– What is today?
– Dada’s day. – It’s dada’s day. (boys squealing) Perfect. Okay, Bryan. I’ve got a big surprise for you. You gotta come out here. – Snake, snake! (Missy screams) I wonder what it is. I don’t know, oh! ♪ Wherever you are ♪ ♪ That’s where I wanna be, yeah ♪ ♪ That’s where I, that’s where I ♪ ♪ That’s where I ♪ ♪ That’s where I wanna be ♪ ♪ This is home ♪ – [All] Good morning! – And welcome back to our channel. You guys, it is a very, very special day. What is today?
– Dada’s day. – It’s dada’s day! It’s Father’s Day for us, you guys. Which is a huge deal because
we love our dad so much, huh? – [Ollie] Uh-huh. – You love your dad, I love my dad. Make sure you give this
video a huge thumbs up if you love your dad. We are so excited to surprise Bryan with something huge today. He’s been wanting this
thing for months now, and I actually found him
one, and bought him it. And I am so excited. But before we get to the surprise, it is morning, as you can tell (laughs). And we have to make him so breakfast, huh? – Yeah! – Are you going to make him
some breakfast all by yourself? How do you feel about you
making him some breakfast? Think you can do it? – Yeah. – The truth is is that Bryan is not actually a big breakfast guy. He tends to skip breakfast
and go straight to lunch. So today, we’re going to just kind of put together a really
fun little array of food, and probably make him like some cereal, some tea, get him some cards. – I got dada’s blanket. – [Missy] (gasps) You stole his blanket? That is not what you do on Father’s Day. – Here you go, Finn. (gentle music) – Okay, Ollie, I got you the cutest card. I love my daddy, my daddy loves me. Wrapped up in his hugs
is best place to be. – [Audience] Aww. – What do you wanna say to daddy? – I love you, dada, so
much that I love you that I really wanna give you this card, and I hope you like it. Wow, you’re doing a lot of work on it. – [Missy] I wanna get what you said. – We got an envelope. And we’re gonna give it to dada, oh, yeah. ♪ Ba la da da da da da da da ♪ ♪ Share the love, yeah ♪ – [Missy] Do you like your card? – [Finn] Yeah. – [Missy] Is it so funny? – Mm-hmm. – [Missy] Okay. – [Finn] I wanna put it in there. – Okay, you put it in. All right, I think it’s all– Okay, there we go. Perfect, we’ve got the
breakfast plate all together. And now, we just gotta give it to him ‘Kay?
– Yeah. – Let’s go give it to him. – [Ollie] Happy Father’s Day. – What’s up, boys? – [Missy] Look it, he’s already out here. He’s playing video games. – Yeah, I was like, I
gotta get my Fortnite on. – [Ollie] We made you a special breakfast. I hope you like it. – Thank you so much. Cinnamon Toast Crunch,
it’s my new favorite. – [Missy] (laughs) Yum. I mean, this is like the
easiest breakfast ever. – Thanks, babe. – Read your letters
first that we made you. (Missy chuckles) – Hope your Father’s
Day is like a burrito. – [Missy] (laughs) Who’s that from? – [Ollie] Finn. – Full of all kinds of good stuff, and smothered in awesome sauce. (Missy laughs) Is that from you, Finn? Aww, I love you, dada. My favorite thing to do
with you is make cereal. (Missy laughs) I love you, too. On the back it says, “Sorry if
this card was extra cheesy.” – [Missy] Yeah (laughs). – [Bryan] Who’s that? – [Ollie] You. – You drew a picture of me? – [Missy] That’s a scorpion. – [Ollie] That’s a scorpion. – Oh, okay. (Missy laughs) What’s this one say? I love my daddy, my daddy loves me. Aww, wrapped up in his hugs
is the best place to be. – [Missy] Aww. – Thanks, Ollie. Look at all those little critters. Love you guys. – [Missy] Aww, they’re so cute. – Why are they so cute, babe? – [Missy] I know. ‘Cause they’re that
perfect age of cuteness. – When are we gonna have another? – Dada, get mine. – That’s your spoon? Okay, we’ll eat it together. – [Missy] Oh, my gosh. That’s why you put a
little spoon in there. ‘Cause you wanted to
steal from him (laughs). – You gotta eat it quick,
or else it gets soggy. – Yeah, okay, so, for Father’s Day first, Bryan wanted to play video games. So, we are letting him play video games while we get ready for our day, right? – Yeah! – (laughs) Bryan loves
playing video games, but he doesn’t get to play
video games very often because he’s always working. That’s just the kind of guy he is. He’s like always top priority
is taking care of us. And then, he sometimes
get to play video games. – His business is making songs. – Yeah, his busyness is making songs. He does all kinds of
stuff for his busyness. But I wanna know from you guys. My dad wasn’t really big into video games. But I know that’s because
he loved video games so much that he was worried he
would play them too often. But I wanna know, does
your dad play video games? Does he like them? Leave that down in the comments. So, we’re letting Bryan play video games. And we actually are getting ready to get his full surprise altogether so that when he comes out, he gets to be surprised
