Flume – Take a Chance feat. Little Dragon

Flume – Take a Chance feat. Little Dragon

Soon you feel all your powers unfold oooh Stretching out big wings over waters turning gold oooh So tell your story baby don’t give up Just let it echo out Your quiet wishing is not loud enough Will you be the one to take a chance Have demands Spill your heart will you Be the one to take a stand Make the girls dance Spill your thoughts will you Be the one to take a chance Have demands Spill your heart will you Be the one to take a stand Make the girls dance Spill your thoughts Will you You could break off clouds with your fist in the air oooh Singing out loud as we march up the square oooh He always comes to put you in your place And now your chanting out loud So we can’t be erased Will you be the one to take a chance Have demands Spill your heart will you Be the one to take a stand Make the girls dance Spill your thoughts will you Be the one to take a chance Have demands Spill your heart will you Be the one to take a stand Make the girls dance Spill your thoughts will you Will you be the one to take a chance Have demands Spill your heart will you Be the one to take a stand Make the girls dance Spill your thoughts will you Be the one to take a chance Have demands Spill your heart will you Be the one to take a stand Make the girls dance Spill your thoughts will you

Randy Schultz

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100 thoughts on “Flume – Take a Chance feat. Little Dragon

  1. Captain_The_Puggy says:

    Flume knows when to let it breathe, and when to stoke the shit out of it

  2. Captain_The_Puggy says:

    4:50 onwards = the music that plays when you've completed the game that is your life

  3. Stefan Mullings says:

    Oh shit, fuck it up Flumes!!!

  4. Real Rap Tho says:

    Foxglove how beautiful and deadly.

  5. Jug Head says:

    this shrap could kill thanos

  6. サ-カけス:グ says:

    actual song starts at 1:00

  7. J.Daniel Caballero says:


  8. qantar says:

    Блядь, это так прекрасно

  9. c k says:

    This is like wildfire 😗

  10. Faris Suhai says:

    1:44 I had goosebumps…… Again for the idk how many times I've been listening to this song.

  11. Thomas Templeman says:

    Am flumed out my head

  12. Jaxon Bugo says:

    one of the best songs on the album. The productiion value is gold

  13. DAY KON says:

    Flume released new music on his channel, 2019 just got a whole lot better

  14. Auntpig_696 says:

    the whole song is an eargasm itself. how wonderful🙀

  15. Vanessa Evelyn says:

    . Its wow


    I don't know what is about Flumes music but there's something about it that once you listen to his songs you can't stop. Like I woke up Saturday morning and just searched up flume and played the YouTube mix of his songs, I can't stop. Their just so… mesmerizing. Anyone else do this?

  17. dullcesiita ramz says:

    😻Waoo me super encanta esta canción 💜 una noche en mi sueño estaba está canción y apenas era la primera vez que la escuchaba 🙊es inexplicable las imágenes que tenia en el sueño pero eran geniales💖 enserio es una experiencia que siempre recordare al escucharla 🌸

  18. ThyPancake says:

    Flume tell me you got your name inspiration from Pendragon

  19. Laura Gallon says:

    this song has no flaws

  20. Nolan Winter says:

    If you like this take a chance on Little Dragon. Brilliant band.

  21. Najla Zafirah says:

    I just wanna know who render these flowers😍

  22. Tony6.3 says:

    that drop at 2.14 is a eargasm

  23. Pre says:

    I feel like Flume's music is an acquired taste. I'm so glad I've acquired it.

  24. Luisa Fernanda Gómez says:

    Does anyone believe that with this song you can fuck?

  25. milkandhooney says:

    I love this song 🖤😭

  26. Thanaraj Jaindren says:

    Why am i crying

  27. jonatas mello says:

    vicia demais 😍

  28. Diërto says:

    I had heard this track and fell in love with it, never paid attention to who Flume made it with. Now some months later I fell in love with Little Dragons, and to now find out this enchanting track was made with them, is just amazing! Love both groups!

