Franklin and the Turtle Lake Treasure Special

Franklin and the Turtle Lake Treasure Special

(Kids giggling) ♪ ♪ Searchin’ for old memories in the days gone by ♪ ♪ Remembering an old melody from a long lost time ♪ (Digging) ♪ Oh, and after all ♪ (Grunting) ♪ The changes I recall ♪ ♪ I will remember the dreams locked inside my heart ♪>>I’ll see you again in a few years. ♪ I will remember the dreams locked inside my heart ♪ ♪ (Fire roaring)>>ECHOING VOICE: Mother! Father! (Panting) (Sighing) ♪ (Birds chirping)>>FRANKLIN: Land ho, first mate Snail! Are ye ready to search for pirate treasure, me Bucko?>>Aye, aye, Captain Franklin! This be the spot, Captain. There, beneath that tree.>>Arrr, let’s collect the treasure! (Laughing)>>Arr, to the treasure!>>Avast, ye swabs. You’ll have to get past me first!>>Bear.>>Oops. Sorry.>>How will I get it now? (Snapping)>>Huh?>>I, will, get, you! (Grunting)>>We’ll, see about, that.>>I’m getting seasick. (Grunting) (Gasping)>>Arrr. Time to walk the plank. (Groaning)>>Not if we can help it.>>Hyah!>>Ugh! Oh, uh– Shiver, me– Oh, timbers! (Groaning) Ungh!>>Quick, my hearties! The treasure! (Grunting)>>Two measly cookies?>>Not cookies. Gold doubloons! There were more, but I got hungry waiting. Are you gonna eat those, Beaver?>>Knock yourself out. Anyway, I gotta go. Summer’s almost over, so Mom and I are shopping for new school stuff after lunch. (Gulping)>>Lunch? I’d better go, too. See you tomorrow at the usual time!>>And remember, Franklin, it’ll be my turn to be Captain. Wait up, Bear!>>Bye, guys! Wanna have lunch at my place, Snail?>>You bet. That was fun, especially the part where we saved Beaver.>>Yeah. Imagine what it would be like to be a real hero.>>And have real adventures. I bet heroes get to stay up late and do whatever they want, huh? (Gasping) Ah! What is it, Franklin? Franklin? What’s the matter, Franklin?>>It looks like there’s someone at my Aunt Lucy’s place. Look, the door’s open.>>Your aunt lives in this spooky old house?>>Not for a while. The last time she was here, I was just a baby.>>We’re not going inside, are we?>>Sure. Maybe she’s back.>>But what if she’s not?>>Then, we might get our chance to be heroes. (Thudding) (Wood creaking) Hello? Aunt Lucy? Aunt Lucy? It’s me, Franklin! Wow.>>It’s even spookier inside. Does all this stuff belong to her?>>Yep. She’s an archaeologist.>>Archa-what?>>Archaeologist. It’s someone who travels all over the world, looking for neat stuff, like this old thing. That’s why she’s always away. (Thumping) Who– Who goes there? (Rustling behind) Huh? (Gasping)>>Grrr! (Screaming) (Panting)>>FATHER: Unh-unh, Harriet. Those are daisies, not weeds. (Giggling)>>Oopsy daisy.>>Morning mail call. 30 guesses who this is from.>>No one else decorates their envelopes quite like this.>>Aunt Lucy?>>That’s right, Harriet. Daddy’s little sister.>>She little like me?>>No. Aunt Lucy’s all grown up. She’s just younger than Daddy. So, what does she say?>>She says, she’s coming for a visit! But, she doesn’t say when. There’s no return address either, and no stamp?>>It was in the mailbox–>>Mom! (Straining) Mom! Dad! (Panting)>>Franklin okay?>>You look like you’ve seen a ghost!>>Not a ghost. A monster! (Gasping)>>A monster?>>Yeah. At Aunt Lucy’s place!>>Well now. This is beginning to make a little more sense. Follow me, everyone. I thought we might find you here.>>Took you long enough to figure it out, big brother.>>Aunt Lucy!>>Arrr, if it isn’t Captain Franklin! (Gasping) And you must be little Harriet. (Giggling) Oh, only you’re not so little anymore! (Chuckling)>>It’s good to see you again, Sis.>>It has been a while, hasn’t it?>>When did you get in?>>Late last night. I slept in or I would have been here sooner.>>The boys just came from your place. You wouldn’t know anything about the monster they saw there?>>Yeah! It had a huge head with big red eyes and sharp teeth.>>Well it wasn’t me. (Gasping) I’ll bet it was my goddaughter.>>Huh?>>Her goddaughter’s a monster?>>When can we meet her?>>Tonight! I stopped by Mom’s on my way over and she insisted on having a welcome home party for me. Anyone interested?>>Yay, Granny’s!>>A party at Granny’s? Oh boy! (Chuckling)>>I think that means yes.>>Good! Well, I better be off. I still haven’t unpacked. See you tonight! Seven sharp. (Whistling)>>Well, she hasn’t changed.>>Nope. Still full of surprises.>>I think she’s neat. ♪ Searching for old memories in the days gone by ♪>>Hmm. Hello, hello.>>Hi, Granny.>>Good evening.>>I saw you coming.>>How are you, Mom?>>Same as always. But isn’t it wonderful that your sister’s visiting?>>Aunt Lucy? Is she here?>>In the backyard.>>Hi, Aunt Lucy.>>Franklin! You’re just in time. The corn’s just about done. (Coughing)>>Mmm, something smells good! Oh, hello.>>Everyone, this is my goddaughter, Samantha. She’s been traveling with me this summer.