrible!

  66. Ana Clara says:

    Zambeze DF ggygb

  67. Super Kid says:

    The trailer may look dark and it looks like someone is gonna die but with Disney there's always a happy ending

  68. Amalia Alya Qweenanda says:


  69. bouncyballblue says:

    Fans: we want to see more of Elsa's powers
    Disney: challenge accepted

  70. Rodolfo Cucul says:

    Cuando lo sacan

  71. Maria Valentina says:


  72. Chelsea Gradick says:

    If they are putting us in mortal danger is it gone be a normal kind of danger or AHHHH I love olaf

  73. sk imran says:

    ঝগমবড গযব ডাউনলোড

  74. قناه أمه بنت خالد الثانوية للبنات says:

    I am real excited ? for that movie I love Disney I love frozen ♥️♥️♥️♥️????

  75. AI Think media says:

    I'm an adult student but I love watching frozen since I'm a kid?

  76. Tech Once says:

    When was frozen 2 published?

  77. عاشقة الحسين says:

    I love it ?

  78. Maddie Hill says:

    I came here for Olaf

    Nothing more

  79. The Choo God says:

    Nah bro, they lesbian.

  80. ada says:

    don't you think kristoff seems like the ideal boyfriend?

  81. ada says:


    Me: wait what are those expressions-

  82. Riyan Heryanto says:

    Mantulll frozen bos

  83. Tim Phipps says:

    If I don't see Patrick Stewart in a wheelchair appear in this, I'm going to be very dissapointed.

  84. 나리 Nari says:

    Know how Anna and Olaf went to that waterfall cave thing? Yea when they were looking at the mountains or some rocks, I believe those were the rock monsters. After Olaf screamed they were woken up.

  85. Hans Gouw says:

    Did anyone realise in the movie trailer has the same rocks in the Merida movie

  86. bsnd Mahe says:

    Elsa : You cant just follow me into the fire
    Anna: then dont RUN into the fire !

    This is one of the warmest quotes ♥️

  87. Corey Johnston says:

    The menhir reminds me of Brave.

  88. Em Dee says:

    Nobody can scream like Josh Gad.

  89. Jane The Killer says:

    Frozen turned to anime?

  90. Josiane Cavalcante says:


  91. CreatorMystic says:

    “An enchanted forest, but something went wrong and since then no one can go in or out”

    Anyone else thought of StoryBrook?

    Just me??

  92. I want be a designer UK says:

    "You can't follow me into fire"
    "Then don't run into fire"

    Best advice ever!

  93. blacktron bumblebee says:

    The first time i saw this movie i was 11/12 years old .but now i'm 18 and i so fuckin hype for this movie to come out !

  94. pratixa says:

    didn't Taeyeon sang ost for this movie?

  95. Roy De La Cruz says:

    0:03 another Easter egg, it's from the movie "Brave"

  96. AMentalGlitch says:

    Elsa: You can't just follow me into fire.

    Anna: ThEN DoNt rUN iNtO fIrE

    //I literally died of laughter

  97. Gecel Diamante says:

    I'm so excited to see Frozen 2. Who's with me?.

  98. Rashmi Amin says:

    Awesome ???

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