First Dinosaur Footprints Discovered in New Zealand

First Dinosaur Footprints Discovered in New Zealand

During our work in northwest Nelson, we’ve found a number of localities where there are dinosaur footprints and this is one of the better localities. These footprints are preserved in coastal deposits which were formed about 70 million years ago when this area was covered by very shallow intertidal sea. What we have here a lighter coloured sands with darker coloured muds, and these signify when the tide came in and out. The preservation of these footprints is quite special. The tide came in and preserved quite delicate structures we can see in some of these footprints the direction in which the dinosaurs were walking we can tell which was the heel and which was the toe portion and we can also tell something about how soft or consolidated the sediment was, how fast the animals were moving and how big the animals were. This is one of the localities where we have the dinosaur footprints preserved. They were walking across this intertidal platform area, and you can see some of the delicate structures where the currents were moving across this beach environment. In this example we can see a clear heel and a toe, so the animal came through, and the strike of the heel and the toe lifted off there, We can identify which way they move from very low angle fractures at the toe and of the footprint. So as it lifted off the surface, it left little blocks of sand or mud. In this example we can see that this was the heel and this was the toe, that the foot landed, and lifted off. And we can see these low angle fractures Here we’ve got a vertical slice through the rock and a dinosaur footprint preserved in cross section. So this is one side of it and that’s the other side over there. This one you can see the very sharp margin to the dinosaur footprint, so here’s one margin, and here’s the other margin over here. This find is quite unique, it’s the first time that dinosaur footprints have been found in New Zealand. And it’s also the first time that dinosaur remains, or evidence of dinosaurs has been found in the South Island. It’s absolutely amazing that they are here in the first place because an intertidal environment is somewhere that structures get destroyed very quickly by wind or by tides, by currents, by waves. So the chance for preservation is very slender. 70 million years ago, when the dinosaurs were living in this part of the South Island, the vegetation that the sauropods were eating was probably not too different from what we have in the modern-day New Zealand forest. and as far as we can determine from the pollens, the temperatures were not too different from what they are today in this part of the South Island. So these dinosaurs were feeding off that vegetation and roaming around these coastal areas and foraging for new, better feeding areas. one of the very coincidental features about this discovery is that we interpret the rock 70 million years ago to be coastal intertidal mudflats and sand beaches, and that’s very much what we have in northwest Nelson today. So a lot has happened in the intervening 70 million years, but we’ve gone back to exactly the same environment today as what was here 70 million years ago

Randy Schultz

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40 thoughts on “First Dinosaur Footprints Discovered in New Zealand

  1. MATYCOOLGUY says:

    lol how silly (1st by the way)

  2. cent0r says:

    Those are actually just my foot prints

  3. Borris Janovski says:

    cool nz

  4. Cameron Carter says:

    wooot nz!

  5. BeregiAndras says:

    Have the found bones in nz ?

  6. flavius tibu says:

    70 milions years ago :)))

  7. flavius tibu says:

    70 milions years ago :)))
    they say that dinosaurs lived milions years ago
    but they still r around us

  8. flavius tibu says:

    70 milions years ago :)))
    they say that dinosaurs lived milions years ago
    but they r still around us

  9. yojikaye2004 says:

    It's all science and proven fossil do exist , dinasours really exist millinons of years ago, universe created billions of years not 4000 years ago. You better watch discovery channels about the universe. OK.

  10. Dmastaxxx says:

    I don't see shit

  11. Howie47 says:

    It is hard to believe the topography hasn't changed in that location for 70 million years.

  12. Mylan Nguyen says:


  13. thorsten petri says:

    @BladesOfMunch,sounds bit funny,well there wouldn´t be any kiwi to consider these amazing facts without geological activity in NZ – I guess

  14. Mher U. says:

    How can people be sure that dinosaurs lived with man? Discovering paintings of dinosaurs on rocks that ancient men have painted, doesn't mean that they have lived with dinosaurs. Just like we are making films about dinosaurs and drawing pictures of dinosaurs that we discovered skeletons of them, ancient people have discovered and drawn on rocks instead of papers. Just imagine the people who'll come after million years from now,they will find our paintings and they will think they lived with us

  15. Mher U. says:

    They jave disabled the videos that i wanred to comment on them, so i commented here, coz those videos aew not logical

  16. Prehistoric Magazine says:

    Nice video about New Zealand. Very informative. We are working on filming and producing our own educational videos as well.