>>Hello, Samantha.>>Hi, but please, call me Sam.>>What a coincidence! That’s the name of your stuffed toy, Franklin!>>Mom!>>That’s okay. Most little kids I know have dolls.>>Well I’m not a little kid!>>You are a year younger than me. That’s what your aunt said.>>By the way, that was Sam playing monster this morning. I’m afraid she’s a bit of a mischief maker.>>It was just a joke. I didn’t think you’d be so scared.>>I wasn’t scared!>>Heh. Could’ve fooled me.>>Food’s ready. Who wants dessert?>>We’ll take care of that, Mom.>>Yes, you go ahead and sit down. Come on, Sam. Give us a hand.>>Hmm.>>I got your aunt Lucy to put my old phonograph outside, Franklin. Feel like cutting a rug after dinner?>>Can we dance to your favourite song?>>It’s on the turntable.>>MOTHER: Come on, you two. Dinner’s getting cold.>>Okay, Mom. (Recorder whistling)>>That was a wonderful meal. Thank you, everyone.>>And thanks for the recorder, Aunt Lucy. Where did you get it?>>It was made by a friend of mine. A sweet old panda in China.>>So, where are you off to next, Sis?>>AUNT LUCY: Egypt. To search for a mysterious, long lost tomb. I can’t wait to get started.>>Did she tell you she’s leaving in ten days?>>There’s lots to do before I set sail. And I have to get Sam back before school starts. (Giggling)>>(Whispering) Yes!>>I know, it’s just, we don’t get to see you very often, and I’m not getting any younger, you know.>>Oh, you’ll probably outlive us all.>>True. I’m not gallivanting all over the world, getting into mischief. (Laughing) Still, it is lovely having the whole family together, isn’t it?>>Oh, that reminds me. Your family album. And look what I found- a picture of baby Franklin with his aunt Lucy.>>Aw, he’s so cute!>>Yeah? Well at least I don’t look like a monster.>>Franklin!>>She started it. Hmph!>>I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to–>>We know. I’ll see what I can do to cheer up Mr. Grumpy. (Crickets chirping) Isn’t this a great place? I played here for hours when I was your age.>>Just because she’s older than me doesn’t mean she has to treat me like a baby.>>I’m sure Sam didn’t mean anything by what she said. Why don’t you come over tomorrow and we can hang out together?>>Is she going to be there?>>Sam? I imagine so. But I promise, she won’t bite. We turtles don’t have teeth, you know. (Chuckling)>>Okay. I’ll be over after breakfast. (Music playing from phonograph) That’s Granny’s song! (Swing music playing) ♪ ♪>>Now, pick your partner! (Laughing)>>Huh? ♪>>Harriet, please don’t play with your food. (Humming) I can’t believe all the bugs in this cereal!>>I don’t think there’s enough.>>Would Monsieur like some more?>>Yes, please.>>So, off to your aunt’s for the day, Franklin?>>Uh-huh. It’s going to be fun. Are you including Sam in that fun? You know, you weren’t very nice to her last night.>>Well, she wasn’t very nice to me.>>You just got off to a bad start. Why not take Sam some flowers?>>Flowers? That’s a girl thing!>>Exactly! Girls always fall for flowers.>>Oh, you! Here. Take these. They’re nice and fresh. Sam is your aunt’s goddaughter. Why don’t you try being nice to her?>>Mm-hm.>>Okay. (Giggling)>>Franklin look pretty.>>I just hope nobody sees me.>>Agh! What’s keeping Franklin? He’s never been this late.>>Do you see him, Bear?>>No. But I just noticed a big patch of berries down there!>>Give me that. Aha! There he is. Huh? What is he doing? I think he’s carrying flowers.>>Franklin, with flowers?>>And he’s headed for that old house.>>They’re probably for his aunt Lucy. That’s her house down there, and it’s really spooky because she’s an “archi-pologist”. Plus she has a goddaughter who’s a scary monster.>>I think we missed something. Come on, I think Franklin’s got some explaining to do. (Clock ticking)>>Thanks for doing that, kiddo. I’ll be in the attic pushing dust around till Franklin gets here. (Whistling) (Sighing) Hmm? (Imaginary tribal music)>>FRANKLIN: Hello?>>Oh, no. Oh, it’s only you. If those are for your aunt, she just went upstairs.>>Actually, they’re for you.>>Really? That’s almost sweet! Was this your idea?>>My dad says girls always fall for flowers.>>Oh, really? Well, not this girl. Besides, I’ve got work to do.>>So, uh, what are you doing?>>Lucy asked me to catalogue some things while we’re here. She brought these pots from India.>>From India? That’s pretty neat!>>Yeah.>>Huh?>>I guess it’s cool. But I’d rather be out exploring the world like your aunt, than keeping track of some dusty old pots. That’s why I talked my folks into letting me spend the summer with her. We spent all last month getting ready for a dig near the ocean. But that fell through, and we came here instead. Some adventure.>>Woodland is a neat place, you know. I’ve had lots of adventures here.>>Adventures?