Flower Performs “Eye Of The Tiger” By Survivor | Season 2 Ep. 8 | THE MASKED SINGER

Flower Performs “Eye Of The Tiger” By Survivor | Season 2 Ep. 8 | THE MASKED SINGER

Randy Schultz

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22 thoughts on “Flower Performs “Eye Of The Tiger” By Survivor | Season 2 Ep. 8 | THE MASKED SINGER

  1. Comfy Everyday says:

    Flower dont lose

  2. rebecca Soto says:

    Shes terrible

  3. Frogman B says:

    Not gonna lie she should of one

  4. Sunlight Lulu says:

    It's too late flower lost.

  5. New3DSLUIGI364 says:

    Patty Lebelle was Robbed; SHE Should've won after that Wonderful Performance; NOT THAT PUSSYCAT IN DRAG!!

  6. Queen Gis M.I. says:

    No spoiler alert! I finally guessed this one right. This show is soooooo gooooood! Aaaaahhh, I was rught… fi- na-lly

  7. Theresa Reid says:

    I will no longer watch this show weather they were famous or not the flower should of won I don't care this is bs yall did this last year with glades knight now Patti Labelle because yall feel like other people should get the spot light is bs the leopard in my opinion was not good peroid

  8. Ford Talk says:

    !st off Patti wanted to go home, i believed she speeded up her turn because the Butterfly hasnt peformed since Episode 6, while the flower Performed in Episode 7 and here in Episode 8, and she didnt put up a fight i think she just wanted to go home so she swapped places with the Butterfly. because she was bored and over it..

  9. Ramibu 2 says:

    Damm! Why did I just read the comments?!?! Thanks East coasters for ruining for us West coaster!

    Thought I would just hear folks saying saying how amazing she is???

  10. accelworld17 says:


  11. 79mraw says:

    IMO she tried too hard to disguise her voice and it affected her delivery. She also didn't choose the best songs.

  12. Cass of candy says:

    I wasn’t impressed with the eye of the tiger performance. On that song you have to have a lot of voice, and she didn’t prove that. I’m pretty sure patti labelle is going home.

  13. Cisco says:

    Bruh I like leopard, but I thought he got lucky with black widow, i was like Okay, not anymore he’s going home next, NOW FLOWER

  14. V, Love & Crystals says:

    Love her voice!!

  15. Penis says:

    You are very off key, T-Pain !

  16. 100Grand4eva says:

    She let that power out at the end. Felt it in my soul

  17. Jasmine Sweeney says:

    I like the leopard's little dance

  18. RazuPokemon56 says:

    Flower was a roller coaster for me first she was good then down and back up again and now she is gone sorry girl

  19. Mr.Funny says:

    Where was the Thingamajig the flower sung last week

  20. Haley Cu says:

    Her getting voted off confirmed that this show is a joke. Nobody on the panel is qualified .,

  21. That one Guy says:

    It's Patti labelle

  22. Jayson Garcia says:

    I think its macy gray it sounds just like her look her up and compare her voice

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