with what we got him. Let me know down in the comments what you think we’re getting him. I’m gonna show you me and the boys going to pick out his
surprise the other day. I’m just gonna like put
it in here really quick. It was so cute, we had a
ton of fun picking it out. – Karma just saw a squirrel. – (gasps) I think he’s
chasing it right now. So, here’s that footage. And we’re gonna go ahead and
get his surprise altogether so that when he gets done
playing video games, he gets to see what we got him. All right, guys, we have a
big surprise for daddy, huh? For Father’s Day.
– Yeah. – And so, we’re headed
in right now to buy it. I don’t know what I’m looking for though. I’m not in my element at all. So, hopefully I find the right thing. There are so many options,
I don’t even know. These kids are like so excited. Finn, show me your curls. (Missy laughs) – [Ollie] I gotta use the bigger one. – [Missy] Okay, whoa. I think we’re gonna have
to get weights for the boys so they can work out with daddy. Whoa, those are big ones, huh? – Yeah, these are like for daddies, or like strong people to lift up. – [Finn] I need another one. – [Missy] You need two weights? – [Finn] Uh-huh. – [Missy] Can you do it? Oh, strong. – Pull up with it. (Missy groaning) (Missy laughs) (boys squealing) – [Missy] (chuckles) Oh, my goodness. Hugs from everyone. – It’s not even Mother’s Day. – [Missy] I know, but you guys
thought it was Mother’s Day. – That’s the one you’re looking for. – Yay! (chuckles) Happy Father’s Day, dad. We actually surprised dad
with something the other day, which I will put that footage here. It’s dad’s big surprise. He has no idea, they’re about to come in. Act natural, guys. – [Cassie] Act normal. – [Missy] Wow, you guys are
really good at acting natural. We’re just walking around the house, like how do you act natural? That’s how Cassie acts natural. – That’s how I always sit,
I always sit like this. – I really don’t know how to act natural. We’re over at Mimi and Papa’s right now. Just hanging out. – [Cassie] What, are you guys in trouble? – Did you get new furniture? – [Cassie] Oh, yeah, we
got mom a coffee table. – [Missy] It’s kind of
a giant coffee table. – A really, really big coffee table. – Who wrapped it? – [Missy] (laughs) I think Jimmy was in charge of wrapping that (laughs). – And you wrapped it. – Yeah, all by yourself. – That’s a nice wrapping paper. It’s the sheet from my bed. Is my bed under here? (Missy laughs) – Oh (chuckles). – [Missy] (laughs) Happy Father’s Day! – [Cassie] Happy Father’s Day! – Oh, man. – [Cassie] What do you think? – That is nice. – [Cassie] Is this what you wanted? – Yes. – [Cassie] Yeah? – That is nice, oh, man. – Now, you can build
Missy and I lots of stuff. (Missy laughs) I’m just kidding. That’s what it’s for, right? – [Missy] Yeah, to build us stuff. Can you build us a tree house? – [Cassie] (gasps) Yes, a tree house. – I don’t know if this
is tree house material. (Missy laughs) – [Cassie] We don’t know
what a table saw is. – [Missy] We’re like, what
do you do with it (laughs)? – Build a coffee table. – It was a pretty big surprise because he had no idea, huh? – Yeah. – Me and my sister worked
really hard to make this happen. And we have been planning it forever. Okay, we got his surprise
all put together, and it’s in his office. But first, we’ve got
a little gift for him. It’s a bit of a gag gift. So, I think at first,
he’s gonna be like, what? And then, we’ll show him his big surprise. You wanna carry it? Can you even carry it (laughs)? Let me know down in the comments if you know what’s in here. I think he’s gonna be really surprised with this one (laughs). Okay, now I gotta go get Bryan. He’s been in the bedroom. So, I’m gonna get him out and tell him it’s time for his big surprise. (laughs) I’m so excited. Hey, Bryan. I’ve got a big surprise for you. You gotta come out here. – No, you don’t have a surprise for me. – [Missy] Yes, it’s Father’s Day. You get presents on Father’s Day. – What? No. No, this is all I wanted on Father’s Day. – [Missy] Just to enjoy this beautiful– Actually, this is a beautiful day. – Peace and quiet. – (laughs) I mean, I can’t lie. That would be all I want too. But, you know, sometimes Father’s Day isn’t about, you know,
you getting the gift. It’s about everyone giving you the gift. – Okay. – [Missy] (laughs) All right, let’s go. You gotta head to the
living room first, okay? – The living room? – [Missy] Mm-hmm. – Going this way? – [Missy] Yeah, you can go this way. – [Bryan] Snake, snake! (Missy yells) Oh, hey. – [Missy] The whole fam’s here. – [Bryan] Happy Father’s Day! – Happy Father’s Day! You get presents!
– What? – [Missy] Yep, we’ve got a
present right here for you. – Whoa, it’s heavy. What’s up, boys?
– Good. – You look cute. Okay. – [Ollie] A bunch of toilet paper. – [Missy] (laughs) A
bunch of toilet paper. – Yay, a bunch of toilet paper. – [Missy] You do have to use