  29. Jonah Swayzer says:


  30. makanbakwan says:

    Tempo : (doesn't exist)

  31. OGSpacely says:

    This album had so many amazing collaborations

  32. cucaratsa76 says:

    Flume guys what a nice music thanks for that

  33. Florida Man says:

    Listening to this song feels like falling in love.

  34. Paola López says:

    Aveces siento que las canciones de este vato no tienen sentido

  35. BLUE BABY says:

    Its a mooood 😜💙

  36. ginno liz says:

    Esta canción es genial! Flume es un genio… Siempre llevándonos a otras dimensiones con su música 😍
    Soy de Venezuela

  37. Dawgs Utah says:

    Dawgs Utah was Heeya 07/10/2019

  38. Kirt Connolly says:

    Bra this song spoke to me . It gave me still gives us hope . Love her voice so deep . So empowering .

  39. Jeshua cruz says:


  40. PRnKC says:

    This song is so beautiful

  41. Little Bit says:

    I thought she sounded like Janet Jackson

  42. mack crabtree says:

    Flume will be in my heart always opened a new world for me

  43. Juan López says:

    Fuck. Flume is a freaking genre

  44. xclerison says:

    oh god! that's so actual ✨

  45. Aditya Thakur says:

    that build up tho…..gooosebumpin

  46. Cody says:

    Is Little Dragon's Yukimi Nagano held back by her band? I won't lie and say that I actually do LOVE Little Dragon a lot, but many of my favorite songs have been features, Empire Ants, Wildfire, Take a Chance…I feel like she's held back by production in Little Dragon. Even so, Ritual Union, Timothy, Push, Runabout, High are favorites too.

  47. fuglymut1 says:

    Rainbow Road Mario Kart 64 🌈

  48. Artero Z says:

    nice song…..

  49. Kieran Crawford says:

    i smoked dmt to this

  50. Ejal Sharizal says:

    August 2019

  51. Christopher Bui says:

    Take your chance today, because everyday is YOUR day, make it happen, do it now!

  52. Eddy Ochieng says:

    Easily my favourite flume song

  53. Kii Kii says:

    Love it kinda makes me think of stranger things

  54. Morgan B says:

    A kid in my freshman music class said this was trash

  55. Wise One says:

    This song is a staple in my life…

  56. sherol romão says:

    Maravilhoso de mais pra ser escutado apenas uma vez, merece o topo!

  57. helv0st says:

    If anyone likes this flower just get ya some foxglove for your garden

  58. Devada says:


  59. Marley Jazz says:

    Listening to this while playing dota, when buildup comes i feel like im going to get a rampage 💪

  60. K'sWay says:

    ive listened to this about 100 times, left it alone for a few months came back and its still as good as the first time , if not better wtf

  61. bao s says:

    dont give up

  62. Jhonny Yepez says:


  63. Matt Wortmann says:

    the 5% of people who get goosebumps from music will understand this song even more

  64. Appleseedcast0 says:

    Im out here on Jupiter, what's the name of the goddamn plant?

  65. Bardvark says:

    Does anyone have recommendations on music similar to the build-up to this?

  66. Scythe-o-roast Grizzly says:

    The drop kinda ruins it for me imo. I prefer the ambient part of the song.

  67. 水Ziis says:

    speed x2, the song is so different

  68. Terry says:

    Unpopular opinion: In terms of arrangement, Skin is the best album

  69. waqar mehdi says:

    I was feeling sleepy but the drop was enough to drive the sleep out of me……..

  70. Mude JoJo says:

    Flume just waits for his drops, so everyone who worships his art gets a sweet reward for not being one of the unpatient mainstream-fans. Thanks. <3

  71. justine guinto says:

    Sometimes, to really enjoy this music, I play with my volume while listening to this track, starting low from the build up and putting in MAX on the drop.

    Gives me chills everytime!

