[FREE] Kodak Black x Koly P Type Beat | “Nobody”

[FREE] Kodak Black x Koly P Type Beat | “Nobody”

Randy Schultz

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30 thoughts on “[FREE] Kodak Black x Koly P Type Beat | “Nobody”

  1. Lyon beats says:

    Good choice in using that 808! It really makes this beat stand out ? subscribed to ya

  2. Mike Vince says:

    Kodak would kill this, them drums slap?

  3. ZIRONTA says:

    Cold! Kodak on this would be banger no cap? really like the flute!

  4. Langi Beats says:

    Yo bro this one hitting hard ?
    Come by for my new one Lizard ?

  5. Crazy Beat says:

    Good morning this coffee is delicious ☕?excellent job ❤️

  6. TopStarMusic says:

    This is awesome bro love it thnx for sharing it u got my sub and like as well lets support each other and i hope good for ur future ????

  7. Cokeaine Beats says:

    Dope man sub

  8. CADENCE says:

    that mel on point ? damn shame kodak wont be able to get on this one 🙁

  9. R n' B Beats says:

    That melody mixed with the 808 fucking fire fam ?

  10. 6 MINDZ says:

    That‘s a crazy melody bro! ?? good job on this one! +1

  11. SEVERIN BEATS says:

    Love the vibe om this. Subbed for sure??

  12. Isalino Beatz says:

    Dark and hard bro, subbed

  13. WyZaRDY beats says:

    This hihats bro ??

  14. hoodSafari says:

    808’s is straight bangin ??

  15. Moiety says:

    Amazing flute and dope drums! Excellent job bro!

  16. STICKUPBEATZ says:

    very nice work fam ???

  17. Demented 602 Beats says:

    Love the melodies and bass homie!

  18. Go Real La Beatz says:

    Dope beat

  19. Kaptain Kirk Productions says:

    dope production on this one!! that shit rides!! +1 sub

  20. Unrevealed Artist's says:

    Smokin Like A Cig !! ??☑️

  21. MarryBeats says:

    dat 808 HITTIN!

  22. Dansko says:

    Drums are on point ??

  23. Cuppa Dub says:

    Hi, excellent bass, beatz n atmosphere
    Eerie ✊?✌??

  24. CAIOS says:

    TOO fire jheez ?

  25. Freya Chandra says:

    Omg I really love this video! Great job and keep up the good work! 🙂 <3

  26. shorty glock says:

    this is fire af bro,you killed the melodies also drums going hard ,like 22

  27. DJ ICEE BEATS says:

    This is nice asf bro …. got that Broward county vibe too it … just subbed

  28. DJ ICEE BEATS says:


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