[FREE] Kodak Black x Koly P Type Beat | “ADD”

[FREE] Kodak Black x Koly P Type Beat | “ADD”

Randy Schultz

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16 thoughts on “[FREE] Kodak Black x Koly P Type Beat | “ADD”

  1. 6Six6 The Goat A.k.a Maikel The One ! says:

    Really good work my G ? keep It real ❤️ blessings ?

  2. Trippie Flameboy says:

    Doope, great Kodak vibes bro! I like this work, +sub

  3. Trippie Flameboy says:

    u very good producer ? Shining and this work very lit beats. Rate my stuff too bro

  4. KnowItAll says:

    Nice work ??? hard drums bro

  5. shorty glock says:

    this is fire af bass is serious ,like 6

  6. Judit Ny says:

    Splendid one ?

  7. WyZaRDY beats says:

    Great beat Lizard ? i really love this melody whith drums is so perfect????

  8. Crazy Beat says:

    Lizard Beatz nice One compliments ?

  9. Unrevealed Artist's says:

    Shxts Litty .. ☑️

  10. Just One Beat$ says:


  11. Langi Beats says:

    Hard as fuuuu dude ?

  12. MCP Beatz says:

    Dope vibe and melody man?

  13. Fex Beats says:

    Crazy ??

  14. YeahGor Beats says:

    Melody and bass is everything here ma g!

  15. MarryBeats says:

    dude that shit goes crazy

  16. Beat Down Beats says:

    …!!!thumbsupiliked!!!… respect fam!!!

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