  72. Joey Lynn says:

    I really wish there was a live looping wallpaper of this flower 🙁

  73. kris brown says:

    I dont know how to describe how flumes music affects me. I just… feel it

  74. SpaceMan says:

    Escucho a Little Dragón y pienso que esta cantante Empire Ants 🤣

  75. FeeDeeX46 says:

    This is magic

  76. Mokaigo says:

    this song makes me wiggle while i study

  77. i know you’re right but says:

    the flowers scare me lol

  78. Alison Ho says:

    Sometimes I wish it was easier for people to open up and not feel shy of bringing up an aspect of life and reality that deserves justice to be spoken about. Now I understand what fishing means, socially. To help others find what they are looking for and what, metaphorically, boost their Omega 3, 6, 9 and recuperates their memory as well as amplify their spirit with hope and fire of holiness action. Does anybody feel the same way? I finally brought up a conversation with an ex three days ago and asked him what he wanted in a partner and what he was looking for, in regards to romance. He really didn't know. I'm so happy that this song by Harley inspired me to really fish out the omega cells in my ex's brain and inspire him to make romantic goals in his future or goals, period. My sobriety mentor taught me to make standards in justice of dignity and learning from past lessons as well as preventing any further pain.
    I recommend this, entirely, truly. I understand now why God would rather want humanity to wait before marriage which filters out anyone that doesn't want that and would rather sexually advantage others. Which I hope everyone understands isn't so healthy at some point and has a limit. As well as silence and avoiding of conversation that solidifies a long term and hopefully eternal marriage. Whom wouldn't want that, right? The energy of constantly giving out a piece of heart to different people, no way. It's not fair. I know patience is a virtue but sometimes life calls for courage and having the will to do what is right. Un po di forza e coraggio. I hope this comment helped someone out today or gave some insight. I'm drinking a lemon tea with some honey and feel a little down this Saturday Night. Thanks for reading this and Thank You Flume for the inspiration and this great track, that also has the best graphic videography of what flower I do not know and hope to know one day.

  79. Alison Ho says:

    I wish I had the courage to start an event with Flume's music projected on the speakers only and his music videos projected on a wall at an outside space by a coffee shop. I guess that would mean working at a coffee shop for a reality like that. Hm. Flume, if you want to invest in me and this coffee shop idea with your music and merch as well as gallery style walls — please please let me know 🙂 Your the best Harley and I love your Australian accent, your voice, your eyes, your smile, your heart, your hands, your feet, and your spirit. I'm happy you believe in God too and I can't believe I just opened up so much the past 24 hours through youtube and twitter. woaaah. It's nice 🙂 here is my twitter which has email contact and all: twitter.com/aliho710

  80. 加藤日向 says:

    Recent polyphia sounds same as this

  81. Mina Winter says:

    Still one of my faves

  82. DISAGIO rap says:

    The way vocals comes back after the drop…what a fucking genius, God bless you <3

  83. Liam Donut says:

    this may be in my top 5 favorite songs <3 love you Flume

  84. ThvtSyDneYlyf3th0 says:

    my summer anthem for 2019/20, lets get it

  85. WKaliberr says:


  86. DISAGIO rap says:

    This is porn .

  87. COLLEGE DUDE says:

    2020 here i come

  88. Liina Ennusaar says:

    Oh my, I feel the love

  89. Chris M.R. Santos says:

    Perhaps "Skin" it was the best album from 2016

  90. Jose Gonzalez says:

    This song is great to work out in and the fact that little dragon is on the track!! What!!!! Best jam ever!

  91. kris brown says:

    Who else is stoked to see this at coachella 2020

  92. Loueez Ellerton says:

    You are amazing !! About 30 times already
    My rabbit was called Mobie !

  93. Venus Official says:

    cool projects music Flume my inspire music

  94. Jacob says:

    Flume doesn’t make Music.

    He Creates Experience.

  95. Edilma Almeida says:


  96. Dad says:

    More noise from flume, where's the 'music' ?

  97. Sebastian Darko says:

    This song hits hard on my heart strings , I got my ex on Flume and this was our favorite song. I even got him that limited edition purple SKINS LP vinyl. Thanks Harley , I don't think I would of took that chance if it weren't for this album and even though things ended terribly, I'm glad I took the chance 😌💕

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