Forgotten Realms Lore – Dragonspear Castle

Forgotten Realms Lore – Dragonspear Castle

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this video! Hello everybody Jorphdan here the PH is silent! Today I’d like to deep dive, as much as
I can in a short youtube video, on Dragonspear Castle. It has an interesting history and was featured
in one of the adventures for Acquisitions Inc. During the Tyranny of Dragons storyline. At a glance Dragonspear Castle is a sprawling
ruin, it appears to be desolate and abandoned. Let’s dive in! Dragonspear Castle was created by famed adventurer
Daeros Dragonspear. A bearded half-dwarf (don’t see many of
those) that made his fortune in gems by defeating a beholder in the subterranean city of Kanaglym. Kanaglym was an abandoned Dwarf town that
was located entirely underground. Apparently a beholder had taken up residence
with his wealth and Daeros Dragonspear took him out. Returning to the surface with loads of money
now he decided to build Dragonspear Castle around the lair of a copper dragon named Halatathlaer. Halatathlaer and Daeros had befriended each
other early in Daeros’ adventuring career. The copper dragon was tired of fighting of
thieving orcs and goblins, but didn’t really want to leave his home. So Daeros built Dragonspear Castle around
the copper dragon’s lair. It’s located just west of the High Moor
which is south of Waterdeep and north of Baldur’s Gate. Dwarves were welcomed to the new Castle and
soon the outer ward was filled with small cottages. This occured in 1255 DR. The castle had four towers inward, and around
the keep was a spearhead-shaped outer wall of nine great towers. Daeros was often seen flying over the High
Moor on the dragon’s back wielding a long spear. They repelled orcs and goblins, trolls, and
other creatures away from Dragonspear Castle, protecting it. Wizards, evil wizards coveted the dragon’s
hoard and started to use shape-shifting magics to spy on dragonspear castle. To see how it was guarded and any potential
weaknesses in their defenses. They wanted that treasure hoard. A calishite mage named Ithtaerus Casalia crafted
a spell that put the copper dragon into a magical slumber. Then he cleverly sent a vision to Daeros that
falsely showed the wizard creating a gate that teleported the dragon away. The gate was real, created within the heart
of Dragonspear Castle but it did not teleport the dragon. This gate was an opening to the Nine Hells,
specifically Avernus. The gate could not fully function until it
received the final ingredient, death-blood of a mortal. Tricked and trying to protect his dragon Daeros
jumped through the portal, weapons ready. He was slain by the wizard’s spells and
his death activated the portal. The gate opened and several devils came through. The dwarves of Dragonspear Castle battled
the devils which was an elaborate distraction, for Ithtaerus had summoned three other dragons
to take the hoard away from Halatathlaer, the copper dragon. The dragons fought and Halatathlaer was slain. During this fighting the wizards looted the
best stuff from the dragon’s hoard. When it came to the last survivor, a black
dragon named Sharndrel, there was nothing but coin left. Sharndrel was enraged and searched for Ithtaerus
who was gloating over his win with wine in the upper chambers of Dragonspear Castle. Sharndrel blasted him with acid breath until
his bones crumbled to powder. The castle now left abandoned. Left in ruin and raided by orcs, hobgoblins,
bugbears, goblins, and trolls from the surrounding areas. All the dwarves had died or fled. Hobgoblin chieftains seized the castle and
started using it as a base to raid caravans on the nearby roads. These armies of trolls, orcs, and hobgoblins
grew until Waterdeep and Baldur’s Gate gathered their armies to clean out the castle. After clearing out the castle they realized
the gate to Avernus seemed indestructible, so an armed temple to Tempus was built in
the cellars to guard against any type of creature from using the gate. Some clever spells were placed around the
gate that hurled back black magics used against it and sent forth ghosts of creatures slain
in the castle to attack those approaching it. Much time passed and this worked, for a bit. Eventually devils from Avernus found the gateway
and pushed through into Dragonspear Castle. They were stealthy at first but soon great
numbers came through the gate into Toril. The temple was overrun and the devils took
the castle for their own. A group of high level adventurers from Daggerford
were sent out to stop the evil that lurks within Dragonspear Castle. The adventure “Hordes of Dragonspear”
takes place after the Time of Troubles where PCs must battle goblins, trolls, devil generals
and a dragon to stop the terror that resides within Dragonspear Castle. Not said in the adventure it was soon after
this time that the gate was magically sealed. Dragonspear Castle is a popular destination
for adventurers and thrillseekers. As of fourth edition the castle was swarmed
by undead. They rose up from the Nepenthe River, an underdark
river that flows beneath the castle. They slew the monsters, bandits, and devils
that were living in Dragonspear Castle. Plenty of other creatures have tried to take
the castle for their own but the undead have pushed them back as well. A creature called Born is claiming the castle
as his own, and uses the graves of the High Moor’s lost civilizations to create an undead
army. A constant fog covers the fortress now, repelling
efforts to retake it. The undead control Dragonspear Castle as of
1479. There isn’t too much information past the
spellplague on Dragonspear Castle. I know that it was featured in one of the
main Acquisitions Incorporated games. Also there is conflicting information thanks
to fourth edition where the 4e campaign guide states that the shrine of Tempus was overrun
by the undead, but Volo’s Guide to the Sword Coast says it was destroyed by a baatezu
which is a devil from the Nine Hells. I guess that’s the Forgotten Realms sometimes. Thanks for watching everyone. Thanks again to Geek Tank Games for sponsoring
this video. They showed the channel some interest so I
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to Dragonspear Castle? I’ll see you all in the next video.

Randy Schultz

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  3. Jorphdan says:

    Spaced "Ghosts of Dragonspear Castle" which was part of the D&D Next playtest. More info here!

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    You finished exactly were I started my campaign, that was awesome! I just sent it to my players… This was like a prequel video.
    They were after Born, killed him and took the castle to themselves. Which now is called Dragonspear Academy, lol.

  8. Fallenmonk d20 says:

    Dragon Spear was also a place the party went in the Avatar Trilogy books, it was pretty awesome

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  17. Moon Mover says:

    Obviously the shrine of Tempus was destroyed by an undead baatezu. At least, it sounds cool, doesn’t it?

  18. Moon Mover says:

    Obviously the shrine of Tempus was destroyed by an undead baatezu. At least, it sounds cool, doesn’t it?

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