Flogging Molly – Reptiles (We Woke Up) (Official Music Video)

Flogging Molly – Reptiles (We Woke Up) (Official Music Video)

Randy Schultz

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33 thoughts on “Flogging Molly – Reptiles (We Woke Up) (Official Music Video)

  1. Phil Lovell says:

    This is awesome, I dig it.

  2. AnAverageAmerican says:

    i dig it to omg they made a new song you guys really got me through hard times

  3. psyko45 says:

    It's like bad Mumford and Sons mixed with random Nickleback song.
    🎵🎵"You really fucked it up this time … " 🎵🎵 🙂

  4. MacSlon's Irish Pub Radio says:

    Added to our youtube-playlist: YouTube.MacSlons-Irish-Pub-Radio.com

  5. gr0bbelaar says:

    So, the Night King has a punk-band now.

  6. CelticRockFanzine says:

    thanks for the great video, also available on celtic-rock.de TVs featured channel : https://celtic-rock.de/blog/youtube-featured-videos/

  7. urubu100lei says:

    great band,great song!!!!

  8. Erik Meira says:

    No Brasil quase não há bandas como essa. Infelizmente.

  9. Ricardo Marin says:

    Great song but the video makes me dizzy

  10. firehawk22 says:

    Flogging Molly are Iksar's? Who would have known.

  11. Jonathan Garneau-Reid says:

    Awesome video, guys, and gal! Good message behind the song too.

  12. Antoine Blouet says:

    i am folowing you sinces a will;;; but we wont going back to sleep. we woke up bit not going back to sleep…

  13. Radio Streetsunited says:

    Flogging Molly is always on the Streetsunited Radio! Thanx guys for your music!

  14. Free Thinker says:

    Really? What the fuck?

  15. Leigh Lamotta says:

    Doesn't even sound like Dave. 🙁
    I've been a fan from the beginning. Followed you guys when there was only 20-30 people at the show when you were an opening act for MMB. Don't care much for this album I'm so sad to say

  16. Apony Danzilker says:

    What is this? It’s cool don’t get me wrong but it just popped up in my recommended and I’m confused lol

  17. Pipes and Pints says:

    Very nice!

  18. Jason Capps says:

    flipped Golden Triangle's, The Jason society's, Ab,o, awareness Ogs On,some of that other shit,Jason, reptilian bloodlines,HYBRIDS A NATIONS, THIRD EYES ,matrix, 3 feet looking down, ,Jcc

  19. Fingaz Mc says:

    Omdays Asif I only just found out about this!

  20. Jpunkabillybay D. says:

    Can Dave King Sk8? Pretty cool. Been listening to Flogging Molly for years saw them at the side bar tavern in Baltimore years ago been a fan ever since. The bar he's in on one of the parts reminds me of the bar in Baltimore.

  21. Manny Schewitz says:

    I like this track, but I'm not overly thrilled with the last couple of albums. Not enough aggro I guess.

  22. A dolphin says:

    I'm about to come

  23. Michael Duncan says:

    Good, chill, Flogging Molly tune. Video is…. interesting

  24. TheWolfElder says:

    I have followed this band for ten years, and I love you all. I'm hoping to see a concert some day. 🙂 It's been a goal of mine since I first heard your music.

  25. Newzionis says:


  26. hippyable says:

    I'm not Godless! Thankyou God.

  27. Tom J says:

    Anthem for the Trump era.

  28. Braden Smith says:

    Am I the only reptile here

  29. Hario aji says:

    What a good job, pals

  30. christoffer hjalmarsson says:

    whats this shyte? i remember the first three albums being awesome and flogging were my favourite band back in the early 2000s.

  31. G g says:

    Idk that Flogging Molly was reptalians. Wow

  32. Poutanas Malakopoulos says:

    Not gonna lie with you, love this band but this video is mad weird

  33. Paws says:

    anyone else notice this looks strangely like people gathering for area 51? what the fuck do you know that we don't flogging molly :@

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