FilterCopy | False Choice – Karan Johar, Johnny Depp, Tiger Shroff & OTNB? Really?

Hi, and welcome to False Choice. So, I’m going to ask you a bunch of questions and give you multiple wrong answers. Let’s see if you can figure it out anyway! What film did Tiger Shroff debut in? Was it Lovestory 2050… or was it Hero? It was none of them… I don’t think that both is the answer.
-okay- It was 2050. Sounds like… the first one. What is Priyanka Chopra’s new television show called? Is it ‘The Science Of Everything’ Or is it ‘Orange Is The New Black’? I’m not sure about this one… I have no clue The Science Of Everything. Orange is The New Black Who’s playing the new Batman in the next ‘Batman vs Superman’ film? Is it Johnny Depp or is it Robert Downey Jr? Johnny Depp? Still blank… Johnny Depp. Robert Downey Jr. What is Karan Johar’s next film going to be called? Is it Dilwale, or is it Mohenjo-Daro? Mohenjo-Daro No clue. Mohenjo-Daro i have no clue.
I think it’s Mohenjo-Daro. *sheepishly* yeah
-So you completely got bummed…- Kinda figured that out… Yeah… that’s what I thought! I am really bad at movies, so… I don’t really watch movies at all Umm… basically, (I’m) not into all of this So, I’m cool with it.

Randy Schultz

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