>>I don’t know what’s dirtier- the water, or these windows. Hello, what have we here? It looks like a pirate attack!>>Anyway, I don’t even know why I’m talking to you, especially after the way you treated me last night.>>Well, you started it by scaring me.>>Ha! You said you weren’t scared! And at least I said I was sorry.>>But, that’s what these were for.>>Hi, Franklin. I hope we’re not interrupting.>>Hey! He does have flowers.>>They’re… for my aunt.>>Then this must be her goddaughter, the scary monster.>>That’s me. But you can call me Sam.>>What happened, Franklin? We waited a whole hour for you.>>I guess he had better things to do.>>No. I just forgot.>>So what’s with the goofy costumes?>>Our costumes aren’t goofy.>>Yeah! Can’t you tell we’re pirates?>>Pirates? Shiver me timbers! Who dares disturb the dark lair of Captain Silverbeard? (Gasping)>>This is my aunt Lucy. These are my other friends, Bear and Beaver.>>Arr, the pleasure be all mine. Now then, what be the adventure today, me hearties?>>We be going on a treasure hunt. (Yawning)>>Not wantin’ to join us, missy? You’ll walk the plank if you don’t!>>Guess I’ll take my chances with the sharks.>>So, what do you wanna do?>>Not play some dumb kids game. (Gulping)>>Well, then. What if we went looking for real buried treasure?>>Real buried treasure?>>I has the map to prove it!>>Here it be! Turtle Lake, not a day’s hike from here.>>Wow! A real live pirate map?>>Did you ever look for the treasure?>>Aye, matey! But I never found it. So, who be with me?>>Sure!>>Yeah!>>Better than hanging around here.>>It’s decided then, buckos. We cast off tomorrow. Come along, you three. We’d best be getting your parents’ permission.>>SNAIL: To the treasure!>>Uh, don’t you wanna come with us?>>Uh, it’s okay. I’ll see ya later.>>What’s the matter? Don’t you wanna play with your little pals?>>No. I’d rather find out more about the treasure. I think I know who made this map.>>I haven’t seen this old map in years. How did you know I made it?>>I recognized your nice printing.>>Did Aunt Lucy give this to you?>>Uh huh. She’s taking us to Turtle Lake to look for the treasure.>>She is?>>Why did you make this map for her?>>Yeah, what did you bury there?>>Oh, you kids don’t wanna hear my old story. Very well. (Sighing) The story behind this map begins long before I made it, back when I was about Sam’s age, and living at Turtle Lake. I was born and raised there, in a small cabin by the water’s edge. I spent mornings fishing with my father, and afternoons picking berries with my mother. Turtle Lake was a perfect place to grow up, especially in the summer, and I had the most perfect hiding place there, a secret place in the woods. I’d stay there for hours, hidden by a thicket of sweet honeysuckle. Everything just seemed so perfect. Heaven knows where I got the idea, but I collected keepsakes in an old tin box. Then I sealed the time capsule and took it to my special hiding spot, and that’s where I buried it.>>You buried it?>>That’s what you do with a time capsule. You leave it for a long time, then dig it up.>>And then you get to see what your life was like when you buried it.>>We made one at my school, and we’re not going to open it for ten years!>>So what did you put in your time capsule, Granny?>>Things my parents gave me, things I made. It was a very long time ago, Franklin.>>You mean, you’ve never opened it again?>>No. I never got the chance. A few nights after I buried it, my parents let me sleep in my tent. ♪ Searching for old memories in the days gone by ♪ (Crackling) Huh? (Gasping) ♪ Remembering an old melody ♪ (Gasping) (Fire roaring) Ah! Ah! (Gasping) Mother! Father! It was very hot that summer, and very dry. They say a lightning storm touched off the fire. (Grunting) (Gasping) (Grunting) (Crying) (Thunder rumbling) (Sobbing) All I know is, I lost everything that night.>>That must have been so terrible.>>Yes. But as I said, it was a very long time ago. And here we are, on such a fine summer’s day.>>Did you ever go back there?>>Not right away. I went to stay with my aunt’s family, here in Woodland. We went to visit the lake a year later, but nothing looked the same. Without the usual landmarks, I couldn’t find my secret hideaway. I haven’t been back since. But your aunt was very interested when she learned of my lost time capsule.>>That’s why you made her this map!>>So, what happened?>>Your father could tell you the rest. He went to Turtle Lake with her.>>Are you okay, Granny?>>I’m fine, Franklin. Just tired from all this storytelling. You two run along now. And say hello to Turtle Lake for me, will you?>>We will, Granny. (Sobbing)>>FRANKLIN: That’s Aunt Lucy? She looks so young!>>We were both in our teens that summer we hiked to the lake. It’s nice you’re getting the chance to go up there, and even nicer to see you two on friendly terms.