– Oh God, why am I doing this. This is bad life choices here. (upbeat music) – Hey, good morning everybody. Welcome to the vlog. This is what Michigan fall is all about. Cool, unbelievably beautiful. Ooh doggy it’s gonna be a good day. And, it’s certainly gonna be a great day over here at The Reptarium. We gotta feed some stuff, I wanted to give you a
quick update on Casper the Black Eyed Leucistic
reticulated python. He is always full of energy and on the go, but he is settling in so
nicely, I tell you what. I couldn’t be happier with this animal. I mean, it’s just one of those kind of impressively beautiful snakes that when I pull out,
people just go oh my God. And again, I just think
he’s absolutely incredible. Regardless, we have a
lot of work to do today. It’s gonna be a busy day, but it’s gonna be absolutely incredible. I’m gonna go ahead and put Casper back in. And, do the rest of my chores here at The Reptarium, and over at BHB. We couldn’t be much more excited about the blue tongue skink
year that’s coming up. We have a bunch of really
amazing new blue tongues. And, some blue tongues that
were ready to breed last year but maybe just a little bit tad too young so they didn’t brood. So, this year we have some killer stuff. This happens to be a Sunrise, look at that beautiful yellow color. That’s what the Sunrise
is, it’s the yellow color. Of course, the Sunset
is that orange color. It’s another feed day
here at The Reptarium. I’ve got Noah, you’re gonna
feed some stuff, right? – Yup. – ‘Kay, of course Andrea is
always happy to feed stuff. We’re gonna start with
Perdita, see if she eats. She’s looking, oh, yup, as
soon as she saw the cage open, she’s like, is it time to feed? All right, ready? Here Perdita. You ready girl? You ready for some food? Ready for some food? (growling) There ya go sweetheart. Good job. She’s been a monster
ever since she came here. She settled in so well. Some snakes have taken a little while, each week it seems like we
get a couple more animals that haven’t fed, that start to feed. But, Perdita here, nope,
she’s eaten every time. And then, you have the Turner White stuff, I mean just take a look at this thing. It is absolutely incredible. The Turner White stuff, kinda
born a little bit normal, but then turns this kind of white color as it gets older, the pattern blows up. And, this particular one
is like super pink too. Oh my God, that thing’s amazing. One of the things that’s
interesting about The Reptarium is just the fact that, you know, things eat so differently here. Of course this albino boa,
this Sharp albino boa, always seems to be very good about food. This animal is a beast,
she eats every single time. But, it is weird because
some snakes that were really good feeders
when we put ’em in here have really kind of either slowed down, some haven’t fed at all yet, so we have to start making
some decisions soon. Other ones will just
kinda eat a lot slower. So, it’s a little bit of
a weird thing, you know. Plus, we don’t have as many animals here, compared to BHB, so
feeding is a little bit of a weird time ’cause there’s
really not as much to feed. And, when one snake doesn’t eat it kind of is a bigger impact than if you’re feeding 100 snakes and one doesn’t eat. We are gonna try Sunrise,
she’s actually just coming out of shed, she
may or may not take it ’cause she might shed today,
tomorrow by the latest. And then, I’m sure she’ll eat after. But, we’ll give her a try. Hey girl, you wanna try to eat? You wanna eat girl? Oh yeah. There you go, good job Sunrise. All right. I’ll be honest with you,
I was a little surprised by that one ’cause she
immediately wanted to take it. And, this is actually her first meal since she’s been over at The Reptarium. So, like I said, she’s
just coming out of shed. You can see, she literally is cleared up. She should probably shed
literally today or tomorrow. So, the fact that she
just took that rodent is a great sign, means
that she’s adjusting here, even as much as she’s
been handled over here. She’s doing well. I could not be more happy
to see her eat today. Just the variety and
polymorphism within these guys is absolutely stunning. And again, the Northerns
are gonna have anywhere from, you know, eight to 15 babies. And, they are so amazing. What’s crazy about these skinks
is once they do have babies, literally, they like triple their size within like a month and half. I swear to gosh, I’ve never seen anything grow as quick
as a blue tongue skink. Hey Noah, did you see the backroom? I guess your ma cleaned it up. – No, I don’t know. – I haven’t seen it yet,
she said she was cleaning. We, we’re trying to get organized here. I get in here and I kinda go crazy. Lori, you cleaned this backroom? – Yes. – [Brian] Let’s see. Ooh, look at this. – [Noah] Man, that’s a lot better. – I know, isn’t that crazy? – There was just a bunch of tools and– – [Brian] Yeah, there was just garbage like everywhere and you cleaned up. Good job Lori. – You probably didn’t realize it either I painted the blood red wall. – Oh my gosh, that’s right, this was a solid red wall. I knew something looked
different in here, I’m like– – It looks better, and
brighter, and cleaner. – Yeah, it definitely looks
cleaner so that’s good. We definitely have some more to go. Kinda put shelves up, get
things really organized. But, this is definitely a
step in the right direction. Good job Lori. – Thank you. – I know I’ve said it before, but I think it’s really cool, look at
how Casper is using the side to climb on and stuff like that. Sometimes he’ll even get up
on this ledge right over here. I just love the fact that these guys are using these cages so much. I think it gives them just
that extra enrichment, you know what I mean? Kinda learning how to
climb and stuff like that. He’s probably actually never climbed his whole life before
getting in this habitat. So, I think it’s amazing. Noah and Eric are actually
gonna be feeding the monitors and all the big lizards today, right? – Oh yeah. Okay, so, who’s feeding Abasuku? – Eric. – [Brian] Eric? – Am I?
I’m doing it? – Yeah, by your mouth. – Nope, I can’t do the mouth this time. (laughing) You know what, actually, I think I can. – [Brian] And, you’re
gonna use these tongs here, that’s the opposite of the mouth. – It’s the only ones we have.