that for later, okay (laughs)? – Okay. I think I know what this is. – [Missy] Yeah? Look at that.
– Hey. – [Missy] Yeah, I didn’t
want them to be too heavy. Is that good?
– Three, wow. You know, I may only have
to do like 10,000 of these. (Missy laughs) I think my iPhone weighs more than this. – [Missy] (laughs) I know, right? – We got two more so you can do the heavy ones on your feet. – [Bryan] Oh, cool. – [Missy] Yeah, yeah. – Oh, thank you. – [Missy] I know you’ve been
saying you wanted to workout. So, I really wanted to– I just didn’t wanna go
too heavy, you know? – Yeah, okay. (Missy laughs) Oh, Ollie can do it. How about you, Finn, can you do it? – [Missy] Oh, yeah, look at
the muscles building right now. We’ve got a real surprise for you. – What, that’s not it? – [Missy] Nope, nope, nope. – [Bryan] Oh, okay. – [Missy] I think this is more for the boys honestly (laughs). – That is great form, honestly. Actually, what you wanna do is just point your toes just a little bit more. – [Missy] Yeah, there you go. – [Bryan] Okay, now go. There you go. – [Missy] (laughs) Okay,
let’s head to your office. – [Bryan] My office? – [Missy] Yep, come on, boys. We gotta show him what’s in his office. – So, you’re not gonna tell me on the way to my office what the surprise is? – Remember he did that (laughs)? If you guys haven’t seen Mother’s Day, he told me my surprise before. I’ll have it linked in the iCard. It was pretty hilarious. You guys ready?
– Yay. I wonder what it is. I don’t know, oh! (Missy laughs) Cool! – [Missy] Yeah, okay. This is actually good
for working out, right? – Yes, I think this is gonna work. This is crazy, thanks, you guys. Look it, the dummy from Toy Story 4. – [Missy] Yeah, he was
just in here lifting. – In here working on his arms. Are you guys trying to tell me something? Are you guys trying to say daddy’s weak? – [Missy] No! – I gotta work on my fitness a little? – [Missy] Fine. – This is what I’ve been doing. This is what I’ve been
doing for five years, okay? (Missy laughs) This is what I’ve been working with. Thank you, Finn. Now, I can get really big and strong, and I can throw you guys
super high in the air. – [Missy] There you go. Yeah, I dare you to try and lift this. So, this is right now 80 pounds. – This is so cool, this
is a really nice bench. – [Missy] Yeah! – Like, I had one in high
school, like in my garage. And it was like so janky. I’m pretty sure it even fell
apart while I was using it. – [Missy] Oh, my gosh. – In jail, you have to workout in jail. – [Missy] (laughs) Okay. – Okay, yeah, yeah. I’m definitely gonna have to
work out when I go to jail. – Well, if you didn’t know,
Bryan’s going to jail. I’m just kidding (laughs). This actually is pretty cool because you can work your arms. You can like sit here
and put your arms here. You can do your legs. – [Bryan] Nice, okay. – And I think you can even do something with like your back. I don’t really know. There were so many options,
I was so stressed out. – No, this is awesome, babe. This is literally just what I wanted. – [Missy] It’s simple. We can find a space for it
in your office probably. – Try it, try it! – Thumbs up if you guys want me to try it. – [Missy] Yeah. – If you guys don’t know, I recently just lost 80 pounds. – [Missy] Yep. – I used to look like a
completely different person. And I feel so much better
about where I’m at. Yeah, I would love to just get stronger. Yeah, and get to play with my kids. – Yeah, I think that the
three pounds are gonna be fun ’cause they do love
working out with Bryan. And so, they can just come in here, and like lift weights with him. And it’ll just be super cute. – Oh, is that why you got them, for them? – [Missy] Yeah. – Okay. – [Missy] They just wanted. – How much weight is on here? – [Missy] 80. – I haven’t lifted in really long time. – [Missy] I don’t know. Here we go. – Is this like a joke? Is it gonna be like a feather? – [Missy] (laughs) No, no. – Ollie, are you gonna spot me? – [Missy] Yeah. – Can you spot me? – [Missy] I’m scared. – Stand behind me, ready? – [Missy] Yep. – Okay. – [Missy] Oh, nice. You’re doing it. (laughs) This is so scary ’cause you don’t have a spotter right now. Oh, my gosh. – Oh, yeah! Hit that thumbs up button, you guys. – Amazing, he doesn’t need to work out. – I feel stronger already. (Missy laughs) Thanks.
– I love you. You don’t have to workout. I love you exactly as you are. – Aww. (all laughing) – [Missy] Ollie, let me see your abs. Oh, yeah, look at those. – [Bryan] Go ahead, buddy. – [Missy] This thing is gonna
turn into all kinds of fun. (laughs) Not just for working out. Are you flying, Finn?
– Yeah. – [Missy] (laughs) You have the best daddy in the whole world. – I’ll catch you, I’ll catch you. I’ll catch you.
– Aww. Okay, so I thought it would be fun to ask the boys what their favorite