  17. TheDogBreeds says:

    the earth is not even 10,000 years old. its actually only about 6,000 years old.

  18. Shirley Primary School says:

    Scary to see the lack of uneducated comments here! Why don't you ignorant people go a read a simple science book which has a huge amount of evidence proving that the world is 4.5 billion years old and that evolution is a fact. Funny that the bible doesn't talk about 21st century science. Surely if god was real he would have known that the earth orbited a star called the sun etc. Please get you heads out of the sand and live in wonderful reality!

  19. Ben Galletly says:

    Scary to read the uneducated comments by those below. How ignorant to say stupid things like the earth is 6000 yrs old. Read a simple science book, the earth is 4.5 billion years old. The evidence is now so overwhelming supporting evolution and the age of the earth/universe that it takes a very brainwashed person to think anything differently. God is a myth made up in the days where people couldn't explain the world around them. God is no different to zeus or Ra. What were GODs views on slavery?

  20. Meri Desiree says:

    Uhm…. no. The Earth is really old…

  21. Thornton Hausman says:

    i am so smart. i am so smart. s.m.r.t. i mean s.m.a

  22. Thornton Hausman says:

    with some of the retards on the internet it makes me wish the earth WAS 6000 yrs old. itd explain their thick under developed skulls.

  23. caycug1 says:

    "70 Million Years Ago" LOL The dinos were around much more recently than that. Use common sense people.

  24. Czar Ivan says:

    fuck off stupid christians

  25. Fhee says:

    I find this interesting cause I am from New Zealand. I'm happy that this happen in our own backyard. 

  26. flashevol flayor says:

    at that time new zealand was in Africa

  27. Jason Gastrich says:

    I think your dates are assumptions and I would like to know how and why the dinosaur footprints were fossilized. Most aren't.

  28. Rose White says:

    lol. yet another foll who spent too much time watching Planet of Apes movies!
    GOD only created the dinosaurs 6,000 years ago on Day 6 of Creation Week!

  29. Rose White says:

    the way the layers of sediment flowed around the footprint shows the creature was walking on still oozing sediment left as The Flood waters drained off land.

  30. Daniel Kovalenko says:

    Sounds like you're 70 million years old.

  31. Tranquility Pyramids says:

    They do not look like footprints to me. How you are coming to that conclusion is beyond me. The other thing would be the accepted erosion rate, they would be long gone. Millions of years…garbage, this is classic scientism. You have to say this rubbish to get grants. Simple.

  32. Maria Wheeler says:

    Stop the 70 million years ago garbage. Dinosaurs once co existed with man. Before the worldwide flood. ANYONE who says otherwise has either been brainwashed by the evolutionist lie factory. They have a fake agenda that they try to cram down our throat. I found out it is because they want to try to hide the fact that God is real. Why? Part of their luciferian lie machine worship. Don't believe the lie examine the truth that Jesus Christ as the way, truth, and life. The truth will set you free. Fools will lock you into hell if you follow them.

  33. Yahqara Ban Yahawadah says:

    Its amazing how in this time ppl still quote that 70million yrs old bs

  34. Black Sun Goku says:


  35. HostileTakeOvr 5 says:


  36. Aquilla Fleetwood says:

    Google, Inca Stones, youtube! Dinosaurs walked with man!

  37. Aquilla Fleetwood says:

    Night Signs by Aquilla Fleetwood proves the earth is 6,000 years old!

  38. Margaret Edwards says:

    Don't you just love th how they know? What science do they have for calculating this time? Th ese people and the way say with such authority the fact footprints are 70 million years old?? Bullshit!!! Establishment CRAP!!! Rex Gilroy has more knowledge in his little finger than academic type's!!!

  39. Tangata Whenua says:

    So you are saying that dinosaur footprints were preserved between TIDES? Are you kidding? So each tide from 70 million years ago deposited 3cm of deposits in different colours each tidal change? Really???? And this is a scientist!!!!

  40. xlunally says:

    Wow, I wasn't expecting people to preach their biblical nonsense on a little video about dinosaurs in NZ… Nature is so amazing it's heartbreaking to see that some people think it's all made up… Keep the location of those footprints secret before ignorant folks destroy the evidence! 😉

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