[FREE] Kodak Black x Koly P Type Beat | “Jupiter”

[FREE] Kodak Black x Koly P Type Beat | “Jupiter”

Randy Schultz

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15 thoughts on “[FREE] Kodak Black x Koly P Type Beat | “Jupiter”

  1. KnowItAll says:

    Yoo this heat I dig the bounce bro! ???

  2. Crazy Beat says:

    Awesome tunes ?

  3. WyZaRDY beats says:


  4. Music Marketers Botswana says:

    New Faaan ❤️? ?

  5. blindforlove says:


  6. MarryBeats says:

    jeeez that guitar HARD!

  7. Beat Down Beats says:

    IMSUBBED!!… THUMBSUP!!… ILIKED!!!… ….congrats on 6,000+ views… respect fam!!!

  8. hoodSafari says:

    Melody toooo hard ? new sub new sub, stay brazy

  9. Judit Ny says:

    Flamezzzz!! Subbed 😉

  10. Unrevealed Artist's says:

    Dis Beat Turnt .. ?

  11. Demented 602 Beats says:

    That guitar is fire!

  12. tbs-prod says:

    Dope my friend respect ✊

  13. scentless says:

    Damn this is sick, those drums are hella clean and the background percussion is on point!

  14. GRIMMY BEATS says:

    If you stare long enough it starts to move

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