– No. – [Brian] Oh my gosh. – That’s not gonna work out. – [Brian] No, you got to,
you got, he needs to eat. – We need some real long
ones though, you know. – No, no, this is fine. – If you, I trust you. – All right so, I’m gonna
let these guys film it because me and Andrea are still feeding some other snakes and stuff like that. So, it’s gonna be over on Noah’s channel. – Yup. – Feeding Abusuku, feeding Argamus Prime. – Yup, all of ’em. – Argamus Prime, Tazzie, all that stuff. So, you guys have fun. Please don’t get hurt. And, Eric if you get it, missing a finger, just act like you don’t know
him and kick him out, okay. – Yeah, yeah, there’s some
weird guy here, get him out. – Deny that we ever knew him. Deny it. Be safe guys, be safe. We’re also working with the
new South Wales Eye Banded blue tongue skinks, take a look at these. Oh my gosh. I mean, just look at
the color and the size. I hope I produce these. I’ve never produced Easterns before, so this is the first year that hopefully we’ll get some babies from these guys. And, take a look at
this Eastern right here, this is actually a little
baby we’re raising up from my buddies Ryan and Ben,
over at R and B Reptiles. Oh my God, I love the pattern on this one. Andrea, I think that Love to
Nip might be ready for food. Judging by his craziness. ♪ Reporting for us live in studio ♪ – Abusuku, come here. – [Noah] All the way at the top. Oh my gosh, this is probably– – Oh God, why am I doing this? This is bad life choices here. Come here buddy. – [Noah] If he like jumps out of the cage I’m running straight for the back door. – [Eric] Come here, you smell it? Come on. Holy (air horn bleeping). Here you go. – [Noah] Can you grab? – Oh my gosh. – You got more. – Wow. Incredible. Wow, it really knows
where it’s food is at. Oh my gosh. – [Noah] Hurry up dude. – [Eric] Ooh, it’s a little more creepy when you’re face to face with that thing. – I just had to see
those guys feed Abusuku. It’s the first time they fed her. It’s, she is a great animal. She’s very food driven so,
Eric almost pooped himself. Oh my God, that was awesome. (laughing) Buddy, you gotta give the forceps back. You can’t eat those. What are you doing silly monkey. Finally. Crazy. Casper’s only been here
for less than a week, so I have no idea if he’s gonna eat, and I actually don’t even know how he eats because I’ve never fed him before. So, let’s just see what we can do. He’s so far in the back, I think I have no choice but to just go in the cage. I don’t know, Casper, he took it, but then he dropped it. So, I’m gonna just leave it in and see if he actually
crawls up to it to eat. I think that’s the best thing we can do. I’m gonna be honest,
this is the only thing I don’t like about these cages, is that you have to sometimes climb in ’em to feed the snakes, there’s
nothing else I can do. That is not for the faint of heart, let me tell you what,
that was crazy awesome. We also have these Hypo Eastern. It’s the only mutation of Eastern blue tongue skinks we work with. But, look at this chunky
monkey right here. Oh my God, if she has
babies I will literally die. I have wanted to produce
Easterns for so long. We have a bunch of animals
that are so conditioned and ready to breed this year. It should be an amazing blue
tongue skink year for us. You think Butterscotch is ready to go? She was in the back of
the cage a second ago. She’s smelling the rodent,
she’s like, ah, yup. Let’s go ahead, give this a shot. Honestly guys, I think
I need longer tongs. Remember that time when I was time lapsing Butterscotch eating and the
camera fell in the water dish? Yeah, we might be down
one more Canon G7-X. I’ll let it dry out. Chances are it’s probably busted. Back to the gator tank. You can see, this is what Lori has to do to finish the gator tank out. She’s basically putting silicone over that Great Stuff foam, and then she’s basically texturing it
out, and kinda making all the pigment look the same. And just kinda the artistic part of this, to be totally honest with you. And, finally, let’s go ahead and see if the Mexican Black King snake will eat. There ya go buddy. ♪ Reporting for us live in studio ♪ We even raised up a group
of Kei Island skinks. Oh my gosh, take a look at these things. This is the first year they’ll
be big enough to breed. I’ve never bred ’em, so I’m
not a hundred percent sure what I’m doing, we’re gonna have to do some more research to see. ‘Cause again, just because
Northerns and Easterns breed a certain way, doesn’t mean that everything is gonna breed that way. But, my gosh, these things are stunning. We have a handful of these
Blaze Line Northerns as well. When this was a baby
and God, little sized, it was like bright red. It’s kinda dulled out a little bit now because it’s three years old. But, oh my God, I hope we can produce some of this bloodline. We’re breeding it to a couple
really special females. So, oh my gosh, it’s so exciting. All right, that’s enough blue
tongue skinks for you guys. And, so where we’re at
is, we’re basically gonna start to cool these guys off. And, just here in another
six or eight weeks, we’ll start putting ’em together and hopefully get babies early next year. And, I tell you what
guys, I think I’m gonna go ahead and end the vlog,
and do a few last things over here at The Reptarium
before shutting it down, and getting some rest,
and starting tomorrow with all the energy in the world. I am gonna wish you guys
an absolutely amazing day, evening, whenever you
happen to be watching. And, remember, make the best of today, go out and do something amazing. If you said, I’ve wanted
to go do something, make sure you do it today, and enjoy it. Do me a couple favors
before we get outta here, can you smash that like button. Turn those post notifications on so you know when I upload a video. Make sure that you comment down below and tell me something
amazing about you guys. Be kind to someone. And, I promise I will
see you guys tomorrow. ♪ Get down ♪

Randy Schultz

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