>>Actually, we’re more like fellow adventurers than friends. Oh, and thank you for the flowers, Mr. Turtle. They were lovely.>>Um–>>Is that Lucy looking for Granny’s time capsule?>>Yes. She must have gone over every square inch of those woods. She found lots of interesting old things, but not the time capsule.>>I’ll bet that’s where she got the idea to become an archaeologist!>>You know, I’ll bet you’re right!>>Dad, do you know what Granny put in her time capsule?>>She never said anything to me. I’m surprised she told you about it.>>I wonder why Lucy tried so hard to find it.>>My guess, it wasn’t what was in the box that intrigued her, as much as solving the mystery of where it went. (Phone ringing)>>Huh?>>Hello? We were just talking about you!>>Hear that? A mystery!>>FATHER: She did.>>I might get my big adventure after all!>>You call Dr. Bear? We’ll be right there. That was Aunt Lucy. Granny’s taken ill. Sorry, kids. Has Dr. Bear arrived?>>Hi, guys. What are you doing here?>>We were playing at Bear’s place when your aunt called his mom.>>Oh, and we both got permission to go to Turtle Lake. Neat, huh?>>Um, I don’t think we’re going anymore, Bear. (Sighing)>>We’re not going anywhere if his granny’s sick!>>(Mocking tone) Nyah!>>Okay, I’ll be upstairs. You kids wait here for now. What happened?>>LUCY: I dropped by here on my way from Beaver’s place, and found Mom in the kitchen. She must have stumbled and fallen. (Gasping)>>FATHER: How is she, Dr. Bear?>>She has some bumps and bruises, but nothing explains her very high fever.>>LUCY: She’s really burning up.>>DR. BEAR: I’m doing what I can, but nothing seems to bring the fever down.>>FATHER: How serious is it?>>DR. BEAR: At Granny’s age, we might only have a few days. (Gasping)>>LUCY: Let’s go outside. She has to rest now.>>Is Granny going to be okay?>>We hope so, Son.>>Can I go in and see her, Dad?>>Mm-hm.>>Okay, Franklin, but not for long.>>Just Franklin, Bear. You and Beaver can visit later if you like.>>Aw, but what about Sam?>>Inside voice, Bear. Granny needs peace and quiet right now.>>Come downstairs with us and we’ll find some cookies for you.>>Okay.>>Sorry, Bear.>>He’ll be okay, Franklin. You go on in. I’ll be just across the hall.>>Hi, Granny. Harriet sends kisses, and so does Mom. Everyone else is here, even Snail! We sure wish there was something we could do. (Moaning in sleep) Huh?>>My time capsule. I, remember. (Gasping)>>Dad! Aunt Lucy! Granny asked for her time capsule!>>She did? When?>>Just now, in her sleep!>>Do you know what Granny put in her time capsule, Aunt Lucy?>>No, Franklin. She never much liked talking about Turtle Lake. Although, she once mentioned something about a turtle talisman.>>A talisman is like a charm with special powers, right?>>Yes. Our ancestors saw it as a symbol of the turtle life force. It was said to strengthen that life force and protect us from harm.>>You mean, like with magic?>>I can’t say I believe in hocus pocus myself.>>Does Granny?>>Yeah! Maybe she wants her talisman back because she thinks it’ll make her better! (Bear making mocking sounds)>>We have to go to Turtle Lake and find it.>>I don’t know, Franklin. There’s no guarantee we’ll find Granny’s time capsule, or the talisman.>>But, if there’s a chance, we have to at least try, right?>>Okay. Let’s got to Turtle Lake.>>Yippee!>>Yes!>>But you know, there might be another way to get a talisman.>>Yeah, maybe Mr. Mole has some at his store.>>Pfft!>>We can’t just buy a talisman at a store, Bear. They’re very rare. Remember Old Turtle?>>You mean the witch who lives near Turtle Lake?>>Did you say “witch”?>>She’s more of a mystic. And if anyone has a talisman, she will. We can stop by on our way to the lake. We’ll meet back here, first thing in the morning.>>Let’s go tell your mom, Bear.>>I’m going in to check on Mom.>>Come on, Sam. We best get packing.>>It looks like our big adventure’s back on, Franklin.>>AUNT LUCY: Sam!>>Hey, you might even get your chance to be a hero.>>I don’t want to be a hero. I just want my granny to get better.>>AUNT LUCY: To Turtle Lake!>>To Turtle Lake! (Laughing)>>Wahoo!>>To save Granny. ♪ (Whistling) (Whistling response) (Whistling together) ♪ We’re off on a journey to Turtle Lake ♪ ♪ We’re off on a journey to Turtle Lake ♪ ♪ To find lost treasure in a secret place ♪ ♪ If we pull together and stick to the plan ♪ ♪ If we pull together and stick to the plan ♪ ♪ We’ll find the magic talisman ♪ ♪ We’ll find the magic talisman ♪ ♪ Getting there is half the fun ♪ ♪ Adventure for each and everyone ♪ ♪ It’s one for all and all for one ♪ ♪ Together we’ll get the job done ♪ (Whistling) ♪ So much to see along the way ♪ ♪ We can find some time to play ♪ ♪ With a pirate map and all my friends ♪ ♪ We’re gonna reach the end ♪ ♪ Getting there is half the fun ♪ ♪ Adventure for each and everyone ♪ ♪ It’s one for all and all for one ♪ ♪ Together we’ll get the job done ♪ ♪ Together we’ll get the job done ♪ (Whistling) (Birds chirping)>>Ooh! Last one in’s a rotten egg! (Giggling)>>Yippee! (Laughing)>>Whoa. Hahaha!