thing is about daddy, okay? – [Ollie] Okay. – [Missy] Do you think you know what your favorite thing is? – Yeah, getting to hear his songs. – [Missy] Oh, you love it when daddy like shows you his new songs? – Yeah. – [Missy] That’s so awesome. Do you think like singing songs with him is just like so fun? – Yeah, I like the hashtag song. – [Missy] Yes, you and daddy wrote a hashtag song together, huh? ♪ It’s so fun ♪ ♪ To sing my friend ♪ ♪ Singing with hashtag ♪ (Missy laughs) ♪ Red and blue is Finn ♪ Yep, that’s honestly one of my favorite things about Bryan too is something I like loved
about him in high school is we would like get in the car, and he would like just start
singing as loud as possible. I’d be like almost embarrassed. But at the same time, it was just so fun seeing his confidence and like how he just didn’t care what anyone else was thinking. Oh, my goodness. We’re in here wrestling. Go, go, go, go, go. He’s got Bo Peep’s staff. Go for him, Finn. (Finn giggles) Oh, my, Ollie just brought
a wand to the sword fight. That doesn’t seem fair. (screams) Okay, everyone’s now fighting. Even the dogs are wrestling. (Ollie yelling) (Missy laughs) Oh, goodness. – [Bryan] Expelliarmus! – [Missy] (gasps) Oh, wow. – He just threw it. – I surrender, I surrender. Luna’s wishing me a happy Father’s Day. – [Missy] Aww, she’s like,
happy Father’s Day, daddy. She definitely loves you
more than me (laughs). – [Bryan] Yeah, I’m her daddy. – [Missy] Yep. – Karma is so cuddly,
Luna is just so playful – Yes, Luna just wants to play. You guys, this Father’s Day has been a day full of chores and craziness. So, this is how much laundry that is– It’s all been clean for awhile. But I hate folding laundry, look at this. I’m like right in the middle of folding. And this isn’t even all of it. Like, this is a mess. And there’s even more over here. I’ll just show it to you just to give you all of it, okay? Pile, piles of towel. We haven’t done laundry in so long. More clothes, more towels. Oh, my goodness (groans). Anyways, my dad is over right now. And we got him the funniest card. I’m gonna give it to him right now. All right, Ollie, it’s still Father’s Day. Which means, we don’t just
get presents for daddy. We get presents for?
– Papa! – Papa, ’cause he’s basically– Well, he’s my dad. So, I got him this card. And I had to vlog dad opening it ’cause it is so funny, okay. – Why is it so funny? Is it gonna blow up or something? – [Missy] No, it’s exactly
your kind of card, okay. – Oh, first rule of cards for me. Gotta have a monkey on it. – [Missy] Gotta have a monkey, yep. – “Picking your Father’s Day present “forced me to make a tough choice.” (Missy laughs) Oh, right nostril or left? – [Ollie] Pick your nose! (Missy laughs) – [Papa] That’s how you pick presents? – [Missy] Aww (laughs). – That’s pretty cool. – [Missy] It’s not just
a monkey in the card. It’s a monkey picking his nose (laughs). – [Papa] That’s pretty good. – We already gave dad his
present, like you guys know. But, you know, gotta get
him a funny monkey card. – It has a whoopee cushion. – [Missy] Oh, a whoopee cushion, yep. – You remember the whoopee cushion? – [Missy] Did we give
Papa a whoopee cushion? – Yeah, it was a long time ago. – [Missy] Oh, wow. Look at this, oh, my goodness. – [Papa] That looks pretty close. – [Missy] Who is the real monkey? – [Papa] Yeah, it’s hard to tell. It’s really hard to tell. – Check this out, he started out Father’s
Day playing video games, and he’s still playing video games. – I’m getting my Fortnite
in before our big trip. – [Missy] Are you winning? – No, I have no kills. I had such a good Father’s Day, babe. Thank you so much. I do have on thing that I’m gonna ask for. Can I have a cookie? – (gasps) Coming right
up, hang on, hang on. I just made a new batch the other day. Hannah, how are they? – [Hannah] They taste so good. – [Missy] Yum. – [Hannah] But I did think
they were Toll House. – [Missy] See, they’re so good that she thinks that
they’re like store bought. Even though they’re way
better than store bought. – [Hannah] They’re amazing. – They’re so good. Look at Karma and Luna in the background. They’re just like playing. Anyways, yes, like he said. We are actually getting
ready for a huge trip. So, be on the lookout for those vlogs. We have just been like busy, busy trying to catch up with
a bunch of stuff so that we are really for the trip. We’re gonna go ahead
and end today’s video. Make sure you give this
video a huge thumbs up, and leave down in the
comments happy Father’s Day. And make sure you wish your own dad a happy Father’s Day if you haven’t. Although, it’s been like a few days. So, that’d be like kind of weird. Anyways, see you guys in the next video. Bye, boop. – Ollie, are you taking
that doll’s clothes off? – [Ollie] I dropped it! – [Missy] Oh, no, oh, no. Daddy’s got a big surprise for us tonight. – Finn just barfed the room, dada. – Tonight, we are doing
something so much fun. What movie do you think we should watch? (“This is Home” by Bryan Lanning) ♪ I am home ♪ ♪ I am home ♪ ♪ Oh ♪

