Four Facts About Leatherback Sea Turtles

Four Facts About Leatherback Sea Turtles

Do you want to hear something “turtley”
awesome? Here are four facts about leatherbacks that
you should know. Fact number one. Leatherbacks are the largest of all living turtles. They can reach sizes
of up to seven feet in length. Fact two. Unlike most turtles, leatherbacks have a
soft flexible shell that allows them to dive to a depth of
more than one kilometer. That’s deeper than most whales can go. Fact three. Ancestors of the
leatherback sea turtle appeared on earth one hundred million years ago! But today, the species is critically endangered in many parts of the world. This is a result of
extreme pollution, climate change, and the illegal poaching of their nests. Fact four. Leatherbacks live out in the open ocean and their primary food source is
jellyfish. They can actually eat their body weight in jellyfish everyday. Oops sorry, that’s a plastic bag. You see how easy it is to mistake. Leatherbacks really
need your help to keep the ocean clean. Join 4ocean in supporting the
leatherback sea turtle.

Randy Schultz

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  2. Kittytcat says:

    4oceN is the best

  3. Kittytcat says:

    They are an inspiration

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    I love your vids and your idea to save the ocean

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    4 ocean is the best. I have one of these bracelets.

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    Awesome! This is cool, as I do have the bracelet.

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    Who chose leatherback turtles

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    Hi 4ocen. Can you please ship to the U.A.E. I would pay 100 dollars for shipping. PLEAAAAAASE!

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    So….if we shit in the ocean,and the ocean is water,we drink water,we drink our shit! Congratiulations!

  12. Diamond Apple drawz says:

    dang those are some large turtles

  13. RAYEN GAMING says:

    Mana ni video kemarin pas anak anak ke patung siwa

  14. Daniels Geographic Channel says:

    Baltimore Maryland needs clean ups

  15. PeterJuiceNator says:

    The poachers are killing the turtles so they don’t kill the jellyfish

    Have you ever considered how the jellyfish feel

  16. Thomas h says:

    Hey I live in Florida I want to help you guys what can I do please reply

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    You seriously need more subs and views

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    My country will ban all plastic bags in June

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    We were just at the beach picking up a bunch of trash. Then we went to a aquarium and in the gift shop your bracelets were there. We all got them and I got the leatherback, my mom got dolphin and my brother got Shark. We also have a rule where we can never take them off.

  23. G. Dave3 says:

    I worry so much about Turtles for many reasons, but a frightening one is that temp decides the gender of the develpoing Turtles in the Eggs. This year it was found that all the Baby Turtles( of a particular type, but I expect other Turtles would also be affected). We’re all Females ( I think it was a study of a small Pacific Island), this obviously mean intervention will be needed for the foreseeable future to make sure enough eggs are removed and made to be Male by regulating the temp in incubators.

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    People from the comment section let's see if we can help 4ocean make 3 million dollars

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    whose a vsco girl and saw this video meeeeeeeeee

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