FEEDING THE DEVIL | Spiders and Centipede

FEEDING THE DEVIL | Spiders and Centipede

Let’s feed some tarantulas, shall we? I will feed a bunch of different-sized tarantulas. So there will be something for everyone! We will start with Poecilotheria Metallica. As you see, I removed the enclosure from the shelf. Along with my Poecilotheria Ornata enclosure. I will use Dubia cockroaches to be more precise. Males will get cockroaches for for her, and for Poecilotheria Ornata. Let’s see.. Not interested? Come on.. (laughs) He actually went inside (annoyed) Now she doesn’t want to eat. Last week she ate, and now she doesn’t want to eat. Of course! When you want to record something, You can’t have it. But isn’t she beautiful. Okay, I guess, I guess you won’t take it. I don’t know. Maybe she will take it later When we are not watching Now the next thing is a bit of an update on that small spider that I caught. Now as you can see, it actually made a hide inside of that corn bar Cube, so that is awesome and I will try to get a lateralis cockroach and see if we can get some nice shots….Shall we? (but of course) oops Nice! I hope you saw that… you can even see it inside That was a nice takedown Awesome, awesome. I think it’s name is Serge-steen of Florentine Oscar I guess maybe florentino… sounds like that. But as always I will just write it down So you can look up the species next one it will be a Nhandu chromatus female that I showed in my.. (Hard thinking) Two videos ago, last week. It is a young female Yeah, they are always Feasting. The only thing that I dislike about them is They are really skittish, so that would be the only reason why I wouldn’t recommend this as a first time tarantula Maybe I mean, I mean it’s alright for beginners, but it can really surprise you. She will do now a happy dance for us.. …always nice to see… Even though I know what they are actually doing, I still like to call it the happy dance because it really looks like they are dancing Okay, next up… next species… I mean specious. “Species” isn’t the same. Brachypelma emilia. Let’s try to feed her off tongs [Nibble, nibble] Sweet! terrestrial tarantulas are always, always much easier to record Especially if they really don’t use their height Look at those eyes This Nhandu is really dancing! Will you dance for us? not really Not in the mood for dancing Let’s move to the next one now. I would like to feed the centipede but since it is burrowed.. I don’t know if that will be the case Because I have no idea where it is. I can actually see its legs here, but I don’t know I can I can try Are we recording yes, but I’m not sure if it’s if it’s willing to take down a prey of this size Here it is. Lets try again Whoa, whoa, whoa! Ho! Woah, that was That was intense Let me close that off Okay, I definitely need (laughs) I Definitely need a bigger bigger tub You see that? I can’t wait to make a proper enclosure for this beast! The name is Devil, so.. Woo! Can’t wait to watch that recording That was Intense! And I read on the forums That they are actually, they can actually surprise you by climbing the tweezers (hell nah) So maybe next time longer tweezers. Damn. They are so fast! All right, Let’s see if we can feed other beasts. The Pterinochilus murinus I don’t know if it will come outside or not These roaches… so annoying when they stop moving. Maybe I should throw another one to get it outside They getting some action Check that sexy foot.. sexy orange foot! And Metallica is now coming outside. What do you want? Did you eat the cockroach? Not really. So any progress? not really (whistles sarcastically) The exciting life of a Tarantula keeper… Moving? What? No That’s roach… Ah! Really? It’s burrow Starts from here and goes all the way to here So here is one entrance and here’s the other entrance so probably this roach just went into its entrance and now It’s eaten damn, but we did not see the we didn’t see the action will.. I ever be able to record the Feeding of this? Now to my trusty (spider name that I can’t spell) Rosea is actually how you should Say I mean pronounce it You won’t disappoint me right? First, I thought that we would miss the shot because Roach went here But it turned out to be an awesome awesome action-packed feeding This is actually my first Tarantula, believe it or not. Look how huge it is! I bought it this slink, tiny slink and in three years This is what you get. And unfortunately since