First 2 Up Ride on OUR Triumph Tiger 1200 XRT

First 2 Up Ride on OUR Triumph Tiger 1200 XRT

what’s up everyone I’m bill we’re with
Cali moto TV welcome back to the channel and welcome to our very first
ride on our brand-new Triumph Tiger 1200 so it’s it’s gonna be a pretty fun ride
so I’ve been dying to get back to my old stomping grounds which is here in Marin
County we’re across the bay and we’re at the base of Mount Tamalpais
so we’re actually gonna take you guys out around Mount Tam and we’re gonna be
hitting up highway 1 so that’s kind of our our route today so we’re gonna take
you guys along bartha’s and passengers so she’s gonna be able to get you some
scenic footage and then I’ll get you guys of course the heads-up footage so
let’s get on our ride you good back there passenger alright let’s get on our
way get out of this madhouse of Priuses so if you guys really had any questions
if Prius drivers know how to drive the answer is no they do not alright so first thing on our little
ride over we’re gonna give you a quick little start here and then we’re gonna
kind of fast-forward through some maybe some not so much scenic stuff but we’re
gonna get you to the good stuff but first thing we got to do is I’m gonna
bump this suspension up we’ve been in the sport mode alright no we’ve been in
the comfort mode so now we’re in sport so we’ve stiffened this baby up and so I went through the many menus the
other day or this morning not the other day and figured out the gauge cluster
because I saw on the interweb last night of course looking through stuff and I
was like man there’s this really cool like gauge cluster I was like that’s not
my gauge cluster there’s six different gauge clusters in this thing so it’s
super super cool so but the ride over here was about an hour and all you how
high rate riding but how was it back there for you sightseeing so we’re gonna
skip through some of this boring stuff over this hill but we’re gonna bring you
up when we peak out at the ocean because we’ve got about 10 15 minute ride just
along the ocean line in distance a beach where we’re gonna stop for breakfast or
brunch I guess you’d say so alright guys welcome back and that was a
small painful ride down the hill and up the hill over here to the ocean we had a
guy in Colorado that doesn’t understand the the pullover for faster vehicle law
which actually an in the state of California we do actually have a law
that says if you’ve got more than five vehicles behind you you must pull over
and let them by so we had about ten car train behind us so but here we are at
the beautiful Pacific Ocean and we’re just outside of Muir Beach and
Muir Woods and we’re heading down to what we call a little little area called
slide ranch it’s a ranch down below us and why they call it slide ranch as well
the he’ll always slides down into the ranch and if you don’t believe me
if you see why this road is all new it’s because they had a massive slide here a
couple years ago and highway well thank you thank you buddy then a massive slide
there in the highway was shut down for almost a year
so you couldn’t come this route so but I grew up on these roads I love
these roads and I thought what better way to break this new Tiger in than a
two-up ride up here and we are in kind of a the season that our seasons here in
California are so weird because the season over and Sacramento right now
where we’re about even right now from the coast to the valley but typically in
the summer it’s a hundred degrees at Dixon but it’s like 50 degrees here and
the fog has rolled in so look at this look at people are so nice today now so so here in the fall and I tell people if
you guys are out of town and you ever want to come to San Francisco I think
Frank Sinatra said it best my coldest winter is a summer in San Francisco and
no joke it’s freezing cold in the summer so the best time to come is September
October and March April is the best time to come to San Francisco because we’re
at a nice even temperature so but these back roads are these these
roads this is what I grew up on this is where I got my old start from and look
at the view oh gosh I love it absolutely love this ride but it’s a little truck to get out here
now look at that it looks like they had a little wildfire here
it’s a little truck to get out here an hour because it’s like you know an hour
ride for us from Dixon to here so how’s it back there sorry yeah so you know I’m in full sport mode
now I’m in full support mode now so two
suspensions nice and stiff and it feels really good actually I like I’m
surprised like so this is kind of the first look at this babe right here see
how this read this is a fire retardant so this tanker dropped the fire
retardant right there stop that little pyro there from
spreadin it feels good you know it’s it’s definitely a big bike but these big
bars are definitely making it very nice and very easy to handle when you get
into these little guys let’s see yeah not too bad not too bad not too bad blew little experience of my ride back
there babe what do you think a bite that I’ve only written on test
rides in the highway on you know on the back roads of the city and yeah I like it I really enjoy it I’m