>>Woohoo!>>My paws are killing me.>>How far till Old Turtle’s, Aunt Lucy?>>I’m not sure. I hope we didn’t pass it. You kids stay here. I’m going to look around.>>Sorry I’ve been slowing you down, guys. My backpack weighs a ton. Hey! Who put a rock in here? (Laughing) I should have known.>>Well I don’t think it’s funny.>>Heh, it is, kind of.>>Besides, half the fun’s getting even. (Dreamy music) Hey. Shoo! (Dreamy singing continues) (Wings tinkling lightly)>>I think they want us to follow them.>>Then why don’t we? ♪ (Gasping)>>Wow! ♪>>I’ve never seen a garden like this before. This place is so cool!>>ALL: Huh?>>That is most kind of you to say. (Chuckling) I see you’ve found them. Thank you, little ones.>>You sent them to bring us here?>>How else would you find it? (Tinkling) Forgive me. I am Old Turtle. And you are my guests this evening. I am very sorry to hear about your granny. I remember her father well. He once saved my life.>>He did?>>Oh yes. One day, while gathering wild herbs near the cliffs, I got caught in a sudden landslide. A large boulder pinned my leg and I lay there without food or water for weeks.>>But how did you survive?>>With the help of this talisman. It protected me those many days. Just as I was giving up hope of rescue, Granny’s father found me.>>Yeuch!>>I owed your great-grandfather my life, so I gave him one of these.>>He must have given it to my mother, and she buried it at Turtle Lake!>>Could a talisman like this make my granny better?>>Its power is very strong and very old. I believe it is the reason I still walk this earth.>>Aww. (Water dripping and echoing)>>Oh my. I guess I didn’t put that on tight enough. It’s okay. There’s plenty more soup.>>How old are you, anyway? (Chuckling)>>I’ve lost count. But all the candles would not fit on even the largest of birthday cakes.>>That’s a lot of candles!>>We were going to put 80 on Granny’s cake this year.>>If you believe the talisman will save your granny, you must find it.>>Can’t you just give us one?>>I’m afraid not. They were made centuries ago and handed down over generations. This is the only one I have left.>>Could we borrow it until she gets better? (Wind howling outside) (Tinkling)>>If it will help your grandmother, you may take it. (Tinkling)>>But, if we take your talisman, you might get sick, and– No. The talisman belongs with you. We’ll just have to find Granny’s.>>Then I will do what I can to help. (Louder tinkling) I see, a rainbow, and beneath that, a sunflower. (Breathing heavily) (Moaning)>>Is that all you can tell us?>>Huh? My powers are not what they once were. But come tomorrow, that is what you must seek.>>Thanks, Old Turtle, for everything. (Whistling) (Loon calling)>>Yes! (Loons calling)>>Ah, Turtle Lake, at last.>>Is that all that’s left of where Granny grew up?>>Yes Sam, it is.>>According to her map, Granny buried the time capsule back there.>>But what about, “I see a sunflower under a rainbow”?>>Rainbows don’t appear until after it rains, and it sure doesn’t look like rain.>>Maybe this will help.>>Oooh! A metal detector!>>That’s right! If there’s anything made of metal out here, we’ll find it. (Beeping)>>Cool. So let’s split into teams.>>Okay. Sam and I will help Aunt Lucy. You guys look around down by the lake.>>But Franklin, we’re always on the same team!>>It’s okay, Bear.>>No, it’s not!>>Maybe you should go talk to your friend, Franklin. (Sighing)>>All right. Are you okay, Bear?>>What do you care? I’ll bet you’re only asking ’cause your aunt made you.>>He’s got you there, Franklin.>>You’ve hardly had anything to do with any of us since Sam showed up.>>That’s not true.>>Oh yeah? You forgot all about us the other day, and you’re always being nice to her, even when she’s playing dumb jokes. It’s like– it’s like she’s your girlfriend or something.>>Sam is not my girlfriend! (Sighing) I’m only being nice to her because my parents made me. You guys will always be my best friends.>>Really? (Beeping in distance)>>Looks like we found something. (Shovel hitting object)>>It’s just an old can.>>Awww.>>Oh well. Let’s refill the hole and keep moving. The day’s still young.>>Come on. Let’s look down by the lake.>>Okay. Maybe we’ll find a rainbow by the water!>>Whew.>>One broken can opener, three bottle caps, and a rusty old spike.>>And this bent spoon.>>But no time capsule.>>We didn’t find anything either. (Sighing)>>I’ve devoted my whole life to discovering lost treasure and ancient cities, but the one thing I can’t find is Mom’s time capsule. Even with this old map. I’m afraid it’s lost for good.>>But we can’t give up now. Not after we’ve come this far. We have to save Granny, Aunt Lucy.