that it is a male But I love this fuzzy guy anyway. It was the beginning of something Something wonderful. I did record the unboxing of this little Fella, but It was so bad, so bad. I never made the video. This is good. I’m satisfied Where are you going? No! No, you can’t go outside. Sorry. Goodbye Now I will feed something tiny. Tiny, but still super Super nice – super awesome whenever I got this from Neairko(?) And this is actually a dwarf tarantula But they grow so fast and they show adult coloration so early on. I hope we will get it outside So you can see it wrong side. Oh yes, on its abdomen It’s actually got a mark that looks like a heart isn’t it awesome Nice takedown, but, oh nice Isn’t it beautiful? And they are really active excellent eater.. at least for now.. excellent eater and look so nice and they don’t take much space awesome species I recommend. I recommend them. Let’s try to feed What? Done, done, done, done, done, done, not really done, not really done Brachypelma smithi, I mean, ex. smithi, now hamorii also unfortunately a male He shoots, he scores He definitely needs a bigger enclosure now We’ll have it soon I guess, I have one empty CD, enclosure But maybe I should save that for the (?). Lets actually feed the (?) even though it is already feed.. We want it to grow fast right? I will give it a small cockroach Look, what was that? not interested? or interested So I don’t know I should make more CD enclosures, and I’m not sure if I have enough materials I would like to try to record one Lampropelma violaceopes but I’m not sure if I will be able to get it since they burrow So really not exciting No, you got. That was not that impressive. I have two more though Not sure that was a good one Damn This was a funny one. Its tried to escape And the last one will be Poecilotheria ornata. Let me just set things up for it Some light… ready to go woo I actually wanted to remove the roach when I saw her coming, but she was quicker than me I don’t know how big she is now can’t really measure her, but she’s becoming really big Can’t wait To see this recording on the computer. Even though I see it in person happening, It’s not the same. It happens so fast and you can’t repeat it and my concentration is also dedicated to getting nice shots. So these feelings are actually more enjoyable to watch on the video Here is the Metallica outside, when she was in her old enclosure She was almost never outside and now in this new enclosure where I made her a nice height Now she’s always outside Tarantulas So, what do you say? Couple of shoutouts to end this video…. Wheres my mobile phone? Tarantula dude: shoutout, please. A bunch of people just asked for a shout-out, I will read those shout outs, but for next time if you want a shoutout you need to try a bit harder. So, IamFloydwhothefuckareyou 02: Can I get a shoutout? Shout outs to…. you? Sdrrshock: Shout out to you and your 4-year-old daughter. But next time, write your names! But cool, a 4-year-old watching my videos, so cute. Wait a minute? You also ask for another shout out. So now we have a 5-year-old daughter… Hmm. She had a birthday few days ago? Ruben: shoutout to you, buddy! Febe: Yes, I can give you a shout out! RockitDakota: I guess, shout out to you And it’s really cool, you’re not the only one that wrote to me, how these videos are helping them with their fear against spiders, I mean fear of spiders and arachnophobia in general I started making these videos for people that are in the hobby (of spider keeping) But to see that it has a much greater impact than just in the hobby, it’s awesome to see that. And thank you for that. Keep enjoying those videos. There will be plenty more Yeah, shout to you. RubzSpid: You never had a shout out, well now you have. I guess Northern exotic pets from Philippines? Sure! Shout out to Northern Exotic Pets Facebook Page, check it out! And one from the Instagram.. Shout out to Tarantula Keepers Philippines and Pampanga Tarantula Keepers, it’s awesome that you have so many groups of tarantula keepers in Philippines. In Croatia, we don’t have such a thing, unfortunately. So, yeah. Those are all the shoutouts And this is the end of the video I hope you enjoyed it! If you did, thumbs up and comment something. And if you new to this channel, You know all the stuff, right? Mondays! Fridays! Subscribe! B-B-B-BYE!

Randy Schultz

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