not sure I’m not sure if I would necessarily ride much much I mean I
might get down a little bit but really I don’t feel you back there because I
think the weight of just the whole back of the bike in the and that the cases of
course are on but it really kind of just I don’t think your son or wait back
there really matters as much as like if we’re on the MTO nine I think it would
matter more but here I think you know I’m kind of like figuring out the
balance of the whole bike and the bike feels really just really nice and
balanced so I like it I don’t mind it how’s the video footage looking back
there I
yeah I don’t I see this shadow every once in a while I see your shadow back
there but it really uh it’s it’s not a bothersome so it’s um it’s not yeah I
think if we’re at a lower speed or kind of at a stop but it’s not it’s not
bothersome at all so so we’ve had a pretty good run with
letting people letting us buy so let’s see we got a little pull out up here see
if they’re so nice to let us buy well thank you very much thank you thank
you so we’re coming up into our brunch destination which you’ll see ahead just
around this Bend and so I used to live out here when I was 12 13 and 14 I used
to live out on that very ridge right there it’s called Bolinas it’s a little
town called Bolinas and and it was it was talked about that some day but what
was nice is you’ll see that there’s a little channel here in a second
by the way babe so this if you were parked here when we were a kid we knew
what was going on here why because if you hiked down there down at the very
bottom of this little little hike it’s the nudie Beach it’s the nude beach
so if you’re Park that we like we’re always as little kids like you like all
those people those people are gonna go get naked down there I know you know 12
13 so Stinson Beach beautiful Stinson Beach
straight ahead of us and it goes to a cove and if you can look right around
the end of the beach there’s actually the Bolinas channel and it goes into the
lagoon so that rocks so we used to actually swim across the Bolinas Lagoon
at slack tide that we had to go at slack tide when it wasn’t moving in around
because it would it would it would take you it would definitely take you but
oh look at this what a treat we have here look straight out straight out
straight out it’s gonna be just the two little mountain peaks you see them out
there all right you see the big ship look to
the left of the ship there’s two pieces that’s the pose of the Farallon Islands
so it is a treat to be able to see the Farallon Islands because there are about
40 miles off the coast but on clear days of course you can see them Farallon
Islands is a protected bird sanctuary so there’s some there’s puffins out there
and that’s where a lot of people see great white sharks and stuff like that
so yeah I’m very very kind of nice to see that
so don’t swim out there yeah so Mount Tam is to the right here if you can see
this and and then now we’re we’ve come into the town of Stinson Beach so this
is where we’re gonna grab our breakfast brunch lunch whatever see if we can find
a parking spot for the new two up beast so we’re gonna be up here through up
these heck yeah oh the sand dollar cafe is open up done let’s go right here to
the right oh are they open this looks like it looks like a park good parking
spot to me it’s open so the sand dollar cafe they closed for a remodel and
they’ve reopened so the last time we were here we went over to the breakers
cafe which was pretty good but let’s take a look so good and hop off she’s
still trying to figure out the bags and how the heck am I supposed to get off
that thing yeah right so we’re here and let’s take a little quick little look at
this thing yeah I’m diggin it babe I love it working the tire we’re gonna tie
a little bit all right guys so we’re gonna end this video here and we are
gonna get our little lunch and then we’re gonna start up our next video when
we get through my next favorite spot at Samuel P Taylor Park it’s a state park
it’s absolutely beautiful redwoods and everything so let’s get some breakfast
I’m starving all right guys make sure you hit that subscribe button smash that
like button leave me a comment down below tell us
how you enjoyed the ride on the tiger but until next video we’ll see you then

Randy Schultz

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4 thoughts on “First 2 Up Ride on OUR Triumph Tiger 1200 XRT

  1. Tony Aulisa says:

    Dude !! I had the tiger 800 and i sold it for the new gs1250 but i still love the tiger ….of course 1200 !! we ll see i still have few months before i make purchase

  2. Bogie on Two Wheels says:

    I am hoping go trade my old horse 09 Kawasaki Concours in on one of these next year. Thanks for sharing the reviews on this Tiger 1200 XRT

  3. Jessica Sinclair says:

    By the way never put the sun light on your face while you are vloggin šŸ™‚ it will make your eyes squint and the light will be too bright – great video i liked it for you.

  4. Kanguro SalvadoreƱo says:

    Had my tiger 1200 XRT FOR 6 months now and I'm enjoying it, greeting all the way from Australia

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