>>You’re right, Franklin. We can’t give up now. But I don’t know where else to look.>>SMALL VOICE: Hello. Up here. Little Crow like shiny pretties.>>Pretties? It’s just old junk.>>Hmm? Can Little Crow play with pretty shell? Please?>>Snail’s our friend, not a toy. (Blowing raspberry)>>Stinky greeny. Big Hairy always gives pretties when Little Crow says please.>>Who’s Big Hairy?>>Big Hairy is, Big Hairy!>>Do you live here at Turtle Lake?>>Uh huh. All by myself.>>Don’t you have a family?>>Not anymore.>>My granny lost her parents, too. We’re very sorry, Little Crow.>>Thank you. Greenies and fuzzies look sad. Can Little Crow help?>>Maybe. Have you seen any rainbows around here?>>Oh yes. But Little Crow want something first.>>We can’t give you Snail. How about this shiny spoon instead? (Sighing)>>Okay. Little Crow saw a rainbow at Great Bear Falls.>>Of course. Everybody knows rainbows form at the bottom of waterfalls.>>They’re just a mile or two north of here.>>Uh, but, how could the box get all the way there? Sprout wings and fly? (Laughing)>>That couldn’t happen, silly.>>Bear has a point. So, do we keep looking here, or do we take our chances at Great Bear Falls?>>Old Turtle told us to look for a rainbow, so let’s go to the falls. But first, there’s something I want to do.>>I just wanted to show pretty shell to the nice fluffies.>>We can’t be far now. Are you two holding up okay?>>Yep, but I wonder what’s keeping Franklin and Sam.>>I-I just wanted to say, that was a really cool thing you did last night. Not taking Old Turtle’s talisman, I mean.>>It was?>>Yes. I think you’ve been very sweet and very brave this whole trip.>>I have? Gee, thanks.>>Boy, I bet you feel bad now, huh, Franklin?>>Why would he feel badly, Snail?>>He told Bear he was just being nice to you ’cause his parents made him.>>Did you really say that?>>Well, yes, but–>>You are such a little kid!>>It’s not really true! Not anymore.>>Ahh! (Gasping)>>Little Crow!>>Franklin! Help!>>Uh, go to the falls with my aunt. I’ll find Snail and meet you there. (Panting) (Straining)>>Let me go! (Wind whooshing) (Gasping) No! Don’t let me go! Where are you taking me?>>To meet the nice fluffies.>>The fluffies? Who are they?>>Little Crow’s best friends. Pretty shell will like. (Panting) (Running footsteps behind)>>Whew.>>Sam? You’re supposed to be with my aunt.>>Looks like I’m not!>>But–>>There’s no time to argue. Come on! (Panting)>>Sam! Franklin!>>Snail!>>That’s odd. I thought we’d bump into them by now. It’s not like them to– (Gasping) Bear, stop! Under your foot.>>It’s an arrow.>>I hope this isn’t one of Sam’s dumb jokes.>>No, it looks like they’re leaving a trail for us. And we have no choice but to follow it.>>Aww, he’s so cute!>>And plump. He’s plump, too.>>Hi, pretty shell.>>Actually, my name’s Snail, and I really have to get back to my friends. Sorry I can’t stay.>>Hey! Don’t go! Let’s play!>>Can Little Crow play too?>>Yeehaw! I’m ridin’ the snail!>>Me next!>>No, me! Me!>>Hey, stop that!>>He’s right. Mama says never play with your food. (Gasping)>>Food?!>>Um, he meant friend.>>No, fluffies. Little Crow brought pretty shell to play, not to eat.>>Ah! (Straining)>>Our mama better not catch you here.>>Little Crow not afraid. Ahhh!>>Oof.>>Whaaaaoh!>>Stay away from my nest! Are you okay, children?>>Uh huh. Yes, Mama.>>Good. I’ll go down to the river and get us something to eat. No snacking before dinner now! (Panting)>>I don’t see Little Crow anywhere. I think we’ve lost her.>>And Snail. Why didn’t you stay with Aunt Lucy like I asked?>>I couldn’t let a little kid go by himself. Besides, I left you aunt a trail to follow.>>You did? Great. Now she’ll try to find us, instead of the time capsule. (Gasping)>>You’re right. How could I be so dumb? (Sniffling)>>You don’t have to cry about it.>>Um, that’s not me. (Crying continues) (Gasping) It’s Little Crow! Little Crow? Are you okay?>>Uh huh.>>But, where’s Snail? Pretty shell. Is he all right?>>Uh huh. Pretty shell up there.>>Maybe we should wait for your aunt.>>No. I have a feeling Snail’s still in trouble. (Grunting) (Wind howling) (Grunting) Ahh!>>Sam! Whoa! (Straining)>>Well, I said I wanted an adventure. I’m sorry, Franklin. I should have stayed with the others.>>No, I’m glad you’re here.>>I really meant what I said back there, about you being cool and brave and stuff.>>And I’m really sorry I said those things about you to Bear.>>Come on, greenies. Hurry, hurry!>>Is there something you didn’t tell us about pretty shell?>>Was he really okay?>>Maybe, if fluffies not too hungry. (Both gasping)>>I sure am hungry.>>Me too.>>Guys, you heard Mama. No snacking before dinner. Still, she didn’t say anything about an appetizer.>>FRANKLIN: Snail? Are you up there? (Grunting) (Straining)>>The coast is clear, Little Crow. There’s no sign of the falcon. Just her chicks.