Randy Schultz

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  84. WP DrSmiles says:

    My dad is a streamer and he plays a lot of video games that's all he does he goes to 7:00 to 2:00 am in the morning

  85. Doris Kipp says:

    You look great

  86. Diego Torres says:

    I love my dad

  87. Annabelle Ruark says:


  88. Joannee_th says:

    Hi I just subscribed and my name is Mikey oh I like video games just like Bryan and I am nine years old I wish I was in the family I think you’re
    Family is always amazing and cute

  89. Joannee_th says:

    Hi I love the dogs

  90. Amardeep Singh says:

    YES MY DAD PLAYS VIDEO GAMES but he works alot too

  91. Selina Antonio says:

    <3 🙂

  92. Selina Antonio says:

    he dosent play games

  93. CarbEr360NO-SCoPe PlaYzZzzZ says:

    It’s weights

  94. Hongling VIDEOS AND LOVE CAMBODIA says:

    My dad is like Bryan he is always playing video games and I
    When I call him he said that he is washing the dishes but he is playing video games?????

  95. Evan Hernandez says:

    My father is in to game

  96. majorloss1 says:


  97. Galaxy Celestis says:

    i dont love my dad but ill thumbs up

  98. Galaxy Celestis says:

    my dads a master at minecraft tho

  99. Galaxy Celestis says:

    ive been here since ollie was like 3 or 4

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