Fearless magpie swoops and attacks a massive snake

Fearless magpie swoops and attacks a massive snake

A brave magpie has been filmed attacking a large snake and forcing the reptile to flee The Australian magpie swooped the brown snake on a footpath and successfully landed a few nips  Footage which emerged on September 4 showed the snake frantically trying to escape as the relentless bird squawked loudly and continued its assault   The magpie constantly swooped the brown coloured snake near a footpath in Australia on September 4 and successfully landed a few nipsAs the aerial onslaught continued, the magpie chased the snake into nearby bushes and rocks  The magpie sat on a tree branch after the attack, clearly proud of its victorious battle against the snake  Though this magpie was victorious, a python was filmed with its teeth latched onto a magpie’s head while it dangled from a television area in Kingscliff, south of Tweed Heads in northern New South Wales in February   RELATED ARTICLES Previous 1 Next Teenager, 18, who was sent home from hospital three times in ‘Drunk’ raccoons feasting on fermented fruit are spotted. Share this article Share The snake asserted its strength and wrapped itself around the bird and appeared to strangle it  While the footage cuts off before the end of the tussle, the video owner confirmed the bird had been eaten by the python  Magpies are generally friendly and sociable birds, with only 12 per cent of male magpies swooping people while females do not swoop at all  But the male magpie becomes extremely defensive from August to September, and swoop because they are protecting their chicks    The terrified snake frantically moved across the footpath as the relentless magpie loudly squawked and continued the assault

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