>>But where’s Snail?>>The little guy? I think he fell. (Gasping)>>He fell?>>Then, what are you sitting on?>>An egg. (Grunting)>>Get off me!>>A talking egg!>>I said, get off! Snail! (Laughing) Ow! Hey! Stop that!>>Stop! Stop! (Grunting) Hey! (Struggling) (Sighing)>>Those kids.>>Be careful! Ahhh!>>Gotcha!>>Whoa-oh-oh! Ahhh! (Gasping)>>Little Crow can’t look.>>No, you can look.>>Hey! We’re okay!>>We are? (Rocks crumbling) Oh no!>>ALL: Ahhh!>>Don’t struggle. (Straining) I’ve got you.>>Look, Franklin’s Captain.>>But, where’s Franklin? (Gasping)>>Up there! Come on, you two. I need your help.>>Hang on. It’s not far now.>>Ahh!>>Franklin! Ungh! (Grunting) (Groaning)>>How nice of you to drop in.>>Thanks, guys.>>Sam, I was so worried! What were you three doing up there?>>Little Crow took Snail to Mrs. Falcon’s nest to show her chicks.>>Franklin and Sam rescued me!>>From way up there? (Gasping) Whoa!>>Thanks for your help, Mrs. Falcon.>>I’m just glad everyone’s okay, and I’m very sorry about earlier. I thought you were attacking my nest.>>Little Crow sorry, too.>>That’s okay. We forgive you.>>We’re on our way to Great Bear Falls, Mrs. Falcon. Have you ever seen a rainbow there?>>Oh, many times, on sunny days, of course.>>We’d better get moving, guys. It’s getting late.>>But, what about Little Crow?>>Little Crow doesn’t have a family. Hey, maybe she could stay with you and your family!>>Well, if Little Crow doesn’t mind sharing a nest with three little rascals, I don’t see why not.>>Thank you, thank you! Family is much nicer than shiny pretties.>>I’ll second that.>>Come on, let’s go! (Whistling) (Sighing)>>I can’t believe the whole day’s gone by.>>And we still haven’t found Granny’s time capsule! (Sighing) Maybe we should just camp here, and head home in the morning. So I can say goodbye to Granny before she–>>Oh, Franklin.>>But we can’t just give up now!>>Not after we’ve come this far.>>Yeah, we have to save Granny!>>I wonder where I’ve heard that before.>>You’re right, guys. Thanks.>>To save Granny!>>ALL: To save Granny!>>MAN’S VOICE: Here!>>Did you hear that?>>MAN: Here…!>>It’s coming from over there. Oops!>>Watch your step!>>Hello!>>Who’s down there?>>Name’s Grizzly Bear. Walls are too slick to climb. You got something you can get me up with?>>Hmm. (All straining)>>Whoa! (Straining) (Grunting)>>Thought I knew these woods like the back of my paw. Till I fell in this hole two nights ago. Oh, uh, friends call me Grizzly. Thanks for the rescue.>>We’re glad to help. Right, kids?>>SNAIL: Uh-huh.>>Now then, it’s pretty near dark and my cave isn’t far. You’re welcome to stay the night.>>We’d be delighted.>>Good! Follow me, but, mind your step. (Humming) (Harriet humming)>>Shh. (Humming stops) (Grumbling in sleep)>>Franklin.>>Franklin’s not here, Mom. He’s gone to Turtle Lake.>>I hope he’s okay.>>He’s with his aunt. I’m sure he’s perfectly safe.>>Hey, you sure have lots of stuff.>>Bit of a pack rat, I guess. Spend all my time lookin’ for old things.>>Hey, that’s what my aunt does!>>This must be one of the first metal detectors ever made!>>Yep. Old Betsy still works, too.>>I love your chandelier Mr. Grizzly. It’s very, sparkly.>>I bet Little Crow would like it, too. (Chuckling)>>I’ll bet she would at that.>>You know her? Then you must be Big Hairy!>>That’s what she calls me, all right. I guess ’cause I’m big and hairy.>>Have you been to Turtle Lake?>>Plenty of times. I’ve found loads of things there over the years.>>Really?>>We’re looking for something my mother buried there before the big fire.>>A blue tin box with yellow stars painted on it.>>Rings a bell. Let’s see. First time I took Betsy out for a spin was to Turtle Lake. This was well after the fire, and things were starting to grow in, and you know? I did find a box, just like you described it.>>What did you do with it?>>Probably still here. Never throw anything away.>>We have to find it in all this?>>Actually there’s four more rooms like this one, only bigger.>>Agh! This could take days!>>Then we’d better get started. ♪>>Oh! (Wood creaking)>>Huh?>>BOTH: Boo! (Laughing)>>Oh, I’m bushed.>>Me too. But at least we got back at Sam! (Sighing)>>I just wish we’d found the time capsule.>>Maybe it just isn’t here.>>Wait! We forgot about Old Turtle! Remember what she said? “Look for a sunflower under a rainbow.”>>BEAR: I don’t know. It’s kind of dark in here for a rainbow.>>BEAVER: Maybe we have to find something that looks like a rainbow.>>Or makes a rainbow! The sun hasn’t set yet!>>Of course! The chandelier!>>BEAVER: Yeah! Everybody knows crystals are like prisms.>>Hyah! (Tinkling) (Gasping)>>SNAIL: A rainbow!>>And under the rainbow–>>BEAVER: Sunflower. (Gasping)>>I can’t believe it! That’s why I could never find it. It was here all along.