Feeling Trapped? Why Waking Up The Tiger Is Essential To Break Free

Feeling Trapped? Why Waking Up The Tiger Is Essential To Break Free

– Hey there you guys. It’s Irene from irenelyon.com and I am sitting up on my deck. It is a Saturday night and I’m just waiting
for dinner to be ready. And I got a question from a subscriber who watched my recent video on the founder of shamanic
experiencing, Peter Levine. If you haven’t seen that vlog video yet maybe just head over. I’ll post it right below this one so you can watch that first. But if you have watched it one of the questions was I talk about a tiger and in the video I talk about Peter talking to his client and in a way, yelling at her, in a good way, in a therapeutic way Nancy run, run like you’re
running away from a tiger. Now, my reader asked what does waking the tiger actually mean. And it’s a great question, so thank you for asking that question. Basically, waking the tiger means waking up our fight flight, our fight flee, survival energy impulses. And in the case of this
other video I’m talking about he was working with a woman who had had a tongue selectomy when she was five years old and she was pinned down and then ether to be put under. Now, when a little person
or even a big person is frightened and they’re pinned down and they can’t break free and they aren’t aware of what’s going on, first of all, A it’s
incredibly frightening you are under threat your nervous system, your
biology senses threat so it wants to fight, it wants to flee, it wants to get away. But it couldn’t, because
there was an overpowering. In that case, doctors and
nurses pinning her down. So, she then of course
went under the anesthetic because she had ether
which puts a person under. What happens is that when
that person comes out in our world of medicine we tent to not allow them to discharge and shake and release the stress we call it deactivate the stress response. If you’ve watched the other one, in her life later on in her 20s she ended up getting all
sorts of medical conditions, medical signs and symptoms and when he worked with her as an adult he had an image of a tiger running and he, in short of a flash of insight, instigated her stored and frozen I’ll say that again he instigated her stored and frozen fight flee energy by giving her the image of a tiger. Now of course, if we were to encounter a tiger or a big bear one of our impulses would
be to run or to fight and that’s what he
wanted to instill in her was that knowing that she has the power and the strength to actually flee and run and get away from that
threat, that danger. Because you see most of our stressors that lead us into some
kind of post-traumatic stress syndrome disorder,
however you want to call it and it’s a spectrum it all comes down to feeling
helpless, feeling under threat and not being able to defend ourselves, not being able to protect ourselves and not being able to find safety. So, that is in a sense
what waking the tiger means and “Waking The Tiger” was the title of Peter Levine’s first book. And it is again about this capacity that all of us have, me you, every single human being,
mammal and reptile. We have got a capacity, we have a fight flight nervous system. It’s called the
sympathetic nervous system. It’s very important,
it’s just as important as the other nervous systems we have and make us mammalian and human and it often gets stifled. So that’s it, it’s how
we can wake that tiger. It isn’t about hurting anyone, it isn’t about being a tiger and attacking but it’s about getting that
survival energy going again so that the body processes aren’t stuck into freeze response. Now obviously this is a
very long conversation and there is more detail in here. I would really encourage you, if you haven’t already,
to sign up for my ebook “How to De-Stress in 7 Steps”. You can get it on my website which is irenelyon.com. So if you’re watching this and you’re not at irenelyon.com definitely head over
there, grab the guide. It’s a training, there’s a video, there’s a blueprint, there
is an ebook style document. Get this information, start to learn about
your survival energies because we all have them and much of the illness and sickness
and depression and anxiety and disembodiment in our world is a result of these survival
energies not being honored. So, I hope that answers your question. I hope it clarifies some things
for other people as well. Basically we want to wake up the tiger and all of this in a way that’s safe and gets our energy and our power and our strength in our
life course going again. So, take very good care. Many, many blessings. And my dinner is probably ready by now. So, I will see you next time. Ciao. (relaxing music)

Randy Schultz

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2 thoughts on “Feeling Trapped? Why Waking Up The Tiger Is Essential To Break Free

  1. risha a says:

    but i thought the body can get stuck in several different types of chronic responses, fight, flight, freeze or fawn (if the trauma is chronic), so isnt that lady just trading a chronic freeze response for a chronic flight response?

  2. Joel Sagayanathan says:

    I also went through many phases where I couldn't speak out for my self , where I couldn't show emotions .. I suppressed my feeling and my anger, so m also stuck in fight flight mode .. so how can I get rid of this condition.can u help me out Dr..

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