>>You should open it, Aunt Lucy. (Sighing) The turtle talisman. (Lucy laughing)>>Yippee! (Chuckling) (Whistling) (Hawk screeching) (Whistling) ♪ (Tinkling) ♪>>Mom! Dad! They’re back!>>How’s Mom doing?>>Holding her own, but barely.>>We found this.>>FRANKLIN: And her talisman. Nothing’s happening.>>It might take time, Son. We’ll get some food and let Granny rest.>>You go on. I’ll stay. (Crying)>>You did all you could, Franklin.>>Yeah, but, it wasn’t enough.>>Why don’t you tell Granny what’s in here? Maybe she can hear you. (Sniffling)>>Okay. There are all sorts of neat things in here. Look, Granny. It’s the old cabin! I bet you drew this. And, here’s a fishing lure. Probably from your dad.>>What’s that, Franklin?>>An envelope, but, it’s sealed. (Mumbling quietly) (Gasping) I think she wants us to open it!>>I think you’re right! (Mumbling)>>It’s an old photograph. This must be you, Granny, with your parents.>>GRANNY: My parents.>>Granny?>>SNAIL: Yahoo! (Laughing)>>Hooray!>>Oh, I so wanted to see this again. It’s the only photo of my family I have left. I lost all the others, when I lost my parents.>>Mom? Thank goodness!>>Yippee! (Laughing)>>We did it!>>Her fever’s broken.>>What is all the fuss about?>>It looks like this magic talisman worked after all, Franklin.>>I guess, but, maybe what really made Granny better was something even stronger than magic. (Laughing)>>AUNT LUCY: Ice cream sundaes, everyone! Sam helped make the chocolate sauce.>>Chocolate sauce? Oh, boy!>>Isn’t it amazing how well Granny’s doing, Dr. Bear?>>It’s a miracle, all right.>>I remember telling the children about Turtle Lake. I’ve kept myself from thinking about that terrible night for so long. But when I saw that old map again, it all came back. After you left, I thought about my parents, and how much I missed them.>>Oh, Mom.>>We’ll look after you!>>Yes, and I’ll help. I’ve decided to stay here for a while, in Woodland.>>That’s wonderful, dear, but what about Egypt?>>That old tomb’s waited this long to be found. It can wait a bit longer. As a wise little crow once said, “Family is much nicer than shiny pretties.” (Laughing) The last week made me realize how much you all mean to me, and how much I’ve missed.>>Slow down, Bear! You don’t want to get an ice cream headache.>>Hmm? Ow, hot hot!>>Uh oh. Ice cream headaches.>>No. More like hot peppers in the chocolate sauce. (Giggling)>>I have Franklin and his friends to thank, you know. They’re my heroes.>>Franklin’s the real hero. He was amazing. (Swing music playing from phonograph)>>I sure wish we could dance, Granny.>>Just you watch, Franklin. I’ll be up and cutting a rug in no time.>>Until then, may I have this dance, Sir?>>Okay. So uh, you leave tomorrow, right?>>Yep. Back to school. I’m really going to miss you, Franklin.>>Really? I’m going to miss you too, Sam. Oh, I have something for you.>>Granny’s map? But I couldn’t–>>It’s okay. Aunt Lucy said I could give it to you, you know, to remember your summer by.>>I won’t ever forget this summer. (Clearing throat) (Laughing)>>Well what do you know? Life is just full of surprises, isn’t it? ♪ ♪ When the drums of true adventure start to beat ♪ ♪ When you’ve got that funny itching in your feet ♪ ♪ When your heart is overflowing with the thrill ♪ ♪ Of that hill to climb, you know you will ♪ ♪ When you’re building paper castles in the air ♪ ♪ Dreaming up the greatest plans you’d ever dare ♪ ♪ There’s a way to make them more than just pretend ♪ ♪ Speak your dreams out loud, and call your friends ♪ ♪ In a world made better by the hills we climb ♪ ♪ In a life of journeys that are still to come ♪ ♪ You’re not alone ♪ ♪ Everything is possible ♪ ♪ When we are one ♪ ♪ When we are one ♪ ♪ So join these hands now, together ♪ ♪ We all need helping hands ♪ ♪ Let the light lead your love forever ♪ ♪ We all need helping hands ♪ ♪ Any challenge can be quickly overcome ♪ ♪ When you’re marching two by two and all for one ♪ ♪ When the heartbeat of adventure grows and grows ♪ ♪ We’re invincible, don’t ya know? ♪ ♪ In a world made better by the hills we climb ♪ ♪ You’re not alone ♪ ♪ In a life of journeys that are still to come ♪ ♪ You’re not alone ♪ ♪ Everything is possible ♪ ♪ When we are one ♪ ♪ Take these hands, and know that we are one ♪ ♪ ♪ Ah, ah ♪ ♪ Oh ♪ ♪ Ah, ah ♪ ♪ In a world made better by the hills we climb ♪ ♪ You’re not alone ♪ ♪ In a life of journeys that are still to come ♪ ♪ You’re not alone ♪ ♪ Everything is possible ♪ ♪ When we are one ♪ ♪ When we are one ♪ ♪ So join these hands now, together ♪ ♪ You’re not alone ♪ ♪ In a life of journeys that are still to come ♪ ♪ You’re not alone ♪ ♪ Everything is possible ♪ ♪ When we are one ♪ ♪ When we are one ♪ ♪ A knot that nothing can sever ♪ ♪ Let’s join our hands now, together ♪ ♪ We can reach into forever ♪ ♪ When we are one ♪

Randy Schultz

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